Wednesday, October 3, 2018

NEW — McConnell letter to Schumer shooting down Schumer’s request for an all senators briefing on Kavanaugh FBI report

JUST IN: FBI doesn’t have approval to talk to Ford or Kavanaugh for investigation: report

JUST IN: International Court of Justice rules that U.S. must lift sanctions on Iran linked to humanitarian goods and civil aviation.

Why Congress is poised to give the drug industry a $4B windfall

Robert Mueller's prosecution team is now down to 13 staffers involved in the core investigation into potential Trump campaign coordination with Russia during the 2016 election

Beto O'Rourke hits Trump for mocking Ford testimony: She should not be "belittled" by the president

Trump administration quietly moves to weaken radiation regulations

This Is How the Rich Steal from America

HRC: "I think for anyone who believes there's such a thing as a judicial temperament and that we want judges, particularly those on our highest court, to approach issues, approach plaintiffs and defendants with a sense of fairness, that there's a lot to be concerned about."

Alaska natives are pressuring key Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote 'no' on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: "She won't have my support in the future"

More Than 500 Law Professors Condemn Kavanaugh For ‘Lack Of Judicial Temperament’

Page One of @nytimes for 10/3/2018, featuring an eight-page investigative look at @realDonaldTrump and his taxes.

That was quick... The NY State Taxation Dept is reviewing fraud allegations involving Trump in the New York Times article

Trump falls 138 spots on Forbes list of richest Americans