Tuesday, August 25, 2020

“Trump has said he does not know @MilesTaylorUSA. In an episode of the Daily Beast podcast The New Abnormal posted earlier, Taylor told hosts @TheRickWilson and @MollyJongFast he had plentiful evidence of time working closely with the president.”

He finally made his wall.

“They shot my son seven times, seven times, like he didn’t matter. But my son matters. He’s a human being and he matters," Jacob Blake’s father says during a press conference

who made this

Rep. Stephen Lynch Concerned About Postal Service’s Impact On Voting

"In every possible way, they are sabotaging the mail. They're harming our democracy. They're injuring the health of the American people, starting with our veterans, and they will be held accountable."

When Matt Gaetz speaks of morals, remember who his friends are, a convicted criminal like Roger Stone and Joel Greenberg, who’s charged with child sex trafficking. Birds of a feather.

The harmful impact of this Administration’s sabotage of the postal service was immediate – as has been the outcry from the American people. We are all demanding restoration of our mail service. Republicans in Washington better be listening!

BREAKING: House Democrats will probe whether Pompeo's planned speech violates State Department policy and laws prohibiting federal employees from partisan political activities

Trump would dream up medieval plots "to pierce human flesh" of migrants. Wanted to "maim" "gas" and "shoot" migrants. On family separation, Trump said, "I want to make it ten times as bad." Trump's former DHS Chief of Staff @MilesTaylor

Patient-advocacy groups urged improvements to the U.S. Postal Service to ensure people with chronic conditions receive life-sustaining medications

DRINKING BLEACH—don’t do it please. But Georgia heath Dept now reporting people are ingesting diluted chlorine dioxide to “treat” #COVID19. No joke. Because GA governor’s office had to out a press release warning people to STOP drinking it for Covid.

“It’s extraordinary to me that a person involved in clinical trials could make that mistake,” said Dr. Peter Lurie, a former FDA official under the Obama administration who now leads the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest. “It’s mind-boggling.”

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko began detaining protest leaders, a new tactic after police violence against peaceful demonstrators sparked widespread outrage

Just watch this instead...

Trump shields MBS from accountability for Jamal Khashoggi, defying Congress along the way - The Washington Post

Steve Wynn and Elliott Broidy, both top RNC fundraisers at the time, called Trump from Wynn’s yacht in Aug 2017 to check on the status of Guo Wengui, a Chinese businessman living in the U.S. whose removal Broidy was seeking on behalf of the Chinese govt.

Angry, maskless spectators forced themselves into the Idaho House special session on the pandemic Monday, shattering a glass door, rushing into the gallery, and forcing lawmakers to ask for calm in a crowd that included a man carrying an assault rifle.

Steve Doocy is sooooo close to figuring it out

Mitch McConnell’s close friends are trying to do despicable things to the @USPS. His swamp wants to make sure thousands of Kentuckians can’t get their prescriptions during a global pandemic.

california wildfire map

for updates.

Trump's move to eliminate the payroll tax could deplete the Social Security trust fund within three years if there's no alternative source of revenue, according to the agency's chief actuary

New mail sorting machine at Grand Junction USPS annex thrown out

LeBron James calls guns a "huge issue" after Jacob Blake shooting. "We think you’re hunting us."

My one-minute pitch to undecided voters. — James Comey

INBOX: @NewYorkStateAG holds a press call with members of the state’s U.S. congressional delegation to discuss efforts to protect @USPS. The roster is below.

BREAKING: Jacob Blake, a Black man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is paralyzed from the waist down, his father tells the Chicago @Suntimes. Doctors don't know if the paralysis will be permanent.

Anti-Trump PAC ‘The Lincoln Project’ Launching ‘Lincoln Women,’ Led By Prominent GOP Women

Nikki Haley was better when she told the truth about Donald Trump in 2016.

The whole World is watching Belarus. World media front pages today.

A Hong Kong court on Monday threw out two private prosecutions -- including one against a police officer who shot a pro-democracy protester last year -- following a rare intervention from the financial hub's justice secretary

The 33-year-old’s second SARS-CoV-2 infection was detected via airport screening on his return to Hong Kong from Europe this month. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong used genomic sequence analysis to prove he was infected by two different strains

Hong Kong scientists say they have the first evidence that reinfection with the coronavirus is possible.

Hong Kong protest singers fear for their future

China has embarked on a charm offensive in Europe

DeJoy just said, it’s “outrageous” to say that “the buck stops with me” regarding the “unplugging” of the sorting machines. In other words, DeJoy “doesn’t take responsibility at all” for the drastic (arguably criminal) slowing of OUR MAIL!

Dr. Fauci is warning that distributing a COVID-19 vaccine under special emergency use guidelines before it has been proved safe and effective in large trials is a bad idea that could have a chilling effect on the testing of other vaccines

The Eyes Have It: Junior Just Wants Daddy’s Love

Postmaster General DeJoy revealed today that he ❌doesn’t know who ordered the @USPS overhaul; ❌won’t take responsibility for how it’s hurting Americans; and ❌refuses to reverse these harmful changes. The only thing we can count on Mr. DeJoy to deliver is excuses.

Trump's story about how the country was coming together under his leadership before Covid hit is total nonsense. He had just been impeached!

Trump begins his first speech at the 2020 RNC by suggesting he deserves to serve more than two terms in office

The RNC is completely beyond parody

Nikki Haley takes stab at Putin

"To me, President Erdogan was very good" -- Trump to Pastor Brunson, who was imprisoned by Erdogan's regime

Joe Biden would abolish doctors, this speaker at the RNC says

this is a superspreader event

Fox News cut away from the RNC as soon as Charlie Kirk started talking

If White Grievance had a pimple, and it was popped, but the swelling hadn't gone down yet.

In the middle of a pandemic, historic economic downturn, and double-digit unemployment, the Republican National Convention decided there’s no need for an agenda – for the people. So there’s no 2020 Republican Party Platform; only a pledge of allegiance to Donald Trump. — Nancy Pelosi

It’s like a satire of a dictatorship

Donald Trump is unfit to lead our nation. But don’t just take my word for it... — Joe Biden

Here's why Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officers who were on the scene of the Jacob Blake shooting were not equipped with body cameras, AP reports

"Only the mob takes the fifth." - Donald J Trump

BREAKING: Chairman @RepEliotEngel announces that the Committee has obtained internal State Department documents that show Secretary Pompeo's #RNCConvention2020 speech apparently violates legal restrictions and his own instructions to Department personnel.

In a statement, @NewYorkStateAG says that Trump Org, Eric Trump and others have stalled and stonewalled their subpoenas for months. The AG's probe looks into whether Trump inflated his assets on financial statements to secure loans and obtain economic and tax benefits.

If that Don Jr segment was taped, then it means that was the *best* condition they could get him in.

The incredible NYC activist @jaywwalker1 came up with this call and response chant in the moment during @MarchfortheDead last night. Here, Martin Quinn, whose father died of COVID-19 complications on Wednesday, leads on the megaphone. I hope this chant is repeated across the USA.

Former Trump aide Cliff Sims—who sued the president after writing a brutal tell-all book about his time in the Trump White House called "Team of Vipers"—is back on the Trump team.

Cocaine | Adderall Trump is a full-time, long-term, intoxicated drug addict.

Chinese national shows up in tiny,poor,N.C. town. Buys property,Buys a house,has a cover story,sounds like,He bought the local cops too,When they caught him with a HALF BILLION DOLLAR OPIUM CROP they let him go for 4,000 US Probably straight back to China

"Is your plan to be pardoned like Roger Stone?" DeJoy refuses to answer

Interesting fan club.

How many Trump voters know the woman who was just shouting a verbal attack on California used to be married to the Democratic governor of California?

Dave is a firefighter who just lost his home in the #CZULightningComplex Fire while he was on the frontlines of another blaze. He’s been given time off but asked us to help him deliver hot meals to crews still fighting the fire in his neighborhood & others who’ve lost everything.

WOW - Michael Cohen’s new anti-Trump ad is incredible.

Judge Berman DENIES Halkbank's motion to recuse him based on comments he made in court and to the press, including in an interview with me for @CourthouseNews. As he notes, Halkbank was not yet indicted, and it wasn't the subject of our chat.

The Trump family takes more Secret Service protected trips every year than the Obama family took in the seven years we have data for. Combined.

President Trump’s convention opened with a dark portrait of fear in America painted largely for the benefit of his base

Trump just openly campaigning from INSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE.

Opinion: The GOP isn’t even pretending to stand for anything anymore

EPIDEMIC WILDFIRE: University of Alabama reports 531 newly confirmed #COVID19 cases since classes resumed.

"It took 2 months to set up & they were just about to do a test run when the postmaster general ordered us to take it out." A BRAND NEW mail sorting machine was dismantled Friday & thrown in a dumpster in Grand Junction, CO on DeJoy's order.

[2 am] #TropicalStormLaura expected to become a #Hurricane later today.

The JACKED up part of @kimguilfoyle ”unhinged“ screed - IT. WAS. TAPED. and no one from the @GOP thought: retake? tone it down? wait 65 minutes for the uppers to wear off? related? Possibly

Playing Corona Roulette.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned against the notion of early emergency use authorization for a potential coronavirus vaccine, explaining that such a step could damage efforts to develop other vaccines

Former Trump DHS officials launch anti-Trump group Miles Taylor has recruited current and former Trump administration officials to the cause.