Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Kamala Harris on the impeachment inquiry: "As a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it. ... Donald Trump needs to be held accountable"

Biden also shifted focus to what he thinks is the real problem: "Rudy Giuliani, the president, and his thugs are lying ...If I get the nomination I will beat him like a drum." Read what his rivals are saying here

"20 years ago, you said that not complying with a subpoena was an impeachable offense." Lindsey Graham: "Yeah... nothing's changed."

Jimmy Carter says a full investigation would show Trump lost in 2016

Giuliani 'undermined 28 years of US efforts to try to promote the rule of law in Ukraine': Pompeo deputy

So President Trump is complaining about "transparency" in the impeachment inquiries? Because of testimony behind closed doors? Ok, sir. Show us the tax returns, your business interests, and let us know what you talk about with Vladimir Putin. Then we can talk transparency.

NEW @ABC - Giuliani Rebuffing Congressional Subpoena - Rudy tells me his lawyer (who is no longer representing him) has sent a letter to Congress informing them he is not complying. “If they enforce it then we will see what happens."

Senator Klobuchar slams Trump for his decision to leave U.S. allies to be "slaughtered"

PELOSI on trump: “All roads seem to lead to Putin”

No one is above the law. That includes our president — Beto O'Rourke

Calling Ukraine for political dirt doesn't make America great again. Leaving the Kurds for slaughter doesn't make America great again. Coddling up to Vladimir Putin doesn’t make America great again. It makes Russia great again.

BREAKING - Erdogan just announced MISSION ACCOMPLISHED on HIS LIBERATION of Syria as LAST US troops pulled out of 20 mi "safe zone," & Turkey and RUSSIAN flags were raised in place of US Flags. (Our country ran!)

No one is above the law, not even the president of the United States. And Donald Trump will continue breaking the law unless we hold him accountable. We must impeach him—now.

These Nepotists Have a Lot to Say About Hunter Biden’s Nepotism

Hey look the Trump-Netanyahu BFF billboard on my ride home has been replaced by a literal black shroud.

Rep. Peter DeFazio calls for audit into Elaine Chao's alleged Kentucky favors

Trump's less able son is an executive vice president of the company that he uses to accept payments from foreign powers in exchange for dangerous policy favors and they're desperate for us to believe that everyone is just as corrupt.

BOOM: Over 140,000 views in the first hour of the #ImpeachmentTaskForce’s tv ad. Wow! Let’s keep it going!

The fact that the Democrats aren't on rhe air and in digital hammering the living fuck out of Donald Trump right now with paid advertising boggles my goddamn mind

I think Rand Paul going to the wall to protect a New York real estate hustler who's in bed with a bunch of Ukrainian oligarchs is exactly the kind of thing the Forgotten Poor of Kentucky were hoping would happen when they elected him.

To underline the obvious: when troops hastily leave a base it’s because they have been defeated. In this case our SOF troopers were defeated not by the enemy but by their commander in chief.

“It will go down in infamy,” said one Army officer who served in the Syria campaign. “This will go down as a stain on the American reputation for decades.”


BREAKING: Today, the first day of Sukkot, IfNotNow members in Louisiana confronted @SteveScalise at a town hall and asked him to answer for his party’s complicity in antisemitic and white nationalist violence. He refused.

We paid for this. Our men and women in armed forces built it. Fought for it. Secured it. And Trump, Commander in Chief, gifted it to Putin.

"Trump's acquiescence to Turkey ... has in only one week’s time turned into a bloody carnage, forced the abandonment of a successful five-year-long American project to keep the peace ... and given an unanticipated victory to four American adversaries."

Depending on the evidence, instead of an amicus brief, DOJ should perhaps have served the archdiocese with an indictment. How many lives would have been different if during his first term as AG ending in '93 Barr had prosecuted those who aid and abet child molesters.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: In an Impeachment Investigation, the House acts like a grand jury. Investigations into alleged criminal conduct are not done in public. If the House impeaches, which is like an indictment, you can confront witnesses at your Senate trial.

Florida GOP leaders finally utter ‘sea level rise,’ lament ‘lost decade’:

Deutsche = the only Bank that would lend to a Trump after 4 bankruptcies. Billions. Nobody knows why. They’ve also been busted for laundering. An exec who reviewed Trump's taxes said it‘s "not normal" they no longer hold copies. His words: “Holy fuck.”

"You walk down the halls and there was this sense of dread, and everyone's kind of thinking, did the president really do this?" — FBI agent

This will be translated as Russia coming to the rescue to correct a crisis created by the US. Will fit nicely with the US/ISIS conspiracy theories.

RAND PAUL: If we're going to investigate Giuliani, then we should investigate Hunter Biden. @SRuhle : Does that mean we should investigate how Kushner's family got foreign money? Ivanka's Chinese trademarks? RP: If we want to go down the road of self-destruction, we can do that.

51% approve of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll.

Holding at 36,000ft over the Aegean Sea. Denied clearance into Turkish airspace?! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USAF C-32B 02-5001 RCH588

EU ambassador Gordon Sondland faces pressure from his wife to turn on Trump

Just now on MCNBC, Rand Paul about U.S. aid to #Ukraine: "Frankly, we have no money to send them anyway."

Thousands fill the streets of London to protest Turkey’s attack on the Kurds.

Today's Russian newspapers predict that Moscow will emerge as mediator in north eastern Syria. One paper suggests Moscow could "save NATO from the nightmare scenario" of a Turkey-Syria confrontation.

EXCLUSIVE: The pro-impeachment movement’s new play is to frame Mitch McConnell as a Trump patsy—with this new ad

NEW: As turmoil roils DC, a Russian-linked battery company is embedding itself in the US energy sector - Bankrupt NC battery plant Alevo, funded by Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, has re-emerged as Innolith retaining Alevo mgrs & Russia ties

Trump’s census shenanigans continue while no one’s looking — even after his Supreme Court defeat

It’s a shame Gym wasn’t as bothered about what was going on behind closed doors at Ohio State.

This tweet is going to age quite well. Exhibit A from Bolton on July 10th: (gotta love the 'stand alone' gray suit, right?)

‘Deep into stupid’: Morning Joe gleefully trashes Lindsey Graham after Fiona Hill destroys his Trump excuses

TODAY: Senate is back in session & will try to jam thru even more judicial appointments by end of year. Steven Menashi is still a threat to fill Thurgood Marshall’s former seat on 2nd Circuit & preside in Thurgood Marshall Courthouse. Please call your Senators & help #StopMenashi

#Sondland better watch his step. Hill testified, under oath, that his statements in July 10 meeting were understood to mean pushing Ukraine to investigate Bidens.πŸ‘‡ WaPo reported Sondland plans to say he didn’t realize Biden connection. He may want to revise that before Thurs

The dam has broken. Patriots are no longer afraid to report the corruption and malfeasance. Now just a matter of time. ⏱ Only question is whether @GOP negotiates an orderly exit or let’s @realDonaldTrump destroy the country on his way out.

We’re a little exhausted, just as you are. But just like you, we realize it is time to shift up a gear and keep going strong.

AG Barr’s @NDLaw “religions freedom” speech in action. Our tax dollars are spent defending a school’s firing of a teacher for gay sex with ....an adult. US Department of Justice supports Indianapolis Archdiocese in firing of gay teacher

The traitors are easy to spot.

"Did you hear what Hunter Biden did?"

Our troops are trapped in Syria, unable to withdraw. If they are attacked, and several killed . . . The Trump Presidency is over.

‘Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump’: Ambassador Sherman says the Kremlin must have kompromat

As the Russian saying goes, no one cries "Stop, Thief!" louder than the thief.

UK suspends arms sales to Turkey for items that might be used in Syria

Exclu: As Trump fills his Twitter feed with attacks on Hunter Biden over foreign business deals, the former VP’s son defended the ethical implications of his private ventures, but conceded misstep in failing to foresee implications on father’s career-

Dear America, Trump just declared a “national emergency” regarding an issue he alone created a week ago. After the Erdogan call, the whole world knew what would happen - the chain of causation was obvious. Yet we are here nevertheless. Trump is strikingly unfit to be POTUS.

Opinion: LeBron James undermines values he's espoused in most disgraceful moment of career

Trump's Syria policy: US troops express anger at refusal to support Kurds

Reminder: Today is the deadline for Rudy Giuliani to turn over Ukraine-related documents to the House impeachment investigating committees.

Jeffrey Epstein’s “madam” Ghislane Maxwell and model agency pal Jean-Luc Brunel have reportedly been traced to a spa resort in Brazil

U.S. Democratic presidential aspirants take the debate stage in Ohio tonight armed with a battery of fresh ammunition against Donald Trump

‘How Marie Antoinette’: Ivanka Trump ignites a wave of mockery with her latest out-of-touch tweet

Political appointees in the White House budget office intervened to freeze aid to Ukraine despite some career staffers raising concerns that the move was improper.

On Syria: President Trump and Vice President Pence, in their own words.

In case you were wondering, yes, the Russians are laughing at us as we hand over Syrian towns to the Assad regime.

Let's be clear: Any "Bloomberg for president" push is really just a "stop Warren" movement. America's billionaires are terrified that someone like her could become president. Which is exactly why we need someone like her as president

Maybe we'll get some further insight into Mike Pompeo's complicity in the Ukraine scandal. Recently resigned State Department adviser Michael McKinley set to testify before Congress on Wednesday

“we’re seeing now within just the @realDonaldTrump Administration, that this is bigger than anything anyone ever expected. It goes from the WH to the State Department to the intelligence community, to the Energy @SecretaryPerry. This is touching every corner of government.”

Critics blasted it as "a fundamental violation of the separation of religion and government.”

“The expansion by Amazon Web Services into state and local elections has quietly gathered pace since the 2016 U.S. presidential vote. More than 40 states now use one or more of Amazon’s election offerings.”

.@RudyGiuliani on Bolton calling him a “hand grenade.” RG: “I’m very disappointed that his bitterness drives him to attack a friend falsely...It’s really ironic that John Bolton is calling anyone else a hand grenade. When John is described by many as an atomic bomb . “

Republicans and Democrats are slamming the president’s abrupt U.S. pullback in Syria. But the president is betting that voters won’t care.

Wagner fighter proudly says they’ve taken over the US base in Manbij

Good to know. “A lifelong Republican, Sondland became a “bundler” — a political fundraiser who collects contributions from other donors and then directs large, six-to-seven-figure donations to campaigns. He backed Mitt Romney and John McCain that way.”

There will likely be a hearing in Rome with Giuseppe Conte next week, according to a senior Italian lawmaker. Here's how the prime minister got caught up in the Trump impeachment inquiry

Trump propagandist Brad @parscale just called the impeachment inquiry a "seditious conspiracy." So I'm gonna repeat this. The claim that the inquiry is illegitimate is an explicit, open declaration that Trump is free to rig the next election and face zero accountability for it:

Trump did not listen to his National Security Team regarding the withdrawal of troops from Syria. He did as Putin told him, likely through Erodogan. Thousands upon thousand will die and be displaced. Trump cares not. His humanity is off.

“I know beyond any doubt the source of the money is not any questionable source,” Giuliani said of the money he received from Fraud Guarantee.

‘Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump’: Ambassador Sherman says the Kremlin must have kompromat

My visit to Saudi confirms they understand the Kremlin. Especially when I offer tea.

Bloomberg the Company & Its ProductsBloomberg Anywhere Remote LoginBloomberg Terminal Demo Request BloombergSign InSubscribe Politics Italy’s Prime Minister Is Tangled Up in Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Giuliani worked with Mulvaney, the White House Chief of Staff AND acting Budget Director whose agency #OMB withheld Ukraine funds over the objection of career officials and with the assistance of a Wisconsin Republican political appointee.

If the USA Military has to emergency airlift our Troops out of Syria, this means we leave all of our hardware, all of our electronics, everything. Millions, if not billions, of equipment and hardware. And our computers. With information to benefit Putin, Assad and Argoden.

Opinion: Jim Mattis’s sad silence helps no one

Dozens of whistle-blowers from across the government are currently working with the House Oversight Committee to report alleged wrongdoing by the Trump administration, a number far higher than under previous presidents,

NYMAG: There have been 36 criminal cases nationwide in which the defendant invoked Trump’s name in connection with violence; 29 of these cited him as the inspiration for an attack.

Giving ourselves a WTF moment: @McFaul tells @NicolleDWallace how crazy Rudy Giuliani's involvement in the Ukraine scandal is -- "It's a real tragedy about American foreign policy."

Facebook’s CEO is holding meetings with the most prominent purveyor of white nationalist ideologies on television.

The #TrumpVideo isn’t "a joke." It isn’t "owning the libs." It's @POTUS expressing deep, abiding hatred for a constitutionally protected free press & any who criticize him- what you'd expect from an insecure, volatile dictator. It could radicalize unbalanced people to lash out.

Video purports to show Russian military contractor inside a former US base near Manbij, Syria. We are working to verify this video.

Sondland's wife says she fears an economic backlash against their hotel chain. I should hope so!

Arrested Giuliani associate was at Ron DeSantis’ election night watch party

Opinion | A more appropriate target for the LGBTQ discrimination case: Mitch McConnell

JUST IN: U.N. Human Rights office says Turkey could be held responsible under international law for executions, including those of Kurdish fighters and politician reportedly carried out by affiliated groups in Syria

CBO report: Democratic drug plan would save Medicare $345B

Rudy Giuliani paid $500K by Ukrainian businessman facing campaign finance charges, Reuters reports

“At the halfway mark of Trump’s first term, his admin has hired a lobbyist for every 14 political appointments made, welcoming a total of 281 lobbyists on board.”

‘He’s cooked’: Sam Donaldson warns Trump the Senate may vote to convict him after impeachment trial

Bolton is havin’ what scientists call the “last laugh.”

Trump’s stonewalling ‘no longer seems to be working’: #Maddow expects Mike Pompeo to leave the administration

The Man Behind the Kremlin’s Control of the Russian Media “He is also a co-creator of RT, the international propaganda network formerly known as Russia Today.”

So how did you sleep last night knowing ISIS is on the rise, we don’t have a Homeland Security Secretary, and that big orange blob is still President?

Republicans can't hide as new week of impeachment drama consumes Washington

For the first real time, some heat being put on Mulvaney (who largely escaped a lot of scrutiny even after it was reported that the he was involved in holding up the funding)

BREAKING: Regulators seek to ban Wynn from casino industry over sexual misconduct allegations, say he ‘is not a person of good character

Trump and Giuliani have the same strategy of trying to normalize their crimes in the public perception by simply confessing to those crimes and shrugging them off. They want the public to think coercing a foreign government to influence an election is "okay". Clueless old men.

“Iran and Russia are the dominant foreign powers now..They will dictate terms in this region."@martinchulov was in northeastern Syria when "the moment that changed the Middle East arrived", and reports powerfully on its instantly chilling effect

Look at the bravery, integrity and honor of these women as compared to the cowardice, duplicity and deceit of “men” like Lewandowski, Giuliani and Pompeo. Courtesy of these fearless women, now more than ever

Fiona Hill’s attorney’s letter to the White House informing them that she would testify. “Finally, we understand that deliberative process privilege disappears altogether when there is any reason to believe government misconduct occurred.”

The Kentucky governor’s election is coming up in just 22 days and it could not be more important. On Saturday at 10am I’ll be knocking doors for @AndyBeshearKY and @JColemanKY. Come join me, or canvass on your own this weekend!

#BREAKING: senior Pentagon official tells @Newsweek: US forces assisting Russians to enter #Manbij, calling it a "Handover"

“He told her that he was in charge of Ukraine, a moment she compared to Sec. of State Alexander M. Haig Jr.’s declaration that he was in charge after the Ronald Reagan assassination attempt. According to whom, she asked. The president, he answered.”

Rpt: Federal prosecutors scrutinize Giuliani's Ukraine business dealings

NBC News: White House tried to limit testimony for former Trump Russia adviser

Today the White House’s former top Russia adviser told impeachment investigators that Giuliani ran a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine that circumvented U.S. officials and diplomats in order to personally benefit President Trump.

Donald Trump has created a disaster in Syria. The world must try to limit the damage

“Almost 400 scientists have endorsed a civil disobedience campaign aimed at forcing governments to take rapid action to tackle climate change, warning that failure could inflict "incalculable human suffering.”

No he is a Christian - which just so happens to translate to the same thing. He is for Christian dominion which is why he is weakening the United States secular guards - see how this works now?

A reminder that Fiona Hill was at Helsinki with Trump...

Pay attention to this move towards theocracy. The Attorney General rails against secularism, and the Secretary of State has this as the landing page of our State Dept.

Analysis: We’re watching Trump’s distortion of reality on Ukraine in real time

Neil Cavuto is all outta fucks to give

The first year of Putin’s experiment in diversifying away from the U.S. dollar cost Russia about $7.7 billion

The only question left is if the GOP Senate is as corrupt as Trump.

How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Have Profited Off Their Dad's Presidency: No one knows a “clear conflict of interest” when they see it better than the president's children

MAGA Evangelicals don’t consider brown people real Christians

Source familiar with Fiona Hill testimony tells CNN she told lawmakers she saw “wrongdoing” In Ukraine policy and tried to report it to officials including NSC counsel. She also discussed a “direct link” between Trump and Sondland that went beyond just texts.

Bad news for Trump- Rep Denny Heck says Fiona Hill is the “most substantive witness he's ever seen”. Has “Total recall”, a “photographic memory.” Dems- Add some sizzle to the days impeachment recap. Educate the public a/b new info. Too much secrecy holds back impeachment support

Vice President Mike Pence: "The United States of America did not give a green light to Turkey to invade Syria."

A wild rant at Notre Dame about “militant secularists”? Who does William Barr think he is — an Attorney General or an Ayatollah?

John Bolton knew it was wrong for the @realDonaldTrump Administration to pressure Ukraine to get dirt on an American political opponent. Many Republicans still lack the spine to say publicly what they know to be true: what @POTUS did was wrong. No one is above the law.

NEWS: Parnas and Fruman remain in custody, according to an SDNY spokesman

This money will trace back to Russian Oligarch Dmitry Firtash. Bank on it.

Nothing to see here, just the president’s personal lawyer getting paid half a million dollars by “Fraud Guarantee,” the company run by a few guys who just got arrested trying to leave the country

One does not simply fire John Bolton.

.@SDNYnews prosecutors should be on alert that since Parnas and Fruman are recycling Manafort's and Trump's attorneys, they are *highly likely* to be encircled in the Trump joint defense agreement. Protect Trump = pardon promise.

"What we did see with the Russian investigation, the strategy was to distance Trump from all of the other players... We heard Trump say... 'I'm not sure if Giuliani is still representing me'. You know if your lawyer is representing you."

A century after its Armenian Genocide, Turkey begins its #KurdishGenocide. They are most certainly not our friend

This is an important thread, but I'll sum it up for you: Post-Soviet oligarchs bought the Republican Party, at fire sale prices.

Trump Ukraine scheme laid bare in impeachment inquiry testimony

Absent US, Kurds panicked by Arab 'shock troops' turn to Syria

Rivals tempted to test US compromised by Trump: fmr ambassador

US policy collapses into catastrophe following Trump's whims