Monday, November 6, 2017

Testimony of Carter Page

Here's the first part of Carter Page taking four-single spaced pages to assert his Fifth Amendment rights

Virginia: Where you can portray yourself as a "populist" while also being a Koch-funded namesake of a DC lobby firm

Koch Brothers Come To The Aid Of Their Man In Virginia, Ed Gillespie

Every election matters - those who show up determine our future. Go vote tomorrow!

Everything we know about the Mueller probe so far

The Trump administration is up to its neck in Russians

Some Of Trump's Aides Don't Want Him To Meet Putin This Week

AP Confirms That Russia Was Behind the 2016 Email Hacks

UPDATE: The judge has GRANTED Gates' motion to be released from home confinement so he can vote

Jeff Sessions to testify before congressional cmte next week re past statements on Russian intermediaries

The Trump Administration Is Keeping a U.S. Citizen Secretly Locked Up Without Charges

My statement on yesterday's tragedy: The federal ban on gun related death research is indefensible. RT if you agree

The Saudi crown prince is stamping out opposition + cementing his rule w/ arrests in rapid House of Saud shake up.

Bill Clinton: "How many voters do we have to disenfranchise before we're not America anymore?"

NEW VIDEO: Trump keeps digging (and lying) on Russia while Mueller tightens the net on Flynns, Kushner, TrumpJ

Cyprus government asks Cypriot court for 1 more week to justify their cooperation with Russia on Magnitsky cover-up

The woman who flipped off Trump’s motorcade was fired. Call her ex-employer Akima & ask why: 571-323-5200

JUST IN: Analysis: GOP tax bill could cost billions more than originally thought

Trump wants $4 billion more for missile defense, citing North Korea

BREAKING: Incriminating New Putin-Trump Timeline Indicates Collusion

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it

BREAKING: ObamaCare signups set new record despite Trump cutting outreach funding

JUST RELEASED: "Preliminary Distributional Analysis of the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act," by TPC Staf

FEMA says José Andrés wanted a $30 million contract. Andrés says anyone accusing him of trying to profit should be “ashamed”

Commerce Secretary Ross says he'll likely sell stake in Putin-linked company

New tax plan will hinder care for older Americans

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Did Don Jr. Just Sink His Dad‘s Russia Defense?

John Kerry: "Trump may have pulled out of the Paris Agreement," but the American people are "going to live up to it."

Trump campaign officials tried to swap access to Trump for favors from Russia at least 3 times

U.K. regulator says Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson breached impartiality rules

From Utah, Secretive Help for a Russian Oligarch and His Jet

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and the Con Man Caucus

Obama: May God grant us the wisdom to figure out how to stop gun violence

Jared Kushner Keeps Failing To Disclose Connections With Russians

ParadisePapers Ru Oligharch Usmanov, close friend of Abramovich, invested $200m in FB

Cambridge Analytica, the Trump camp data firm, is hiring staffers to work on campaigns throughout Mexico in 2018.

Russia's meddling in Scottish politics 'discovered by accident'

Paul Ryan doesn't know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck or what it's like to not have healthcare. I do

The First FBI Crime Report Issued Under Trump Is Missing A Ton Of Info

The Saudi crown prince just made a very risky power play

Do you have the next #ParadisePapers leak? You can anonymously give information to us in a variety of ways.

Britain investigates #Brexit campaign funding, as speculation mounts that Russia may have meddled in the vote

Russian Twitter support for Trump began shortly after he started campaign—in June 2015

Fully Loaded: Inside the Shadowy World of America's 10 Biggest Gunmakers

Trump is leaving Japan empty-handed on trade

Yuri Milner says he was not working for Russia to turn social media against U.S. democracy

Mattis backs Geneva process on Syrian conflict

Am staggered officials didn’t stop Queen’s money being invested via tax havens - & then into Brighthouse. Will be seen as an insult to millions on low and stagnating incomes

Opinion | Three (almost) inexplicable parts of the Republican tax plan. My column in today's

Paradise Papers Leak Expose World Elite's Off-Shore Tax Havens

The GOP playbook for defending their tax plan is pretty straightforward: Deny the most potent attacks are true.

Milwaukee Chief Of Police completely dismantles a horrifying gun law that's backed by the NRA. We need more of this

Powerful lawmaker wants to ‘invalidate’ the Endangered Species Act. He’s getting close.

Act 2 of tax reform coming with Senate bill

Veselnitskaya now changes her story and claims that Trump Jr. offered to review Magnitsky Act if father was elected

Trump coal backer wins big under Perry's power plan

A satellite monitoring the Arctic broke. We had a replacement ready and paid for. Congress ordered it destroyed.

Wilbur Ross says reports that he did not disclose ties to Putin-linked firm are 'totally wrong'

Six weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still mostly without electricity

Saudi king receives ex-Lebanon PM Hariri in Riyadh

It's the beginning of the end of the Trump regime. But until we get there, we need TO VOTE to counter the damage! On NOVEMBER 7 pls

Trumps Bigotry Trickles Down in Virginia and New Jersey

Bannon Protégée Gets a New Job in the White House—and It’s Not Going Well

What doomsday cults can teach us about ISIS today

The Moscow lawyer who met Donald Trump Jr. says he hinted at a review of an anti-Russia law

A Washington Post/ABC poll pegs President Trump’s approval rating at 37 percent.

Ed Gillespie opposes almost every reasonable gun-safety measure imaginable

Trump hinted at a possible diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea if it released abducted Japanese citizens

Millions Of Dollars Pour Into Washington State Special Election

The House tax-writing committee begins debate today on the GOP’s proposed tax overhau

Trump Looms Over Virginia Race With Big Stakes for Democrats

Ryan: House 'on track' to pass tax reform before Thanksgiving

Increasingly, hunting money-launderers is automated

Saudi Arabia has its own way of draining the swamp

Preet Bharara: Paul Manafort may 'flip' to avoid a harsh sentence

Ryan pledges Congress won't 'interfere' with Mueller Russia probe

New York’s Cyrus Vance is just part of a much larger problem of prosecutors across the country

Pres Trump asks Japanese auto makers if they could build their cars in the US and not just ship them over.

Oil rises from its highest close in 2 years after the series of arrests in Saudi Arabia

Trump complains of unfair trade with Japan and defends pullout from Pacific trade pact

Another #Saudi Prince, Abdul Aziz, youngest son of late King Fahd, has died. That’s two #Saudi Princes in 24 hours

In concealing an ongoing financial relationship w/ Russian oligarchs, Sec. Ross misled me, Senate Commerce Committee & the American people.

Yes, YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Don't stay home on Tuesday.

One of the most radical things we can do right now is to refuse to be radicalized. Seek the center

Prosecutors: Manafort needs to detail finances further in bail talks

President Trumps statement that the speed of U.S. terrorism trials is a laughingstock

NRA delegation met with the Russian Gov’t in Moscow right before spending $30.3 million on Trump in 2016 election


TX Attorney General on Fox News says only way to stop mass shootings like this is for more people to bring their guns to church with them

Whoa, this statement from @ChrisMurphyCT on the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooting is extremely powerful. Wow.

"Who would ever think a thing like this could ever happen," Trump, at news conference with Abe, said of mass shooting at Texas church.

Even the leader of the once conservative House Freedom Caucus, Rep. Meadows, supports more deficit spending in the era of Trump. Amazing.

Gun control states have lower rates of gun deaths. (Including Illinois!!). Evidence is very clear

Trump: "Just like we shot something out of the sky in Saudi Arabia the other night, as you saw." We???

John Oliver: We cannot let Trump use "his own incompetence as a defense" in the Mueller probe

Sen. Claire McCaskill is demanding answers about how public funds were used in the failed Whitefish energy deal

Trump, McConnell, Rubio, Walker, Graham, Kasich & McCain. Now we r understanding why Republicans hesitate on Russia!


BREAKING: Saudi Prince Mansour bin Muqrin among those killed in helicopter crash - local media

Is Saudi Arabia Pushing Israel Into War With Hezbollah and Iran? read more:

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia blames Iran for Yemen missile launch, warns it could be 'considered as an act of war'

Ignatius says Kushner and MBS stayed up until 4 a.m. plotting strategy when Jared was in Riyadh

You can see here how people are trying to use the false link btw #Antifa & Texas #churchshooting to demonize "the left." Pay attention.

Getting Donald Out Of Debt: The 25-Year-Old Ties That Bind Trump and Wilbur Ross

DEC 8, 2016

ParadisePapers: Russia funded Facebook & Twitter investments through oligarch Milner, a Kushner investor

WaPo: Mueller has recently requested more docs about Trump's effort to build a tower in Moscow during the campaign.

Trump told tribal leaders to ignore federal law: "Just do it."

Attack on Rand Paul left him with five broken ribs, and it’s not clear when he’ll be able to return to the Senate

Trump says Texas massacre ‘not a guns situation’

Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver November 5 2017