Monday, October 28, 2019

Mick Mulvaney, the president's acting chief of staff, was not present for the Situation Room meeting Saturday night or the Sunday news conference about Baghdadi ... and that has been noticed by many in Trump orbit.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: “Today the same police department he criticized spent all day protecting him”

I understand why Trump doesn’t want more witnesses testifying. But I can’t understand why my GOP colleagues are enabling his obstruction. Where is their duty to this institution? Where is their duty to the Constitution? Where is their respect for the rule of law?

Breaking via WaPo: House Democrats say that the House will vote on Thursday to formalize procedures for the next phase of the impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Hundreds of Facebook workers signed a letter to executives, complaining about the company's policy against fact-checking of political speech

Breaking via NBC: The White House was alerted as early as mid-May — earlier than previously known — that a budding pressure campaign by Rudy Giuliani and Gordon Sondland was rattling the new Ukrainian president, per two people with knowledge of the matter.

Nearly 50 Republicans can participate in the depositions. They have seen the call record and heard Mulvaney’s admission of the President’s abuse of power. They heard testimony from Bill Taylor and others. Republicans can spuriously attack the process. While we expose the truth.

Chairman Schiff: "I can understand why the president doesn't want these witnesses to come forward. What I find harder to understand is why the Republican members of this body in this House don't want these witnesses to come forward. Where is there duty to this institution?"

NEW: Pres. Trump says he is considering releasing "certain parts" of the video of the U.S. raid in which ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died over the weekend.

If you are in the evacuation zone of the #GettyFire, you must leave now. Follow @LAFD for updates. Grateful for all our first responders.

Pro-Trump PACs collecting voter registration data through Facebook ads

Um, no. A President who *leads* a "lock her up" chant against his political enemies smacks of authoritarianism. Americans who chant "lock him up" to a President who acts like a tyrant and believes he is above the law is calling for accountability.

@NBCLA About 3 am on the west side of the 405, a half mile north of Getty Center. Feel free to use video if so desired.

Mitt Romney sat down with USA TODAY for a wide ranging interview about the Trump impeachment inquiry, his relationship with the president, Utah and his legacy.

Good morning. On the #impeachmentinquiry front: John Bolton's former deputy Charles Kupperman was slated to testify today but his atty said on Sunday that he would not.

Veterans for Impeachment behind home plate

Oh good; @LindseyGrahamSC was there to hear that booing.

Asked multiple times by Chris Wallace why the President did not notify Speaker Pelosi about the al-Baghdadi operation, Mike Pence does not directly answer.

How Trump Is Helping Russia Help Trump Again

Trump's face changes entirely when he realizes the stadium is booing him

Imagine being so hated that on the day you announce that the LEADER OF ISIS HAS BEEN KILLED ON YOUR ORDERS a stadium full of baseball fans still boos you.

#BREAKING: "In the last 24 hours more than 500 #US soldiers have entered northern #Syria, returning to bases they had withdrawn from" - Syrian Observatory

‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’; Morning Joe says Trump has only himself to blame for ‘lock him up’ World Series chant

Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

The pace of House Democrats' investigation into Trump and Ukraine will accelerate this week with a series of hearings from key administration officials, including a highly anticipated appearance from a top official on the National Security Council.

GOP lawmakers are exhausted from having to defend Trump: ‘It feels like a horror movie’

Trump’s Syria Troop Withdrawal Complicated Plans for al-Baghdadi Raid

Even if Facebook swears off political advertising, David Garrity, chief market strategist at Laidlaw & Company, says it's not enough to "get them away from the regulators' cross-hairs"

Better video. Cheers for servicemembers switch immediately to boos for POTUS

Did he figure out that the red caps weren’t MAGA hats?

No doubt in my mind that @realDonaldTrump went to the game tonight for the sole purpose of getting cheered and wrapping himself in the glory of America’s troops. He was expecting adulation. Instead, Republicans everywhere heard what impeachment-level polling sounds like

Full on “LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!” chants heard throughout the crowd at Nats Park after President Trump was announced and shown on screen here #WorldSeries

Imagine being a kid and your dad takes Lindsey Graham to the World Series instead of you.

NEW: The Baghdadi might have been like a movie, but Trump watched overhead drone video, not body cam footage--so he didn't see anyone whimper or cry.

So when is Duncan Hunter resigning for using campaign funds on extramarital affairs with lobbyists and congressional staff

The Kurds told the world where Baghdadi was — in *MARCH*.

US future under President Trump is "terrifying," John Oliver said Sunday night. And Trump's decision to pull out of Syria is "a catastrophe," he added.

Oh look, the tax cut for the wealthy championed by @realDonaldTrump and @GOP didn't pay for itself as they repeatedly claimed

"It’s time that Democrats and Republicans and independents of conscience add a new word to the debate, the “E-word”—Extortion."

The crowd at a baseball game is a more representative cross section of America than Twitter or any propaganda foisted upon us by this admin -- and now you can see why this clown doesn't make many public appearances. He is almost universally LOATHED.

Isn't it obvious that this is what happened here? Surely Putin & Erdogan gave up al-Baghdadi in exchange for Trump abandoning northern Syria and the Kurds. A quid pro quo, I believe it is called.

Maria Butina is making rounds on #Russia's state TV and is really laying it on thick: claiming that while incarcerated in the U.S., she was forced to eat food off the floor, had to fight for food, was not allowed to use the bathroom for 16 hours and guards threatened to rape her.

Here's the moment: Trump downplays the operation to kill Osama bin Laden under President Obama because bin Laden didn't become "big" until the World Trade Center attacks and al-Baghdadi created a caliphate.

There are two Supreme Court Justice and a President in DC today with credible accusations of sexual harassment/assault, and Katie Hill resigns. Ridiculous.

Fact check: Trump falsely claims his 2000 book demanded the killing of Osama bin Laden

McConnell’s office declines to comment on whether he was given advanced notice of Baghdadi raid. Pelosi and Schumer say they weren’t told. No word from McCarthy’s office

NYT: Mr. Esper did not repeat the “whimpering” and “crying” assertion made by Mr. Trump. “I don’t have those details,” he said. Me: Sounds like Trump probably made up those details.

FUN FACT: Trump was golfing when the #Baghdadi raid began

Engel: Kurds aren't celebrating Baghdadi's death while their homeland is destroyed

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has begun his three-day visit to Russia with a stopover in St. Petersburg. It's unclear if he will meet with Putin or not.

I counted 15+ sensitive operational details in Trump's Q+A about the Baghdadi raid--planning timeline, overhead ISR, logistical, geographic, partner support, time-on-site, PID assessment, route of travel, etc. Transcript would be classified if it wasn't public.

All Roads Lead to Russia: Russia's Rosneft To Take Controlling Stake Of Iraqi Kurdish Oil Pipeline

Taken together, some of the details Trump revealed about the Baghdadi raid could help terrorist groups piece together new information how U.S. counterterrorism forces gather intelligence and execute such dangerous missions.

Who shows up late to a World Series game, doesn’t bring their kid and leaves early? Sigh.

BREAKING: Just hours after the death of #Baghdadi, ISIS has already designated his successor.

That ISIS resurgence is likely to be accelerated by Trump’s pullout from Syria, which ends a partnership with the Kurds that provided intelligence that contributed to the track-down of Baghdadi. Trump is dismantling infrastructure that made this possible.

The only way to defeat terrorists is to foster stability where they operate--the last thing that Trump is interested in. By removing most U.S. troops from Syria, he is likely to hand a victory to the terrorists that will far outweigh Baghdadi’s demise.

Trump should have stopped after reading his statement. He went on to spew nonsense that 1000s of Turks had been killed in the “safe zone” in NE Syria. Truth is that he is enabling Turkey’s proxies—many who share al-Baghdadi’s ideology—to ethnically cleanse our Kurdish allies.

If you want to have affairs and stay in office, you need to be a Republican.

John Oliver discusses the alarming decision to pull U.S. troops away from the border between Turkey and Syria.

Trump gets no respite from impeachment probe after U.S. raid

Adam Schiff confirms that the gang of 8 wasn't notified before that Baghdadi raid, but do you know who was? Russia.

JUST IN: EU agrees to #Brexit extension until January 31 - Tusk

U.S. lawmakers hear from 'corroborating' witness in Trump impeachment probe. More here:

Bill Weld: “The United States is never going to be able to breathe a sigh of relief unless the Senate . . . actually votes to remove the president.”

raqi President Barham Salih — long known as a pro-American leader — says he is no longer sure he can rely on the U.S. as an ally

Disgusting. He’s already talking about making a deal with Exxon Mobil.

California is literally on fire and zero response from Trump.

NEW: California firefighters are fighting multiple wildfires amid ferocious wind conditions, with gusts of over 100 mph reported in some areas, as 180,000 people are under evacuation orders

A sense of irritation is setting in among Senate Republicans as President Donald Trump and his close political allies demand more aggressive pushback to the House impeachment investigation.

Everything you need to know about Trump is in these two pics: The Osama bin Laden raid pic was taken in real-time, showing real decision-makers. The “Baghdadi raid” pics was staged, hours later. Trump was playing golf when it happened.

'Ideology does not die with Baghdadi': For US law enforcement, ISIS threat remains

The raid worked "in spite of" Trump, whose abrupt betrayal of the Kurds, last month, nearly threw the plan to get Baghdadi into disarray.

This is beyond disgusting. An abusive ex releasing revenge porn of his wife and their mutual girlfriend forces her to lose her job. The important question here is if the "subordinate" claimed she was coerced, etc, which I haven't seen alleged anywhere.

Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats have called on Attorney General Barr to recuse himself from matters related to Ukraine because of concerns about his role in President Trump’s efforts to damage a political opponent and undermine the Russia investigation

Rep. Katie Hill, Facing An Ethics Investigation, Says She Will Resign

Trump’s out. The motorcade left Nats ballpark at 10:50p, in 8th inning.


#Nats fans givin' ole Donald a double one-finger salute!

Nothing anyone says about Barron Trump is as fucked up as his dad taking local drunk Matt Gaetz to the World Series instead of him.

WATCH: President Trump met with loud boos as he is introduced at the World Series in Nationals Park on Sunday night.

A Father not taking his son to a baseball game, let alone a World Series game, is perhaps the worst indictment of a “family man” I’ve ever heard. I have a feeling Trump could have gotten Barron a ticket, if he got tickets for Scalise and Gaetz.

From what I can tell there were two DIFFERENT #ImpeachTrump banner drops at Nats Stadium, in addition to the Veterans for Impeachment sign behind home plate

Obama not getting booed.

Here’s video of Trump getting booed at the #WorldSeries

Thank you @Nationals @MLB @astros For inviting an immigrant! To throw first pitch! In a game full of immigrants! Inviting me representing millions of first responders doing amazing work helping everyone! Specially @WCKitchen today we pass 1.5 million meals in Bahamas alone.

Full on “LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP!” chants heard throughout the crowd at Nats Park after President Trump was announced and shown on screen here #WorldSeries

Crowd just chanted “Lock him up”

At the World Series

At least he didn’t let being booed by tens of thousands of people ruin his evening just having a great and very normal time at the world series, folks

Look how Trump’s face changes when he realizes an entire stadium is booing him