Monday, November 5, 2018

Most of us in America have never experienced anything this obscene at this level in r lifetimes n’ if we as a country don’t wake up n’ put an end 2 this nonsense now it’s something we definitely will all pay hard 4 as time goes on.

Many are beginning to talk about this now. closing 50 stores in U.S.

Also, this billboard in MO is heresy. Who paid for it? Put a reporter on it.

Barack Obama: "When you participate in the political process, you can be a check on bad behavior. When you vote, Illinois, you can choose hope over fear."

Ryan Zinke continued to engage in discussions involving his family foundation's property last summer despite the fact that he had pledged to recuse himself from such matters for a year, according to documents obtained by WaPo

Lindsey Graham gets destroyed for lie-filled tweet about job creation under Trump vs. Obama

This idiot is voting in the midterms. Are you?

BREAKING: CREW discovered that Ivanka Trump’s business just won approval for 16 new Chinese trademarks, even though the brand shut down this summer. One of the trademarks covers voting machines

We know. In just 18 months, law enforcement has already indicted/convicted YOUR campaign chairman, YOUR deputy campaign chairman, YOUR national security advisor, YOUR senior foreign policy advisor, YOUR lawyer, and YOUR Russian supporters. I’m out of Twitter characters

Richard Painter & I co-wrote an op-ed examining bizarre behaviors of KEY Republicans in Congress from a rational, evidence-based POV. Russians hacked 10 yrs' worth of RNC emails. Is their conduct voluntary? We challenge that narrativ

Any effort to "intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote." (18 U.S.C. 594).

When we've been at such crossroads before, Americans have made the right choice. Not because we sat back and waited for history to happen -- but because we marched, and mobilized, and voted. We made history happen.

“Eventually, Hunter seemed to arrive at his answer: try to eke out a win by waging one of the most brazenly anti-Muslim smear campaigns in recent history.” @mckaycoppins on how an indicted Congressman tries to keep his job.

'Eric Rosand, a former senior State Department official, told BuzzFeed that Gorka “played a significant role in denying CVE grant funding to groups that work to de-radicalize neo-Nazis and other far right extremists.”'

Justice Department to Monitor Compliance with Federal Voting Rights Laws on Election Day

Not sure if I'm wasting my time or not (??) But I thought I'd stop at the homeless shelter here in Denver to see if anyone here needs help getting to the polls as I think society has literally written these folks off. Most of them have ID's, just dont know where to go

I just found out that my polling location was moved. The County Clerk’s Office did not inform me about the change. Everyone please check online with Califorina Secretary of State to see if your polling place has been changed. We know of twelve that have been moved in CA22.

"White House officials are largely resigned to losing Republican control of the U.S. House and are bracing for an exodus of staff worried about a torrent of subpoenas from Democratic congressional investigators."

I asked Trump what he’s planning to discuss with Putin this weekend and Paris and he said might not have meeting. “Probably not.” But will meet him at G20.

NBC and Fox News pull Trump campaign's racist ad after 'Sunday Night Football' backlash

Damage done

Former Pres. Barack Obama: "Even in this period of hyper partisanship, and tribal politics, I am hoping there's some folks out there that maybe think, you know what? There's some things that transcend party."

Check your voting status here.

JUST IN: The President of the United State vocally endorses Lyin' Josh Hawley for Senator, who signed on to the lawsuit to eliminate protection for pre-existing conditions and now runs ads lyin' that he wants those very protections

Dems whiffed in 2016, so what if they fail again? (from @AP). If Dems don’t take the House a national referendum has been lost to a racist and xenophobic Trump and GOP. The USA and democracy as we know is gone. Our great experiment will have failed! VOTE!!

There are over 15.5k VBM ballots in Florida that are in jeopardy of not being counted unless voters cure them by 5pm on Monday.

Renters are more likely than homeowners to stay home on election day, but that could change this year as candidates press renters’ issues

Brian Kemp was one of only a few secretaries of state who declined DHS offers to help improve the security of state voting systems in 2016, as reports were beginning to emerge of Russia-backed hacking of state election systems, WSJ reports.

In a year with over 200 mass shootings, we have heard nothing from our “leaders.” It’s their turn to hear us. November 6th

Dana Rohrabacher, 3 bills in 30 years. 17 votes against protections for pre-existing conditions.

For years Donald Trump has been spreading fear, encouraging racism and inciting violence. On Nov.6 the hatred ends. VOTE!!

Why is the president so submissive to dictators? Why has this Congress let him get away with it? It's time to vote for people who will hold him accountable.

On Election Day, we must tell Republicans in Washington that they have failed to lead, failed to find solutions and failed to bring us together – and that we won't stand for it. That's why I'm voting Democratic.

America needs a Congress willing to do its job

Rihanna Endorses Democrat Andrew Gillum For Florida Governor

Washington Examiner tweet: "Trump is going to hell"

A trial over the Trump administration’s use of a citizenship question on the next U.S. census gets under way

Garbage move by Kemp. When you're losing, you cheat.

Need a ride to the polls? @lyft and @Uber have you covered

Capt. Sully Sullenberger: "Everyone, everywhere must vote in massive numbers."

'I know who the losers are -- us': Farmers in Trump country cry out as trade war drags into harvest time

Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola Law School and ex-DOJ official who has been studying the issue for years, said he found just 45 credible cases of voter impersonation between 2000 and 2018, a period during which more than a billion votes were cast.

America is at a crossroads. Do we go the path of David Duke & Donald Trump or do we choose love for one another, hope for better days, and opportunity for ALL people?

Caravan Truth: Since there are 5,200 troops on their way to protect a border for pure spectacle and political gamesmanship, this seems like an opportune time to drop this gem

"Full Trumpism": The president’s apocalyptic attacks reach a new level of falsity

24 hours until Election Day! Still undecided? I’m offering a bold vision for MA and a plan to deliver.

We Asked for Examples of Election Misinformation. You Delivered.

Axl Rose: Guns N' Roses has told Trump not to play our music at his rallies

ZING! "Nobody in my administration got indicted," @BarackObama said. "Which, by the way, is not that high a bar."

New video shows just how close U.S. and Chinese warships came to colliding in South China Sea (close!) Chinese warship warns of “consequences” if U.S. vessel didn't change course, U.S. responds: “We are conducting innocent passage.”

President Trump was a vocal critic of illegal immigration long before he reached the White House, claiming it costs the U.S. billions of dollars each year. But multiple studies have found that immigrants help the economy grow

Remember when Trump was in FL and falsely claimed a new terror attack in Sweden? The next morn, a FL man was watching a local TV report about “a terror attack” and got so “angry” & “fed up” he threatened a local mosque. Just one of 17 cases invoking Trump:

I don’t care if reports put Democrats winning by double digits on Tuesday— show up and vote anyway. We Americans need to send a message; treason and attacking the rule of law will not be tolerated. Ever. Bury the GOP in an avalanche of patriotism.

Melania Trump's $95,000 one-day hotel stay was billed to U.S. taxpayers—but she didn't stay there.

"... national security agencies are being directed to focus on threats other than white supremacist terrorism, even though white supremacist violence poses the greatest domestic terror risk."

Fox News claims to be a "news" network. Does it allow its employees to appear at political rallies? After this, how can Hannity's show be considered anything other than 60 minutes of free advertising for Trump 2020

The fact that Donald Trump has held sixty-six rallies since being elected president but still hasn’t visited our troops in a combat zone tells you all you need to know about him.

“The 2016 election confirmed that a potential president could run — and win — after stoking racism. Now, in their closing days, the midterms are shaping up as a demonstration of whether the entire Republican Party can succeed by following his lead.”

After a court ruling, Donald Trump is one step closer to having to turn over records about his business

Obama Tells Why Trump Stoking Fears About “Caravan” .To distract attention away from the fleecing of the US Treasury to provide the #RichMansTaxCut, and the GOP’s plans to gut Medicare, Social Security and ACA to pay for this Tax Givaway.

It’s not rocket science: Climate change was behind this summer’s extreme weather

NBC aired an immigration-themed advertisement, approved by President Trump, that CNN publicly declared to be racist and unfit for its network

I’m an Independent and a @HealthCareVoter who used to be a Republican. November 6th, vote to reject my former party’s assault on your healthcare. Together, we will

Wait for it, trust me it's worth it

Trump hates dogs. Feeling is mutual.

Iran vows to defy U.S. sanctions and resist ‘psychological warfare’ as embargo takes hold

Rep. Jimmy Gomez: The GOP won't question the man behind Trump's immigration plan. Democrats will.

Pres. Trump’s 40% approval rating is the lowest for a president ahead of his first midterm except for Harry Truman’s in 1946. 59% of likely voters say it’s highly important to them to vote for a candidate who shares their opinion of Trump.

THE DEFLECTION: Some made-up rumor about Joe Donnelly & Facebook ads. THE ACTUAL NEWS: Arizona GOP was caught paying for promotional third party mailers that falsely tied the Green Party candidate to Bernie Sanders in an attempt to siphon votes away from Democrat Kyrsten Sinema.

In 27 states you can take time off from work to vote — here's the full list

Gab is back. And it’s the same as it ever was.

If the Democrats win control of the House in 2018, they will also win control of the House committees. And if you think that's just boring bureaucratic stuff, you should think again.

Missouri’s Secretary of State is Jay Ashcroft. His father, John Ashcroft is now a registered foreign agent for Qatar. He has tried to restrict access to voting in Missouri.

Sorry NYT, you misspelled “this sanctioned oligarch conspired with Paul Manafort to attack Western democracy, is a Mobster, and bought a house next to KellyAnne Conway, whose family worked with Philly drug dealer Little Nicky Scarfo.”

New: Saudia Arabia sent two people to Turkey to coverup murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “The fact that a clean-up team was dispatched..nine days after the murder suggests that Khashoggi’s slaying was within the knowledge of top Saudi officials.” -Turkish official to CNN

Family Separation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver discusses the disturbing policy that separated migrant families detained at our southern border, and the disturbingly real chance that it could happen again.

Excellent @PhilipRucker story on how much total nonsense Trump is talking right now. It's awesome when his incessant dishonesty is treated as a story in itself rather than some sidebar to the real news

Like Brian Kemp, Kris Kobach is overseeing his own election while running for governor. More than 1,200 ballots have been rejected because of his voter ID law. “He’s using the ID law to swing elections in his favor,” one disenfranchised voter told me

Watch @staceyabrams response to Brian Kemp's continued attempts to disenfranchise voters with a false investigation against Dems that he launched this morning

Peter Roskam has been a politician for 25 years. In 25 years he has voted to removed protections for pre-existing conditions, kick millions of Americans off their health care, & raised taxes on his constituents. Take a look at what Peter Roskam & Trump have been up to since 199

Rising interest rates and higher prices are beginning to throttle U.S. auto sales.

Richard Painter & I co-wrote an op-ed examining bizarre behaviors of KEY Republicans in Congress from a rational, evidence-based POV. Russians hacked 10 yrs' worth of RNC emails. Is their conduct voluntary? We challenge that narrative

In less than two years trump has f*cked things so badly, we have troops on the **Mexican** Border

Trump ally Kris Kobach accepted donations from white nationalists

Watch GOP Senate nominee lie shamelessly about pre-existing conditions

Lol merely worried? Or "crap, I'm (insert GOP Pol name here) going to prison because this idiot can't shut up in exposing my ties to Russia" worried?

Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in Trump’s warnings about threats to American security posed by caravans of Central American migrants moving through Mexico.

Major Brent Taylor was killed Saturday in Kabul in what authorities are calling an insider attack. He was the mayor of North Ogden, Utah.

Click to copy RELATED TOPICS Media Europe Social media Russia Elections What Russians have been up to ahead of 2018 US midterm vote

In most democracies, what Brian Kemp is doing in Georgia would simply be impossible: nobody else - not the Brits, not the German, nobody - would entrust the enforcement of election laws to one of the very people competing in that election

Barack Obama: "A president doesn't get to decide on his own who's an American citizen and who's not. That's not how the Constitution of the United States works. That's not how the Bill of Rights works. That's not how our democracy works."

Trump Has Been Playing Rihanna Songs At Rallies. ‘Not For Much Longer,’ Singer Says.

Even if NBC decided they were cool with making a few bucks on racism they should have rejected the ad based on factual inaccuracies

Flashpoint South China Sea: Dangerous as Chinese ships harass US ships transiting the area.

'No Blame'? ABC News finds 17 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats or alleged assaults

Reminder: Return your vote-by-mail ballots! They must be postmarked on or before Election Day.

Trump Attempts to Distance Himself From Potential GOP Electoral Disaster

So grateful so many Republicans are openly saying they are breaking with party to #VoteBlue Tuesday. Let’s do this.

The Russians are making provocative overflights of the US fleet during a large NATO exercise in Norway

Pittsburgh mayor says he ended call with Trump after complaints over death penalty laws

John Kasich: "There's no imminent invasion. And, frankly, what we have is a situation is, as they approach the border, we're not going to let a bunch of people just come into the country."

“All I’m saying is wasn’t the table set by Barack Obama?” Ed Henry asked. “Why can’t Republicans just admit that?”

Democrats Eye Push for Infrastructure Plan If They Retake House

New U.S. Sanctions Against Iran Go Into Effect

The Heartland Institute – a key climate denialist group – has long worked to instill doubt in American minds on the science of global warming. Now, it’s shifting tactics and using economic and moral arguments against taking action on climate change.

The head of George Soros's philanthropic group says Fox News won't let him on air to rebut the wild accusations against him

Devin Nunes is a traitor who absolutely needs to lose on Tuesday. Retweet if you agree. He’s Trump’s little lapdog. @JanzforCongress can win, but not without our support. Follow him, RT this and RT his feed

There may be no election more consequential than the one a day-and-a-half from tonight.

SCOOP: Representatives of PUTIN ally OLEG DERIPASKA expect that sanctions against his companies will be lifted by the TRUMP administration after the midterms. Then they plan to launch an effort to get personal sanctions against Deripaska lifted as well.

If it’s “working” that’s because reputable news outlets are choosing to give it “crisis” level coverage even though it’s a made up, imaginary crisis. Not every fear-mongering lie the President spreads needs repeating.

In the 1994 midterms, Luntz established a blueprint for Republicans that year which instructed them to denounce their Democratic opponents as "sick" and "traitors." He can help himself to a giant cup of shut the hell up

And just so we have it preserved for posterity, here's a screenshot of Kemp's accusations against Democrats on the Georgia Secretary of State home page, which many voters will use for accessing voter information the next few days

Trump Accuses Oprah of Burning Tapes That Don’t Exist to Hide an Interview That Never Happened

It is not shocking that Trump would stoop so low. With him, there is no bottom. What is shocking, if no longer entirely surprising, is that the Republican Party would so readily follow him into the gutter.