Friday, November 10, 2017

Political activity online should be subject to the same disclosure rules that apply to political ads in radio or TV.

Behold the Donald Trump golf course tax deduction

Mitch McConnell, who told MSNBC last week that "nobody in the middle class is going to get a tax increase," now says he misspoke and "can’t guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase"

Rupert Murdoch reportedly interested in buying CNN. Trump administration reportedly trying to force AT&T to sell it.

The GOP can’t be rebranded. Lets’s junk it.

French president slams Trump: Tweeting is "not compatible" with leading a nation

Mitt Romney calls on Roy Moore to step aside from Ala. race

Here’s Trump & his best friend Putin snuggling up today. More proof Trump’s the biggest traitor in the history of the United States of America. Not that we needed more.

Statement from Flynn's lawyers

Mark Zuckerberg, It’s Time For an Act of Radical Transparency

Roy Moore denied molesting a 14-year-old but did not deny dating some teenagers while in his 30s

Russia Warns of Crackdown on U.S. Media, Including CNN

Pizzagate King Jack Posobiec Doxes Roy Moore's Accuser on Twitter. Twitter Does Nothing.

Devin Nunes attended a breakfast with Flynn and Turkey's foreign minister just before the inauguration

Top Alabama Republican responds to Moore allegations: I'd trust Putin over Washington Post

Top GOP Senate fundraising committee will no longer fundraise for Roy Moore

BOOM: Cambridge Analytica reached out to Russian intel front Wikileaks to acquire stolen Clinton emails for Trump campaign

Mueller Probing Pre-Election Flynn Meeting With Pro-Russia Congressman


On Monday, David Kautter starts as IRS Commissioner. He ran Ernst & Young's tax practice when they helped clients dodge paying $2 billion in taxes.

We'll buy arms from Russia, Philippines' Duterte tells Putin

Steve Bannon came to the @nytimes for an interview. We filmed the whole thing and made a mini-documentary about it. Watch.

This is stunning. Gary Cohn admits to @JohnJHarwood their plan is to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits next—calling them "welfare"

Manafort charges renew questions about Skadden's work in Ukraine

Magnitsky Act continues to spread. Yesterday the government of Gibraltar introduced their own version.

Papadopoulos lied to FBI in "an apparent case of blind loyalty to protect Donald Trump,” ABC News reports, and is “upset the man he tried to protect is now trying to distance

No formal Trump Putin meeting @PressSec says. Only that they may "bump" into each other

Judge again dismisses Clinton email suits

UK House Speaker doubles down on Trump Parliament speech ban

Olympic Punishment Signals U.S. Election Meddling, Putin Says

Facebook Is Ignoring Anti-Abortion Fake News

Opinion: Trump is part of the Saudi story

The four futures of Trump (and American democracy)

Why the White House might not want a Putin sitdown right now

Tom Steyer says he's committing $20,000,000 to his impeachment ads, says more than 1,900,000 people have signed his petition

The company whose lawyer was at the Trump Tower meeting threatens to break a deal with the feds

Vice President Mike Pence speaks with Joe Biden on the phone once a month

Giffords gun control group sues Trump for refusing to turn over correspondence with NRA

Steve Bannon Advised Mark Cuban to Run in 2020 as a Democrat

Rick Gates, once the man ‘in the corner,’ is now a central figure in Mueller investigation

Pence: If Roy Moore allegations are true, they "disqualify anyone from serving in office"

New cover story: How Donald Trump rules America's Garden of Dicks and sparked the #MeToo movement

Alabama GOP Secretary of State: Allegations against Roy Moore are "disqualifying"

Mueller Probes Flynn’s Role in Alleged Plan to Deliver Cleric to Turkey

Romney moves toward Senate bid

The Vacuity of the Vice President

Having fewer veterans in Congress makes it less likely to restrain the presidents use of force

Mysterious Putin 'niece' has a name

Ex-McConnell aide: Roy Moore is a result of "reckless incompetent idiots like" Bannon recruiting candidates

Trump talks tough on trade in Vietnam, won’t meet with Putin

8 key differences between the dueling Senate and House tax bills

Third top Republican announces retirement in a single week

Roy Moore can’t be taken off the ballot

Facebook founding president sounds alarm

JUST IN: President Trump has given his official response to the Roy Moore child molestation allegations.

No formal Trump-Putin meeting scheduled, White House says

Trump thinks Scientology should lose its tax-exempt status

Top ranks of US diplomacy 'depleted at dizzying speed' under Trump

Don't kill the estate tax

Sean Hannity: sex with 14 year old girl is 'consensual'

Moore allegations add to long string of Alabama political scandals

JUST IN: White House says Donald Trump would want Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore to step aside if allegations against him are true

Lawrence asks McConnell: What will you do about Roy Moore?

Roy Moore is accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old when he was a 32-year-old assistant District Attorney. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says if the allegations are true, Moore should leave the race. But Lawrence O'Donnell says that isn't good enough.

Poll: Most Americans think Trump knew of staff Russian contacts

Rachel Maddow reviews the results of a CNN/SSRS poll showing that Americans increasingly see Russia's operations against the U.S. as a problem, are increasingly concerned about Trump campaign contacts with Russians, and most believe Trump knew about those contacts.

WaPo: Roy Moore accused of sexual encounters with teen girls

John Archibald, columnist for the Birmingham News, talks with Rachel Maddow about The Washington Post's reporting on women who say Roy Moore had sexual interactions with them when they were underage girls, and how that news will play in Alabama's scandal-weary politics.

Moore scandal extends tumultuous streak in Alabama politics

Rachel Maddow reviews the long string of sex and corruption scandals that have roiled Alabama politics, a streak now extended by The Washington Post's reporting on women who accuse Roy Moore of engaging inappropriately with them when they were underage.

Trump gutting of State Department hard to explain with politics

Rachel Maddow points out that while some Donald Trump policies were expected as being within the framework of Republican ideology, the gutting of the State Department is hard to explain that way, and notes that a strong state department would help keep Trump from humiliating himself abroad.