Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Ron Johnson will be up in 2022 and will be a major part of Mad Dog’s billboarding efforts....


Significant Lockerbie story breaking tonight via the @WSJ


Social platforms can label or restrict Trump’s election misinformation posts, but it won’t really matter as long as US Senators are pushing unfounded conspiracy theories in televised hearings.


A very heated moment between Ron Johnson and Gary Peters


Meanwhile on Russian state TV: "The winner takes it all."


Ron Johnson: "This hearing is not dangerous." Laughter could be heard after that remark.


EXCLUSIVE: The value of Sen. Kelly Loeffler's mansion dropped by $6.4 million overnight, saving her a bundle on taxes. And no one—not her campaign, not local experts, no one—can explain why.


Multiple US agencies were hacked by Russia. What are you doing in response?


Biden launches a quiet effort to tame the Senate, a mission critical to his presidency


Ominous signs out of California


Chicago officials tried to block video of police arresting naked woman in botched raid


This is great. The best part of it? “At a run-down apartment building on the outskirts of Moscow....” What suckers the FSB are, @MFA_Russia @RusEmbUSA - failing at wetwork, living in squalor, while Putin the thief spends their taxes


White House Lawyers Begged Trump Not to Fire FBI Director Chris Wray, Says Report


chris christie cut an ad about how much of a dumbass he was to remove his mask at the white house, where he caught covid-19


We are immensely honored to be awarded @EUparliament Sakharov Prize 2020! I congratulate all Belarusian people & leaders of democratic #Belarus! Only united we can fully conquer fear on our long path to freedom & build a ​new Belarus​. Long live Europe! Жыве Беларусь!


The City of Detroit wants Sidney Powell fined, banned from court, and referred to the bar for filing her Kraken lawsuit


Kansas mayor resigns over violent threats for backing mask mandate: "I do not feel safe anymore"


MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos, gave away more than $4 billion over the last 4 months to help those affected economically by the pandemic


As the Electoral College voted, a tried-and-true conservative prepper subculture was having its moment in the sun


Local journalism matters. @ColoradoSun found public docs about Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis' brief tenure as a state prosecutor. She "did not follow proper protocol" on some cases and was fired for “unsatisfactory performance." (And lied about it to the WSJ!)


In a second defeat in federal courts for Kris Kobach, a New York judge refused Kobach's effort to pay himself legal fees from a nonprofit whose principals are charged with fraud


Trump wants to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden and his false claims of election fraud. He plans to pressure the new Acting Attorney General to appoint one and is considering whether to fire him if he does not. It’s going to be a long 36 days.


Trump is begging his supporters to fork over cash for the Georgia runoffs. There's just one hitch: Trump's new political machine is pocketing most of the dough — and the campaigns of the Georgia senators aren't getting a cent.


.@PeteButtigieg is a problem solver and trailblazing public servant. He’s committed to bringing people together and upgrading our transportation system in a way that’s safe, sustainable, and equitable. He gets it. And is ready to do the work.


Leticia Lee’s death “related to COVID-19” - HK01


Today, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya has met @JosepBorrellF, they discussed the new sanctions package & EU technical assistance to Belarus. They also discussed stricter targeted economic sanctions on Lukashenka’s oligarchs and state companies repressing workers for political views


Opinion: Trump lost Turkey. Here’s how Biden could restore the crucial relationship.


Cuomo here is suggesting that some states are getting more than their share of the vaccine compared to other states. TX is scheduled to get enough vaccinations for 94% of its nursing home patients and health care workers by the end of the year. But NY will only get 54%


Today at 12:00, The Democratic Opposition in #Belarus, including leader @Tsihanouskaya will be awarded the 2020 #SakharovPrize by @EP_President


"U.S. Senate Unanimously Approves New Ambassador To #Belarus"


Sure, an Anonymous source told me that you should never go full Lou Dobbs.


Honor, integrity, & accountability are vital to public & elected office, regardless of political affiliation.@DanCrenshawTX should resign bc of his actions to smear a veteran who reported an assault at the VA. More than 50 women veterans agree, including @mjhegar and @cmclymer


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A former Houston Police Department Captain was arrested and charged for running a man off the road and pointing a gun at his head in an attempt to prove claims of a massive voter fraud scheme in Harris County


Scoop: Hundreds of people skipped Mike Pompeo’s indoor holiday party today, in wake of health concerns, per two U.S. officials. 900+ invites went out, roughly 70 RSVP’d, fewer actually showed up, per sources.


I’ve been covering education during Covid since May. I’ve interviewed countless teachers, administrators, parents & education experts. I never knew their politics, though I’m quite sure it varied. Not one of them had anything positive to say about DeVos


Hong Kong social worker cleared of obstructing police during 2019 demo


#HongKong civil servants swear loyalty to China-backed government


"Mission Accomplished": Russian Media Mourn as Putin Acknowledges Biden’s Win—But Say Trump ‘Burned’ U.S. on His Way Out


Scoop: Hundreds of people skipped Mike Pompeo’s indoor holiday party today, in wake of health concerns, per two U.S. officials. 900+ invites went out, roughly 70 RSVP’d, fewer actually showed up, per sources.


Mar-a-Lago neighbors to Trump: Spend your post-presidency elsewhere.


Jilted Trump Gonna Set Fire To Georgia With Loeffler, Perdue Trapped Inside


Democrats Have a Problem. ‘Workers, Wages, Weed’ May Be the Answer.


Restaurants don’t cause the coronavirus to spread, Ron DeSantis says.

 When in fact they do.

Detroit's lawyer David Fink wants a federal judge to sanction 'Kraken' lawyers, incl. Sidney Powell et al in Michigan. Motor City wants their lawyers: *slapped with monetary sanctions. *banned from practicing in that court. *referred to the state's bar


.@realDonaldTrump has been defeated, but the fight against #Trumpism is just beginning. We will not compromise with those who've sided with authoritarianism. We will make common cause with those dedicated to preserving democracy.


After 7 months of refusing to negotiate on a COVID relief bill, McConnell finally sat down at the negotiating table today. It’s good news. But how much time he wasted. How much misery he created.


On a private conference call, Mitch McConnell urged Republican senators not to join House members on January 6 to object to state electoral results. Doing so, he said, would be fruitless and force them to cast a politically challenging vote against Trump


Just asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy if he’s willing to acknowledge that Biden won the election and is president-elect. He walked in silence into Pelosi’s office.


EXCLUSIVE: President Trump is weighing granting clemency to Ross Ulbricht, the founder and former administrator of the world’s most famous darknet drug market, Silk Road, The Daily Beast has learned


Opinion: Trump’s China policy was a fiasco — not a triumph


ICYMI: "Jim Jordan called me crying, crying, groveling, on the Fourth of July ... begging me to go against my brother, begging me, crying for half an hour," Adam DiSabato said at the hearing. "That's the kind of cover-up that's going on her


McConnell sets stage for new face-off with Biden after delivering blow to Trump's election fantasy


With @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock in the Senate, the doors of promise and progress will open in Washington.


Patent law may be all that stands between billions of people in the developing world and coronavirus vaccination in 2021


NSC spokesman confirms Trump's national security adviser has canceled part of Europe trip. "Ambassador O’Brien is returning to address the hacking incident. He is holding NSC meetings tonight and tomorrow morning and will convene a high level interagency meeting this week.”