Thursday, October 26, 2017

Fox News’ advertising revenue has taken a nose-dive

GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Blasts Roy Moore, Condemns ‘White Backlash Grievance’ on the Right

Vladimir Putin’s Consolation Prize

Open Enrollment.

Trump wants to cripple storm forecasting when we need it most

Similarities between RNC-sponsored data farm and Russian Facebook ads seems too close to be coincidence

JUST IN: House GOP passes budget bill allowing Senate to pass tax plan without any Dem votes

Cambridge Analytica used data from Facebook and Politico to help Trump

Exclusive: Farage’s Brexit Team ‘Mueller Interview’ over Cambridge Analytica

Top House Republicans won't rule out changes to 401(k) plans, despite Pres. Trump's assurances.

President Trump declared a Nationwide Public Health Emergency to address the opioid crisis

JUST IN: Top House Dems ask Trump data firms if they communicated with Russians

Top Mitch McConnell ally @HolmesJosh has flatly called Steve Bannon a "white supremacist"

While on Team 🇷🇺 Trump, CIA Dir Woolsey pitched $10 million contract to same Turkish group that paid Misha🇷🇺 Flynn

America’s biggest private prison company just hosted its annual conference at a Trump golf resort

Probe Launched Into Trump Voter Fraud Panel

JUST IN: Ryan: FBI will hand over documents related to Trump-Russia dossier

How Republicans Are Jumping on the New Steele Scoop to Distract From the Trump-Russia Scandal

Leaked document shows Tillerson power play

Nunes would prefer if we stopped mentioning that he recused himself

Maxine Waters asks Twitter for information about Russian accounts that reportedly attacked her

Former GOP senator: Trump has "a personality disorder"

Whitefish Energy apologizes for attacking San Juan mayor and threatening to stop work

Story: Trump commerce secretary says US won't offer Canada and Mexico "anything" in return for NAFTA concessions

Interpol sent warning to all member states that Interpol channels cannot be used by Russia in my case going forward — Bill Browde

JUST IN: Mark Halperin is out at NBC News and MSNBC after sexual harassment claims

While Putin is melting down over the passage of the Canadian Magnitsky Act, Lithuania is moving quickly towards passing one of their own

Maybe Restoring Puerto Rico’s Electricity Shouldn’t Be Handled By Jerkass Grifters

Colorful language alert

Fox host busts Sarah Sanders after she says Russia probe ending: ‘No one at DOJ told you it’s wrapping up’

Dem candidate in Va. governor race hits back after Trump slams him on Twitter

Clinton: The Republican Party Is Imploding

Donald Trump decided not to deport fugitive accused of rape 'after learning he is a Mar-a-Lago member'

Poll: Trump has negative approval rating in red Indiana

Rubio on CNN: “I call it a moment of realignment for political parties.”

Trump camp downplays its ties to Cambridge Analytica—but FEC data shows Team Trump paid the group $5,900,000.

Juliette Kayyem: Mueller Will Deliver On Russia Investigation Before Thanksgiving

JUST IN: Twitter bans ads on RT and Sputnik, saying they "attempted to interfere with the election on behalf of the Russian government"

Oh boy. The new cover of TIME.

Las Vegas victims targeted by death threats after surviving massacre: ‘I hope someone truly shoots you’


"Time’s up for Trump to implement new Russia sanctions"

This is how screwed up Kris Kobach's voter fraud detection program is

"Top Senate Republicans are pledging to find out if the WH is intentionally delaying new sanctions on Moscow"

Some shade from the mayor of San Juan

RT's Simonyan denies direct line of communication w/ Kremlin, but doesn't hesitate to guarantee retaliation on behalf of Russian Federation.

Partisanship Is Breaking Both Parties

Who Knew Trump Would Be a Weak President?

Republicans are desperately pretending they didn't fund Trump-Russia Steele dossier before Hillary Clinton

So weird to have the American President openly congratulating dictators on consolidating even more power. Which he also did with Erdogan.

Report finds saving Obamacare saves money

Will Democrats lose their last tool to block Donald Trump’s worst judicial nominees?

TOTAL RECALL A Mysterious, Republican-Backed Recall Campaign Could Flip Nevada Politics

FCC to loosen TV, newspaper ownership rules

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Party of Lincoln Is Now the Party of Trump

We Are Witnesses: A Portrait of Crime and Punishment in America Today

New Mercer-backed super PAC appears to target Latimer

A majority of Republicans are now in favor of marijuana legalization, a new poll found

UK lawmaker blasts Cyprus for not investigating Russian money laundering while assisting Russia in persecuting me — Bill Browder

Pres. Trump is poised to deliver a major speech on fighting the opioid epidemic -- but it could be controversial

Imagine that. Donny isolates us from Qatar in favor of Saudi Arabia, then Putin steps in.

APNewsBreak: Computer server crucial to Georgia election lawsuit quietly wiped after suit filed.

Per pool earlier, as Trump left his TX fundraiser: "Protesters chanted 'not my president!' over and over...Later it was 'Go home Cheeto.'"

Trump is planning to skip a key Asia summit so he can go home early.

Lawmakers are concerned over the regulatory changes that the acting Comptroller of the Currency is enacting

I'm a very intelligent person

Top Intel Dem: Investigation of Obama-era uranium deal with Russia is an "orchestrated" distraction

Breaching The 'Wall': Is The White House Encroaching On DOJ Independence?

Trump-chosen Puerto Rico contractor behaving in Trumpian ways

"Bannon is," says Rick Wilson

6 things that could derail the GOP's tax plans

EPA chief says his security detail was increased after threats to him and his family

A Christian college just rolled out a mandatory military patriotism class

Federal immigration agents target a 10-year-old girl straight out of surgery

So how did Cambridge know about the Podesta emails before they were released?

Bomb Wounds Ukrainian Politician as Assassination Plots Mount

The use of American companies to push Russian propaganda goes beyond social media sites like Facebook

How Snapchat has kept itself free of fake news

The Happy Hooker Conservatives


Mark Halperin apologizes for what he terms "inappropriate" behavior after 5 women claimed he sexually harassed them

Google keeps low profile in Russia investigation

House votes today on budget resolution that would allow Congress to fast-track tax reform bill

Trump’s War on Obamacare Cost Taxpayers $1 Million During His First Week in Office

About to go onto @foxandfriends to talk about Sergei Magnitsky’s murder and Putin’s fury about Magnitsky sanctions

Rep. David Scott wants to subpoena Equifax to "get their lazy asses in here" to answer for their #Equifax breach

Teachers Report Stressed, Anxious Students In The 'Age Of Trump'

The recruitables: Why Trump’s team was easy prey for Putin

Senate Judiciary Committee escalates Russia probe, digs into finances of nearly 40 individuals and businesses

GOP majority in Senate hangs in balance as allies of Bannon, McConnell step up attacks

Trump has granted Fox News 19 interviews since inauguration

Elizabeth Warren reams GOP: 'the system is rigged' against Americans

I really feel for poor "demoralized" folks at @WhitefishEnergy... I mean, they "came here to help" for a paltry $6,376 per worker per day

Op-Ed Contributor: The Madness Behind Trumps ? Madman Strategy

Reagan's son: Trump is a 'danger to the world' and must be removed

Bharara: It's a 'terrible look' for Trump to interview prosecutors

NEW: Reddit shuts down alt-right forums after @thedailybeast exposé on prominent poster who murdered his father

Kushner will take a diminished role on Trump's China trip

Poll: GOP candidate holds 8-point lead over Dem in Virginia governors race

The Magnitsky Act: How Canada set out to punish Russia's human rights abusers

EPA to review how clean air, water laws affect energy sector jobs


Pence: U.S. funding for persecuted Christians will no longer flow through U.N.

Alexei Navalny tells Russians they have a choice

CNN has 14 pro-Trump pundits on the payroll, they made made more than 500 appearances in the last three months

Obamacare premiums were stabilizing. Then Trump happened.

Tesla Turns Power Back On At Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico


Max Boot: If GOP thinks Trump unfit, an 'obligation to impeach'

Lawrence O'Donnell talks to foreign policy expert and former Republican Max Boot about the GOP reaction to Bob Corker and Jeff Flake's public comments about Donald Trump and the obligation of Republicans who think Trump is unfit to "impeach and remove him."

Alarm over disease as much of Puerto Rico still lacks clean water

Rachel Maddow reports on a frustrating run-around in trying to get answers to questions about the spread of the bacterial infection leptospirosis from lack of clean drinking water in Puerto Rico.

Eager anticipation ahead of JFK assassination documents release

Philip Shenon, former New York Times reporter, talks with Rachel Maddow about what is expected from a release of JFK assassination documents from the National Archives.

Some of history's mysteries are beyond reach

Rachel Maddow describes the effort by historians to restore missing pages of notes from Nixon chief of staff H.R. Haldeman for clues about the missing 18 minutes in an key Watergate tape.

Blumenthal hopes committee split speeds up Trump investigation

Senator Richard Blumenthal talks with Rachel Maddow about the unprecedented nature of Donald Trump interviewing potential U.S. attorneys and what partisan divisions within the Judiciary Committee mean for the Trump Russia investigation.

Senate committee splits as Trump behavior warrants scrutiny

Rachel Maddow reports on how congressional committees are splitting along partisan lines in the Trump Russia investigation even as new revelations show Donald Trump's behavior warrants a closer look by committees like the Senate Judiciary.