Thursday, October 22, 2020

U.S. says Russian hackers targeted state and local governments ahead of the election, stealing data from two servers. Officials did not say who was targeted, and said they have no information that the integrity of elections data has been compromised.


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The Trump campaign has been videotaping Philadelphia voters while they deposit their ballots in drop boxes, leading Pennsylvania's attorney general to warn that the campaign's actions could amount to illegal voter intimidation


And there it is. 12 days before the election, Donald Trump admits he wants to get rid of your health care.


"We have to be very careful about any statements coming out about the election from the intelligence community at this time," Pelosi says. Rep. Adam Schiff says he doesn't question the actions, but is weary of some who get information from overseas.


Trump tells @60Minutes in footage he released that he wants to see the Supreme Court wipe out Obamacare. “I hope that they end it.”


Career federal employees whose work involves making policy would lose their civil service protections under new Trump order.


In a statement, @CBSNews: "The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter 60 Minutes from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades."


Bigly slurping water like a big boy. Double fisting the high ball very powerfully. Some people are saying Trump does the best water slurpinig they ever saw. A large manly blue collar worker w tears in his eyes said "Sir, you slurp water the best & I love your Beijing bank acct."


In the '60 Minutes' interview Trump posted, Stahl asks about the plot against Whitmer. He says he doesn't know about the plot. Stahl: "I'm telling you about the plot." He adds: "It was our Justice Dept. that is the one that's helping her. My Justice Dept. — we call it that."


In the '60 Minutes' interview Trump posted, a great deal of the discussion is devoted to Trump complaining that Stahl hasn't gone after Joe Biden enough. Stahl eventually asks: "Why are you asking me about going after Biden? You've asked me 5 times."


Virginia Giuffre has long said that she was working at Mar-a-Lago when she first met Ghislaine Maxwell. Her attorney asks Maxwell about that extensively, and the club's name appears 19 times in the document.


Another rule broken by Judiciary Republicans. Republicans are advancing this nomination w/o regard to precedent, the American people, and even their own principles. This is clearly a power grab. Amy Coney Barrett must not be confirmed.


Donald Trump Jr is now accusing Hunter Biden (without evidence) of being link to "human trafficking and prostitution rings"


Russian state media’s extensive multilingual coverage of the Hunter Biden allegations emits the familiar stench of Moscow’s ongoing interference in US elections, with the anticipation of gaining as much traction as 2016 Hillary Clinton' email controversy


Has there been a bigger whiner in the history of politics than Donald Trump?


I don’t know why Leslie Stahl even gives Trump the time of day


It's absolutely horrible that the court managed to miss redacting the names of two female victims from this document, identifying a 14-year-old victim -- yet they spared all the men (including the names of lawyers!) from being identified...unbelievable!


Flood of New Ghislaine Maxwell Docs Hit Public Record


"We did it. We did it. Judge Barrett's going to the floor." Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks after the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to advance the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Democrats boycotted the vote


.@SenWhitehouse says Republicans are “turning that institution,” pointing to SCOTUS across the lawn, “into a pantomime court that goes through the motions of adjudication, but delivers the goods for the donors.”


NOW: Democrats are holding a press conference to highlight the illegitimate process of the nomination of Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court. We’re talking about the risks to health care, women’s reproductive freedom and other fundamental rights.


BREAKING: A second federal court has blocked President Trump’s attempt to exclude unauthorized immigrants from the census numbers that determine each state’s share of House seats. The 3-judge court in California declares Trump's memo is unconstitutional.


Trump weighs firing FBI director, as he wants official action like the announcement made 11 days before the last presidential election by then-FBI Director James B. Comey about re-opening an investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.


In Trump's first 3.5 years in office 12,000+ more jobs were offshored than in same period of Obama’s 2nd term. One company doing a lot of offshoring: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s former auto parts group, IAC


‘Call them out’: In Maine, Gideon asks voters to punish GOP


‘OUR CANDIDATE STILL HAS A CHANCE’ With Trump behind in the polls, Russian state media is throwing caution to the wind and making increasingly blatant attempts to interfere in the U.S. election.


Lesley Stahl checks Trump as he claims to have built the best economy in the history of the US then presses him on who he thinks is our biggest foreign adversary. Trump deflects: "I would say China...they're a competitor, they're a foe in many ways..."


Norway blames Russia for cyber-attack on parliament


Folks, you heard @BarackObama: Make a plan, vote early, and make sure your friends and family do as well


Remember those $200 drug discount cards that Trump promised every senior a month ago? You're almost certainly not gonna get one, and if you did, it'd likely be illegal. Here's why.


“Using [the term militia] without putting ‘unlawful’ in front of it suggests that there is some legitimacy or even constitutional authority for their existence, which there isn’t," @georgetownICAP's Mary McCord told @nytimes:


What DNI John Ratcliffe said tonight about this alleged attack being designed to "damage President Trump"... that's apparently **not** what was briefed to Congressional leadership. Watch:


Every time Miller tweets some incoherent and fallacious babble today, I plan to respond with this.


The 400-page plus document has been ordered to be unsealed by Thursday. It is expected to shine an unprecedented light on the murky world of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.


Thailand's Prime Minister has revoked emergency measures imposed on Bangkok following more than a week of daily anti-government protests in the nation's capital and other cities.


We doing this bud?


Japanese companies in Hong Kong have an overwhelmingly negative view of Beijing's draconian "national security" law. Two-thirds were "concerned" or "very concerned." Only 1% see any positive effects.


I stand with the people of #hongkong in their sorrow for the 12 youths that disappeared. I am here to say London looks forward to welcoming you, as your Mayor I promise your safety in London


A new cartoon by Chinese-Australian artist @Badiucao references the three-finger "Hunger Games" protest salute - as adopted by #Thailand's pro-democracy demonstrators.


Hong Kong slams ‘harbouring of criminals’ after report of Germany granting activist asylum


Watching the Covid documentary Totally Under Control I’d forgotten the reporter who got the “I don’t take any responsibility at all” quote from Trump was Kristen Welker, tomorrow’s moderator.


Ghislaine Maxwell interview transcripts to be released Thursday


A new Texas rule, recommended by Gov. Greg Abbott’s office, will no longer prohibit social workers from turning away clients on the basis of disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.


I had an opioid problem. For some 15-years. Thanks to Oxycontin. I’ve seen some shady things in 50+ years - but watching Bill Barr & Donald Trump & Mitch McConnell cut a deal with the Sackler’s (Purdue Pharma) two weeks before an election they know they’ve lost speaks volumes.


@JasonMillerinDC: - Doesn't pay child support. - Has admittedly hired prostitutes. - Was accused of drugging a stripper with an abortion pill. So, of course he works for Donald Trump.


The Gateway Pundit defense of Giuliani is that he definitely was preparing to have sex with Borat's daughter, and that any man would do the same!


America was an idea. We've never lived up to it but we've never walked away from it before.


BREAKING: Chuck Schumer has announced that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will boycott tomorrow's vote on Amy Coney Barrett, effectively denying Republicans a quorum. Mitch McConnell will be forced to change Senate rules in order to move forward the nomination.


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.@RepAdamSchiff tells @Lawrence that voters should be cautious about information announced by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on election interference because of his history of providing “campaign fodder for the president.”


Dear @ODNIgov Ratcliffe: Actually, @DHSgov officials say that Iran sent spoofed emails to intimidate voters to vote FOR Donald Trump. Are you being fully honest with the American people?




As the Dean points out, (a) originalism is a lousy doctrine, and (b) originalism is a phony doctrine — a doctrine of convenience, regularly ignored by its supposed adherents. (That’s my summary.)


Billy Graham's granddaughter has endorsed Joe Biden. "The Jesus we serve promotes kindness, dignity, humility, and this president doesn’t represent our faith."


“SCOTUS granted a request from the state of Alabama to prohibit voters from casting their ballots curbside, an accommodation sought by Covid-vulnerable voters...The 5-3 order was unsigned” Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer dissented


Let this sink in: The U.S. Supreme Court hasn't met in person since March because of the pandemic. But five justices think it's perfectly fine for Alabama voters with disabilities to risk their health to exercise the most important constitutional right.


“We literally left this White House a pandemic playbook that would have showed them how to respond before the virus reached our shores,” fmr. Pres. Obama says, discussing Trump admin.’s Covid-19 response. “They probably used it to…prop up a wobbly table."