Wednesday, July 8, 2020

BREAKING: United Airlines will send layoff warnings to 36,000 employees, nearly half its U.S. staff, in a signal of how deeply the virus outbreak is hurting the airline industry. United officials say the 36,000 number is a worst case scenario.

Wear Your Mask . TestTestTest. ⁦

When freedom of religion is invoked as an excuse for discrimination, both freedom and religion are diminished.

Wondering if there’s a reason that employers object to providing birth control but not Viagra? Asking for more than half of the population.

New: Homeland Security officials have agreed to a rare closed-door briefing to House Dems about the protests, aides tell me. This offers a major opportunity to pin down officials on Trump's nonstop deceptions about Antifa and the protests. New piece:

Breaking via AP: Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa "likely contributed" to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said.

Domestic disinformation. Who needs the Russians?

56 Florida hospitals hit 100% ICU capacity as DeSantis defends refusal to release coronavirus data

Facebook closes network affiliated with Roger Stone

Learn. Their. Names.

BIG NEWS: Washington D.C. is poised to abolish felony disenfranchisement, and join Maine and Vermont, in what would be a just-historic step for voting rights.

Shep Smith to CNBC

Bombshell reporting from @just_security: Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban

Quick question for @CocaCola @PepsiCo, why do you continue to support @USChamber, a trade association named as one of the two worst climate obstructors in America? Since you claim to care about the environment,

A top U.N. investigator said Washington failed to provide sufficient evidence that Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani posed an immediate threat to American interests

Experts at the University College London are the latest to describe that Covid-19 could cause neurological complications including stroke, nerve damage and potentially fatal brain inflammation — even if the patients didn't show severe respiratory symptoms.

Hi @SenateGop, Fire @realDonaldTrump from the ticket or we will fire you from your jobs. 135,000 dead Americans and your boy Donald attacks @CDCgov. Republicans don’t want to #DieForDonald

Tropical storm Fay likely to form south of New York City, bring heavy rain to Northeast

Rasmussen Reports. Yes, that Rasmussen has Biden up by 10 pts.

PENCE: “We don’t want the guidance from the CDC to be the reason schools don’t open up.”

The Coronavirus and the Right’s Scientific Counterrevolution

.@realDonaldTrump is our nation’s premier ultracrepidarian. He puts countless lives at risk with musings motivated solely by his personal political agenda, not America’s best interests. I do not know how anyone believes what he says. Vote him & his enablers out of office

While Trump has continuously railed against voting by mail, an RNC robocall in April voiced by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump said voting by mail could be done "safely and securely."

BREAKING: U.S. hits 3 million confirmed coronavirus cases as some states see surge of infections

There is not ONE single credible doctor in the world, including Dr. Fauci, who is endorsing your idea. Stop trying to kill children you took an oath to protect

.@realDonaldTrump has no power to open schools in America. None. Zero. But he does have the power to read the President's Daily Brief which he doesn't do because he's tweeting nonsense.

Birx urges people in states experiencing covid surges "to stop going to bars, to close the bars to move to outdoor dining, to decrease indoor, any kind of indoor gatherings again, to all of the Americans out there that are in these four states" and not gather "in homes either"

Mike Pence wants to kill our kids

Neil Young writes Trump open letter after U.S. president continues to use his music

Dr. Fauci said Monday, "We are still knee-deep in the first wave of this ... It was a surge, or a resurgence of infections superimposed upon a baseline ... that really never got down to where we wanted to go." He is not present at today's WH Coronavirus Task Force briefing.

Gym, you are the last person we should be hearing from with regard to young people, schools and college athletics.

"In Russia, my act of expressing concern to the chain of command in an official and private channel would have severe personal and professional not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth." -Lt. Col. Vindman

Donald Trump’s Lies, Misogyny And Loyalty Problems On Full Display In New Attack Ads

Keyboard warrior has so many racist tweets about China - yet NOT ONE TWEET to condemn Russia for paying terrorists to kill American servicemembers in Afghanistan. What are you afraid of? Why can’t you condemn these heinous attacks?

Vindman is retiring "after it has been made clear that his future within the institution he has dutifully served will forever be limited," his lawyer said.

BREAKING —Vindman to retire from military. His lawyer blames White House 'campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation'

LTC Alex Vindman did his duty. This should not be the result. I’d also like to personally meet whoever made the “rehabilitative assignment” advice. What BS. A sad day for our country, and for someone who serves her.

"Republican strategists we’ve spoken with this week think Trump is close to the point of no return...others wondered if Trump had reached his 'Katrina' moment: a permanent loss of trust and faith of the majority of voters."


Mitch McConnell is asking Congress to consider legislation that tells unemployed workers to go pound sand while shielding his donors from accountability for putting their workers’ health at risk. Not on my watch.

NEW: #SCOTUS will release it's final three opinions, including in the Trump tax cases, tomorrow at 10.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Supreme Court sides with Trump effort to let more employers out of healthcare law's no-cost birth control requirement.

Trump and @TuckerCarlson want a fight?! Unlike those cowards, @SenDuckworth is battle-tested. Bring it on!

Why does Trump keep attacking Black sports figures and defending the Confederate flag? Time to speak plainly. Here's my latest article. Please give it a read--and RT, like, and share.

Read another way: FOX News is single-handedly keeping Trump in office. What could be impeachable behavior, Trump’s tolerance of Russian bounties on US troops, is believed by only 60% of Americans, at most. & that’s due to FOX being the #1 news source for many many folks- Period.

Opinion: Trump’s covid-19 denial won’t fly

#BREAKING: In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court carved out a giant exception to the nation's fair employment laws and ruled that federal employment discrimination laws do not apply to teachers whose duties include instruction in religion at schools run by religious institutions.

I just published: "Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban" Relying on interviews with several former Trump administration officials who spoke to me on the record.

Six days until Roger Stone goes to prison.

"To explain the scale of North Korea’s nuclear program to Trump, the CIA built a model of the Hermit Kingdom’s underground weapons facility and put a miniature Statue of Liberty inside."

Trump Pushed CIA to Give Intelligence to Kremlin, While Taking No Action Against Russia Arming Taliban

I'm glad that the MSM is finally paying attention to the many victims of the disgusting Epstein-Maxwell sex-trafficking-and-assault ring. But don't ignore the real story here, the explosive one: Where did Jeff's riches come from and whose intelligence did he exactly belong to?

Recovering the jobs you lost isn’t job creation

Harvard, MIT Sue Trump Administration Over Immigration Policy Changes

It’s America vs. world as coronavirus spreads and hospitalizations rise

It’s been 11 days since we learned Russia has offered bounties for the deaths of American soldiers. Donald Trump has yet to condemn Putin or take a single action to protect our troops, but he *is* investigating how the public came to find out he’s ignoring troops’ safety.


New: Trump threatens to cut off funding for schools that do not fully reopen this fall, then slams his own @CDC reopening safety guidelines, calling them too tough and expensive

The Pentagon told Trump U.S. troops were threatened by a Taliban armed by the Kremlin. Trump's response? Try to tell the Kremlin WHAT HE KNEW ABOUT THEIR TERRORISM SUPPORT, so they could no doubt hide their culpability.

Trump didn't simply *not* defend American interests. He worked *harder* to help Russia get an edge over the United States when it came to killing U.S. troops.

BOUNTYGATE GETS WORSE: Trump received intelligence about the Russians arming the Taliban to kill American troops in *2017.* Trump's response? Push to give Putin classified intelligence - for *years.*

News: Miami Democrats overwhelmingly affirm they do not endorce Miami State Attorney @KathyFndzRundle — the longtime Dem incumbent because of her failure to investigate and prosecute corrupt law enforcement officers.

Trump’s Mental Unhealth: A New Column

Joe Biden said it was "disgusting, sickening" of Trump's circle to question Sen. Tammy Duckworth's patriotism and that it was a "reflection of the depravity of what's going on in the White House right now."

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz enters quarantine after coming into contact with a suspected coronavirus patient

The FBI is investigating an incident over the Fourth of July weekend in which an Indiana man says he was the victim of a racist attack involving threats of a noose.

Big corporations line up behind a $120 billion fund to provide U.S. grants to independent bars and restaurants

The U.S. reported 60,000 new coronavirus cases, a single-day record, with infections continuing to rise rapidly in states such as Florida and Texas

Thread: 1/ For Joshua Wong, the possibility of going to jail in China has never been more real. The national security law passed in Beijing and enacted in Hong Kong on 1 July appears to be tailor-made for them in many ways.

Analysis: Who's afraid of Joe Biden?

Guys we could all really do with that $800bn in tax revenue lost each year to offshore tax havens about now.

Maxwell will spill the beans on Bill Clinton, but remains loyal to Prince Andrew, according to close acquaintances

Other parts of the world are COVID free simply because they don’t have a Tucker Carlson.

Podcast: "This is the time to act" on police reform, Sen. Kamala Harris says — and those reforms need teeth

Trump's Drive On Division And Fear May Not Be A Winning Strategy Come November

Robert Kroll, the Minneapolis police-union president, fought to protect officers from disciplinary proceedings. That came in handy when he was the one accused of abuse.

If you're traveling to New York from the following states you must self-quarantine for 14 days. The states are: AL, AR, AZ, CA, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, KS, LA, MS, NC, NV, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT.

Tell-all book renews attention on Trump sister's ethics inquiry

Donald Trump lies with ease: recurring theme in niece's new book

Withdrawing from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic is INSANE.

everybody's talking about it

EXCLUSIVE: Trump was victim of 'child abuse' at hands of his father, who 'caused him terror that would scar him for life', claims President's niece who describes Donald as 'Frankenstein's monster' in explosive memoir

A lower death rate doesn’t justify states’ reopening their economies too soon

It is one of the great, overlooked jaw-droppers of the scandal-ridden Trump era that his older sister really did have to give up her lifetime seat on the federal bench in order to avoid a judicial ethics inquiry into a massive multi-million dollar, alleged tax fraud scheme.

The plot point that Mary Trump's new book keeps coming back to in every anecdote about Donald Trump is just about how easily he lies and that he will do so for any effect.

Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized last month after falling and injuring his forehead, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said

New Hampshire's GOP governor defends Trump's rally — but isn't attending: "I'm not going to put myself in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people."

"Beneficiaries of the PPP included a lettuce farming venture backed by Trump’s son, Kushner companies, and a dentist who golfs with the president."

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, has written WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert to express her opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement and ask the league to put an American flag on every jersey.

Opinion: Mary Trump somehow manages to make President Trump look even worse

The threat of U.S. action to undermine Hong Kong’s longstanding U.S. dollar peg is highly unlikely to become reality, economists say

"No researchers at any Florida university yet have access to the Florida state health department's raw data to verify or analyze the state's numbers"

Sen. Doug Jones: Trump needs to get answers about Russian bounty reports

Major corporations, companies linked to Trump associates got small business loans

New facts about coronavirus as new cases surge in U.S.

Freds Failure

Damn -- This really is good. EVERY Republican should see this.

I can’t get enough of this: @DevinCow has released an ad against Devin Nunes to support efforts to defeat him in November. Please retweet and spread the word.

NEW VIDEO The more you lie, and demean, and collude, the more credibility you lose.

Black Lives Matter may be the largest movement in US history

Last year I traveled to Iraq with @SenDuckworth, and took this photo as our helicopter circled the spot where she was shot down in 2004. Tammy Duckworth is an American patriot; grit and courage personified. Political differences shouldn't diminish what she gives to our nation.