Friday, May 8, 2020

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant has tested positive for coronavirus. Ivanka and Jared have both tested negative.

Donald Trump x REM - Losing My Civilians

Trump sought a reopening but found the virus in the White House instead Trump hoped this would be the week he emerged into a nation recovering economically from the pandemic. Instead, the pandemic came to him!

ROY HORN DEAD AT 75 ... After Catching Covid-19

NEW: The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed off on a report detailing guidelines for the nation's reopening — despite White House officials' insistence it was not cleared — according to emails obtained by the AP

One of the best ads I've ever seen.

When I first posted this 90 second video it hit 1 million views. I'm posting it again today because Bill Barr's criminal behavior continues to destroy this great country and the institutions that safeguard our liberties...

When I first posted this 90 second video it hit 1 million views. I'm posting it again today because Bill Barr's criminal behavior continues to destroy this great country and the institutions that safeguard our liberties...

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday made California the first state to call an all-mail ballot November election, citing concerns over physical participation during the coronavirus pandemic

People of faith who believe God can make a way out of no way, somehow don’t believe that the way might be a mask? Curious that

How to end democracy Step 1: Systematically destroy trust in institutions.

Document reveals Secret Service has 11 current coronavirus cases, as concerns about Trump’s staff grow

Coronavirus survivors will be BANNED from joining the US military, because of possible 'long-term' effects of the disease — including if it causes permanent damage to the lungs, & the possibility reinfections being more likely.

Florida oncology network that bilked cancer patients gets $67 million in COVID-19 aid

America Could test and trace but the president feels like it’s too much work so he’s just going to let 2 percent (or more) of the population die??

President Trump said he didn’t wear a face mask while honoring elderly World War II veterans—just one day after his personal valet tested positive for the coronavirus—because he was “very far away from them” and “they’re so pure, it will never happen”

“The trove of emails show the nation’s top public health experts at the CDC spending weeks working on guidance to help the country deal with a public health emergency, only to see their work quashed by political appointees with little explanation.”

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — AP Exclusive: Emails show top White House officials buried CDC report, then ordered pieces revived after AP story.

Docs might call into question the legality of Trump changing his official address to Mar-a-Lago. Trump agreed in writing years ago make Mar-a-Lago a private club. The distinction is significant. The property is taxed as a private club — not as a residence.

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. The Justice Dept compromised its integrity and independence by dropping the case. Barr has managed to sink even lower, politicizing the judicial system and further undermining the rule of law

Trump’s refusal to wear a mask isn’t just vanity — it’s also a fascist rejection of the duty to protect others

‘A cancer on justice in this nation’: Fresh demand for Barr’s resignation—or impeachment—after Flynn charges dropped

I love this so very much

This is what people don’t quite understand about my opponent, Kevin McCarthy. He’s a mini-Mitch — he may not be the obvious combatant like Devin Nunes or Jim Jordan, but he’s pulling strings for Trump in just an ostensibly less offensive packaging. This might make him the worst.

The President claims most of the countries view us as the world leader of the pandemic

Oh...My God. Trump says doing too much coronavirus testing makes the US 'look bad' as he pushes for the country to reopen

The tests might have saved his life here and he doesn’t know it.

“States band together to increase power” ... almost like ... wait, it will come to me... ... like a union of states forming a government together? Maybe a federal government? Novel

When Jeff Sessions calls you a liar...

Federal Watchdog Says #Coronavirus Whistle-Blower should be reinstated as it investigates the allegations — saying “reasonable grounds” to believe Dr. Rick Bright was ousted because he would not push an anti malaria drug for Trump.

Please, please, please let this happen. We'll have to admit new states into the Union just so Biden can win them.

Yes, folks, we know. The Trump allies at @Facebook are censoring the @ProjectLincoln "Mourning In America" ad page with a b.s. "fact check." They’re doing everything they can to stop you from seeing this ad. Sorry, Don. You can't stop the signal

Fight Over Vote-By-Mail Is ‘Spiritual Battle’ For ‘Control of the Free World,’ Says True the Vote Leader

Coronavirus Found In Men’s Semen, Raising Possibility That Virus Could Be Sexually Transmitted

This is what GOPer John Kennedy said after he was asked about another round of stimulus checks: “Well people in hell want ice water too.” At least Republicans are being transparent about not giving any fucks for workers.

It’s exactly the opposite of this. Frequent testing means asymptomatic individuals can be IDed and isolated and then people like the president don’t get infected.

JUST IN: More than 75,000 people in Mass. have now tested positive for the new coronavirus, health officials said, announcing 150 new deaths

You're right. So what he will run on is DESTRUCTION +FEAR. They will attack Joe Biden like no Presidential candidate has EVER been attacked. And they will sow fear, with FOREIGN partners, on a level that will make 2016 look like Sesame Street. Trump & Co will spend BILLIONS

.@SpeakerPelosi on possible tax increase: "If we're going to do any tax policy if should be bipartisan and comprehensive." Pelosi on how negotiations work: "We're in a whole new world...very little face to face."

House Intelligence Committee releases Russia probe transcripts with dozens of witnesses, including Trump Jr.

Russia Investigation Transcripts and Documents - Materials from the House Intelligence Committee's Investigation into Russian Active Measures 50+ transcripts from 2017 to 2018 released today by @RepAdamSchiff

FUCK YES... After Being Delayed by White House for Almost a Year, Transcripts from House Intelligence Committee Russia Investigation Released | Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

House Intel has released 57 transcripts of closed-door interviews. Chairman Schiff says they show that Trump "invited illicit Russian help, made full use of that help, and then lied and obstructed the investigations in order to cover up this misconduct.”

Exclusive: J.C. Penney to file for bankruptcy as soon as next week, sources say

BREAKING: This new reporting certainly adds a new twist to the #TaraReade story. Did she get caught not reporting a Check Fraud charge & that is why she had to quietly resign? The court record has apparently been confirmed now by three separate reporters.

Cruz had the virus but it left voluntarily

Cruz had the virus but it left voluntarily

Trump: "I feel about vaccines like I feel about tests. This is going to go away without a vaccine, it's gonna go away, and we're not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time. You may have some flare-ups..." Then says he doesn't necessarily mean it goes this year.

Trump: Katie, she tested very good for a long period of time and then all of the sudden today she tested positive... This is why the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great

Nadler and Judiciary Dems request inspector general probe of Barr “into a pattern of conduct that includes improper political interference, ignoring standards for recusal, and abrogating Attorney General guidelines, among other improper considerations.”

The coronavirus economy is exposing how easy it is to fall from the middle class into poverty

Pence recently visited the a Mayo Clinic without a mask and said he didn’t need to because he was totally confident neither he nor his staff had the virus

Breaking via NYT: A federal investigative office has found “reasonable grounds to believe” that the Trump admin was retaliating against Dr. Rick Bright when he was ousted from BARDA and said he should be reinstated while it investigates.

Katie Miller, a spokesperson for Pence and wife of Stephen Miller, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to two people with knowledge of Miller's diagnosis. Trump also said today that"Katie" has tested positive.

NEWS: Pence flight to Iowa delayed an hour after a staffer tested positive for coronavirus, I’m told. Some aides disembarked AF2. Wheels up now for Iowa.

It’s a 2 OpEd day. Just up in @nytimes on the Michael Flynn debacle and how it is destroying Justice.

One of the best reasons to vote? The GOP doesn't want you to

Coronavirus: California identifies nail salons as source of spread, Gov. Newsom says

4th gen mob spawn are the foulest scrapings off bottom of the moldy, liquor barrel. Imagine how wounded this spoiled brat’s ego, coming out of this testimony - where he was questioned by a seasoned prosecutor & intellectual giant. Bet it launched a RW media attack campaign

Trump nor Melania is wearing a mask at the 75th Aniversary ceremony for VE day. #TrumpDepression YOU ARE THE SWAMP TRUMP

An aide to Vice President Mike Pence has tested positive for the coronavirus, officials

Heavily armed anti-lockdown protesters are surrounding bars that refuse to abide by stay-at-home orders to protect them from law enforcement, setting the stages for showdowns between armed activists and police.

A coincidence, surely

Corrupt regimes don’t fight crime, they legalize it. They don’t chase the crooks, they hire them. They don’t stop lying, they tell you the truth is whatever they say.

Vote this little shit out!

BENGHAZI: Mr. Kushner, did you meet with Russians? KUSH: Nope! BENGHAZI: *dude you did, june 9* KUSH: did i? BENGHAZI: yeah there's emails and shit KUSH: GOSH MAYBE I DID BUT I DIDN'T INHALE!

KUSH: Take for example Putin's friend the king of diamonds who's involved in corruption in every part of the solar system - maybe we have a thing with him, or private equity - who can tell these guys apart! HIMES: So that guy is Russian. KUSH: You say that like it's bad.

KUSH: I have no idea how much Russian money we've taken, and I left that part of my SF-86 blank, but oh yeah, we took money from the guy who infiltrated Facebook. HIMES: God you are a douche.

HIMES: Do you know any of the rest of Putin's spy/Mob banks? KUSH: Maybe? Do they like pizza?

HIMES: So, you little shit, your assistant met with the spy who runs Putin's bank...AT THIS SAME F**KING MEETING, but you didn't know who they were or why you were meeting. KUSH: I meet with all Russians who are nice. It's polite. Also, my assistant went to Harvard!

HIMES: So you had never heard of the sanctioned Russian bank that financed your father-in-law's hotel that your right-hand man met with during the f**king Transition? KUSH: Nope! He didn't even want to know about pizza!

Declassified House Intel Transcripts! TREASONWEASELPALOOZA, BABY! I'm starting with Kushner AND LET'S SEE WHERE IT TAKES US!

Read the rest of Eric's rant. It's hillarious and accurate. Click his links to twitter.

Watch the guy who calls himself @VP being exposed as a fraud by @jimmykimmel on this hot mic. He actually acts like he is carrying a heavy box of PPE while knowing it is empty. Mike, what a pathetic joke you are

When I first posted this 90 second video it hit 1 million views. I'm posting it again today because Bill Barr's criminal behavior continues to destroy this great country and the institutions that safeguard our liberties...

Schumer: "No one could look at today's jobs report ... and say we should hit the pause button on further gov't action, as Leader McConnell, Leader McCarthy and the Trump W.H. have said. Republicans who choose inaction ... will be taking the same misguided path as Hoover."

Trump's Mother's Day message is bragging about how great the US military is. I'm serious!

Trump denies involvement in a failed operation to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela, adds, "If we ever did anything with Venezuela it wouldn't be that way. It'd be slightly different. It'd be called an invasion."

The optics of Trump ranting about how great the economy used to be alongside a graphic showing the current unemployment rate at 14.7 percent isn't great

Trump on CA reopening amid the coronavirus: "People want to get back to work ... I see what's going on & Newsom has been very generous to me in his statements & I appreciate it but I think they can move a little quicker in CA to be honest, & I think the people are forcing it."

TRUMP: "I learned a lot from Richard Nixon -- don't fire people. I learned a lot. I study history ... of course there was one big difference: Number one he may have been guilty and number two he had tapes all over the place."

Trump lies and says FBI Director Christopher Wray was "appointed by Rod Rosenstein" (he was nominated by Trump). He then adds that "in theory, I'm chief law enforcement officer."

TRUMP: "There's been no president -- and you can ask Putin about this -- that's been tougher on Russia than I have" (I'm not sure Putin, who spent millions of dollars to get Trump elected, is the best source on that ... )

Trump is ramping up his vaguely threatening, show trial rhetoric toward Obama: "What you've seen so far is incredible, especially as it relates to President Obama, because if anyone thinks that he and sleepy Joe Biden didn't know what was going on, they have another thing coming"

As '#Plandemic' goes viral, those targeted by discredited scientist's crusade warn of 'dangerous' claims Initially pushed by anti-vaccination disinformation peddlers, the video was then promoted by minor celebrities.

April job losses were 25 times worse than the worst month of the Great Recession. We have the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, and these numbers don't capture millions who lost jobs. It may be a long time before they get back to work. This did not have to happen.

The DOJ didn't merely drop the Flynn case. It’s deeper than that. The bombshell DOJ filing renounced years of legal arguments put forward by Mueller and career prosecutors. With that gone. the DOJ then synced up with Trump’s views on the case. Analysis -->

“Holocaust survivor, liberator remember V-E Day 75 years ago... Victory in Europe Day, or V-E Day, is known as the day the Allies accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany.”

The ‘very fine people’ at Charlottesville: Who were they?

Trump, on Fox and Friends, is now complaining about his former attorney general Jeff Sessions, who Trump said recused himself from the Russia prove “instead of being a man” and declaring it a hoax

With nearly all states partially reopened this week, backlash and frustrations are growing as Americans struggle with ways to combat the deadly coronavirus.

Without that reallocation, some nurses still in the hospitals are taking on extra tasks in their already grueling 12-hour shifts. They're mopping rooms, changing sheets, taking out the trash and arranging rides because the people who once did that are gone.

Judge Orders Bristol Sheriff to Test Detainees for Coronavirus

Can You Reuse a Disposable Mask? Yes, If You Follow These Steps

Showtime! NH Drive-in Theater to Host High School Graduation

Protests as Indianapolis Police Kill 3 in Separate Incidents

@maddow Nebraska hasn't tested ANY prisoners, Won't release numbers on nursing home cases & says meatpacking plants don't have 2 release case info as it's a business decision. (There have been almost 1000known.). So I checked CDC website for Neb. There's like NO INFO! Scary!!

Trump declared CV over in America so he can send our supplies to America's Boss.

So to work in Trump's White House you need a COVID test everyday, but to work in Trump's America you don't need to be tested at all. Makes perfect sense.

Bill Barr is a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloon from an old cartoon from a bygone era, inflated by a rogue parade group, foisted back into the procession, and crashing into an apartment windows killing innocent parade watchers. He should be deflated and locked back in storage..

“He’s gone from being a birther to a deather," said "The Late Show" host.

President Trump is calling into "Fox & Friends" at 8am ET. In the past these calls have lasted almost an hour. And the April unemployment report comes out at 8:30am

Hoping that @gtconway3d and @TheRickWilson are working on their killer ad spoofing Reagan's Tear Down This Wall on how a GOP AG thought it was cool to call up Russia and tell them tampering in American democracy is NBD.

Make no mistake: this rollback of protections for survivors of sexual assault and harassment recklessly violates the intent behind Title IX and will undoubtedly make students less safe

“Through a representative, Mueller declined to comment.”

We need an Attorney General whose loyalty is to the Constitution, not the president. William Barr must resign.

when you take all the hydroxychloroquine to make dad love you

One of Tara Reade's new attorneys donated $55,000 to Trump in 2016. The other is a former writer and editor for a Russian propaganda network.

By dropping the case against Flynn, the Justice Dept lost 50 years worth of ground in maintaining its independence post-Watergate. Once again, Bill Barr is doing Trump's dirty work. And once again, Barr has undermined the legitimacy of our justice system and the rule of law.

Trump vows to act stupidly by completely ending Obamacare despite the pandemic, if his packed High Court will do the dirty deed for him! He doesn’t want to kill thousands— he wants to kill millions! He is truly an idiot, and pathological.

“Feel free to lie to the FBI.” - Trump 2020

If you want to know why we have no national testing program, you just need to listen to what Trump said yesterday: “By doing all this testing,” Trump said, “we make ourselves look bad.” The lack of tests isn’t accidental. It’s by design

President Trump doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about your health. He doesn’t care about your family. He doesn’t care about testing. He just cares that his cronies are taken care of.

QAnon believers — plenty of whom are convinced that Flynn is the mysterious "Q" behind their conspiracy theory — are going to go absolutely wild over Justice dropping the Flynn charges.

Real presidents lead. Reality TV presidents don’t

I’m sure he expressed sympathy and concern for the valet’s wellbeing and called his family, right?

Just the President's campaign manager doing a little illegal campaign fundraising on federal government property.

The former national security adviser said Trump is “clearly threatened” by what Obama stood for

Today at the White House nurses protested for PPE, with 88 pairs of shoes to represent each nurse who has died from coronavirus. Yet they didn’t get the attention a few angry white men with guns get.

"Let them know the truth, and the country is safe." —Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes I find myself thinking about the number of black lives that have been lost and largely went unnoticed in part because there was no video evidence and no social media and I can barely breathe ...

I’ve had enough of this. Not gonna take it anymore. Let’s remove the career criminal from the White House in November. Who’s with me?

Reported US coronavirus deaths: Mar. 7: 19 deaths Apr. 7: 12,895 deaths May 7: 75,662 deaths

I’m retweeting this, not because it turned out to be right but because we need the reminder that when someone tells you who they are, you should believe them. Believe Trump, Pence, Barr, McConnell & all the rest. Be ready to vote & restore the rule of law.

Who are the authors of the motion to dismiss the case against Michael Flynn? Usually their names would be on the brief. I doubt US Atty Timothy Shea wrote it by himself.

Normally Russia wouldn't be mentioned in the discussion of a woman with a claim of sexual assault, but you made it too easy for us in Tara Reade's case. She's spent the past few years writing tributes to Putin.

Barr is corrupt. He doesn’t care that you know it

BREAKING: A white father and son in Georgia have been arrested and charged with the murder of a black man on a residential street, after a national outcry that no arrests had been made.

So it seems Prosecutors didn't really drop the case, Barr had someone else declare this outside the Prosecutors Office. This shit is Bogus crap. Hey Barr, Keep it up fuzzball. Political Hack

Donald J. Trump: General Flynn lied to the @VP and the FBI. Period. End of story.

Dem House candidate on California’s special election Tuesday

Matt Miller: DOJ decision to drop Flynn case is a ‘miscarriage of justice’

BREAKING: A new poll of the North Carolina U.S. Senate race has Democrat Cal Cunningham leading GOP incumbent Thom Tillis by 9 points in this crucial swing state that could decide who controls the U.S. Senate! RETWEET if you support Cunningham as he runs to turn the Senate Blue!

Imo, Trump no longer has any allegiance with the United States. That part is done. So I guess technically we have an enemy combatant in the WH.

I’m no lawyer, so I won’t comment on Flynn from that perspective. But I was an intel officer, and I can tell you there are serious counterintelligence issues. Flynn should never have a clearance again.

“There is no truth, only power.”

Coronavirus superclusters found in U.S. meat packing plants, prisons and nursing homes

Bannon and @DevinNunes in cahoots in Russia investigation. And I can finally share it with you. And Bannon wanted to lie about it. @HouseIntel Russia transcripts are out.

Rudy Giuliani says the Flynn prosecution is one of the worst things that has happened in our history

I have been in and around DOJ since 1983. I have never seen a case dropped after someone has pled guilty and the underlying facts demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt he is guilty. This is simply a pardon by another name. A black day in DOJ history.

Putin gives Trump more dictator tips

Where are the tests, Mr. President?

REPORTER: How will history look back on your decision to drop charges against Flynn? BILL BARR: “Well, history is written by the winners. So it largely depends on who’s writing the history.”