Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Twitter gets #YachtCocaineProstitutes trending to mock Republican Devin Nunes after he files $150 million lawsuit

The hypocrisy from @BetsyDeVosED is shocking. She does lots of photo ops reading to kids… but then goes to DC and tries to cut EVERY literacy program.

Defense Dept paid Trump properties $300,000 since start of his presidency: report

Gregory Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, expects to be charged in relation to Ukrainian work with Manafort, his lawyers say

Trump's older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, faced complaints of judicial misconduct for participating in fraudulent tax schemes with her siblings. She has now retired, ending the investigation into her b/c retired judges aren't subject to conduct rules.

NEW: Treasury Sec. Mnuchin responds to request for President Trump's tax returns, saying dept. will not be able to complete review by request date: "The Committee's request raises serious issues concerning constitutional scope of Congressional investigative authority"

Acting ICE director resigns in continued shakeup at DHS under Trump

“His testimony raises profound concern that the AG is doing what we urge emerging democracies not to do: seek to prosecute your political opponents after you win an election."

“He is not the attorney general of Donald Trump. He is the attorney general of the United States,” Pelosi tells AP. “I don’t trust Barr, I trust Mueller.”

The Trump administration is considering auctioning off Florida’s coastal waters for oil and gas drilling — and Republicans are warning it could cost the president dearly in Florida in the 2020 election

Nancy Pelosi says she doesn’t trust A.G. Barr and suggested his statements alleging Trump's campaign was spied on undermine Barr's independence.

The president openly encouraged and assisted the Kremlin’s attack against America and openly tried to stop the ensuing investigation, which was obviously warranted. He must be held accountable. We cannot tolerate such corruption and betrayal by our leaders.

Governor And His Family Owe Millions In Mining Violations, Despite Promises To Pay

Just the president passive-aggressively fantasizing on camera about ordering the US military to use violence against unarmed women and children.

JUST IN: Washington Post files motion to dismiss Covington teenager's suit

New filing in In re Application for Order Authorizing Release of Grand Jury Material: Stay

Trump now claims to be 100% exonerated by Bob Mueller and his team of “treasonous” investigators. Yep. It’s gettin’ that bad.

Former FBI agent rains hell on Bill Barr for slinging around Hannity-style ‘deep state’ conspiracy theories

The House just passed a bill to restore Obama-era net neutrality protections

She reportedly feared post-White House disgrace. Prove her right.

This is also huge. Barr confirms Mueller did not ask him to make a judgment on obstruction

Who were these Russians? What were they doing in the country? And who was backing them?

These comments directly contradict what DOJ previously told us. I’ve asked DOJ to brief us immediately. In the meantime, the AG still owes us the full Mueller report.

Trump Lets Foster Agency Turn Away Catholics and Jews

Sen. Jack Reed: "Do you believe that the investigation that Director Mueller undertook was a witch hunt, or illegal, as has been asserted by the President?" AG Barr: "As I said during my confirmation, it really depends on where you're sitting."

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, @LindseyGrahamSC. How many times do you have to be told that the Trump campaign WAS warned by senior FBI officials on AUG 17, 2016, that Russia was trying to spy on and/or infiltrate their campaign.

Donald Trumps attorney general forms a team to the investigate origins of the Russia probe: report

Steve Mnuchin ignores the law requiring IRS to turn over Trump’s #TaxReturns & falsely claims: "The general public when they elected [Trump] made the decision to elect him without his tax returns being released." Trump LOST the popular vote by 3 million‼️

To recap: Barr is opening an investigation into whether the FBI opened an investigation with no evidence based on no evidence that the FBI actually did anything wrong. that right?

Why does AG Barr deserve the benefit of the doubt and labels like "institutionalist" when he's out here today sounding like a crazy conspiracy theorist?

In two years, post-Watergate rules have been obliterated. After Trump, a president under investigation can: Fire the FBI Director leading the probe, Fire the Attorney General not protecting him, and appoint one who will. It’s the most profound attack on rule of law in decades.

With this contradiction, Barr inoculated himself against any potential legal liability for his testimony. However, he planted a seed in the political discourse with his initial statement, and as a practical matter, all these stories aren't about to be retracted.

"White fragility" was added as a new entry to last week. Here is what it means:


#BREAKING: Trump furiously insists Mueller investigation was ‘illegal’ and ‘treasonous’ in latest rant

Analysis: Gary Cohn says Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security would be "political suicide"

Canada to announce retaliatory #tariffs on more U.S. products

In 2007-2009 there was still a lot of bipartisan Senate work. Then the fossil fuel industry chomped down

Experts warn of a “substitute teacher effect.” Even Republicans have voiced concern about a leadership void, but President Trump appears in no rush to fill many of the vacancies.

Rep. Nita Lowey to AG Barr: "I want to address a serious oversight matter. Your unacceptable handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report."

This is the IRS Commissioner on turning over Trump’s tax returns as required by law. Check out his hands. He’s petrified.

Purchase of $7 million condo in Trump building in 2014 linked to Republic of Congo with funds that appear to be siphoned from the government, report by @Global_Witness featuring investigation by journalist

You're looking at the first ever image of a black hole. It was captured by the #NSFFunded @ehtelescope project.

With the support of 33 Republicans, the House passed the Violence Against Women Act reauthorization including provisions for gun safety and tribal issues. If the @SenateGOP cares about protecting victims, they must demand @SenateMajLdr McConnell let us vote on #VAWA now.

Senator Susan Collins has only raised $9,200 this year from Maine voters for her re-election campaign Reminder: Senator Collins voted to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court despite allegations of sexual abuse

Attorney general faces second day of questioning about Mueller’s report

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "Some of our Republican friends are desperate for disaster aid when it's their states, and don't help other states. Democrats have not done that. We believe we all ought to pull together and help American citizens wherever they are."

The Manhattan U.S. attorney's office has gathered more evidence than previously known in its criminal investigation of hush payments, including from members of Trump's inner circle. Federal prosecutors have spoken with Hope Hicks and Keith Schiller.

The US federal court is now poised to backcheck the version of the Mueller report that Barr sends to Congress and its redactions, after a hearing this am. Judge Reggie Walton recognizes the report’s importance to the public & need for speed—wants more details from DOJ on May 2

Trump Fed pick Herman Cain sent this April 4 sponsored email, which suggested that readers could "turn $1,000 into $800,000" using a certain "moneymaking strategy."

Three years and three million dollars ago...

A woman who tweeted a threat to “blow up” Planned Parenthood facilities has pleaded guilty on two federal charges.

Republicans obtained private tax returns just a few years ago using the very same law that Democrats are now relying on to request Trump's tax returns,

U.S. charges addiction treatment Suboxone maker Indivior with organizing multibillion-dollar fraud

Potential conflicts, fraud, influence-peddling: Why Congress can and must see Trump taxes

The villain and the naif: Miller and Kushner on a potential collision course in Trump’s border crisis

Breaking: Benjamin Netanyahu appears on course for fifth term as right-wing bloc wins more seats in Israeli elections

Why I Am Stockpiling Insulin in My Fridge

Today, #FBI and @TheJusticeDept announced the disruption of one of the largest Medicare fraud schemes in U.S. history. An int'l #fraud ring allegedly bilked Medicare out of more than $1 billion by billing it for unnecessary medical equipment.

$20K wired from Beijing to Cindy Yang's company for Zhang to go to a Mar a Lago event huh? I'd be interested to see Yang & her AsianGOP friends FEC filings. For the prize, how do you wash money into the US again?

Trump holds call with Saudi crown prince to discuss "importance of human rights issues"

Putin Seeks New Page With Trump Once Mueller Report Furor Eases

“An indictment decision would follow a review hearing where (Bibi) can be expected to argue he should be spared, in the national interest. Some political analysts predict he may try to pass a law granting himself immunity, as a sitting leader, from trial.”

"This is Trump's policy that was executed by Trump's people. There is no question about that. He wants to lie again about Barack Obama, he can do that, but he is lying again to the American people."

Trump claims Obama administration built the cages children went in: “i stopped it”

Sen. Gary Peters: "By the end of the week the Department of Homeland Security will have no secretary, no deputy secretary, no chief financial officer... We are looking at an absence of leadership at the top of the third largest department in our federal government."

Fact Checker: Trump digs in on false claim that he stopped Obama’s family separation policy

Inside Trump’s "truly bizarre" visit to Mt. Vernon

Mnuchin says he isn't worried about being fired if he releases Trump's tax returns to lawmakers

This is what it costs to fish with Idaho’s Sen. Crapo

"Some in the Trump administration appear determined to provoke the IRGC into committing a mistake that would then justify taking military action against Iran,"

Whenever Trump is threatened, he lashes out—ethics, rules, laws be damned. He has been threatened on three fronts recently—immigration, his taxes, and the Mueller report—and in all three cases he is urging defiance of the law.

Opinion: Radical transparency for billionaires

Inside the (semi-)secret society for young Trump staffers

The real national emergency isn’t at the border. It’s in Washington. Trump is trashing the rule of law to stay in power—and the very same Republicans who excoriated President Barack Obama for his supposed misuse of executive power are meekly going along.

Prequel: Here is more video of Auntie Maxine leading up to the other video above, scaring the daylights out of Steve Mnuchin who can't figure out if he should leave and who tries to tell her what to do every time he gets more scared. EPIC.

Warner Bros. files copyright claim after Trump shares 2020 video set to music from "The Dark Knight"

“[Barr’s] refusal to say whether he's offered the White House a sneak peek....and a line in the sand drawn by Barr over releasing an unredacted copy.... That standoff shaping up to be the next front in the fight between the Trump DOJ and Congress” -

And you wonder why your drug prices are so high....Republicans Are Warning Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With A Congressional Investigation

Treasury lawyers consulted with the White House general counsel’s office about the potential release of Trump’s tax returns before Democrats formally requested them, even though the process is designed to be walled off from White House interference.

"Now, 61 is the key number here -- that is the number of seats that is needed in the Knesset to be able to form a coalition government." Both Benny Gantz and Bibi Netanyahu have declared victory in Israel's election, while exit polls are too close to call:

Everything you need to know about Benny Gantz, the general who just declared victory over Netanyahu

Fmr Treasury Secretary Summers: The only thing clearer than the obligation of the IRS commissioner to turn over the president's taxes is the inappropriateness of the White House being involved in making dictates about how the president's tax return is going to be handled.

ted lieu nails gop for inviting hitler apologist candace owens to hearing on white supremacists

Do cabinet members need to be confirmed to take action on a 25th Amendment question over the President's competence to serve?

The IRS Commissioner's hand shakes like a leaf while being grilled about delivering dt's tax returns tomorrow. He would not give any straight answers.

Kris Kobach is on TV lobbying for the DHS job. He says if he was running the agency, he would "deploy the thousands of FEMA trailers" to "set up processing centers", which sounds an awful lot like concentration camps.

EU to grant Brexit delay but may demand a longer extension and conditions

Oh man. Rep. Ted Lieu now playing a tape of Candace Owens, who is sitting right there, saying it would have been fine if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great.

Obama didn't have family separation policy

More people are sick from a multistate outbreak of E. coli from an unknown source. The total number of people infected is now 96, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rep. Thomas Massie: "I think it's somewhat appropriate somebody with a pseudo-science degree pushing pseudo-science in front of our committee today." John Kerry: "Are you serious? Is this really a serious happening here?"

Fired DHS secretary tweets firing of acting deputy DHS secretary

"for the secretary to seek to decide whether to pass on the president’s tax return to Congress would surely be inappropriate and probably illegal. ... I would have indicated to the IRS commissioner that I expected the IRS to comply with the law as always."

“I believe you’re supposed to take the gravel and bang it.” -the Secretary of the Treasury

Law obligates IRS commissioner to turn over Trump taxes: Summers

Barr dodges violate spirit of special counsel process: Katyal

Tennessee's Republican government has axed 128,000 poor children from Medicaid programs. "Pro-Life, Family Values"

Trump on Tuesday posted a bizarre video set to the "Dark Knight Rises" soundtrack that features no voiceover or distinguishable narrative, but is partly aimed at his sworn enemies: Hillary Clinton, President Obama, CNN, and Hollywood

Schiff opens second front in bid to obtain Mueller report

TRUMP: "We have the worst laws of any country anywhere in the world."

Here’s video of Trump Advisor Stephen Miller in high school screaming he’s “sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash, when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us.”

One of the most unexpected and remarkable things about this entire part of this saga is that this newly appointed attorney general, who is a seasoned D.C. pro, is Making. It. Up. As. He. Goes.

.@SenateGOP just confirmed Patrick Wyrick to a lifetime federal judgeship. Wyrick hid his conflicts of interest & “took instruction” from oil & gas special interests in public office. This corruption should be ENDED, not promoted.

Barr may push Dems to broach impeachment for full Mueller report

I do what I want...

People Whose Loved Ones Were Transformed by Fox News

Rep. Bishop: "If anybody's tax return is under audit, is there a rule that would prohibit that taxpayer from releasing it?" IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig: "I think I've answered that question. No."