Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Romney says he planned to deliver this speech: “We gather today due to a selfish man’s injured pride and the outrage of his supporters whom he has deliberately misinformed for the past two months and stirred to action this very morning.”


George W. Bush: "This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic – not our democratic republic. I am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions."


NBC's Pete Williams reports that the woman who was shot inside the Capitol building has died.


This is a coordinated coup attempt. They planned this. Explosives have been found outside the RNC and Capitol, both apparently taken care of. This is an attack on the country. There's literally no other way to describe it.


Amazing statement by the Secretary of Defense. Note whom Secretary Miller and Chairman Milley did NOT speak to: President Trump. We have had something close to the de facto invoking of the 25th amendment.


NEW: Woman shot earlier in the chest at The Capitol has now died.


Rudy Giuliani: "Let's have trial by combat"


n AmeriKKKa only black people get shot for looting


Ivanka Trump has deleted her tweet describing the mob that stormed the Capitol as "American Patriots."


Vice President Pence can help put down this attempted coup if he wants to. I’m circulating a letter urging him to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. If he doesn’t, then Congress should go ahead and impeach the President.


JUST NOW: @SenDuckworth tells us on @CBSNews that a "Quick-thinking" Senate aide seized copies of the Electoral College certificates before they all evacuated the chamber.


Pouring gasoline on the fire under the guise of pretending to put it out. None of his statements should be aired. — Mary L Trump


Senators @TedCruz and @HawleyMO should immediately resign.


Trump cannot remain as President. Not even for two weeks. Not after what we witnessed today, and then his doubling down. I honestly don’t care how: resign, impeach, amendments... Just. Get. Out.


This is the moment a woman was shot amid US Capitol chaos


As Trump supporters stormed the Capitol trying to overturn his victory, President-elect Joe Biden delivered a stern call to the mob to stop what he called "a god-awful display" and called on President Trump to "step up"


Biden condemns Trump for stoking violence at U.S. Capitol and calls on him to denounce the mob


NEW: Democrats have won both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff elections—giving the party unified control of the Senate, U.S. House, and White House for the first time in 10 years


It's official: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.


he owns this


Quite a tell just now that Cruz referred to "the viewers" instead of "the voters."


CNN gets the chyron right.


As violent protests erupt in support of President Trump overturning the election results, footage has emerged of freshman Rep. Mary Miller praising Adolf Hitler


They’re in the chamber. One is up on the dais yelling “Trump won that election!” This is insane


Traitor. Less than 30 minutes ago you told these thugs "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done" @HawleyMO @TedCruz @LouieGohmertTX1 and your Sedition Caucus, all of you own it@DanCrenshawTX how's that "welcoming committee" - no HALO Jumps for this?


The failure of the Capitol Police and Federal Law Enforcement to protect the Capitol of the United States is profound. It is inexcusable.


There is an armed standoff at the front door of the House of Representatives, per CNN.


BREAKING: @VP Pence was just quickly escorted out. US Capitol is on lockdown, Senate sources tell me.


Violent pro-Trump insurrectionists have just interrupted debate in the US Senate.


This is bad!


Justice Department says it’s been affected by Russian hack


House GOP staffer tells me private residences on Capitol Hill are now being evacuated by Capitol Police


Remarkable how far Trump supporters/protesters are permitted to push the police here:


CHAOS: Arrests being made as Trump supporters try to storm the US Capitol


Hundreds of Trump supporters have stormed the barricades at the back of the Capitol and are marching toward the building.


McConnell: This election actually was not unusually close


Pardon me if I'm not emotionally moved by this speech coming from the Gravedigger of Democracy, but yes, it's the right thing to say.


WATCH LIVE | Senate certifies and debates Electoral College votes


BREAKING: Vice President Mike Pence defies President Trump, says he can't claim “unilateral authority” to reject electoral votes that will make Joe Biden president.


‼️ NEW: Merrick Garland to be nominated as Biden Administration Attorney General.


Georgia elections official Gabe Sterling: Jon Ossoff will likely have a margin outside of the recount threshold.


Fears of repercussions spread through #HongKong’s population after the mass arrests of politicians and activists involved in an informal primary poll last year.


After seeing several people on social media share this photo claiming it showed the crowds gathered today in Washington D.C., I want to clarify that I took this photo on March 24, 2018 while covering the March for Our Lives event in the capital. The photo was not taken today.


Rudy Giuliani arrives with "Macho Man" as his entry music


Biden vowed to “end the sale of material to the Saudis where they’re going in and murdering children.” Allies say he’s ready to keep that promise.


"The focus today, guys, is the tough day, the loyalty test, that Vice President Mike Pence is going to face today"


A leaked recording exposed how Belarus' KGB plans its assassinations in Europe


Lukashenka's thugs attack the citizens of Minsk in their own neighborhoods. They threaten them with guns. An example of lawlessness in Belarus - one of many. We must stop state terror in Belarus. Every day people suffer from the regime. We don't want any more people to be killed.


JUST IN: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is denied bail, pending a US appeal to a ruling that blocked his extradition from the UK.


Pompeo: “We didn’t side with dictators, like the last Administration.” What a howler. Even after Saudi Arabia’s crown prince ordered the murder of a Post contributor, Trump and Pompeo pushed ahead with a $500 million arms sale to Riyadh.


"6 in 10 Democrats think the number one issue facing the country right now -- 6 in 10! -- is coronavirus. Meanwhile, when you look at the Republicans, 3 in 10 think the coronavirus is the biggest issue, and of course, the economy, according to our voter analysis, is number one"


When Eric Trump says “the MAGA movement is going nowhere”; that’s the most honest any Trump has ever been. Nowhere is the place all Trump business, ideas and wives end up


Never Forget the Names of These Republicans Attempting a Coup


This doctor has something to say to people who think they know as much about vaccines as doctors do. He didn’t stutter. Dr. Eric for the win..


We warned you these psychotic freaks would turn on republicans once Trump lost. I’m not a Romney fan but he’s done nothing but adhere to his oath, and the MAGA trash does this to him.


The sweeping arrests of pro-democracy demonstrators are an assault on those bravely advocating for universal rights. The Biden-Harris administration will stand with the people of Hong Kong and against Beijing’s crackdown on democracy.


Hundreds of law enforcement officers have mobilized across Washington, DC, as thousands of pro-Donald Trump supporters who refuse to accept the President's election loss have flocked to the nation's capital


Three new victims of the millionaire sex offender have come forward with details of alleged abuse in the last years of Epstein’s life


At the last minute, China blocked the entry of the WHO team investigating COVID-19’s origins

 Is Xi having some kind of nervous breakdown?

The House just approved my proposal to shed light on conflicts of interest in Congressional hearings. As of today, expert witnesses must report grants they receive from foreign governments, and any legal obligations they have to organizations that they testify about.


China says unspecified "procedures" delaying WHO team's visit to probe COVID-19 origins


Democracy is being dismantled in Hong Kong. China is undermining the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Basic Law and further disregarding its commitments under the Joint Declaration. The Foreign Secretary must make a statement to Parliament.


Nasdaq futures tumble as investors brace for possible Blue Wave


Trump supporters are attacking the DC police at this moment. Who’s Antifa now?


Democrats: You have two years before you risk losing this. Use it wisely and well. Be like Mitch: Judges, appointees, and rules. Don't waste this on arguments with your own far left about policies that won't pass. Don't assume you can't lose in 2022. Stay frosty.


Trump has told several people privately that he would rather lose with people thinking it was stolen from him than that he simply lost


Let me fix this for you: "Police confirms that prominent senator lied about protestors threatening his family; the protestors holding a "vigil" were in fact, "peaceful."


As a reminder, the flood of legislation that's coming once Ossoff and Warnock are seated isn't abnormal, merely clearing out the backlog of all the bi-partisan legislation that McConnell has been holding up these past two years.


We need more actions to hold CCP accountable. — Nathan Law


Joint Session of Congress: #ElectoralCollege Vote Certification - LIVE at 1pm ET on C-SPAN


China Hands Rare Death Sentence to Former Asset-Management Head


Hahahahahahhahaha! They don’t like the Police anymore


Dozens of Hong Kong democracy activists arrested under national security law


CBS News projects Raphael Warnock has defeated Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a Georgia runoff, flipping the seat for Democrats. Warnock said in an election night address: “Tonight we proved with hope, hard work and the people by our side, anything is possible.”


Unfortunately, it has taken 3 weeks after discovering an intrusion this significant for this Administration to issue a tentative attribution. I hope we'll begin to see a public declaration of U.S. policy towards indiscriminate supply chain infiltrations like this in the future.


#LIVE Remaining Pro-Dems press conference. Share and watch.


Solicitor John Clancey will be the first US citizen, in fact any person with foreign passport, arrested under the National Security Law.


“We have had a devil of a time finding actual proof."@LouDobbs points out that there is has not been any "verifiable" or "tangible" evidence to support @realDonaldTrump's claims of election fraud


Latest DeKalb numbers for Ossoff/Perdue race (4:05am): Ossoff ahead by 214,897 votes. 66.24% spread DeKalb tells us they have one more upload to do. They are the only county we're aware of in the metro still counting at this hour.


BREAKING: Democrat Raphael Warnock wins election to U.S. Senate from Georgia, beating incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler. #APracecall at 2:00 a.m. EST