Sunday, November 26, 2017

Democratic mega-donor and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer defends his $20M ad campaign calling for Congress to impeach President Trump

A gold dealer’s trial in New York deepens mistrust between the U.S. and Turkey

GOP leaders in advanced talks to change tax plan in bid to win over holdouts

BREAKING: Meredith announces $2.8B all-cash deal to acquire Time Inc, which publishes Time, Sports Illustrated, and other magazines.

Time Inc. is nearing an agreement to sell itself to the Meredith Corporation in a deal backed by the Koch brothers

How poverty can follow children into adulthood

ICYMI: The day after Thanksgiving the nonpartisan, official arbiter (JCT) released an analysis finding that the Senate tax bill will eventually raise taxes on average for everyone making under $75,000.

Dems would beat Republicans by double digits if midterms were held today


Paul Ryan vowed his tax plan was "deficit-neutral", but the cost is estimated at more than $1.4 trillion.

FBI didn’t tell US targets as Russian hackers hunted emails

Sen. Graham urges the Trump administration to impose Russia sanctions: “If you don’t you’re creating a problem for yourself at the time we need to focus on solving problems”

The journalists you attack, @realDonaldTrump, have stood beside us in combat, telling our stories. Many died doing their job.

Tax bill race to break Trump's populist promises: Who's winning?

Conyers steps down as ranking member of Judiciary Committee

Opinion: Trump and the nuclear button

6 Possible Hurdles For The GOP Tax Plan

Children’s health clinics are shutting down after congressional Republicans allowed CHIP to expire. 9 million kids at risk

What Might a Medicaid Work Requirement Mean?

Roy Moore and the confused identity of today’s “evangelical” voter

70% of Americans — with majorities in both parties — think that Puerto Rico is not getting the help it needs in the wake of Maria's destruction, according to a new poll

.@vkaramurza, a Russian opposition leader and outspoken Putin critic, has survived two suspected poisonings. Watch & read

Fmr. Watergate Prosecutor: "The President Should Be Panicking"

Vladimir Putin crowns himself as the king of OPEC

Trump derides CNN days after administration moves to block media merger

Justice Department says Trump can appoint head of consumer watchdog

In midtown Atlanta, someone has been projecting this on the Crowne plaza hotel.

How the House and Senate tax plans compare

Israel races to head off UN settlement ‘blacklist

Ex-Bush speechwriter: Trump's CNN tweet is a "direct attack" on journalists' safety

If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life. — Gen Michael Hayden

Opinion: Time to take baby boomers off the ticket

A failed coup and a national obsession with an elderly cleric embroiled Michael Flynn in scandal