Thursday, August 2, 2018

Analysis: Trump’s meeting with Putin is apparently being kept secret even from U.S. intelligence

GOP Senator shamelessly admits that Republicans plan on stripping away health care from millions of people if they win one or two seats in mid-term elections.

Suspected Russian-run Facebook pages that were taken offline this week were used to organize protests across the country and convinced unwitting Americans to work with them -- in one instance, even sending an activist a megaphone and a bouquet of roses

Canadians call BS on The View’s Meghan McCain after she criticizes their universal healthcare system

Why are these Republicans doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding?

Fox News Beats Seth Rich’s Parents in Court

"I'm tired of this," @Acosta says. "It is not right" to call the press the "enemy of the people." Watch this clip.

.@Acosta: For the sake of this room, for the people in this room, this democracy, this country, all the people around the world are watching what you’re saying and the president of the United States should not refer to us as enemy of the people. His own daughter acknowledges that

Here's the video. Sarah Sanders is asked multiple times if she believes the media is the enemy of the people. She refuses each time to respond.

I walked out of the end of that briefing because I am totally saddened by what just happened. Sarah Sanders was repeatedly given a chance to say the press is not the enemy and she wouldn't do it. Shameful.

BREAKING: A federal judge ruled Thursday that a former assistant to Roger Stone must testify before the grand jury convened by special counsel Robert Mueller.

That time when the National Archives was the hero.

Reporter: Is there any particular party that is benefiting from current 2018 Russian efforts? Dan Coats: What we see is the Russians are looking for every opportunity — regardless of party

When you look at the $1 trillion that #BigOil will never receive from American consumers & the 12 billion barrels of oil they will never produce under the current fuel economy standards, it is crystal clear why Big Oil has been masterminding the effort to weaken these standards.

Trump jumps into Ohio special election as GOP alarm grows

Facebook has been working humanity’s last nerve for far too long now. Every week, it’s something, and that something is never good

Democratic senators are calling for an investigation into who has received Air Force One tours under the Trump admin, following reporting by BuzzFeed News that found that some members of Trump's private Florida clubs appeared to have received those tours.

Americans are going to pay up to $236 billion more on gas if the Trump administration guts clean car standards. The phrase highway robbery comes to mind.

The Trump administration just proposed rolling back limits on car pollution. If the rule is finalized, our coalition of 20 AGs will go to court to put the brakes on this reckless and illegal plan.

#BREAKING: Introducing hard-hitting, bipartisan #RussiaSanctions as the next step in tightening the screws on the Kremlin to bring to bear the full condemnation of the United States Congress so that Putin finally understands that the U.S. will not tolerate his behavior any longer

BREAKING from @NBCNews: Mueller wants to interview Russian pop star Emin Agalarov, lawyer says

DNI Coats: “In regards to Russian involvement in the midterm elections, we continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try to weaken and divide the United States.”

“The president has specifically directed us to make the matter of election meddling and securing our election process a top priority. And we have done that,” Dan Coats, director of National Intelligence said

This makes clear what numerous intel officials have told me since 2016: Russia has not faced sufficient costs to stop its interference. Proof is in the pudding.

“This is not just an election cycle threat. Our adversaries are trying to undermine our country on a persistent and regular basis — whether it's election season or not,” FBI director Christopher Wray said.

National Archives warns it can't turn over all requested Kavanaugh docs until late Oct. possibly pushing confirmation after midterms

JUST IN: Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media violate the basic norms of press freedom and run the risk of triggering real violence against journalists, the U.N. rapporteur for freedom of expression said on Thursday

Schumer: "The National Archives has confirmed that Senate Republicans are keeping a large majority of Judge Kavanaugh's W.H. records hidden from the public. This unprecedented suppression ... leads unavoidably to the question: What are Pres. Trump and Senate Republicans hiding?”

DeVos Family Money Is All Over The News Right Now

The Mystery Of The Fake Invoices That Keep Popping Up In The Manafort Trial

Spotify removes Alex Jones’s podcasts, citing policy on "hate content"

Extreme heat wave shrunk Sweden's tallest peak by 13 feet last month

JUST IN: Bipartisan group of senators introduce bill to slap Russia with "crushing" new sanctions

Trump campaign is abruptly trying to distance itself from data firm it paid millions. Here's why.

Rohrabacher aide fired over Russia connections

Tucker Carlson just asked Devin Nunes to leak classified information to the press. These people have no regard for national security or the safety of those who serve to keep our country safe.

Ex-Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks says that Trump's recent tweets are tantamount to jury tampering in the Manafort trial.

#BREAKING: Cities sue Trump for "sabotaging" ObamaCare

Watch: Ivanka Trump calls border separations a "low point" for the administration

McCaskill not only one targeted by Russians; Lankford says virtually ALL senators have. Lankford and Klobuchar will get committee vote on their election bill in Aug. On Trump: “He’s the only one in the government that hasn't been paying attention to this."

Perspective: Trump says collusion isn’t a crime. He’s right. It’s actually many crimes.

HERE is what @SenateGOP won’t let us see, according to the Archives: 560k pages of files & 475k emails (totaling 75% of his WH records). I’ve seen just 1 of those emails, and it was senior Bush officials asking that #Kavanaugh be looped in on spinning the infamous #TORTURE memo.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s trust held investment linked to Putin

Illinois House Republican @Nick_Sauer, who served on a sexual harassment task force, will resign today after he reportedly created a fake Instagram account and posted nude photos of his ex-girlfriend to lure men into "graphic" discussions.

A national conversation about privacy, data and social media is long overdue. Here’s where I believe we should start

Facebook's foreign influence report excluded some of the most divisive rhetoric the company found. It didn't reveal the depth some of the pages went to stoke racial tension and incite division among Americans. NBC News retrieved some of the deleted pages.

Rick Scott takes money from Big Ag, while allowing them to self-regulate. They in-turn put HUMAN WASTE on their farms, and the result of that is a massive #RedTide. All the while, Scott is blaming citizen's septic tanks!

The Trump team is running a disinformation campaign about Russian interference

Housing and rates are worrying some economists that a recession is looming

Scientists just announced a terrifying new heat record

Judge Ellis tells lawyers to stop rolling their eyes, asks what "House of Bijan" is -- "If it doesn't say 'Men's Wearhouse,' I don't know it"

We paid $22 million to Kim Jong Un to get the soldier remains we got today. We are financing his next round of nuclear testing. Super smart. Winning

What would be the consequences if Sessions broke his recusal and fired Mueller?

JPMorgan says it is a subject of SEC probe of ADR abuses

NEW: Guy from Mercedes-Benz dealership in VA testified that Manafort and his wife Kathleen bought fancy cars and paid for them with offshore accounts from Cyprus. Kathleen Manafort watched the testimony from the front row, sitting behind her husband.

These plainclothes ICE officers ripped a man from his family without ever showing a warrant or ID

Hannity is a propagandist for profit, peddling lies every night. He says he’s just a talk show host, not a journalist. But he’s injecting poison into the nation’s political bloodstream warping public attitudes about the press. I’m confident in the long run the truth will prevail.

Former ethics czar Richard Painter warns of Trump's 'mental stability' after he incriminated himself on Twitter

Note the CNN piece that says they’re accelerating the pace of these rallies to buoy Trumps mood and keep him from doing something crazy about the Mueller probe. They’re sort of like an event pacifier.

Lawrence: Republicans ‘brainwashed,’ won't object to Trump...

Donald Trump may have publicly committed obstruction of justice with his tweet called for Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller probe, according to Lawrence. But not one Republican strongly denounced President Trump for that.

A Nazi flag was spotted flying in a public park in Laramie, Wyoming

U.S. says driving would be riskier if fuel standards tougher

Trump Rally

The bogus technical analysis the right has used to support the Seth Rich conspiracy theory turns out to be the result of work from Russian military hackers and a British troll.

Critics say the plans are "junk insurance" that could lead to unwelcome surprises if a policyholder gets sick, and will entice healthy people away from the law's markets, raising premiums for those left

Unofficial Top White House advisor.

Is Trump guilty of jury tampering in Manafort trial?

Pres. Trump tweeted that the charges against Paul Manafort are "old" and a "hoax." Fmr. Watergate Assistant Special Prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the president's tweets are jury tampering.