Friday, June 5, 2020

The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.

BREAKING: In a major reversal, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell admitted that their organization was wrong for not allowing NFL players to peacefully protest police brutality against Black people during the national anthem

The words of Jim Mattis reflect the best of America. The actions of the coward @realdonaldtrump shame any patriotic American. Where to you stand?

I started something new today! — Lisa Page

Dear media, You're giving Trump coverage over Biden 50-1. This is EXACTLY what happened in 2016. How can you do this again?

President Trump has directed the Pentagon to remove thousands of U.S. troops from Germany by September

In the old America it was illegal to tamper with the US mail. There was no justification for law enforcement to steal these shipments.

But! Surprise! There is *one* organized political movement that is specifically cited by the feds: the right-wing boogaloo movement.

I just saw somebody refer to the new White House fence as #babygate and I gotta say, I’m here for this

US Park Police: It was a “mistake” to say no tear gas was used in Lafayette Square

Retired Gen. Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is speaking out against President Trump's call to use the U.S. military to suppress nationwide protests over police brutality, calling it "dangerous" and "very troubling."

Again and again, President Trump has gutted critical environmental protections. His backward agenda will hurt our people, businesses, and economy in years to come.

BREAKING: in an emergency session this afternoon, Minneapolis City Council will ban chokeholds by police and require officers to intervene anytime they see unauthorized use of force by another officer.

A U.S. Secret Service Counter Sniper Officer (Uniform Division) carrying his Sniper Rifle through Lafayette Park in D.C. yesterday. Welcome to America under Donald Trump

Retired Navy Adm. William McRaven: "You’re not gonna use, whether it’s the military or the National Guard or law enforcement, to clear peaceful American citizens for the president of the U.S. to do a photo-op. There is nothing morally right about that."

Fallout from pandemic and protests highlights income and wealth gaps that leave black Americans vulnerable.

Tune in as I speak about the latest jobs report and the state of the economy:

She is all of us

.@Yamiche: "Black unemployment WENT UP by 0.1%. Asian American unemployment WENT UP by 0.5%. How is that a victory?" TRUMP: [Waves his hand dismissively]. "You are something."

In an Opinion piece in USA Today, Noah Bookbinder and Donald K Sherman call for Congress to impeach Bill Barr

NATO would not survive a second Trump term

Are We All Trapped in Tom Cotton’s Authoritarian Wet Dream?

"We need to look harder at who we elect' Gen Kelly

Please take 2-minutes and listen to this young lady - wise beyond her years - calling out her racist parents. This is awesome. She is the future...

Wow, it’s done! New “Black Lives Matter” Mural painted in #WashingtonDC on road to White House (16th St.) They started at 3:00 am & just finished. Mayor Bowser approved it:

Here's your reminder that the Chicago Cubs are owned by the Ricketts family, which includes major backers of Donald Trump. When you give the Cubs your money, you're supporting racism and violent attacks on peaceful protesters. That's poison ivy growing on the outfield walls.

‘Black Lives Matter’: In giant yellow letters, D.C. mayor sends message to Trump

The Labor Department admitted that government household survey-takers mistakenly counted about 4.9 million temporarily laid-off people as employed. The government doesn't correct its survey results for fear of the appearance of political manipulation.

Bernie's absence from Senate continues. Wasn’t present for votes this week - last vote in March.

Trump Shushes Black Reporter Asking What He’s Doing About Systemic Racism

Salem, OR: cop tells armed Proud Boys/white supremacists to hide in their buildings because they are about to gas protesters. He said he was warning them discretely because he didn't want protesters to see police "play favorites".

.@realDonaldTrump, keep George Floyd’s name out of your mouth until you can say Black Lives Matter

Quote from Trump: "Hopefully, George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing happening for our country. It's great day for him, a great day for everybody. This is great day for everybody. This is a great, great day in terms of equality."

Trump notes that the virus is dangerous to people who are “heavy” and then says how grateful he is that he is in and I am not paraphrasing “perfect shape”

I've been obsessed with the fakeness of "Greg Rubini" for a year and I'm glad someone finally took the time to write about. Important TTPs here about how these massive disinfo accounts are a f*cking cancer to the Internet but the platforms are too lazy to do anything about it.

UH-OH! A whole lotta people apparently were lobbying for Venezuela’s cocaine-terrorist traffickers and forgot to register FARA. Lawyer up, kids!

People are sawing through and climbing over Trump's border wall. Now contractors are being asked for ideas to make it less vulnerable.

The president unbridled, telling voters straight up he doesn't care who is good or bad for you, as long as its not someone who quesrions him.

Your ignorance about American history is limitless.

Local Knights of Columbus council denounces Trump visit to DC shrine

Adelson’s Singapore Casino Probed Over Laundering Controls

66% disapproval for Trump handling of police brutality protests. Bear in mind that some of those who disapprove of Trump may disapprove because they want him to be MORE brutal.

Donald Trump has turned our country into a battlefield riven by old resentments and fresh fears. He thinks division helps him. I ask every American to look at where we are now, and think anew: Is this who we are? Is this who we want to be?

Someone please make it make sense.

For 8 minutes and 46 seconds, George Floyd cried out for his mama and begged to be able to breathe. Watch. Listen. Share. This is why we protest.

New Biden Ad

Joe Biden estimates that around 50 million Americans are “not very good people”

“We didn't have much growing up… but we had a house full of love,” Floyd’s youngest brother said at the first of several memorial services

Vallejo police officer shoots a man...who was on his knees with his hands up...five times...from inside his squad car...hmm...

Another man on the sidewalk. Bleeding from his head. This time in Brooklyn. What. The. Fuck.

Somehow, police used restraint when heavily armed militias and white supremacists flooded into a state capitol building, but a 75 year old man got shoved to the ground on a public street and police just walked past as a pool of blood gushed out of his head.

Tom Cotton got exactly what he wanted out of this entirely predictable mess. A bad faith screed, a good faith backlash, a bad faith defense of free speech, ending in a victory lap by him and mea culpa by The Times. What a dumb dangerous unforced error. What a waste of time.

saw this on an overpass on I-66 in Arlington, Va. this afternoon

I’m in.

The president’s former Chief of Staff John Kelly confirms Trump lied when he claimed he demanded Mattis’ resignation

BREAKING: law enforcement officials have seized thousands of cloth masks that were mailed to four different cities to protect Black Lives Matter protesters from COVID-19:

"This idea that the attorney general of the United States has suddenly become an interior minister in a thugocracy with a private militia of some type that reports to him is antithetical to every precept of American democracy..." -Steve Schmidt

Russia interfered in our election in 2016. And they continue to interfere. Google’s announcement today tells us they are not the only foreign power to target U.S. campaigns. We must ALL be on guard to protect the 2020 elections. Americans must decide American elections.

I think that’s a lie. Yeah. It’s a lie.— Gen Michael Hayden

Because everything is not enough already... Largest-ever oil spill in the Russian arctic:

Why does Kentucky have the two worst Senators in the world?

National news outlets are missing the story if they're not showing the marches and solidarity events in smaller communities all across this country

This is my kid. He called me today to tell me he was denied entry to a store by a homegrown militia with AK-47’s because he has brown skin. The stores they are guarding include Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store, Ranch and Home, Burger King....and the police are fine with it

I'm about to go on @11thHour with @BWilliams to talk about how Trump has gutted DOJ's enforcement of the laws against police brutality The data is shameful and I'm going to present it. Here are 2 articles people should look at to understand how much Trump&his DOJ are responsible

.@realDonaldTrump wants to hide in his bunker and deploy tanks & helicopters against Americans. Those of us who served understand there is no military solution here. The solution is to listen to the people and enact reforms to stop government from murdering black Americans.

Facebook's earliest employees say Zuckerberg's inaction on Trump posts is 'cowardly'

Bill Perry arguably the most effective Sec Def in American history. Draftee Army Buck Sgt. PhD in math. Author. Businessman. Such a man of integrity. A stunning denunciation of Trump and Esper.

. @PierreTABC asks why Barr names antifa but doesn’t explicitly name other groups like the right-wing Boogaloo. Barr says he did “make that point” when he said “other groups” aside from antifa were committing crimes, says “we’re dealing with a witches’ brew” of extremist orgs.

Ex-Defense Secretary William Perry joins Mattis in condemning Trump The military “was never intended to be used for partisan political purposes,” he wrote.

.@realDonaldTrump has cancelled his trip to his Bedminster, NJ golf club. #GeorgeFloydProtests

A Minnesota National Guard member who moved police and the military away from a protest in the state capitol is offering advice to law enforcement officials across the United States: Reach across the line

A reader sends:

If they do grandpa like this...YOU DONT HAVE A CHANCE.

The past three months have been financially painful for many Americans — but not for billionaires. US billionaires have become $565 billion richer since March 18, according to a new report.

Defying Beijing, thousands in Hong Kong hold Tiananmen vigil

That is NOT how you get people to go home..........

Trump wasn’t hurtin’ Seniors fast enough with Covid-19

31 years ago today, China massacred pro-democracy protesters. Beijing is now set to crush free Hong Kong in full view of the world. Their fight is our fight. My piece in The Bulwark.

Slow clap. Good timing, y'all. Four Texas Republican county leaders share racist Facebook posts

Tom Cotton always looks like a malnourished, beleaguered confederate soldier leaning against an oak tree as the Union troops ride by on horseback. He looks up at them and his face says it all... he knows the Confederacy has been defeated and is over. Then the life in him expires.

D.C. protests over the death of George Floyd have grown bigger and more diverse. That’s not an accident, experts say.

somebody made the "tear down this wall" video

Trump Campaign Manager Falsely Accuses Lego of Pulling Police, White House Playsets Even After Lego Confirms Claim Is Not True

Oh nothing, just a sheriff with an 3% oathkeepers patch.

Pelosi: "I am writing to request a full list of the agencies involved and clarifications of the roles and responsibilities of the troops and federal law enforcement resources operating in the city. Congress and the American people need to know."

This is what a socially distanced protest looks like, btw. (Israel.)

Wait, you mean a @GOP *finance chair* AND a close ally of Netanyahu is perhaps caught up in offshore money laundering? Singapore? Well...what about Chinese *Macau?*

So she's admitting that until now, she hasn't been acting on her true conscience? That suggests she violated her oath as a juror in Trump's impeachment trial

shot, chaser

Today, the US Park Police union said the reporters struck by a shield, fist and baton seen here “may have fallen”

Brazil now has more coronavirus deaths than Italy, according to Johns Hopkins University. The country's death toll is now at 34,021 -- the third-highest death toll worldwide -- behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

Here’s a general Trump respects

This year, it’s illegal for Hong Kong residents to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre. This happened anyway. Their courage is staggering.


Melania Trump Attends FEMA Briefing Without Her Husband and People Have Questions

I usually save my "Fuck That Guy" segment for our podcast, but Officer Aaron Torgalski of Buffalo PD...Fuck that guy. Knock an elderly man to the ground, the walk casually by as he is bleeding on the street.

WTF they want to start killing us. The military kills people not stop riots. And what riots all I see are police beating citizens for nothing.

Books about race and racism are dominating bestseller lists

Is this even real????? From Dowd?????

WHY??? @NYCMayor Hi @NewYorkStateAG

A forecast published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now projects more than 127,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States by June 27.

frankly I don’t see how you’d be eligible for parole by then

This is so difficult to watch but I urge you to if you can. An elderly man pushed over by Buffalo PD...he's bleeding. An officer leans down and is told to move on by another officer. Then the Buffalo PD tells the media that the man tripped...which is a clear lie

Why on earth does the Pentagon's plan for CARES Act money include money for golf course staffing? How is this related to to the pandemic?

Attorney General William Barr defends use of force at Monday's White House protest

"They're moving on us hard and strong right now, but I think, and he's even said, that this is practice. So who's next?" -Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Donald Trump deploying federal forces in her city

my old LA neighborhood. why?

The ragetweeting from the Trümperbunker has been remarkable.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Judge orders Tennessee to offer vote-by-mail option to all 4.1 million registered voters due to coronavirus pandemic.

Many people are saying one million Americans expected in Washington, DC on Saturday to protest outside the White House. Retweet if you are excited! Very nice weather!

Did this elderly man, who is bleeding out, while police walk by, survive?

Well, now that you mention it... yeah. Yeah we do

This video is deeply disturbing. I’m reaching out to local leaders and the police commission to investigate this incident & other instances of use of force against protestors. We all should be able to protest safely, especially when those protests center around police brutality.

John Mitchell went to prison for a lot less BARR. IS. TOTALLY. CORRUPT.

"This idea that the attorney general of the United States has suddenly become an interior minister in a thugocracy with a private militia of some type that reports to him is antithetical to every precept of American democracy..." -Steve Schmidt

Russia interfered in our election in 2016. And they continue to interfere. Google’s announcement today tells us they are not the only foreign power to target U.S. campaigns. We must ALL be on guard to protect the 2020 elections. Americans must decide American elections.

Americans learn military leadership no bulwark to Trump abuses

D.C. mayor on Trump using federal forces in her city: Who's next?

Unmarked police raise concerns Trump, Barr creating secret force