Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dear @SecNielsen: You are lying. Period. - Sen Ted Lieu

WITCH HUNT! There was no Russian Collusion. Oh, I see, there was no Russian Collusion, so now they look for obstruction on the no Russian Collusion. The phony Russian Collusion was a made up Hoax. Too bad they didn’t look at Crooked Hillary like this. Double Standard!

Rouge always seems to know.

Mueller has every email, every text, every "secret" and "encrypted" dipshit chat from Team Trump (& Friends) in 2016. And beyond. Every last one. They know everything. Every damn thing.

NEW: @KenDilanianNBC just heard back from Roger Stone, who says he just forgot about his meeting with Russian national, says "I flatly rejected his proposal"

Caputo lived in Russia and was a literal Kremlin employee

There are 15 federal investigations into Scott Pruitt. And if Pruitt’s still in office next week, there may be more to come.

Attorney @MichaelAvenatti pounds 'fascist' Stephen Miller for writing immigrant child detention policy -- and vows legal action

Clapper: 'We had a suspect' in Kremlin-WikiLeaks transfer

FLOTUS Statement

Schiff: This is the first we heard about the "good FBI agents" leaking laptop info to Devin Nunes.

WATCH: I’m on the border investigating @realDonaldTrump’s cruel policy of ripping children away from their parents. #

#Russia's state TV is happy to report that Trump was "openly rude" to G7 allies and "recognized Crimea as Russian."

FLASHBACK: “I don’t want to rip families apart. I don’t want to send parents away from children.” — @HillaryClinton

I am urging @BetsyDeVosED to resign. If she doesn’t, I plan on making her life very unpleasant next January. Same for @realDonaldTrump and the rest of his gang. Americans are fed up with all of them.

Flashback. August 19, 2016. Newt Gingrich: "Nobody should underestimate how much Paul Manafort did to really help get this campaign to where it is right now."

Bill Clinton rips Trump: Immigrant children are "not a negotiating tool"

Sanctioned, embraced, normalized by POTUS, evil is pushing the boundaries. Sociopaths have risen to the top. This Father’s Day we’ll abduct children from their families at our border because the GOP has no bottom and Stephen Miller wasn’t what his Father wanted.

In May 2016, Roger Stone met with a Russian who offered damaging info about Hillary Clinton, Stone tells WaPo. The Russian wanted Trump to pay $2,000,000 for the dirt, Stone says and recalls rejecting the offer. The meeting was arranged by Michael Caputo.

Really? Cause the 78% of America’s workforce STILL living paycheck to paycheck and the 42 million Americans going to bed hungry every night might disagree with you...

No, Donald Trump can't blame OPEC for rising crude prices

WATCH: Laura Ingraham confronts ex-RNC chair for comparing Trump separating families at border to Nazi tactics

Why the robust economy doesn't reflect the reality for many Americans

British-Israeli billionaire testifies to police in PM gifts affair

Tangier, an island in the Chesapeake, has lost two-thirds of its land since 1850.

Student loan debt has hit $1.5 trillion — and women hold nearly two-thirds of it

What’s Really Happening When Asylum-Seeking Families Are Separated?

FEC dismisses self-enrichment complaint against Trump campaign

Former IRS attorney calls on IRS to investigate Trump

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are making huge piles of money while holding public offices with major conflicts of interest from which they have not distanced themselves. The White House has yet to answer my questions about how they were able to regain security clearances.

Dear @realDonaldTrump: Last time I checked, Stephen Miller is not a Democrat. Ripping children away from their parents is YOUR ADMINISTRATION'S REPUBLICAN POLICY. Your new policy is evil. Reverse it now

The GOP owns all this.

Long-time Republicans are jumping ship. The smart ones will get out sooner rather than later

In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared

The AP has learned that Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is secretly working with former employees of disgraced political consultancy company Cambridge Analytica


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: The Bible verse Jeff Sessions used to defend immigration crackdown once also defended slavery

Trump calls Comey "scum" along with "top" of FBI after IG report release

After forging new ties with North Korea, Trump administration turns to Russia

"Motivated" U.S. Border Patrol agents could begin separating twice as many kids from their families as now, regional border chief says. 57 Senators haven't signed proposal to stop #Trump policy that medical experts call "child abuse"

The ATF regularly allows gun dealers who fail inspections to keep their licenses, according to NYT

Tucker Carlson tells viewers to "assume the opposite" of what competitors report

Ex-CIA chief blasts Trump for praising his own supporters instead of focusing on "all Americans"

Nigel_Farage's LeaveEU campaign passed confidential legal documents to Russian embassy. New from @peterjukes & me

KochBros wealth will make you go numb. They spent $889,000,000 on the 2016 election. To dismantle our government. So they can pump out more carbon and cook the planet some more. Worth $60,000,000,000 each. Will spend at least $300,000,000 on the midterms.

Trump praises his own supporters as “smartest” in history in misspelled tweet

His country does love him

The 2018 mid-term elections will be a referendum on American democracy. A vote for any Republican is a vote for more authoritarian populism, which uneducated white guys think will help them but it won’t. A vote for any Democrat is a check on Trump!

Please join us tomorrow morning at 9:30 as we march to Tornillo. We need everyone there. RT to spread the word. 18051 Island Guadalupe Rd Fabens, TX 79838

Read about the long-term health effects of ICE upon our children

Separating kids from parents at the border mirrors a 'textbook strategy' of domestic abuse, experts say and causes irreversible, lifelong damage