Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Because one man decided Holocaust denial was misinformation and not hate speech, despite advice from @ADL and others in the Jewish community, that was the rule of law on the largest communication platform in human history for a decade. This cannot continue


On day one, I’ll sign an executive order to require masks everywhere I can


Asylum for Trumpusha: Russian lawmakers are concerned about the future of the Kremlin’s favorite U.S. president.


NEW: Democrats have launched an investigation into whether Jared Kushner’s desire to secure a billion-dollar rescue for a skyscraper owned by his family played a role in Trump’s decision to support a Saudi-led blockade of Qatar.


Facebook has used its monopoly power to crush smaller rivals and snuff out competition, all at the expense of everyday users. Instead of improving its own product, Facebook took advantage of consumers and made billions of dollars converting their personal data into a cash cow.


What seven ICU nurses want you to know about the battle against covid-19


“There are people out there who are going to see this as a call to arms,” Hughes said of the AZ GOP tweet. “Depending on how organized or disorganized they are, they could potentially do something criminal or even violent.”


In Idaho, officials had to shut down a *virtual* public meeting on covid b/c anti-mask protestors were banging on the doors at their houses during the call.


Wisconsin AG Kaul: "I feel sorry for Texans that their tax dollars are being wasted on such a genuinely embarrassing lawsuit ... As we are in various other meritless cases challenging the results of the election, the Wisconsin Dept. of Justice will defend against this attack."


Why was Joshua Wong singled out for X-rays and solitary confinement?


ICYMI: After removing legislators and imprisoning protestors, Beijing will then turn to education. The struggle outside prison is equally challenging. People have to prepare for a greater cost merely for speaking up or refusing to conform to authority. Read more — Joshua Wong


BREAKING: Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow denied bail pending appeal against 10-month jail term over 2019 demo


Still no answer to this question: Who paid off Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s $92,000 country club fees plus his $200,000 credit card debt plus his $1.2 million mortgage, and purchased themselves a SCOTUS seat?


Today, I'm announcing key COVID-19 priorities for the first 100 days of my administration: - Everyone wears a mask - 100 million vaccinations - Reopen the majority of schools With these steps, we can change the course of the disease and change life in America for the better.


President-elect @JoeBiden and I—along with this world-class health care team—will make sure we are doing everything we can to save lives and contain this pandemic once and for all.


A former commissioner of the FDA and a member of Pfizer’s board of directors confirms that Trump’s administration declined to secure millions of additional doses of Pfizer and BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine when it had the chance


Breaking Axios: Joe Biden is considering a high-profile ambassadorship for Pete Buttigieg, possibly sending him to China, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.


Last night, one of my (many) patients with COVID told me she had a large Thanksgiving dinner with family—22 people. The day after, one family member tested positive. Since then (according to my patient) *ALL* 22 people have developed symptoms, some severe. We are so tired.


Federal regulators have given a Canadian oil company the power to seize property from Oregon landowners for a gas pipeline that will help … Canada.


Lol wow


In @washingtonpost today: 1 in 6 families doesn’t have enough to eat. Hunger isn’t an urban or rural problem, not a red or blue issue. In a country with plenty of food, children are going hungry. Congress must act NOW to address this crisis & bring relief


The Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office has started a pre-trial investigation into the case of Belarusian Maksim Kharoshyn, who was beaten in Minsk & fled to 🇱🇹. I call on other countries to support Belarusians & start cases under the universal criminal jurisdiction.


WASHINGTON (CN) — As his single term concludes, President Donald Trump kicked up more rancor by vowing to veto the bipartisan annual defense spending bill passed 335-78 by the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening.


Trump bought up millions of doses of hydrochloroquine that we can't use. He bought up the world's supply of Remdisivir which we also can't use! But he refused to buy additional doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine?? This kind of incompetence is supernatural.


Congrats to the Olympian Aliaksandra Herasimenia & @BSSFofficial with the achievements in support of the repressed athletes of #Belarus. You're effectively convincing intern. sports org. to work with athletes, not Lukashenka's regime. We should stand together against repressions.


Analysis: Trump keeps losing the 2020 election over and over and over


METAPHOR ALERT: Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is scheduled to implode the week Biden takes office!


Young, passionate people have always driven progress in this country—that’s especially true here in Georgia. I’m grateful to join @ReverendWarnock and organizers in Atlanta to talk about what’s at stake for young people in this election.


“I wasn’t drunk,” Carone said. “I would swear under oath that I wasn’t drunk.” As for the waves of criticism she’s received for her incoherent performance, she said she’s “not hurt,” explaining, “That’s my personality.”


Judge in Michael Flynn case says Trump’s pardon does not mean the former national security adviser is innocent


Breaking Politico: Joe Biden has selected Rep. Marcia Fudge to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development, according to two people with knowledge of the decision. If confirmed, Fudge would be the first Black woman to run the department


But they went with herd immunity instead and killed 300,000 Americans.


Rep. Swalwell says Trump criticism behind spy story


China Targeted Eric Swalwell, But Unlike Republicans, He Put America First


GOP appointee Ron Filipkowski resigned from his position in Florida after the raid on Rebekah Jones' home. "I watched the video when she tweeted it out right after the incident... I just couldn't believe what I was seeing... I was just really outraged by the whole situation."


Hospitals are at capacity, the death toll is rising and health care experts are clear it will only get worse. No more time for delays. @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell needs to stop the games and join us for the good of the country


Go maskless. Mingle away. Get COVID. Hey, as long as you’re a wealthy white man who’s a friend of the president, no problemo!


We obtained long-secret NYPD disciplinary records and created this searchable database of more than 12,000 complaints—including 7,636 allegations of use of force—filed against NYC police officers by the public.


As of early November, 7 to 11 million American children lived in households where kids didn’t get enough food to eat because their families couldn’t afford it, according to @CenterOnBudget analysis of @uscensusbureau data.


Glad the U.S. Supreme Court properly REJECTED Mike Kelly's meritless and desperate appeal. As the Third Circuit wisely noted in a separate case--> "Voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections."


The mounds of rubble bear witness to the grueling battles against IS militants that Mosul has endured, but life is slowly coming back to Iraq's second-largest city. Residents say the cautious recovery is mostly their own doing.


Nationstar Mortgage agrees to a $91 million settlement for mishandling foreclosures and borrowers’ payments


As usual, you're looking in the wrong place for spies, Kevin. It was Devin Nunes who pushed the Kremlin's hoax about Burisma during the impeachment hearings, and concealed his role in it. Dr. Fiona Hill called him and the other GOP conspirators out on it


NEW: More than 40 attorneys general and the U.S. government are preparing to file antitrust lawsuits against Facebook on Wed, alleging the tech giant engaged in unlawful, anticompetitive tactics to buy or kill off its rivals and solidify its dominance


his interview wins the day


When I came to Congress, I knew I had a responsibility to pull back the curtain for the American people and expose corruption in real time. So, I’m filling you in on Senator McConnell’s attempts over the last 8 days to tank a *bipartisan* COVID relief bill. (THREAD)


The Republican Party “has become America's first autocratic party,” says Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt.