Thursday, August 9, 2018

For now, Army suspends discharges of immigrant recruits

Senate Dem calls out GOP for being too scared to tell Trump "Space Force" is a "dumb idea"

Wilbur Ross is much like his boss

Opinion: Trump is driving progressive and moderate Democrats together, not sparking a civil war

One of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago cronies (who are also his paying customers) bragged that he could go directly to the president or Jared Kushner with his policy concern

Melania Trump’s Parents Become U.S. Citizens As President Proposes Further Crackdown on Legal Immigration

Donald Trump’s Nightmare Isn’t Robert Mueller

Apparently the Omarosa tape is shocking - Trump disparages the disabled, insults veterans and makes blatantly racist and sexist remarks. His presidency will not survive this.

BREAKING: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's lead in GOP governor primary cut in half after vote mistake discovered.

If we want representatives to uphold their oaths and quit acting like Trump’s TV lawyers, voters will have to turn the House over to the Democrats. There is no way on Earth that Ryan, Rodgers and Nunes are ever going to put country over party.

Hurricane Maria’s official death toll is a searing, sickening indictment of the federal response. Trump & Admin must honor the 1,427 victims, help the evacuees who are still struggling, & meet future storms with real, robust preparation & relief—not apathy & ambivalence.

.@VP Pence: "The time has come to establish the United States Space Force."

Dear Laura Ingraham: I served on active duty to defend your right to make racist statements. America is not a race or demographic. It's a beautiful & bold idea, based on life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. You @IngrahamAngle are no more American than I am or others are.

U.S. to hit Russia with new sanctions after poisoning of former Russian double agent and daughter

Alex Jones’ Lawyer Seeks To Make Sandy Hook Parents’ Home Addresses Public

"There is a high likelihood Paul Manafort will be found guilty of ten counts." -Gene Rossi, former U.S. Attorney for Eastern Virginia

Maine is the one Northeastern state Trump nearly won in 2016, and now he's the most unpopular politician listed there in a new poll -- which also shows a tight race for Maine governor after notable Trump supporter Gov. Paul LePage is termed out of office

Subpoena the president?

This is a huge corruption scandal. Trump gave power to make decisions at the VA - affecting every US veteran - to three men who are neither government officials nor vets. Their only qualification: membership at Mar-A-Lago, for which they pay Trump.

Opinion: What's the matter with Kris Kobach?

Celebrating the anniversary of Richard Nixon announcing his resignation.

I called on the CDC to help with the algae & red tide crisis here in Florida. They just wrote back. Said they are ready to help but can’t until the state asks for it. What is going on? Why aren’t state leaders asking for help? This is a real crisis – we need all hands on deck!

Roger Stone tells Laura Ingraham that he uses Infowars and Fox News to "conduct my defense in the fact that Robert Mueller has got a target on my back"

Ohio race narrows as election officials find hundreds of uncounted votes in district previously won by Trump

Hackers already have access to Florida elex system

Russians have penetrated some Florida voter registration systems, ⁦@SenBillNelson⁩ says

Back Channel

LISTEN: A secret recording obtained by @Maddow shows Rep. @DevinNunes saying a treasonous attempt to impeach Rosenstein is only being delayed because they want the Senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh first.

"It's a matter of timing:" In leaked audio, Rep. Devin Nunes addresses why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein hasn't been impeached

NEW: Secret recording obtained by @MaddowBlog shows Rep. Nunes saying an attempt to impeach Deputy AG Rosenstein would delay President Trump's US Supreme Court pick.

You already said you're voting no, without a hearing or even a meeting with him. Your mind is made up, @SenKamalaHarris, you don't need any more documents.

Here are the transcripts and clips Rachel #Maddow mentioned in tonight's opening segment on the secret recording of Devin Nunes:

Nunes on secret tape: Kavanaugh vote, then Rosenstein impeachment

In a secret audio recording obtained exclusively by The Rachel Maddow Show, Rep. Devin Nunes is heard at a private fundraiser for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers remarking on Donald Trump's cringe-worthy tweets, and explaining to donors that the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has to wait so it doesn't interfere with Senate confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Farewell, Infowars. You won’t be missed.

My comment to @StephenAtHome in response to @realDonaldTrump attack on the press that we are the enemy of the people. “In a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people there is no such thing as the enemy of the people.”

VIDEO: Rep. Chris Collins speaking on his phone at last summer's White House Congressional Picnic. The photo was taken at approximately 7:17 p.m. According to the indictment, Collins called his son Cameron at 7:16 p.m. (VIDEO: CBS)

As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee your top priority is to protect our country — not to use your position to keep your party in power at the expense of national security. Speaker Ryan it’s time to remove Nunes

In secretly recorded audio from a fundraiser, Rep. Nunes discusses his view on trying to bring a potential impeachment of Rosenstein while a US Supreme Court nomination looms.

In secretly recorded audio from a fundraiser for Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers obtained exclusively by @maddowblog, Rep. Nunes is heard discussing the legality of working with a foreign country to release, for example, e-mails.

Rep. Nunes: "Sometimes you love the president's tweets, sometimes we cringe on the president's tweets. But they're trying to make a political, this is all political as to why that story ran in the New York Times on the tweets."

Rep. Nunes: "If Sessions won't un-recuse and Mueller won't clear the president, we're the only ones -- which is really the danger. That's why I keep, and thank you for saying it by the way, I mean, we have to keep all these seats."