Sunday, May 3, 2020

New ad: Patriotism is bipartisan. “Trump does not represent my party,” or the ideals of this country. Don’t you agree,

Opinion: Trump can’t blame China for his own coronavirus failures

Landlords across the country are anticipating fewer people will be able to pay rent in May than April. But they are even more worried about what comes in the months after.

Michigan governor says protests "depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history"

CNN has reported that Trump's January 3rd daily intel briefing included intelligence about coronavirus & its potential to spread. And the Washington Post reported that US intel warned about coronavirus in more than a dozen briefings for the President in Jan & Feb.

SCOTUS resumes oral arguments Monday following hiatus due to COVID-19 pandemic. 2 of the biggest cases — invl. access to Trump's taxes, and whether states can constitutionally punish "faithless electors" — will be argued on May 12 and 13.

“McConnell has been promoting immunity for companies that act unreasonably for over 30 years .. This move to hold this #Covid package hostage ... is unpatriotic.” @JusticeDotOrg & @Public_Justice are working to ensure courts can help those who are hurt.

What the hell is going on here

Maryland Gov. Hogan resists pressure to reopen quickly as coronavirus deaths, infections rise throughout Washington region

Donald Trump seems to think he can direct funding based on which politicians are nice to him, which states he’s trying to win in November, and which businesses he wants to enrich — all without any accountability. @EWarren and I think that’s unacceptable.

and just like that, blue lives didn’t matter anymore

If indeed the Coronavirus is traced to a Wuhan lab, then President Trump looks an even bigger chump for dismantling independent US scientific presence inside China to rely instead upon false assurances of “control” from President Xi

Trump deflects legitimate questions with attacks. He bullies members of the press, instead of taking responsibility for his failures. His efforts to undermine public confidence in the integrity of reporting violate our core values and threaten our very system of government.

The state of Maryland has terminated a $12.5 million contract for personal protective equipment with a firm started by two well-connected Republican operatives and asked state law-enforcement officials to investigate the matter.

PSA: If you are an SSI or VA beneficiary, didn’t file a 2018 and 2019 tax return and have eligible dependents, you must fill out this form by MAY 5th to get the full Economic Impact Payment you’re owed

Over the last few weeks, I worked with our supporters and staff to create a code for our campaign—the principles we’ll live by, reflecting the community we’ve built, the team we aspire to be, and some of my own ‘rules’ as well. I’m excited to share it: — Joe Biden

Not even slightly. Real American patriots do not wave flags from the losing side.

Canada bans military-style firearms, but what about handguns?

ABC’s @SashaPezenik owes @JoeBiden an apology for posting tweets implying that he sexually harassed the 14-year-old niece of Christine “I Am Not A Witch” O'Donnell. Pezenik later tweeted that it never happened — Biden wasn’t even at the event but was home recovering from surgery

The Coronavirus Becomes a Battle Cry for U.S. Extremists White supremacists seek to stoke the fear and disruption caused by the pandemic to push their agenda and to recruit

What’s nice about Larry kudlow is that he’s wrong about everything all the time.

The Heartbreaking ‘Last Shift’ of a New York City Nurse

Reported US coronavirus cases: Mar. 2: 102 cases Apr. 2: 245,213 cases May 2: 1,132,539 cases

Worried sick about our #NavajoNation friends. They have not received their federal funding and are suffering and dying in record numbers. We've sent two pallets of gloves and shields and shipping another next week. Please help us to help them. Please

Berkshire sells entire stakes in U.S airlines: Buffett

Trump attorney Charles Harder sent a letter this week to Michael Cohen, demanding that the president’s former fixer stop writing a “tell-all,” anti-Trump book, sources say

Now THIS is a face mask I’d love to wear!!

It’s good that Ashford, Inc. is returning the money. But it shouldn’t have taken my asking to do so—they never should’ve gotten it to begin with. Other big corporations should take the same step, and the SBA must make sure this doesn’t happen again

Pelosi, Schumer reject liability limit for companies that reopen

Future pandemics are likely to be more frequent, deadly, and will spread more rapidly, unless we stop the widespread destruction of our environment, a group of four leading scientists say.

Right now, Attorney General Bill Barr has DOJ lawyers—who work for taxpayers and the federal government—in the Supreme Court trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Remember that.

Wow! two hours after @JoeBiden blasted Bennett on Twitter, Bennett returns the PPP

"Empathy and simply kindness are essential, powerful tools of national recovery." -George W. Bush

People literally arguing about their constitutional right to spread a killer disease. The Trump base is tremendous.

Trump attorney Charles Harder sent a letter this week to Michael Cohen, demanding that the president’s former fixer stop writing a “tell-all,” anti-Trump book, sources say

Native tribes still haven’t received money allotted to them in the stimulus. Trump is holding up $8 billion and courts may rule that’s illegal.

U.S. makes a rare nod toward Taiwan with call to discuss virus

Israel's high court was set Sunday to begin hearing petitions against Benjamin Netanyahu forming a government while facing criminal indictments,

Trump’s Coronavirus Testing Chief Confirms Trump Has No Earthly Clue What He’s Talking About

A currency devaluation would be too costly for Saudi Arabia and the better option is to adapt to the oil shock through fiscal changes, according to Goldman Sachs

“...other senior administration officials said [Hassett’s] presentations characterized the count as lower than commonly forecast — and that it was embraced inside the West Wing by the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner...”

North Korea fired gunshots at the wall of a South Korean guard post and the South fired back, according to its military

South Korea Blue House's assessment is Kim Jong Un did not have surgery

Jared Kushner shouldn’t be overseeing anything—much less part of a national response to this crisis. We need a bold, actionable plan that prepares us for a post-coronavirus economy that keeps our communities safe—not a vision board from these two.

Severe weather outlook for May features a backloaded tornado season

We left a playbook. He ignored it. We created an office to prepare for pandemics. He gutted it. We had CDC officials in China to detect and contain outbreaks. He pulled them out. Trump can try and shift blame all he wants, but the fact is his actions left us unprepared.

Coronavirus cases in Russia rise by record daily amount

Middle Eastern stocks slumped on Sunday, with Saudi Arabia’s falling the most in more than three weeks after after its finance minister said “painful” measures were needed

Israel's Supreme Court discusses Netanyahu's fate as prime minister

Washington Post reports on internal RNC data and it's brutal for Trump in most categories. Just 37% believe the country is headed in the right direction. This is the data which caused Trump to berate his campaign manager over the polling last week.

Judge Orders FCC to Hand Over IP Addresses Linked to Fake Net Neutrality Comments.

President celebrates the good health of the man who murdered American Otto Warmbier

At home with your kids? Here’s the ultimate parents’ guide to education and activity resources

OSHA inspectors are key to re-opening the U.S. economy. Their ranks are at a 45-year low.