Friday, July 24, 2020

Chris Christie is cashing in on coronavirus lobbying: Christie's firm pulled in $240,000 in less than three months for lobbying the Trump administration on coronavirus aid

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz spent taxpayer money on a personal TV studio

McConnell has scheduled nothing in the coming week on COVID - just votes on a Judge for the Western District of Louisiana, an Assistant Secretary of HUD, and two people for NLRB. The Majority Leader controls the Senate agenda, and this is why we need to take back the Senate.

Someone ask Trump if he can recall this in order: Putin. Russia. Bounties. Troops. Silent.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer blasted Republicans, blaming their "months-long disarray and delay" for a lapse in federal unemployment benefits which are set to expire in the coming days.

BREAKING: Judge denies Oregon's request for TRO reining in federal agents in Portland, says state lacks standing. Order:

In the newly unsealed lawsuit, victims of terrorism attacks allege that Halkbank's sanctions-busting helped the Iranian government hide money that could have been used to pay their judgments. Here is the order unsealing that case:

A new study has found that the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine — given either alone or in combination with the antibiotic azithromycin — did not improve the conditions of hospitalized patients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19

Great. But it's only July. No sleep till Biden. | Electoral College: Florida Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat

The Acting Secretary of @DHSgov Chad Wolf has abused his power. Today, I sent a letter with my colleagues demanding his resignation.

This isn't my usual beat, but I wrote for the Washington Post on the special kind of rage that accompanies the realization that if the government had done something--anything--right over the past five months, our kids could be heading back to school.

Even if there is transmission of coronavirus among children, we still believe they should be returning to school, ⁦@PressSec⁩ says.

COVID-19 patients will be ‘sent home to die’ if deemed too sick, Texas county says

Portland Federal Agents Accused of War Crimes for Destroying Medical Supplies

"The bounty program wasn’t just theoretical. It was FUNCTIONING. Money changed hands. Taliban forces killed US soldiers and collected their dirty rubles. Those bounties were paid by Russia. Russia, whose president owns ours."

“Open all schools for thee, but not for me” ~ Trump family.

Department of Homeland Security

Laura Ingraham’s show used Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's speech condemning sexism to fearmonger about Democrats

Kentuckians are struggling to pay their bills and debt, while Mitch McConnell has, for months, said he didn't "feel the urgency" for more relief.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he's not eating at restaurants right now and "can't think of a reason" to get on a transatlantic flight. Follow live updates.

New: How can white people elevate stories of people of color? Are there ways residents of small towns can address structural racism? Here are more answers to your questions about sundown towns.

BREAKING: @ABC News rates Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as leaning toward Joe Biden, who has an estimated slight edge in the Electoral College over Pres. Trump nearly 100 days from Election Day. Read the full analysis:

Thank you #wallofmomsportland for your bravery!

How to person woman man camera tv

“Hands up please don’t shoot me”

+10 days after the president “very much quelled” protests in Portland

The Inspectors General for the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security are opening investigations into the feds' involvement in Portland.

Jared Kushner in fight with telecom CEOs over Trump campaign texts blocked by anti-spam system

Now we are hearing a different story where they have a limited number of agents who are in the area on standby, if needed. I am concerned that anything could aggravate the situation, and in their rush they are not listening to @mayorjenny and Chief

The WSJ editorial board responds to a signed letter from 280 WSJ news staffers by accusing us of being swept up in cancel culture. We specifically didn’t call for canceling anything. The letter asks for modest changes to more clearly label opinion articles.

Applebaum is right: the attack on demonstrators in Portland is political performance art, carefully staged to cast the enemy as a left-wing “mob.” The rationale for doing this is identical to that of Mussolini’s blackshirts: the more violence, the better.

More than 150 prominent US medical experts, scientists, teachers, nurses and others have signed a letter urging political leaders to shut down the country and start over to contain the surging coronavirus pandemic

They are pushing the crowd off the fence with heavy gas.


Rep. John Lewis to Lie in State at Capitol Next Week

13 sisters at Michigan convent die from the coronavirus

Best @AOC speech ever. Most shocking and moving 10 minutes you’ll spend all day.

European committee chairs jointly condemn China over Hong Kong

BREAKING: The EU Parliament’s special rapporteur on China is demanding EU action on implementing and passing an EU Magnitsky Act to sanction Chinese officials for their Uighur genocide and Hong Kong oppression

Hong Kong’s new reality dawns as city feels chill of national security law Hong Kong's semi-autonomy and freedoms hang in the balance

Amb. McFaul: ‘Really strange’ Trump and Putin would not discuss Russian bounties

"Sarah Palin and Donald Trump reintroduced anti-intellectualism into the American right: a distrust of the media, expertise and facts. A president who dispenses with the pen inevitably takes up the club," argues

From The Post's Editorial Board: Trump’s deployment of federal agents in cities has everything to do with his reelection

This paper is full of such gems as “school is important for a child’s development.”

Israeli police use water cannons in Jerusalem and arrest dozens as clashes break out after protests against Benjamin Netanyahu

BREAKING: China will close down the US Consulate in Chengdu by revoking its license to operate. No mention of timeline for closure. China's Houston consulate is supposed to close by today, but its consul general has not committed to doing so.

Texas Rio Grande Valley suffering COVID-19 'worst case scenario'

Every player and coach on the Yankees & Nationals took a knee before the national anthem tonight in D.C.

Judge calls out Trump, Barr DOJ for punishing Cohen over new book