Thursday, November 1, 2018

Democrats want to expand Medicare and reduce the amount that beneficiaries would have to pay -- but a Fox anchor urged Republicans to tell Florida seniors otherwise.

With control of the House on the line, polls show Trump’s appeal to the darkest corners of his base may be backfiring

All right, peeps. Let's arm ourselves with tRUmp baby balloons and #GOTV...get these and other cool swag

Good news from across the pond, Arron Banks referred for criminal investigation - Banks, Nigel Farage and their work on Brexit campaign had many overlaps with Trump campaign in the US

America! It's a big day in Britain for the Brexit-Trump-Russia story. Yesterday, we learned Bannon being investigated by Senate Intel committee. Today, that his close friend @nigel_farage's main funder (on Trump's right) is being investigated by our National Crime Agency...

Ted Cruz's nat'l security advisor was VP of a small PR firm that lobbied on behalf of the coup government of Honduras, which had ousted its progressive leader. After the coup, homicides and poverty in Honduras skyrocketed, driving mass migration to the US

Actually, Republicans, you are already on the record fighting like crazy to get rid of protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

As Larry Kudlow, Trump’s top economic advisor, speaks out for abolishing the minimum wage, entertain that maybe neither of these trendlines is an accident. Trump himself said repeatedly in 2016: "Our wages are too high."

We want to be clear: Use of lethal force against rock throwers is murder - period. Rules of Engagement call for commensurate force. This would be an unlawful order and should/would be disobeyed.

Ex-Florida GOP chair shreds Trump: The worst "social poison to afflict our country in decades"

Bannon, ex-Trump officials discussed Roger Stone's alleged ties to WikiLeaks with Mueller: report

Veterans slam Trump for border 'stunt'

FULL TEXT: The emails are verbatim, typos and all, save for email addresses deleted to protect the emailers’ privacy.

JOHN O'CONNELL: "Confirmation today from multiple US sources via our US colleagues that Nigel #Farage upgraded by FBI from 'Person of Interest' in Multiple Data Crimes to 'Actively being Investigated'. "Likely to be asked to schedule an interview on his next visit."

Oprah campaigning for Stacey Abrams

BREAKING: U.S. Justice Department to charge former Goldman Bankers in #Malaysia #1MDB scandal and Jho Low

Russian National Charged with Interfering in U.S. Political System: Russian national Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova... 

Newly revealed messages obtained by NYT show how Roger Stone sold himself to Trump campaign advisers as a potential conduit to WikiLeaks.


And we will rely on lieutenants at the platoon level to make sure this will not happen. God bless lieutenants. The conscience of a nation is riding with you. Security theater does not require the use of live ammunition

Steve King

Jack Burkman's fly is down.

Go on...laugh. You deserve it.

—@TrueFactsStated is here and is answering questions before things get started about the inflated Trump-like rat he has outside. Here's a pic of that. He says it fits in perfectly with the "clown show" we are covering.

Burkman is claiming his client was raped by Mueller in 2010. Desperate, looney tunes clown show.

McCarthy: There's... there's two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump [laughter] Swear to God.

Common reaction in Riyadh is how “stupid” it was to kill a mild critic & how amateurish the whole operation was. “This has reinforced every single negative stereotype the world has about #Saudi Arabia,”

The crowds may roar but you should consider those too frightened to speak, those who are listening and shaking their heads, those who don't find you to be entertaining. Tuesday's coming and you don't have even half the country with you despite all you brag about. This is why.

Charlie Baker says he’s been tough on Trump when it matters. Is that enough for Mass. voters?

Kept his head down when he could have stood up to tyranny. Not good enough.

Republican Congressman Mark Sanford: Haitian babies born in the US don't deserve birthrights because they are not 'former slaves'

We’ve identified 12 ad campaigns in which energy, insurance and other industries masked their sponsorship of political messages on Facebook.

I’m sick and tired of Trump. And I’m sick and tired of Republicans who go along with Trump—defending, abetting and imitating his egregious excesses. If you’re sick and tired too, here is what you can do. Vote for Democrats. For every office. My latest:

Reminder as Trump tweets again about pre-existing conditions: 20 Republican state AGs have sued in federal court to dismantle Obamacare, including its protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Trump's DOJ has sided with the suit, refusing to defend Obamacare in court.

Where Caravan is

Trump's first indictment was from NY and Schneiderman dismissed it sui juris and referred it to FISC, who empaneled s GJ from EDVA in a sealed courtroom as FISC not an Article III court.

Trump’s immigration push is Stephen Miller’s dream come true

Pittsburgh synagogue massacre suspect to be arraigned

Taliban control more territory in Afghanistan than at any point since 2001, US inspector says

Trump finally gets the shunning he deserves

#APFactCheck shows Trump is flat-out wrong on which countries apply birthright citizenship.

Trump shocks with racist new ad days before midterms

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin annihilates Republican Kris Kobach over his history of voter suppression: "Kris has devoted his career to stopping black people and poor people from voting." and "Your problem is some people vote for Democrats, and you want to stop that." Savage. But true.

Trump and Aides Getting Spooked About a Coming GOP Midterms Slaughter

Legitimate question for the people of Texas: If @tedcruz will sell out his wife and father - and allow @realDonaldTrump to denigrate them both publicly and even accuse his own father of murder - all just to get Trump's endorsement - how long before he sells you out?

Tom Steyer: They Are Cheating... We Have to Win Anyway

It’s Halloween…so trick or treat.

Militia groups and far-right activists are raising money and announcing plans to head to the Mexican border to help stop the caravan of Central Americans, echoing Donald Trump's attacks on the migrants making their way toward the U.S. to seek asylum.

Of course you want ethically compromised people in important government posts because you know they they have weaknesses that can be exploited! Bolton says 'excessive' ethics checks discourage outsiders joining government - CNNPolitics

The day before the bodies were discovered, their mother received a call from the Saudi Arabian Embassy ordering the family to leave the U.S.

WATCH: MSNBC's Rick Wilson shames Trump for 'using America’s military might as performance art’

Lyft is partnering with Voto Latino to take voters to polls in Dodge City, Kansas after the city's only polling site was moved outside city limits.

What a shameless, disgusting shovel of stale red meat to his base! My bet is that they’re starting to catch on to his game.

Miss deadline? No worries! You can still register in these states

The Trump admin was informed that "only a small percentage" of the migrant caravan will likely make it to the border. That info was received before the admin deployed more than 5,200 troops to the border, according to documents obtained by Newsweek.

Looks like Russian trolls are busy trying to spread disinformation to discredit Mueller. The far-right and @seanhannity are engaged in the same effort

Lawrence: Trump, fearing Mueller and a Democratic House, campaigns on fear

Perspective: Trump isn’t trying to solve border problems. He’s trying to make them look worse.

New science shows the oceans are warming more than we thought. We may have to cut emissions 25% faster to avoid a disastrous 2°C of global warming. It’s time to stop pretending climate change isn’t a real threat—our future depends on it.

Thank you to the @hr_indivisible team who not only have the best signs at the ongoing Kremlin Annex protests, they show up in force every single day. 108 days and going strong.

This is a level of malpractice by @ABC News that is simply staggering. Just pumping into the national debate lie after lie, fantasia after fantasia, completely unchecked. No summary or excerpt can do it justice. You have to read.

In case you need a reminder of who is hostile toward healthcare—as a #HealthCareVoter these are the people you vote against to #ProtectOurCare!

Trump's next round of sanctions on Iran start going into effect on November 4. But they are bound to fail for five reasons, says columnist

Nixon documents could help Mueller see legal precedent for Trump

Dodge City voters fight government for better voting access

Confederate-Friendly Ryan Zinke Likens Robert E. Lee To Martin Luther King Jr.

Experts are worried @realDonaldTrump has become a 'legitimizing voice' for hate groups and now a new poll shows that the majority of Americans believe that he has encouraged white supremacists.

Colin Powell, Madeleine Albright denounce Trump: U.S. now a "society based on insults, on lies"

Send in the troops!

Dog-whistle charges. Black minstrel-voice robocalls. A claim that a candidate “justified slavery.” In the contest for Florida governor, race dominates the race

Istanbul's chief prosecutor says Jamal Khashoggi's death was premeditated murder

My friend flying to be w/ her family after synagogue killings gave this note to a man on her flight w/ a MAGA hat. He read it all. “A lot of people on the plane were upset, angry, & scared when they saw your hat. To us, your hat sanctions our death, our murder, our evisceration.”

Troops at the border, waiting for the Great Invasion.

New charges for former CIA coder and accused pedophile, Joshua Schulte who leaked CIA hacking tools to Wikileaks.

Dutch prosecutors asked to open global money laundering investigation into $10.3 B of stolen funds, how much @realDonaldTrump got and role of Rudy #Giuliani, his TV lawyer.

#NATO urges Russia to continue to honor the #INFTreaty despite U.S. threats to pull out of the pact because of alleged violations by Moscow.

BREAKING: A federal judge refused Brian Kemp’s request to stay an injunction, meaning Georgia cannot reject absentee ballots because of mismatched signatures.

United States Attorney Mike Stuart Implements Election Day Program to Stop Fraud and Protect Voting Rights h

No sir, our military has not been “mobilized” to stop migrants from entering. They are simply providing logistics support to law enforcement & the like, which is all that is allowed under American law (Posse Comitatus Act). You are a liar, & the American people hate liars. VOTE

Dear @VP Pence: Like you, I believe in Jesus. But it is wrong to impose our faith on others of a different faith. It was wrong & offensive for you to invite a defrocked messianic rabbi to comfort the Jewish community in the wake of the synagogue shooting. You need to apologize.

Federal judges ordered Ohio to allow voters who had been purged by the GOP to participate in this year's election. "Every vote counts, including those cast by voters who may not have been engaged in the political process in recent years.”

Donald Trump Jr. says he's worried Robert Mueller will "totally fabricate" charges against him

President Trump on migrant caravans: “a lot larger than it’s reported actually... I’m pretty good at estimating crowd size.”

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin just called Kris Kobach a racist to his face

When you wake up one morning and say to yourself “I feel like pushing the envelope and tempting the Hatch Act Unit at the Office of Special Counsel.”

Trump: “I wouldn't be surprised” if Soros were funding migrant caravan

"Birthright citizenship is very important subject. It's much less complex than people think. It says loud & clear in the Constitution that you don't have to go through the process of...whatever they're talking about."

Khashoggi murder outcry threatens U.S.-Saudi ties, Saudi prince says

We're tired of the brand of politics we've see—the brand of hatred and division and lies. On November 6th, we have the opportunity to show up, vote for change, and send an unapologetic message that the state of Florida deserves better

Not sure who and what you can vote for? Head over to to look up your state, learn who's running to represent you, which measures you can help decide, and more. Read up, and get ready to vote on November 6.