Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Here are all the places Trump is losing support

GOP senator rips CBO for saying ObamaCare individual mandate repeal will create fewer savings than it initially said

Putin is losing the long game to the West

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross sells shipping investment

Inside Donald Trump's Election Night War Room

NEW VIDEO: Russian emigre Felix Sater, who promised Putin’s blessing would get Trump elected, ATTENDED Trump’s Election Victory Party a year ago

My advice on how to deal with Russia's war crimes: dramatically expand the sanctions list and cut Russia from SWIFT

I will be president for all Americans. One year ago, Trump promised a presidency that hasnt happened.

Sean Hannity got in trouble with British regulators. There is a lesson here for Trump.

One group would greatly benefit from raising the minimum wage — and it shows how America has failed them

I was beaten, left bloody and unconscious so that every American has the right to vote. Friends of mine gave their lives. Do your part. Vote

Trump's bodyguard went on McDonald's runs for him when White House kitchen couldn't satisfy his cravings

NAACP says voters receiving bogus phone calls

It takes a special type of cowboy to pull a pistol out on stage and then hide from everyone when they ask questions.

Putin’s objective is to create so much chaos in the west that we’re too busy infighting to focus on his stealing

Cruz breaks with party's tax plan: It's "a mistake" to raise taxes for any Americans

Dem lawmaker walks out of moment of silence on House floor to protest guns

One of the most anti-LGBT lawmakers in the country might lose his seat to a transgender journalist

At Trump's request, CIA director met NSA whistleblower Bill Binney to discuss DNC hack conspiracy. Here’s a pic of him w Alex Jones:

BREAKING: Lithuanian Parliament passes Magnitsky Act in second reading 78-1 (5 abstentions). One more reading to go before it becomes law!

Wyden to Pompeo: Were you aware of Yates' Flynn warning to WH?

Forbes takes Wilbur Ross off billionaires list and declares that he lied to them for years about his net worth.

Election Protection hotline is live till 9:30pm EST. Call 866-OUR-VOTE for polling locations, ID laws, poll times and more.

Energy Secretary Perry's proposal for reshaping the electricity markets will benefit a prominent Trump backer.

'People have to watch him': The CIA reportedly suspects its director could try to shield Trump from the Russia probe

Iran's foreign minister blames Jared Kushner for Middle East turmoil

Not quite fair to say the GOP plan is tilted toward the rich. It’s actually titled toward the *idle* rich.

This report on Trump's CIA director and Russia will leave you screaming

GOP lawmaker: Not endorsing Trump was "one of the best decisions" I ever made

Schiff to AP: Trump, Russia, GOP leaders threaten democracy

Great primer about how the Magnitsky Act was conceived and came into being

CIA director met advocate of disputed DNC hack theory — at Trump's request

VA is getting all the attention, but the policy consequences of the NJ, WA, and ME elections will be huge

Please vote today!

Wake up Utah! It's time to vote. Let's get out the vote for Kathie Allen & win her a seat in the House

Tracking the Russia Investigations: An Interactive

Ex-Trump adviser: I told Sessions about my trip to Russia

Hard-fought Virginia governor's race to test Trump's clout

Virginia’s crime rate is among the lowest in the nation. For Virginia and the nation, may we choose truth and hope over fear and lies.

Voters in VA, NJ and UT - know your rights! Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE to report any incidents of Voter Intimidation.

Page says he went to Moscow in Dec'16 b/c he felt "safer" from death threats "in the wake of the Dodgy Dossier" released a MONTH LATER

Forbes reports Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross may not be a billionaire: The Case Of Wilbur Ross' Phantom $2 Billion

Fmr Trump body man Keith Schiller to appear before House Intel Cmte today

Ross isn’t the only billionaire who has spun Forbes over the years about his net worth. I mean...

Did Jared just secure his family's real-estate empire by facilitating a palace coup in Saudi Arabia?

Corey Lewandowski told me in March interview he didn't give Page an OK to travel to Moscow. Page testified he did, and he has the email.

Syria is signing the Paris accord. That means the U.S., under Trump, is now the only nation on Earth to refuse climate action

VOTE! Today

Offshore cash helped fund Steve Bannon's attacks on Hillary Clinton

Caputo is desperately trying to edit Russia from his life

Wilbur Ross' Russian business is linked to individuals **under US sanctions,** tied directly to Putin.

MBS’s purge in Saudi seems like Putin’s 2003 attack on the oligarchs. Alaweed bin Talal now caged the way Khodorkovsky was.

Steyer claims breach of contract after Fox News pulls his Trump impeachment ads

Sen. Chris Murphy: Republicans are afraid of the gun lobby

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) joins Lawrence O'Donnell to react to the mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas that left 26 people dead and to demand congressional Republicans stand up to the gun lobby and finally do something to prevent more bloodshed.

Page has ZERO problem throwing JD Gordon under the bus when asked whom he emailed about his July treason🇷🇺tour to Moscow

Sessions has lied at least 17 times about his meetings & calls with Russia. Even flat out denied it

Bill Clinton: Americans who voted for Trump were "more vulnerable to false claims"

Opinion: The nominee to replace John Kelly at Homeland Security shouldn’t get a free pass

Buzzfeed subpoenas the DNC for *technical details* as to how they were hacked.

Corey Lewandowski told me in March interview he didn't give Page an OK to travel to Moscow. Page testified he did, and he has the email.

Trump Campaign Aide Carter Page Denies, Then Admits, Meeting With Russian Bigwigs

Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner [investor in Kushner's Cadre] owns 7% stake in Facebook → $550M investment

Anthony Weiner is now in prison

Anti Trump demos gathering Seoul. Peaceful. Calm. But with one message for Potus.

Why is he still running? GOP nominee Ed Gillespie caught on tape calling Northern VA “enemy territory”

Trump praises Saudi purge and detentions in tweet

Coincidence or coordination?

Fear and Loathing—and Trump—in the Virginia Governor’s Race

Steele: Page was offered brokerage of sale of Rosneft stake Page: Rosneft official “May have briefly mentioned” potential Rosneft sale

Maine Voters Will Decide If They Want More Access To Medicaid

In Seoul, Trump calls for North Korea to "make a deal.”

What To Watch In Tuesday's Elections Across The Country

Ex-Obama aide: Flynn likely most dangerous indictment for Trump

Ron Klain, ex-Obama official, explains why a possible Michael Flynn indictment could put Trump in new legal danger. Plus, bombshells in the transcript of Carter Page's testimony to the House Intel Committee. Julia Ainsley & Eugene Robinson join Lawrence O'Donnell.

Carter Page named Trump staffers he told about Russian contacts

Rachel Maddow shares a passage from the House Intelligence Committee of former Donald Trump advisor Carter Page in which he tells members of the committee which high ranking Trump officials he told about his contacts with Russians.

Russian lawyer: Trump Jr offered potential deal for Clinton dirt

Henry Meyer, senior government reporter based on Moscow for Bloomberg News, talks with Rachel Maddow about his interview with Natalia Veselnitskaya and her claim that Donald Trump Jr. offered a potential deal on Russian sanctions in exchange for Hillary Clinton dirt.

Secret papers show Trump cabinet member's Russia business ties

Rachel Maddow explains the revelation of the weekend in the Paradise Papers that Donald Trump's Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, retains a stake in a company that does business with people connected to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Upheaval in Saudi Arabia with Trump approval could mark new era

Rachel Maddow describes the series of remarkable events over the weekend in Saudi Arabia which saw several Saudi princes locked up and one dead.

Trump fails to act on gun violence mental illness concerns

Rachel Maddow points out that while Donald Trump is quick to concoct his own diagnosis of the latest mass killing shooter as mentally ill, his actions in office so far show a disregard for mental illness and gun ownership.