Sunday, November 13, 2016

Petition: Do Not Allow Myron Ebell to Lead the EPA Transition

We the people ask the federal government to Take or explain a position on an issue or policy:

Do Not Allow Myron Ebell to Lead the EPA Transition

Created by W.F. on November 09, 2016

Donald Trump has chosen a leading climate skeptic to head the EPA transition. Do not let a man who denies science in the name of profit lead the nation in environmental protection.

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About Myron Ebell

"Hitler's only kidding about the antisemitism" New York Times, 1922

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." -Maya Angelou

List of Electoral College Voters!

Here are the people who will cast the formal vote for president next month

On Dec. 19, the 538 members of the Electoral College (or their alternates) will meet in their state capitals to ratify the results of the presidential election.
Here are the people who will cast the formal votes for president in each state. POLITICO examined several dozen electors last month, many of whom are on this final roster:

Trump: What's the Deal Trailer

Here's what you really voted for - you've been trumped.

About the Movie Donald Trump is one of the richest and most famous men in America, but on what foundation has his success been built? From accusations of harassment to repeated flirtations with bankruptcy, his very public business career has been one of artifice and intrigue; a Machiavellian performance played out before the American media. Originally produced in 1991, “Donald Trump: What's the Deal?” investigates the unscrupulous reality behind this most public of figures. Swaggering and assured, exaggerated statements have become Trump's trademark, making him as much a celebrity as a businessman; a poster boy for American capitalism. This air of cocky invincibility has, however, repeatedly hidden a questionable and often duplicitous business approach. Ignoring the facade, this remarkable and revealing documentary exposes the unsavory truth of the self-professed 'People's Billionaire'.

The Most Sexist and Antigay Places in America, According to Twitter

Apartment-finder site Abodo combed through 12 million tweets to rank cities’ attitudes toward equality. Please see full article here.


Stop Trumps Agenda

Countries don’t really recover from being taken over by unstable authoritarian nationalists of any political bent—left or right, Adam Gopnik writes.

Your Guide to Peaceful Protest

Know Your Rights: Free Speech, Protests & Demonstrations | ACLU of ...
Advise on political strategy or on the nuts and bolts of how to organize a protest;; Provide specifics on local ordinances or on state laws outside California; ...

PDF]Protests - Rights Matter
Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests. General guidelines ... Do I need a permit before I engage in free speech activity? Not usually. However, certain ...

[PDF]Legal Briefing for People Considering Non-Violent Civil Disobedience
decisions about their choice to commit nonviolent civil disobedience protest actions. It is not ... get you arrested even if you are still involved in protest activity.

Occupy Peace: Arrested at a Protest: How to Plan for It
If you intend to get arrested at a protest, you should plan in advance. There are things you can do to make the process safer and easier for yourself. This blog ...

Your first and fourteenth amendment rights from The United States Library of Congress

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The “Oh Shit! What Should I Do Before January?” Guide        5
Accessing hormones        5
Mental health        8
Non-Crisis Helplines        9
Stress Management        10
Misc. Self-Care        11
HPV Vaccine        11
Pregnancy        12
Abortion        12
IUDs        13
Nexplanon (Implant)        14
Natural family planning        14
Emergency contraception        14
Birth Control Q and A        15
Chicago        16
New York        16
Philadelphia -        17
Other        18
Med Hoarding        19
SAFETY        20
Self defense        20
Firearms        20
Pepper spray        22
“Stun guns”        22
Resources        23
Readings        23
Social media        24
Phone security        24
Web browsing        24
Misc.        25
ID backups        26
Parents & children        29
Know Your Rights        29
Services        30
ECONOMICS        30
Get Your Money Right        30
Tax Prep        31
Save money        31
FOOD ACCESS        31
Community gardens        32
HOUSING        32
FUNDRAISING,        33
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“You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

Grab Her by Christie Chilsolm

Grab her

The first time a boy pinched my ass I was in the fifth grade. His name was Spencer. He probably did it on a dare. I slapped him across the cheek as hard as a 10-year-old girl can slap. I stomped away, red-faced, to find a corner where I could cry.
The first time I kissed a boy, it was definitely on a dare, although I liked him. I spent the night at my friend Lacey’s house. She lived in the same mobile home community as the boy, and we walked over to his place and tapped on his bedroom window. She dared us to kiss, we did, and it was sloppy and salty and strange, which is the way of first kisses. I was 13. I wondered if he liked me, too. I’m still not sure. We never kissed again, but another night he chased me around the property and I was a little scared of what would happen if he caught me. But I was faster.
The first time I told a boy I loved him, I was 17. He was mean to me, this boy. He had started out sweet but slowly devolved. We had dated on and off all throughout high school, and each time we were on he got meaner. We dated for all of senior year. I told him I loved him. He called me a dumbass. He ordered me to fetch him things, cheated openly, told me I would look better with breast implants. Once when I was sitting down he saw a pocket of cellulite on my thigh and stared at me in disgust, asked what it was. One of the great embarrassments of my life is that I stayed for as long as I did. But that is what happens when you’re young and insecure and beaten down by how little other people think of you. I stayed until I didn’t, until I disowned him and most of the people who came with him. Really, though, I was forced to leave.
The first time I had a job, I worked in it for two years before realizing my 60-year-old male boss was not just eccentric but a creep—that he sometimes drove past my apartment at night and noted whose cars were and weren’t parked out front, that he became angry if I didn’t want to talk to him about my dating life, that he liked talking to me and another female coworker about his past sexual exploits. I quit and he came by my new place of work with a box of gardenia-scented candles and a poem. He mailed me a letter every day. He called and left messages. I finally told my parents, and my father and uncle paid him a visit and explained what would happen if he ever came into contact with me again. Then, he listened. I was 18.
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Healthcare - You've been Trumped

Ahhh the good old days where people without money or insurance went to the ER and never paid their bills. You lose your house and all you worked for just because you got sick. Junkets to Canada. Waiting for that free market correction to make it better? { epi pens?} and people w preexisting conditions can just go die please. I'm so glad you thought about it before you voted. Did you consider the millions who will lose insurance all together? You've been Trumped.

Click here for words of hope and wisdom on healthcare from Robert Reich

How women are still punished for wanting to succeed

I read this book after Ronald Reagan was elected. Spot on. Explaining the dismemberment of the woman's lib movement of the 60's and 70's during the Reagan presidency. Must read. 




When it was first published, Backlash made headlines for puncturing such favorite media myths as the "infertility epidemic" and the "man shortage," myths that defied statistical realities. These willfully fictitious media campaigns added up to an antifeminist Backlash. Whatever progress feminism has recently made, Faludi's words today seem prophetic. The media still love stories about stay-at-home moms and the "dangers" of women's career ambitions; the glass ceiling is still low; women are still punished for wanting to succeed; basic reproductive rights are still hanging by a thread. The Backlash clearly exists. 
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