Friday, January 4, 2019

Pence privately lobbied House Republicans to stick with Trump, vote against bills to reopen government

So much to chew over in Trump’s Rose Garden speech, but I’m stuck on this: He claimed previous presidents have told him they wish they’d built a border wall. Really? Obama? Bush 43? Clinton? Bush 41? Carter? None has signaled in any way that he is pro-wall.

Shutdown spares federal park rangers at site in Trump hotel

Congress is reviewing the Trump admin's decision to lift sanctions on companies owned by Oleg Deripaska, the influential Russian oligarch with close ties to Putin, Democrats tell NYT.

No Puppet No Puppet

Reminder: The U.S. federal judiciary has enough funding during the shutdown to sustain operations through Jan. 11. That’s a week from today.

Did you know that women making money is responsible for drug abuse and the overall decline in's totally true.

‘I feel used and insulted’: Furloughed IRS employee on CNN shames Trump for treating him like a pawn

kevin mccarthy finished speaking and trump said "thank you, steve"

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Steyer pours millions into pro-impeachment ads across early primary states.

Will ads on Facebook lead to criminal territory?

"I did say that. Absolutely," Trump says, when Major Garrett asks if he threatened a shutdown of "months or even years," as Schumer recounted.

Trump floats the idea of using "the military version of eminent domain" to immediately seize privately owned land along border to build the wall

Sitting U.S. Congressman @mattgaetz while co-hosting Outnumbered on Fox News: “I know the President likes to call [@ewarren] Pocahontas, but now that she's making her way from the eastern seaboard into the center of the country, maybe Sacajawea would be more appropriate.”

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio secretly testified to a DC grand jury in the case of 1mdb. DiCaprio, who used funds from Jho Lowe to finance his "Wolf of Wall Street" film is said to be cooperating in the probe.

First on CNN: Hundreds of TSA screeners, working without pay, calling out sick at major airports

In the latest revision to a wartime decision that rattled the Middle East and prompted two major resignations from Trump’s administration, a senior State Department official says there’s “no timeline” for the withdrawal of 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria

NEW: Paul Whelan, the American detained in Russia, was convicted of trying to steal more than $10,000 from the US government while deployed to Iraq as a Marine.

Trump can no longer control the dictator inside him. We just ain't sure which dictator that is. Trump just threatened to use his “emergency powers”

BREAKING: Term of Mueller’s federal grand jury extended for another 6 months

Pence and top Trump appointees to get $10,000 raises as hundreds of thousands of federal workers go without pay in shutdown

Nancy Pelosi: Rashida Tlaib’s impeachment comment is "nothing worse than the president has said"

How do you impeach a president who has won perhaps the greatest election of all time......

NEWS — THE PRESIDENT has sent a letter to members of congress of both parties calling for a border wall. “Walls work. That’s why rich, powerful, and successful people build them around their homes.”

Attention Senator McConnell: It is time to re-open the government. The House just passed funding bills the Senate already supported. Hundreds of thousands of workers are going without pay. It is time to put country over loyalty to Trump. It is time to show leadership. — Adam Schiff

The AOC dancing video was a successful SOCMED active measure. The number of sophisticated bots around it (majority pushing AOC’s tweets) is enormous. The whole thing was designed to focus attention on her. You heard me. Stop playing into horseshoe fake oppo.

Chuck Schumer: "We told the president we needed the government open. He resisted. In fact, he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time. Months or even years."

Asked about a "safety net" for federal workers who are going without pay and need the money, Trump says, "The safety net is going to be having a strong border."

This is truly amazing. The Justice Department admits that, under Trump, it effectively made up and misstated information to link immigrants to terrorism, but that it won't retract or correct the culprit report.

Mar a Lago guest and member

Ebola case reported in Sweden

Trump's border wall demand is constitutionally illegitimate

And now Ireland. This would be the 4th country where Whelan has claimed citizenship.

BREAKING: Suspect sketch released in killing of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes in east Harris County. Please SHARE to help police catch her killer:

Now that @SpeakerPelosi is 3rd in line of succession, it is a good time to remind everyone that @VP Mike Pence was hand picked by the multiple felon Paul Manafort. Oh, and Mike wont be the next President

Brazil's new president is concerned about the Russian air force participating in drills in neighboring Venezuela.

Cracks beginning to show in GOP shutdown resolve

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, is facing pressure from members of his own party to step in to resolve the stalemate that has left 800,000 federal workers either furloughed or working without pay

Listen up patriots — you cannot in one breath chastise GOP’ers for not standing up to tRUmp; then mock, criticize, and label them opportunists when they do. You have to decide what’s more important to you, getting rid of tRUmp, or taking out partisan frustrations on Twitter.

Trump’s Cracked Afghan History

“For the first time during Donald Trump’s presidency, both economic statistics and sentiment indicators are missing analysts’ expectations.”

Swalwell: Trump will either be impeached by Congress or by ballot box

Extraordinary, transparent attempt of a profoundly insecure man to feel better about his own tragic hair situation.

Bolton, Pompeo to visit Middle East to calm nervous allies after Mattis resignation

Americans may find themselves missing an agency they usually love to hate if the government shutdown persists: the Internal Revenue Service

Trump is unraveling in real time

On Wednesday, all of Trumpworld united under the banner of a single cause: stuffing Mitt Romney into a locker

“Hoovering up rails of adderall”

BREAKING: In one of first acts for Democratic majority, House passes bills to re-open government without funding border wall.

Please stop this. He's not "ignorant" or "mad". He's spewing Soviet era talking points b/c that's when RU took him - when they were still Soviets. The book of Hitler's speeches was for him 2 be versed in propaganda semantics. And the Kremlin men in his tower were there 2 run him


On Thursday we will be doing what no one else in the federal government is: cleaning up trash outside the White House & on the National Mall.

Trump’s reign of corruption will now face real opposition. Here are three things to watch.

Hackers Dump Personal Data of Hundreds of German Politicians

More than anyone else, Mitch McConnell is responsible for the sad state of our nation. All the worst aspects of humanity, fear, hate, bigotry, greed, lust for power, willful ignorance, fanaticism, xenophobia, nationalism, all are distilled down into this horrible bitter old man.

Another worker from Trump’s Bedminster golf club comes forward and says management knew employees were illegal

Jeanne Shaheen is threatening to block the Trump admin's invite of a sanctioned Russian official to visit the US. Dmitry Rogozin is barred for his role in Moscow's annexation of Crimea. Rogozin is an ultranationalist known for racist, homophobic rhetoric.

Just learned from @vkaramurza via @maddow that Putin's party IS seeking to rewrite the history of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan! And our president just echoed the same. Amazing. I had no idea from where Trump had picked up this crazy idea. Now I have a theory. Thanks Rachel.

If NYT is right that Jim Webb is being considered for Trump's next Defense Secretary, be forewarned that Sen. Webb's 2016 Presidential campaign website is still live, and it is now (I think?) promoting a... uh... Thai gambling operation?

Here are the segments from tonight's show about Donald Trump's strange fluency in Russian propaganda

Must see

I hope Trump likes the new billboard on motorcade route to Mar a Lago.

Wilbur Ross will be one of the first Trump officials Democrats call to testify

Rachel Maddow is scaring the hell out of me tonight. Our President is a Russian agent and traitor. And we're all still just standing by....

Trump parrots Russian revisionism on Soviet Afghanistan invasion

Must see

Who needs General Mattis when you are such an accomplished student of military history?

“A wall is an immorality. It’s not who we are as a nation. And this is not a wall between Mexico and the United States that the president is creating here. It’s a wall between reality and his constituents.” -

Why Is Trump Spouting Russian Propaganda?

Not only did Zinke plunder from taxpayers & eviscerate environmental protections, but he potentially lied to those investigating him—a federal crime.

Ex-US marine accused of spying in Russia is British citizen

And who better to help the Kremlin spread its revisionist propaganda than the President of the United States?