Saturday, July 7, 2018

#Russia's state TV: Chairman of Foreign Affairs Comm Konstantin Kosachev says that Trump is convinced that Mueller can't catch him — only #Manafort. Therefore, the "red lines" in dealing with Russia that were there at the start of his presidency are no longer holding him back.

Eight Republicans pick the worst possible place to celebrate July 4

With Trump praising Putin, talking to him regularly, meeting him alone, with GOP lawmakers visiting Moscow on July 4th, with Republicans surrendering to Russia's cyberattack ... there no longer seems to be a question that the Kremlin controls the GOP.

McMaster complained that Trump "thinks he can be friends with Putin": report

fter Bolton & Republican Senators' Russia appeasement tour, @SenRonJohnson floats time to "evaluate" sanctions b/c Moscow's behavior hasn't changed. So, just surrender? Don't these incompetent fools have kids??

Everything you need to know about Novichok, the Russian nerve agent spooking Britain

Critics say Trump’s insults of Warren were a double scoop of misogyny, racism

Here are the details for each environmental policy that the Trump administration has targeted

Russian broadcasters and state media mocked the "weak" Republican lawmakers who visited Moscow over the Fourth of July holiday and gloated about the Kremlin’s role in electing Donald Trump

‘A cesspool of deviancy’: New claims of voyeurism test Jordan denials

Trump administration ordered to supply list of young children subjected to separation

The Trump administration has declined to defend the Affordable Care Act in court and the case will likely end up in the Supreme Court. Make no mistake, health care for millions of Americans could depend on who fills the current vacancy

Nunes is calling for a new fake investigation into #FusionGPS. Nunes should be investigating himself since one of his biggest donors Paul Singer funded the original oppo piece on Trump. Probably why he didn’t support Trump until after the GOP primaries.

LATEST: Scott Pruitt is devastated by his ouster, I’m told. He didn’t resign voluntarily, like Trump told us, but under pressure: John Kelly delivered a message from president that it was time to go.

Opinion: The disgusting "normal" under Trump

California Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency, citing "extreme peril" to people and property.

New study finds police departments that receive more military equipment from the federal government are significantly more likely to kill people

Trump rarely reads his briefing book ahead of meetings. So ahead of important meetings, aides have made something of a deal with the president: If we put it in a red folder, please read it.

Amazon is profiting from racist and hateful products, including a costume of a lynching victim and Nazi memorabilia, according to a new report.

Trump voters will be hit hardest by Trump’s trade war

Donald Trump has started a trade war with China. Economist Jared Bernstein says the president's tariffs are going to "hurt many more Americans than they are going to help." Susan Del Percio reacts to Trump's fight with Republicans. David Corn compares Trump's trade chaos to Batman villain "The Joker."

Dear @RepGoodlatte: Why won't you release the transcript of Peter Strzok's testimony? What are you hiding? Also, how come we keep having hearings about Hillary's emails? When are you setting a hearing on the over 2,000 kids ripped away from parents who still are not reunited?

Report: Trump's lawyers set new conditions for interview with...

The New York Times reports Trump's lawyers set new conditions for an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Yamiche Alcindor and David Corn join Ali Velshi and discuss how the White House is trying to slow walk Mueller's investigation while some congressional Republicans are calling for a quick end.

California GOP congressional candidate runs as open Holocaust denier