Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Supreme Court denies Republicans' request to block certification of election results in Pennsylvania, a blow to President Trump's hopes to overturn Joe Biden's win


.@KenPaxtonTX, the Texas Attorney General, is a well-known crook and bully. Tell him to stop using Texas' good name to steal an election for Trump. 512-463-2100


Sometimes it feels like we'll never learn


My resignation letter to Governor Desantis


A former cybersecurity official who President Trump fired after the election is suing the Trump campaign and a lawyer working to overturn election results, accusing them of defamation


Arguing that "a license to practice law is not a license to lie," nearly 1,500 lawyers are calling on bar associations across the country to investigate and, if needed, penalize the members of Trump's legal team — including Rudy Giuliani


New: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing four battleground states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — whose election results handed the White House to president-elect Joe Biden.


Election officials in Cobb County, Georgia, the state's third most populous county, are planning to open fewer than half the early voting locations for the Senate runoff elections in January. The county swung heavily to Democrats in the general election


Scoop: President Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis has informed associates she has coronavirus, multiple sources tell Axios, stirring West Wing fears after she attended a senior staff Christmas party on Friday.


The moment Jenna Ellis contracted coronavirus


Former national security adviser Michael Flynn's criminal case is dismissed as moot after President Trump's pardon, ending a tortured three-year-long proceeding


This is really the obvious solution.


White House pushes Senate GOP to include $600 stimulus checks in relief package


China's foreign minister says Beijing is open to restarting its relationship with the US, declaring the two countries are at a "critical historical juncture" after a year of escalating tensions.


Police investigating Good Neighbour North District Church for alleged money laundering via crowdfunding, as some money had passed into personal accounts, thus asked HSBC to freeze accounts... HK01 source. Wait... Where did I hear this before?


Gov. "DeSantis needs to worry less about what I'm writing about and more about the people who are sick and dying... doing this to me will not stop me from reporting the data. Ever." - FL data scientist Rebekah Jones on having her home raided as part of a cybercrime investigation.


As cases of Covid-19 continue to rise across the country, a poll of firefighters in the Fire Department of New York City found that nearly 55% of respondents would not get a Covid-19 vaccine if offered by the department, their union president told CNN


Even Newsmax’s On-Air Doctor Calls Rudy Giuliani a One-Man ‘Superspreader’


Is Putin a realist? My take in @Journal_IS , "Putin, Putinism, and the Domestic Determinants of Russian Foreign Policy"


Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law’s emails have been leaked to ⁦@OCCRP⁩. They reveal the astonishing privilege, fantastic wealth, and personal power that come with being part of Russia’s first family


Reeling from coronavirus, the insurance industry grasps for what comes next


Ted Cruz wants to argue Trump's oral arguments in Pennsylvania. Let me get this straight: a sitting U.S. Senator from another state wants to argue the other state's law to overturn their election in a FEDERAL court? And this is the party of "small government & states' rights?"


#IPAC member @AlynSmith MP raises Urgent Question on the sentencing of Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam. Smith calls for sanctions on Hong Kong officials and assurances that activists sentenced under the National Security Law will not be barred from seeking asylum in the UK.


Thread: They took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country. They took evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was about a security breach. This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo.


Hall of Shame These 60 #Pennsylvania Republican state legislators—including House Speaker @RepBryanCutler—signed a letter asking #PA Congressional reps to reject the state’s electoral slate on Jan. 6. In other words: to break the law and disenfranchise their own citizens.


Today, the House passed the Hong Kong People’s Freedom & Choice Act of 2020 to protect residents of Hong Kong fleeing persecution and oppression. As someone who’s lived in Hong Kong and as a strong advocate for human rights, I was proud to cosponsor this legislation.


BREAKING: Trump passed on buying more Pfizer vaccine. Because of it, Pfizer can’t ship many doses to the US until June.


BREAKING—Trump WH was offered to order more than 100 mil Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses (for 50 mil people), but WH **declined to order more**. EU πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί ordered 200 mil instead. Now back orders means πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ can’t order any more Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine until June!


Former Alabama senator dies of Covid at age 78, and in his last words warns, 'We messed up'


Georgia voters turned out in record numbers this year — and we plan to do it again in the runoff. Cutting the number of early vote locations in half is unacceptable. Your vote is your voice and we will not allow our voices to be silenced. Cobb County must reverse this decision


Rick Perry and his staff at the Energy Department worked to advance energy deals that were potentially worth billions of dollars to Perry’s friends and political donors, a six-month investigation by reporters from Time, WNYC and ProPublica shows.


Update: In all, 8 were reportedly arrested on Tuesday morning, including Tsang Kin-shing, Leung Kwok-hung, Tang Sai-lai, Eddie Chu, Lancelot Chan, Figo Chan, Wu Chi-wai and Andy Chiu. Separately, an arrest warrant was issued for activist Koo Sze-yiu.


BREAKING: Hong Kong police arrest more top opposition figures, inc. ‘Long Hair’, Eddie Chu, Figo Chan, Wu Chi-wai


Via @BBCWorld Margaret Keenan from Northern Island is the first to get The Vaccine. The light, at the end, of the tunnel...


“Overwhelming the hospital system means people die on a gurney in a hallway,” the New York governor said


We welcome the decision of @Olympics to suspend Lukashenka "from all Olympic activities including the Tokyo Games next year". Our athletes are victims of repressions because they speak against violence and state terror. We must stand up together against any injustice in #Belarus.


When given the opportunity to purchase additional vaccine doses, Trump passed. And now, fewer Americans will be vaccinated before June. Make no mistake, Trump's incompetence will cost American lives. It already has. So much for America first.


SCOOP: It's done—Biden has selected Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead the Pentagon, and will announce his nomination tomorrow.


"He told everybody we're not going to cooperate with the transition team," one of the former officials said of Patel, and he has "put a lot of restrictions on it."


No more European holidays for human rights abusers as the EU passes it own Magnitsky Act yesterday. A big and historic milestone in human rights law.


BREAKING—South Korea is buying 4 key vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and the promising single-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J hasn’t completed Phase 3 trials yet)—enough for 36 mil people; starting vaccinations w/ elderly and first responders in March


Mike Pompeo is the most corrupt person currently running for president.


If you enjoy Lou Dobbs’s and Stephen Miller’s tears you’ll like this clip


Breaking WaPo: Trump called the speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives twice during the past week to request help reversing his loss in the state. The calls mark the *third* state where Trump has directly attempted to overturn a result.


SCOOP: In a complaint unsealed on Friday, two security officials working on President Trump’s BORDER WALL said that contractors were illegally smuggling in armed Mexican guards to protect construction sites


Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White House ‘Vaccine Summit’


The first Britons have received Covid-19 vaccine shots -- a landmark moment in the pandemic


Florida police seize computer of COVID data whistleblower