Monday, September 21, 2020

Asked who he thought poisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Pres. Trump replies: "We'll talk about that at another time."


"They need to see the secret records of [Trump's] conversations with Putin, just as they needed to piece together the ripped-up messages Ames wrote to his Russian handler."


With just nine days remaining until current funding runs out, Congress moved a step closer to triggering another government shutdown after failing to strike a bipartisan deal on a stopgap funding bill to keep the government open


JUST IN: With top law enforcement officers and legislative Republicans by his side, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his support for a sweeping crackdown on what he called “unlawful assemblies” statewide.


Opinion: Trump’s latest Supreme Court spin unmasks the GOP’s vile game


BREAKING: The CDC now pulls down language saying COVID aerisolizes. It’s reasonable to wonder who is calling the shots at the CDC and what the scientists actually think.


Meanwhile the Fed just indicated it likely won’t raise rates for another *three years,* given their expectations for how long it’ll take until the job market is sufficiently tight again Maybe Kudlow is using a different alphabet than the rest of us?


The Senate has never voted on a Supreme Court vacancy from an impeached president. Spread the word.


Inbox: Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will lie in repose at the Supreme Court of the United States on Wednesday, September 23, and Thursday, September 24.


Insecure schoolyard bully flexes imaginary muscles to convince a few smaller kids that he's "owning the libs." Pathetic.


Nancy Pelosi on Sunday: "The president is rushing to make some kind of a decision because ... Nov. 10 is when the arguments begin on the Affordable Care Act." "He doesn't want to crush the virus," she said. "He wants to crush the Affordable Care Act."


Crystal Ball just moved #MESen from "toss-up" to "lean D." With only 43 days until Election Day, we have momentum on our side—but we have to work together to get us across the finish line. Help us defeat Senator Collins. Join our team:


Mueller deputy Andrew Weissman says they proved Trump committed obstruction of justice but Mueller team was too timid to say it explicitly.


Revealed >> Mueller prosecutor confirms what we heard repeatedly: Special Counsel team members where frustrated by Mueller's "mealymouthed" conclusion. And more: Mueller weakened his probe largely to avoid a explosive confrontation with the White House.


Whistleblower in Kushner #Covid19 task force: "He said that Brad Smith, one of the political appointees who directed the task force, pressured him to create a model fudging the projected number of fatalities" capping it at 100k deaths.


"Waste no time on anger, regret, or resentment, just get the job done.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933-2020, American jurist who served as a judge of the United States Court of Appeals and as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.


The pretense to federalism was always bullshit.


Trump wants his stacked court to hand him an election


A Defend Your Police truck driving around Boston has received a parking ticket in Copley Square.


General Electric, one of the world's largest makers of coal-fired power plants, says it is shifting its power business to focus on cleaner alternatives instead.


GOP Senator, thy name is hypocrite.


This is why Trump--and maybe McConnell--will lose the fight over the Court seat. It's one thing to say you're not going to honor Justice Ginsburg's dying wish. It's another thing, as Trump does here, to accuse RBG's granddaughter, Clara Spera, of lying about her grandmother.


A top the shot list: “Amy Coney Barrett meets Donald Trump’s two main litmus tests: She has made clear she would invalidate the A.C.A. and take health care away from millions of people and undermine a woman’s reproductive freedom.” Isn’t that nice!


"We are now even closer to the 2020 election — less than two months out — and I believe the same standard must apply," Sen. Lisa Murkowski says, reflecting on her opposition to voting on Merrick Garland, Obama's 2016 SCOTUS, ahead of an election


Imagine how insulting this feels to RBG's granddaughter, who wrote down the message (according to the supremely well-sourced


DEMOCRAT MOB: Outside the home of @LindseyGrahamSC the #DemocratMob used strobe lights,cowbells and chants of “wake up” in an attempt to block confirmation of an #SCOTUS replacement!


New footage unearthed of Lindsey Graham from 1995 says he commits to serving only 12 years in Congress and if he is there any longer he will be part of the problem.


“When you have the Senate, when you have the votes, you can sort of do what you want as long as you have it,” says Trump, defending moving ahead with SCOTUS nomination 44 days until the election after GOP wouldn’t move ahead with Garland eight months before an election


Amy Coney Barrett, potential Supreme Court nominee, wrote influential ruling on campus sexual assault She made it easier FOR THOSE ACCUSED TO CHALLANGE IT!!! Yes boys will be 'fucking' boys.. they shouldn't be blamed. WOMAN IN NAME ONLY!


Your hourly reminder that Donald Trump is a blithering idiot, a Russian asset, and utterly unfit to be president of the United States of America


Good report by ⁦@jgriffiths⁩ on how the death of a Hong Kong teenager became a magnet for conspiracies, exposing the yawning trust deficit that now courses through the deeply polarised city


Fate of a dozen people arrested on a speedboat trying to flee Hong Kong for Taiwan has fueled fears over Beijing’s crackdown on dissidents


We have identified additional officers in our database of videos that show clear apparent instances of police officers escalating violence during protests.


ALERT: @HHSGov @SecAzar made a *power grab* of FDA and now can overrule FDA scientists to grant emergency-use authorization (EUA) of a #coronavirus #vaccine with only minimal data showing it “may be effective.” NO. A #vaccine must be PROVEN SAFE + EFFECTIVE before broad use.


Trump says Merrick Garland is an outstanding judge, but Obama "didn't have the Senate," and "Mitch didn't want to do that," but "we have the Senate," so "there's a difference" - when you have the Senate, "you can sort of do what you want."


If we accept as normal a total loss of integrity and massive hypocrisy in our leaders, then we have already lost. We must seek and demand much more from our leaders. And we must replace those which continually put winning over the values we were all raised as children


My latest: Trump joins dictators and demagogues elsewhere in touting “patriotic education”


NEW: Remember when around 400 kilos of virtually uncut cocaine were found at the Russian embassy in Argentina? The official story of how this happened stinks. We obtained ALL the Russian and Argentinian investigative case files. They point to a coverup:


In FLORIDA tonight in front of Trumps’s Golf Club


Shocking. Lord Barker was paid £6m by Russian energy company linked to billionaire friend of Vladimir Putin to lobby Russian interests.


Trump Tower, Chicago


We are going up on TV against my opponent Republican Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday thanks to you. I am incredibly grateful to everyone stepping up to retweet and get our message out.


At next years Emmy’s Joe Biden will be President of the United States and Trump will be hiding in Russia. @realDonaldTrump


BREAKING: Woman suspected of sending envelope containing the poison ricin addressed to White House has been arrested at New York-Canada border, @AP sources say.


I’m a woman of faith and that informs everything I do and why I’m running.


Michael Caputo: psychotic break or colossal fake. he's Roger Stone's partner, whata y'all think?


And this is why we have uncontrolled insidious Spread.


New: Trump’s FDA authorized emergency use of plasma therapy for COVID-19, despite a lack of proof that it saves lives. Staff at CSL Plasma, an industry leader, raised alarms about faulty masks as donors flooded in, but the FDA and OSHA were slow to act.


Joe Biden makes a plea to Senate Republicans who are moving quickly to fill the Supreme Court seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Members of the newly formed U.S. Space Force are deploying troops to a vast new frontier: the Arabian Peninsula. Space Force now has some 20 airmen stationed at Qatar’s Al-Udeid Air Base in its first foreign deployment.


We know how @BuzzfeedNews “did it” on #FinCENFiles. They got a dump from a pro-Trump troll who has since been charged. In reading this, please note that these “files” whitewash Donald Trump and his whole campaign. Read accordingly.


North Korea moved money through @jpmorgan


Des Moines Register poll: Iowa Senate Theresa Greenfield (D) 45% Joni Ernst (R) 42%


Puerto Rico sees more pain and little progress three years after Hurricane Maria "I can tell you that Puerto Rico's recovery, if it can be called that, didn't come thanks to the government," said a community social worker on the island.


JUST IN: HSBC shares decline to their lowest since 1995 in Hong Kong as pressures mount on several fronts, including political tension in the city, the fallout of the pandemic and renewed Brexit turmoil in the U.K.