Sunday, December 6, 2020

It's absolutely astonishing that the United States Senate, since midsummer, has not passed any additional economic relief for the American people


Perdue's handlers won't let him debate because he could incriminate himself on the Cardlytics emails, the submarine stock trades, or the Regions Bank deal — that alone is disqualifying. — Jon Ossoff


HAPPENING NOW: Jon Ossoff appears in a Georgia runoff debate, the first of two tonight.


"Generally, ex-Presidents lose power very quickly ... Trump had no inkling what it was like to be President before he won the office, in 2016. Come February, he may be stunned again, this time by the speed at which former loyalists distance themselves."


Minnesota Timberwolves’ center Karl-Anthony Towns lost an uncle to COVID-19 this week—the seventh family member, including his mother, to die from the virus


Rudy Giuliani, who just tested positive for COVID-19, asked a witness at a committee hearing to take off her face masks just days ago, claiming he couldn't hear her speak. (Nobody else had any issues hearing the witness except for Giuliani.)


Giuliani, who is positive today with covid-19, on Thursday at the state Capitol in Georgia


Trump says Rudy Giuliani has COVID.


He’s calling the names of members of the Georgia legislature. He’s pressuring them on national tv. This is insane


Two historian groups, an independent archive and a watchdog organization are suing Trump and admin officials to ensure compliance with records laws. The groups said, "there is a growing risk that he will destroy records of his presidency before leaving."


Check out the chyron. Beyond parody


This is the rawest, most accurate description of modern US conservatism that I've ever seen. Trump's one true talent is speaking the id of the right-wing base aloud to them, stripped of pretense or double-talk


“You are not the exceptional leader needed at this exceptional time in history,” the Fox News host seethed in a Saturday night segment.


Barr was willing to trash all kinds of constitutional norms - but since he wouldn't just call for invalidating the election, the pitchforks are out.


Heroin killed Chandler Cook, but the data suggest the coronavirus crisis played a role, too


EXCL: Donald Trump's Turnberry hotel was paid nearly £25,000 by the Secret Service for business trips by Eric Trump & his wife, incl a private golf excursion with 30 'international guests'. The resort has received circa £300,000 from US taxpayers. Thread


It appears that Kelly Loeffler’s husband made a massive illegal campaign contribution. @Meidas_UMaine correspondent @l___kent spills the tea.


“We have to make sure when people think of China they don’t think of economic growth, business opportunities - they think of concentration camps in Xinjiang, the struggle of Hong Kong, people inside mainland China jails.


Agnes Chow was a prominent figure in our February film, "Battle for Hong Kong." “If I were sent to prison because of participating in assembly or protest, of course it’s a political prisoner,” she told us then.


Hong Kong’s measures against Covid-19? More effective at stamping out protests than the pandemic


Despite a history of underperforming properties, Kushner Companies received a near-record sum from a government-backed lender. Should it default, taxpayers could be forced to foot much of the bill. The agency says politics played no role.


Koreans Believed America Was Exceptional. Then Covid Happened.


Jim Jones has nothing on this guy


Impressive bravery, self-organization, and determination of Belarusians. Despite the preventive terror campaign, people continue gathering for protest. This video is made in one of the Minsk districts. Dozens of rallies like this are taking place in Minsk today.


Alyssa Farah resigns as White House communications director, one of the first high-profile staff departures since Trump's loss


Postal Service delays disenfranchised thousands of legally-case ballots this fall. It's likely 25,000-50,000 ballots nationwide were ultimately rejected because of USPS problems.


Loeffler can barely squeeze tepid applause out of the crowd. Perdue then starts talking but is drown out by "fight for Trump!" chants


Former Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker Ted Hui said he and his family no longer have access to their bank accounts in the city after he fled to self-imposed exile in the U.K., the South China Morning Post reported


I mean Georgia he is the bomb yo!! This is what a senator sounds like!! LETS GO GEORGIA!! Go Jon!!


Note where the technology has been developed, where people were targeted, points to where? = Russia not our friend “Report Points to Microwave ‘Attack’ as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies”