Friday, March 6, 2020

Profiles of Courage- Donald J Trump What a flipping coward.

More than a third of all Senate-confirmed civilian positions at the Pentagon are now vacant or filled by temporary officials... out of 60 senior positions, 21 lack permanent appointees. Thirteen of those positions have no nominee identified.

House lawyers argued today that an appeals court ruling blocking lawmakers from suing the executive branch would leave Congress with little choice but to exercise extreme options — such as arresting officials to get answers to its subpoenas

I wrote about Trump's batshit response to the coronavirus, which is straight out of an authoritarian's playbook, and why it puts his own supporters the most at risk:


The White House "has taken total control over staffing at DoD and anything that they perceive as disloyalty is a disqualification." ... "They want to make sure that there's no hint or indication of conflicting loyalties," the person said. "It's complete and total control."

JUST IN: The Judiciary Committee is seeking a rehearing of the McGahn case, saying an earlier Appeals Court ruling left the House with only extreme options to get info from the WH — such as arresting high-level officials.

Vice President Mike Pence promised that 1.5 million tests would be rolled out this week but The Atlantic could only verify that 1,895 had been done

cc @SecretService @CapitolPolice @FBI Could you please go to @RepKenBuck office and have a “chat” with him that this kind of overt threat is impermissible pursuant to: 18 USC §351 Nor is it covered by the “speech & debate clause” or the “first amendment”

Trump's top economic advisor Larry Kudlow says American workers should "stay at work" despite coronavirus. CNBC anchor points out the former FDA commissioner has criticized the administration for "encouraging people to do things that they shouldn't" which helps spread the virus.

NEW - from @alexismadrigal and me After gathering data from all 50 states, and surveying dozens of local officials, we can only verify that 1,895 Americans have been tested for coronavirus

Trump officials are rushing to head off a panic over the pain that a coronavirus epidemic could inflict on the economy as whipsawing financial markets tumbled again today

They’re. Still. Talking. About. Hillary.

NOW: US House asks full DC Circuit to take up Donald McGahn subpoena dispute. Petition just filed

TRUMP on economic hit of coronavirus: "A lot of people are staying here. They're going to be doing their business here. They're going to be traveling here. They'll be going to resorts here. And, you know, we have a great place ... we're going to have Americans staying home."

Tennis is very good for treating covid-19

“We closed it down...we stopped it”, says Trump of Coronavirus.

Quite the re-election agenda: - end health care for people with preexisting conditions - cut Medicare - cut Social Security

Trump voters have always dreamed of building a “Tennis Pavillion” at White House. They know how much the “elites” hate tennis.

Rumors going around DC that Mick Mulvaney is about to resign, but right now they are JUST RUMORS-stay posted...

“Trump's Promise for 1 Million Coronavirus Tests This Week Is Already a Bust... Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar says it will be more like 75,000 tests shipped by the end of the week.”

Hillary Clinton on Melania Trump’s #bebest initiative: “I think she should look closer to home.”

’ve never seen a federal judge say this about a sitting Attorney General. Ever.

AG Barr has destroyed the reservoir of trust that generations of DOJ lawyers built. The attorney for the government is “the servant of the law. ... while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike fouls blows.” Berger v. United States.

Mike Pompeo says the "renegade" ICC has fallen for "a disinformation campaign" in allowing a war crimes inquiry to proceed: "[The ICC is] about rogue regimes, not institutions like America. When somebody gets it wrong here, we hold our own accountable."

yeah, Bernistas such as Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Brandi Carlile are in the poorhouse.

Hossein Sheikholeslam, former advisor to @JZarif and Iran's ex-ambassador to Syria, just died of #Coronavirus

This is what started the confrontation between Minnesota's Native American tribes and some of the most racist elements in Northern Minnesota. Jared & Ivanka's billionaire DC landlord wants to turn the Boundary Waters into a potty for his sulfide mine

Public health officials say a U.S. outbreak is inevitable. What precautions should you take?

Pandemic, tornadoes, global warming, and you're wasting MY money so you can play tennis. In stilettos.

Sen. Ron Johnson, here's another potential target for a corruption hearing. Gotta make sure all the candidate's children are squeaky clean, right? *** Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Made At Least $28 Million Last Year via @forbes

The Trump administration’s greatest obstacle to sending a clear message on coronavirus may be Trump himself

Live updates: Coronavirus fears reverberate as U.S. officials widen states of emergency

Who’s going to prison? “Kraft Foods Group and Mon­delez Global are poised to pay $16 mil­lion to set­tle reg­u­latory al­le­ga­tions they ma­nip­ulated the mar­ket for wheat fu­tures.”

“U.K. in­ves­ti­ga­tors are exam­ining vis­its by Bar­clays Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Jes Sta­ley to Jef­frey Ep­stein’s pri­vate Car­ibbean is­land as part of a probe into whether Sta­ley told the truth about his as­so­ci­a­tion w/ Epstein.”

Didn't you oppose marriage equality in Vermont as recently as 2006 on state's right's grounds? That's hardly a yes.

Fact Checker: Trump’s bogus effort to blame Obama for sluggish coronavirus testing

“Ministers, police and prosecutors are under pressure to bring the ruler of Dubai to justice after a UK judge ruled that he orchestrated the abduction of two of daughters – one from the streets of Cambridge.”

“A sweep of arrests of a neo-Nazi group in the US has dealt a major blow to an organization associated with at least 5 murders and raised questions as to whether the extreme far-right movement...has been largely undone...”

Bernie can kiss goodbye that endorsement, thanks to his nasty supporters!

The fuck did I just watch?

Legislators press Baker to waive co-pays on coronavirus testing

Despite one man's best intentions, self-isolating proved impossible. He had to rent a car. He had to stop for dinner. He had to check in with the host of his Airbnb. He had to go to the supermarket.

Rabbi tests positive for coronavirus in New York state

Attack on Shiite gathering in Afghanistan’s capital leaves more than 20 dead

The #coronavirus won’t be impressed by your tweets — but only by a science-based well-coordinated response. That’s how we saved lives and protected the country from Ebola — you were wrong about that one in 2014, you should try it now.

Elizabeth Warren is asked by @maddow if the end of her candidacy means we should just give up on electing women. Her answer is a masterclass.

The EU Banks are going into a world they have never been before...

Carter Page calls for reparations for “all the other innocent Americans whose lives were put at risk”

They knew then. A week ago ... this was/is not an administration taking the threat seriously.

“Wow real Marie Antoinette energy with the timing of this tweet,” one person fired back at the first lady.

Stocking up because of the coronavirus? Panic-buying can ease anxiety, but the effects are typically short-lived. Here's a better way to cope.

BREAKING: A new poll shows our campaign leading against Senator Susan Collins BY FOUR POINTS. We can win this race and replace her in the Senate this November—but we need your help to do it:

Federal judge in Tennessee orders former Nazi guard deported to Germany

From The Post's Editorial Board: China is using the cover of coronavirus to escalate its repression in Hong Kong

If you are possibly exposed to #COVID19 and told by your healthcare provider or a public health worker to stay home for 14 days, unless you need medical care, please follow their recommendation. Protect yourself and protect others.

Your household plan for #COVID19 should include 1) talking with your neighbors about emergency planning, 2) identifying aid organizations in your community, & 3) creating an emergency contact list. Learn more — CDC

"Everybody knows what this jig is, especially given that the subpoenas were issued within 24 hours of Joe Biden's big win in South Carolina, and they insisted that this has no political motive behind it..." -

It's galling enough that Trump keeps lying about coronavirus. But it's now falling on Dems to inform the public by correcting his lies. Worse, Trump keeps telling Americans not to believe what Dems are telling them, compounding the gaslighting. New piece

Sen. Ted Cruz is aiming to dramatically curtail the power of the International Criminal Court

“We can’t lose hope over this. The only way we make change is we get back up tomorrow and we get back in the fight. We persist. That’s where we make change,”

Hong Kong Broadcaster Axes Satire Show That Drew Top Cop’s Ire

A U.S. Forces spokesman said the strike was in defense of an Afghan National Security Forces checkpoint.

The Times obtained 89 pages of letters, telegrams and internal Soviet government documents that reveal how each side — Bernie Sanders, as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and officials in Moscow — tried to cultivate a relationship to serve their own political ends

A cruise ship with more than 3,500 people on board is in limbo off the California coast, as officials await the results of their coronavirus tests

Uneasy calm in Syria's Idlib as Russia-Turkey ceasefire takes effect

Team of CDC experts now in Rhode Island trying to contain coronavirus outbreak.

A High Court judge found that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid has subjected his own family to two decades of abuse and terror.

“Romney told reporters that the Republican revival of an investigation into the Bidens appears to be driven solely by politics.”

BREAKING: By a 20-point margin, Americans say Trump’s handling of the Coronavirus makes them less likely to vote for him

Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ads, Citing Census Interference Policy

NEW: Mitt Romney could derail a Senate subpoena for records related to Hunter Biden and Burisma, hinting today he could vote against it next week. One GOP “no” vote in committee means the subpoena fails

Huge! Judge finds AG Barr distorted Mueller’s findings & mislead Congress. The Court will now review Barr’s redactions b/c he lacks credibility. Recall: Last May over 1000 former federal prosecutors reviewed the report & came to the same conclusion.

Tin foil implant?

"We're saving this country. This country was going wrong" -- Trump winds down his Fox News town hall by proclaiming himself the savior of America

"I really believe we're gonna win this next election, and when we do the other side is gonna say, 'okay, that's it. Let's get along'" -- Trump on how he plans to unify the country

"We have an oil area near Syria and in Syria. We kept it ... we kept the treasure. That's okay" -- Trump brags about war crimes and the Fox News moderators don't even ask him a follow-up question about it

Trump still seems to think "Obamacare" is a form of health care. He then promises Republicans will unveil a plan for "really fantastic health care" if they retake House. (They had total control in '17 and that produced a proposal that would've stripped coverage from 20+m people)

Trump tries to find a silver lining to the coronavirus during Fox News town hall: "I have to say, people are now staying in the United States, spending their money in the US -- and I like that."

Trump says “we’ll be cutting” entitlements like Medicare and Social Security

The court uses harsh language about Barr to explain its decision to reassess DOJ’s redactions: “These circumstances generally, and Attorney General Barr’s lack of candor specifically, call into question Attorney General Barr’s credibility”

FUN FACT: Trump is only an “expert” at one thing: declarin’ bankruptcy.

Trump spoke by telephone to Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. Asked about that call just now on Fox News townhall, Trump said: "I spoke to a man, a certain man, a leader."

The dumbass #GOP Gov of Missouri claims nearly 17 people have been tested

So important what @ewarren is saying to @maddow about the dangerous, threatening, ugly faction among the Bernie supporters. Sanders either cannot or will not control them.

President Trump says Vice President Pence is working 20 hour days “or more” on the coronavirus response. He says he doesn’t blame anybody, though yesterday he tried to say it was Obama’s fault for a slowdown in new diagnostic testing.

Ain't it funny how conservatives say Hitler was a "liberal", but every time you find a real-life Nazi, they're a Republican?

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul votes against bill funding coronavirus emergency aid

Just a helpful REMINDER: @GOPLeader Kievin McCarthy took money from an indicted Ukrainian-American AND he privately speculated that Putin pays Trump.

“We’re not going anywhere. We will haunt your dreams...Making sure everyone knows what a disaster you are for America and for all of us.”

Retaliating against government employees who did their job and told the truth is incredibly disturbing.

Oh. Ya think?

This is a worse take than Brian Williams’ flubbing the Bloomberg spending numbers. We only have so many hospital beds and respirators in this country; you try to slow the spread of disease so as not to overwhelm our capacity to care for the severely ill.

BREAKING: we have ordered health insurance companies to waive ALL out-of-pocket costs for preventive coronavirus testing.

.@WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus voiced concerns at the growing number of countries with #coronavirus cases, especially those with weaker health systems, and called on governments to harness all ministries to tackle the virus

Bernie is now alone with his ugly active measures against a country resolute in returning this nation to its strong, civilized potential.

It’s March & we still lack adequate #coronavirus test kits. This is a dereliction of duty by @realDonaldTrump. He knew about the virus in January. Instead of leading, @POTUS is spewing false information about #COVIDー19 to downplay the growing outbreak. Completely unacceptable

Exclusive: For Bernie Sanders, his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union was an effort to build diplomatic ties. For the Soviets, it was the start of a years-long propaganda effort to exploit his antiwar agenda, documents obtained by The New York Times show.

As Bernie Sanders Pushed for Closer Ties, Soviet Union Spotted Opportunity - The New York Times

Today CNN is having a townhall on coronavirus with serious experts because so many people have questions about what to do — and FoxNews had a townhall with POTUS where he spouted lies and hunches and misinformation with no pushback at all. This is the dumbest era.

After @realDonaldTrump and cronies downplayed the #CoronavirusOutbreak, Pence now admits there aren't enough #coronavirus test kits. Experts (including me) saw this coming for weeks and called for point-of-care #COVID19 tests. Their incompetence will cost lives

Dear @StateDept: A reminder that last week in @HouseForeign Affairs Committee, @SecPompeo refused 6 times to deny that #coronavirus is a hoax.

.@NationalNurses President Deborah Burger reads a public statement from one of our quarantined #nurses who works at a northern California Kaiser facility.

Warren not thinking about V.P.: The job of Senator is a good job

Warren: Just a little longer before we have a woman in the White House

Warren: At the end of the day the numbers just weren't there

In the selfie line: Americans needing a government on their side

Trump coronavirus incompetence 'like its own natural disaster': Warren

Nationa lNurses President Deborah Burger reads a public statement from one of our quarantined #nurses who works at a northern California Kaiser facility. Full statement