Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ex-CIA chief shreds Trump: "You diminish the Office of the Presidency"

"Justice Gorsuch, make the originalist's case against Trump's travel ban"

“Clapper lied about (fraudulent) Dossier leaks to CNN” @foxandfriends FoxNews He is a lying machine who now works for Fake News CNN.

"Paul Ryan did not even have the courtesy to inform Conroy of his decision in person. He sent an underling to fire the respected Jesuit priest."

UPDATED: Trump calls on Tester to resign for Jackson for spreading allegations against Ronny Jackson

The poor don’t have a prayer in today’s Washington

Citigroup loaned Jared Kushner’s family business $325 million after a White House meeting with Jared. Jared and Ivanka also personally owe Citigroup at least $1 million.


FBI agents who sent anti-Trump texts also spoke of "profound sense of loss" after Comey firing


Four months later, Democrats still fiercely oppose the GOP tax law

The Flynn’s have been on Moscow’s payroll for years

BUSTED: Republicans are working on a ‘secret plan’ to repeal Obamacare

Mike Pompeo was the Koch brothers’ top recipient. The 11 Senators on the foreign relations committee who voted in favor of his Secretary of State nomination received over $700,000 from Koch industries

The leaked emails indicate that Veselnitskaya had a high degree of influence over Kremlin officials. She drafted the response that they supplied to US prosecutors in an attempt to stymie a DOJ civil lawsuit against her client, a wealthy Russian businessman.

Ryan turns his back on Catholicism

Ryan's ouster of House chaplain ignites religious firestorm

An Open Letter to Roseanne

The House Chaplain led Congress in prayer for a tax bill that showed compassion for the poor. In response, Speaker Ryan fired him.This incident tells you everything you need to know about today's Republican Party

Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and his father-in-law Fima Shusterman loaned $26 million to #Ukraine-born taxi mogul in weed biz — Semyon "Sam"

Caught Red Handed!

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here is @seanhannity on 3/29/18 signing to receive a $8.4M loan from HUD for one of his apartment complexes.

EPA staff in ‘despair’ after Pruitt blame game

The Russia Investigations: The House Intel Committee Duels Over Evidence. Again

WATCH: Russian lawyer who promised dirt on Clinton to the Trump campaign and was at the centre of the controversial Trump Tower meeting in June 2016, has just been on @NBCNews and admitted that she is a Putin informant.

Angela Merkel no longer even TRIES to hide her true feelings about Donnie.

Heroic Russian dissident, @vkaramurza who’s survived two Russian assassination attempts, calls for an Australian Magnitsky Act in powerful interview w/@SteveCannane

Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya DID follow-up on the Trump Tower meeting just days after Trump's election. And it appears they were ready for payback on the Magnitsky Act.

How does Pail Ryan deal with people he doesn’t want to talk to? He has them arrested.

If a Russian banker with strong ties to the NRA laughs in the face of investigations into Russian money in our elections, it’s because he thinks American rule of law is a joke. I think we need to prove him wrong—that’s why I’ve asked 2 committees to investigate NRA dark money.

E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce is largest since 2006

Here's what an end to the 68-year Korean War would mean

Was Jeff Sessions aware of a proposed Trump-Putin back channel?

Trump detests FISA abuse, except when he’s doin’ it. Trump’s attempted to hot-wire the FISA system to spy on his own political enemies

Michael Pillsbury: "Perhaps @POTUS has earned two Nobel Peace Prizes."

Trump Tower is on fire in Azerbaijani capital Baku


The Democrats Are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility

Is the End of Trump's Presidency Near?

Projections on the wall of the Federal Building in San Francisco last night by local activists-

"Hannity is a very wealthy man. So is Donald Trump. It appears that part of the way they became rich was by decrying welfare for poor folks, then grabbing it for themselves," writes Paul Begala

“Robert Mueller is an American legend, the President is a dirtbag” ~ Phil Mudd

"Truth prevails": Andrea Constand hails Cosby verdict

Why Facebook fears the new European privacy rules

'Mass firing' at conservative site RedState

A direct line of communication between the Kremlin-connected Agalarov family and the Trump family was open during the transition after Trump’s election, BuzzFeed News has learned

Michael Avenatti has indicated that Stormy Daniels might file a new legal claim or suit next week alleging that Trump libeled her last week when he said on Twitter that she was engaged in a “con job.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney suggested most mass shooters are Democrats and called for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton

Silencing His Critics! Paul Ryan's firing of Father Conroy should worry us all

Analysis: Parsing Trump’s story about saving more than $999 million on building an embassy in Jerusalem

He's been hanging with the "lets bring about Armageddon" crowd who are just crazy for symbolism

Keith Davidson had a boilerplate NDA & was caught up in an FBI investigation re Hulk Hogan

New report shows the NRA served as a conduit between the Trump campaign and Russia — but Republicans refused to investigate it

BREAKING: The City of #Seattle has just filed a motion to vacate all convictions & drop all charges for marijuana possession for anyone arrested in the city over the last 30 years!

As Korean leaders’ meeting makes history, Trump stands ready to take credit

Ryan: I forced out House chaplain because it was "time for a change"

Gorkov spoke to Kushner mostly about VEB (Russia's primary vehicle for special funding of key projects), per the House Intel Committee. But the WH said Kushner took the meeting as part of his role as "the official primary point of contact with foreign governments and officials."

"NATO is wonderful but it helps Europe more than it helps us."

GOP lawmaker suggests "assassination risk" is causing high number of GOP retirements

Pleased the @EPAoig is honoring the request from @RepDonBeyer & me & others to investigate misconduct by @EPAScottPruitt. The letter also states there may be "new matters" that could be investigated as well.

SCOOP: Donald Trump Jr. And Emin Agalarov Stayed In Touch Throughout The Transition

Rising costs, inflation on radar as U.S. earnings season unfolds

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The NRA is setting aside years of documents regarding its ties to a Kremlin-linked banker

House Intel Dems said the GOP “engaged in a systematic effort to muddy the waters, and to deflect attention away from the President, most recklessly in their assault on the central pillars of the rule of law.”

Tom Brokaw pulls out of commencement speech after sexual harassment allegations, is replaced with Trump officia

With @realDonaldTrump’s own @CommerceGov now confirming the #GOPTaxScam won’t yield 4% economic growth, it’s clear as day the Republican promise that the law would pay for itself was a ruse – it was simply a tax scam for the rich.

In Georgia, Sean Hannity is just another landlord hiking the rent

Job vacancies are fast becoming a singular threat to Trump’s administration, with a record number of openings that stretch from low-level positions to the secretary’s office at the Department of Veterans Affairs

Rep. Devin Nunes is no longer ‘safe’ in his race for re-election, forecaster says

Damning audit of U.S. poverty fuels new Poor People's Campaign


ICE held an American man in custody for 1,273 days. He’s not the only one who had to prove his citizenship