Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Florida AG investigating allegations Norwegian Cruise Line misled customers about coronavirus -

Rick Scott who oversaw the largest Medicare fraud in American history is worried about struggling working class folks getting ahead

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “We are in the escalating phase of a very serious pandemic. That is a fact. We have got to realize that and to prepare and respond. The coronavirus is NOT under control.”

Michael Rapaport

The coronavirus pandemic is “accelerating” in the US and “there are other parts of the country which we need to get a better feel for what is going on,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

“You don’t make the timeline. The virus makes the timeline,” says Dr. Anthony Fauci on when coronavirus restrictions could be lifted. “...You have got to go with what the situation on the ground is... you need the data.”

Does the Senator truly believe anyone is voluntarily quitting their job in this crazy moment merely for a four month period of checks?

In times of crisis, American presidents have always stepped up to meet the moment. But all we've gotten from Donald Trump are lies, excuses, and scapegoats. Trump has failed our country at a time when we need him most.

This is the most deranged, dangerous, profoundly stupid thing he’s ever Tweeted. Yes, I realize there’s a long list. But this tops it

The Trump campaign issued a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations stop airing this ad. Watch it and you’ll see why!

Hillary Clinton sending pizza to feed local hospital staff is

Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

Here is a summary of the Shelter in Place order from Governor Walz. Please continue to support our local businesses and help your neighbors in any responsible way that you can!

Rep. Katie Porter has the virus

"President Trump, I beg you to take this pandemic more seriously and I am begging you to do it now."

Added bonus for that Federalist story: The writer isn't actually licensed to practice medicine. | Unlicensed Dermatologist Suggests People Throw Coronavirus Parties

The Federalist (@FDRLST) is advocating "chicken-pox parties for the 'wuhan virus'"--where people voluntarily infect themselves with Covid. Another "cost/benefit" article asks: Is America ‘Better Off’ Letting People Die? It's a cult.

Joe Biden on Wednesday suggested there should be no more televised debates for the remainder of the 2020 Democratic primary, signaling an unwillingness to spar on stage again with Bernie Sanders next month

Now is *really* not the time to be attacking nurses

According to Der Spiegel, the G7 foreign ministers haven't been able to agree on a joint statement because of Pompeo's insistence it refer to #coronavirus as the "Wuhan virus". Pompeo did not deny that this morning - said G7 don't agree on everything

Three GOP senators say there is "a massive drafting error in the current version of the coronavirus relief legislation could have devastating consequences: Unless this bill is fixed, there is a strong incentive for employees to be laid off instead of going to work.”

The Trump administration is appealing to countries around the world to give or sell the US items as basic as hand sanitizer and as complex as respirators to combat the surging coronavirus pandemic.

People will suffer and die in the coming weeks. For many others, the U.S. can still turn the coronavirus into a manageable threat, writes

NEW: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo shared projections that suggest the state can expect to reach its "apex" for coronavirus hospitalizations in 21 days

Only the enemy would say this @FDRLST

Carly Fiorina on @MSNBC, on stimulus package: "I think the corporate bailout was too much too soon, and maybe we didn’t need it ever"

I am an emergency physician. My increased exposure means that I have chosen to isolate from my family, to keep them safe. This is how I see my daughters (pictured with their cousins, with whom they’re staying). If I can do this, you can stay home.

The US is now on pace to have the worst coronavirus outbreak anywhere...


Putin dons hazmat suit, as Russia admits virus numbers likely far higher

“Wars worth fighting have to be won. Nazis and terrorists can unify us—so can a virus. We have moral habits that will sustain us through this crisis, including compassion and a sense of how the many are greater than the one. And the many need government.”

These are the burdens our medical heroes already face in NYC. It's only going to get harder across the country. Another reason to maintain social distancing policies at least until we have comprehensive testing in place. Not just for our sake—for theirs.

But I was told there was no Coronavirus in Russia!

Trump hates our city because we know he’s a fraud.

Detroit area hospitals nearing capacity.

I have never slept as poorly as I have in the last two weeks.

Mr. President, please stop tweeting until any American who wants a test can get a test, until doctors and nurses have the masks, gloves and safety gear they need to be able to save Americans’ lives, and until hospitals have the ventilators they need to keep patients alive.

“It’s come to this: Trump is treating each of our 50 states as individual contestants on “The Apprentice”—pitting them against one another for scarce resources, daring them to duke it out—rather than mobilizing a unified national response to a pandemic.”

A lively man and a great, pioneering chef. RIP, Floyd. Coronavirus: Chef Floyd Cardoz, co-owner of Bombay Canteen, dies of Covid-19 in New York

“I’d like you to do me a favor, though”

A heads-up: Trump may try to withhold and/or slow-walk federal resources for #coronavirus relief & outbreak control measures in sanctuary cities so he can make it seem like undocumented immigrants are harboring the virus, then blame Democratic leaders for letting it happen.

It’s happening. Trump is now literally killing people on Fifth Avenue. And he was right: his followers don’t care.

Biden coughs and Trump tweets with glee.

President Trump has in recent days criticized how China handled the coronavirus outbreak, but as the virus spread rapidly across China in the month of February, Trump repeatedly praised Chinese President Xi Jinping's response to the crisis.

BREAKING — Istanbul prosecutor indicts 20 Saudi suspects for Khashoggi killing after 2 years

Here’s Trump more or less rooting for a senator to contract a deadly virus

My Dad is 80. He is also a Navy Vet (one of the first 5 black officers on the USS Midway), a KC BBQ pit master, baseball ace, jazz expert,renaissance man, &33 year career Foreign Service Officer & U.S. Ambassador. I would let the Dow BURN before sacrificing a day of his life.

My 19 year old just asked me if she could have a beer and for support she said, “Does it really matter at this point? My college semester is over. You turned my room into a closet. You won’t let me leave the house. My life sucks. For the love of God let me have a drink woman.”

.@tedcruz: “I don’t want to see doctors having to make a choice of who gets to live and who has to die because they don’t have the equipment to save their lives.”

Even as company pharmacists protested, Walmart kept filling suspicious prescriptions, stoking the country’s opioid epidemic. A Republican U.S. Attorney in Texas thought the evidence was damning. Trump’s political appointees? Not so much.

“A Fake Pandemic”: Anti-Vaxxers Are Spreading Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

BREAKING: Prince Charles, the Queen's son and first in line to the British throne, has tested positive for coronavirus

The three states that President Trump has formally declared coronavirus disaster areas have not received the disaster unemployment assistance that they expected to follow that designation

This is the tweet of a broken human being. And unfortunately, he holds the fate of the nation in his hands.

Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons among grocers adding sneeze guards—plexiglass barriers. The protective barriers are between a customer & a cashier so airborne droplets—either from a cough or a sneeze—will be blocked from hitting the person on the other side.

This is as obvious as not going on a sailboat during a Category 5 hurricane. And yet the President refuses to save Americans’ lives by doing it.

Kentucky ‘Coronavirus Party’ Leads To Infection And The Governor Is Pissed

“In the end, this presents a great and compelling test of our national sense of ourselves as exceptional, generous and resilient,” @jMeacham said. “Perhaps we are all of those things. One thing’s for sure: We’re about to find out.

Scientists are using a live sample of the COVID-19 virus. Testing thousands of drugs on human cells in an effort to find a potential treatment

BREAKING OVERNIGHT: deal reached on $2 trillion financial relief package between White House and Senate leaders from both parties. Here are the key takeaways from the bill, which Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Senate will pass today

1:32 AM · Nov 10, 2018

"California will stop accepting inmates in state prisons

Obstructing strict isolation to let the virus spread is based on a nationalist ideology of eugenics. It is a crime against humanity to intentionally inflict a survival of the fittest economy on a domestic population to protect the vested interests of the wealthy and the corrupt.

Doctors in India say they are being discriminated against over fears they may be infected after working with coronavirus patients. Some doctors have even reported being evicted, or facing threats that their electricity will be cut off. hilarious. What’s the matter Donald? Thought it was “no big deal”? If anyone should sacrifice themselves for the economy, we vote you.

Your president didn't want to divest. Now he wants to reopen his hotels, even if it kills you. Conflicts of interest kill.

Wow. Very strong positive correlation between wealth and COVID-19 cases in Dallas. See that dark square? That's where former President George W. Bush and Mark Cuban live. This isn't because Dallas elites are more prone to disease. It's because they have better access to testing.

What a pig. I said it. Sorry to pigs. Could there be anything more disgusting than holding lives hostage to gain personal political advantage. He shook down the president of Ukraine. Now shaking down governors.

President Trump says he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go" by April 12. Hong Kong's new wave of cases shows what happens when you go back to work too soon

Angela Merkel’s government took a step toward declaring a state of emergency to unlock a historic rescue package to cushion the blow of the coronavirus pandemic

1,700 inmates released from Los Angeles County in response to coronavirus outbreak

One Russian paper today says Putin's “taken personal control” of the coronavirus situation. Another warns “the real number of infected people in Moscow may be far higher than official figures.” Plus: “7 years in prison” for violating quarantine & infecting others.

34 people who attended a church event in Arkansas now have coronavirus

The man is fucking insane

Trump is excited about the prospect of packed churches for Easter Sunday. At this point you have to wonder if he wants people to die.

"The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics were ill-conceived, won through bribes, and a health hazard to the athletes and the spectators," writes @jakeadelstein. "The pandemic postponement may have saved lives."

Bill Gates says it’s “very irresponsible” to rush on COVID-19. GATES: It’s very tough to say to people, hey, keep going to restaurants … ignore that pile of bodies in the corner, we want you to keep spending because there’s some politician that thinks GDP growth is what counts

Excellent, as ever, from ⁦@anneapplebaum⁩ on the dangers of leaders abusing their new powers

Once you are immune, you should be protected from #coronavirus infection and unable to spread it to others. We need to start testing people in “hot zones” to see who’s immune. They could donate their plasma that has antibodies that could potentially treat others.

Trump thinks he can restart the economy regardless of this pandemic. That's not how it works. The economy won't thrive if people and their loved ones are worried about survival. Put American lives first, listen to science, and defeat this disease. That's what our economy needs!

There's a part of me that just can't stop LOL'ing at the delicious irony of the GOP "every life matters" abortion squad rationalizing killing millions of Americans so we can keep making hamburgers. Then the other part of me is like, shit, these people have way too much influence.

I would urge all the networks to take their viewers onto the front lines of #coronoavirus. Take your viewers into emergency rooms and with on camera interviews with ER doctors. Interview the families who have lost loved ones. This is so important right now.

Bill Gates says we can’t restart the economy soon and simply “ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner”

Hint: it’s not because experts haven’t warned him. He knows what will happen.

President Trump says no one saw this coming, but that’s just not true. Our own intelligence officials were warning of the coronavirus threat back in January. Trump ignored them, and now we’re paying the price

Law enforcement first responders have been begging Trump to invoke the Defense Production Act & take steps to make sure they have the protective gear they need. This is what happens when they can’t get it.

Senator Burr is facing his first lawsuit alleging securities fraud after selling off stocks following a Jan #coronavirus briefing. Plaintiff, a hotel stockholder, claims the Republican "acted as a scofflaw in a time of national crisis."

The WHO said today that the U.S. could become the new epicenter of the global pandemic. Why has that not resulted in a national level response to try to slow it down?

Where did Alex Azar go?

Sen. Richard Burr is being sued in federal court by a shareholder in Wyndham Hotels and Resorts who's alleging that Burr used private information to motivate a mass liquidation of his assets.

Farm Workers Are Still in the Fields as the Pandemic Spreads

G-20 will hold emergency virtual summit on virus

Schumer secured a provision in the agreement that will prohibit businesses controlled by the President, Vice President, Members of Congress, and heads of Executive Departments from receiving loans or investments from Treasury programs, per senior Dem aide.

Florida needs stay-at-home order now

Waffle House closes 365 locations across the U.S

U.S. Congress still awaits $2 trillion coronavirus aid deal

Atlanta Mayor says ICU units are at capacity

This is insanely dangerous. What is @Disney thinking?

#Coronavirus latest: -White House and senators strike deal on massive stimulus package -Cases top 422,000; more than 18,900 dead, 108,000 recovered: Johns Hopkins tally -Malaysia extends lockdown to April 14 as cases continue to rise

All across New Zealand, cell phones just lit up with this message:

"If we know who is infected, who is not and who has recovered, we could greatly relax social isolation requirements and send both the uninfected and the recovered back to work." From @TSearchinger, Anthony LaMantia and Gordon Douglas:

Very good news. US Army medical units now deploying. Will join growing ongoing commitments by the National Guard. God Bless these brave soldiers.

Here’s our new ad on Trump’s coronavirus failures. Let’s make it viral.

I hope Bernie Sanders is remembered as being a narcissistic loser, who in the midst of a crisis, made it about himself. History should shame him

Coronavirus test turnaround times range from 24 hours to a week or more, according to labs contacted by CNN.

He's going to kill everyone

Anybody else feel like Trump is picking fights with governors so he can blame them later if the death toll explodes?

The White House and Senate leaders have struck a major deal over a $2-trillion package to provide a jolt to the US economy, which is struggling through the coronavirus pandemic.

#BREAKING: bipartisan DEAL on #COVIDー19 relief package reached. As always, the devils and angels are in the details

Oh FFS. Enough of this.

This is remarkable: NYU’s medical school is allowing students to graduate *now*, three months early, to become interns and join the fight against coronavirus. (Email via a tipster.)

"During these briefings, Trump has lied that the virus is 'something that we have tremendous control over'." "He has promoted an unproven drug treatment." "He is spreading misinformation that could actually put people’s lives in danger."

"In the midst of a pandemic, Americans need real leadership -- and the New York governor has risen to the occasion. In the face of a feckless, reckless president spreading disinformation by the day, Cuomo has stepped up"

Dr. Fauci tries his best to assure people that even though it appears the President has made an absolute decision on Easter, he’s flexible on it

Trump to New York: You’ve Been Mean to Me, Drop Dead

Idaho governor neglects to set statewide coronavirus rules

Klobuchar on husband's COVID-19: 'It's going to happen to every family'

Mississippi governor untroubled by COVID crises in neighboring states

Missouri governor unmoved by plea from state doctors for stay-at-home order

Mardi Gras, coronavirus make 'perfect storm' crisis in Louisiana