Friday, March 9, 2018

Trump spoke to a Russian activist about ending sanctions—just weeks after launching his campaign

Trump's lawyers may tell Mueller that Trump will agree to an interview if Mueller sets a date for wrapping up the investigation and limits the scope of his questioning, WSJ reports

John Feeley, former US Amb. to Panama: "I resigned because the traditional core values of the United States... have been warped and betrayed. I could no longer represent him personally and remain faithful to my beliefs about what makes America truly great."

Why Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs are pure protectionism and have nothing to do with national security

Massive damage control at WH today-- pres agreed idotically to direct talks with no precondition. Now admin says must denuclearize first, something Nko won't do. Hence no talks.

"Donald Trump would never protect (Republicans) ... I don't understand why he is somebody that they think is worth protecting and shielding in this investigation."

DEVELOPING: Gunman has taken hostages at veterans' home in California, Napa County fire official says

VA chief cuts off contact with Trump officials, has armed guard at his door

Anthony Borges, 15, who was shot five times while ushering classmates to safety at Stoneman Douglas High School, is back in intensive care after undergoing emergency surgery.

Sam Nunberg started the week insisting he would defy a grand jury subpoena to turn over records and testify in the special counsel investigation — and he ended it showing up to the grand jury office

BREAKING: British PM Theresa May threatens military and economic retaliation against Russia if Vladimir Putin is proven to be behind poisoned spy attack

GOP senator: Anthony Kennedy will retire from Supreme Court this summer

Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements

Mr. President, please listen to your commanders on the front lines — Mark Warne

Former DOJ officials raise Trump AT&T interference concerns

Fake news spreads "farther, faster, deeper" than truth, study finds

Mueller heard testimony that contradicts Blackwater founder's testimony on meeting with Russian

Does Donald Trump wonder why no sitting U.S. president has ever met in person with a North Korean leader?

Reuters: Britain will respond if Russia is proved to be behind nerve attack

Russian state TV warns traitors

Op-Ed contributors John McCain and Angelina Jolie write, "Around the world, there is profound concern that America is giving up the mantle of global leadership"

Top Dem mocks Zinke over $139,000 doors: "Think how many dining sets you could have bought"

Opinion: The message that Vladimir Putin sends with poison

Emma Gonzalez’s instantly historic speech got the nation to stop and listen about gun reform. Now she’s taking her message to Washington D.C. in the hope of making Parkland America’s last mass shooting

Japan and South Korea worry that Trump may concede too much to Kim Jong-un, or turn to military action if talks fail

Kim Dynasty Sat Down With a U.S. Leader Before, With Few Results

Facebook messages obtained by NYT show that Trump campaign operatives were susceptible to Russian overtures during the 2016 election

Teenagers defeat Trump’s move to kill climate lawsuit

Stormy Daniels interviews with "60 Minutes" after suing Trump over nondisclosure agreement on alleged affair

.@SpeakerRyan, at Home Depot in Atlanta, suggests creating a commission to fix Social Security.

Trump is rushing into a risky summit without having gotten anything substantial in return and without having even consulted the State Department. As usual he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

So Putin helps North Korea build its Nukes and then tells them to start talks. The talks will go on for decades and you keep the bombs and development abilities. Putin instructed Trump to exploit these talks. Putin is a master spy. He owns Trump. And has a nuclear ally now.

Russia says London spreading propaganda over spy poisoning

Trump has been playing right into China’s hands

Vladimir Putin’s black box for Donald Trump

New book "Russian Roulette" has new details about Trump’s 2013 visit to Moscow and his eagerness to befriend Putin—including the gift Putin sent to him, which might be of interest to Robert Mueller. Eugene Robinson, David Cay Johnston, & Kurt Andersen join Lawrence O'Donnell

UPDATED: a timeline of Jeff Sessions' recusal violations

Trump meeting would end long precedent of North Korea as pariah

Michael Beschloss, NBC News presidential historian, talks with Rachel Maddow about the historic nature of Donald Trump agreeing to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.