Monday, September 11, 2017

NEW VIDEO: Disrespecting 9/11: Trump continues his speech through TWO moments of silence. Also, no tweets this AM.

Lawyer says extradition of oligarch tied to Trump campaign chief imminent

Legal group moves to challenge Trump's Arpaio pardon

Melissa McCarthy wins an Emmy for her SNL Spicer impersonation

Steve Bannon is deeply tied to the Mercer empire. 60 Minutes didn't ask him a single question about it.

China to ban the sale of fossil fuel cars

"Trump’s hostile takeover of the GOP is almost complete"

Three reasons why Kobach's latest claim is completely bogus.

16 year of Trump's September11 lies, insults and slights

If you're not worried about the Equifax hack, you should be

Sputnik, the Russian news agency, is under investigation by the FBI

‘Out of his f*cking mind’: John Oliver hammers Trump’s incoherence on DACA

Officials suspect Russia used UN facilities to interfere in the US election.

Sessions considering giving lie detector tests to entire National Security Council: report

Can these Democratic attorneys general save DACA? We asked 9 legal experts.

Trump claims vote fraud in New Hampshire, and now his commission is going there

The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election

Source: Steve Bannon and his allies are preparing primary challenges against some Republican senators

Bannon breaks with Trump: Firing Comey was biggest mistake in "modern political history"

'We’re the only plane in the sky.' The journey of Air Force One on 9/11

Mueller may have to grant Trump immunity – but could still prosecute him: law professor

Betsy DeVos has it backwards

NEW - A month to day after Trump called opioid crisis a nat emergency, his admin hasn't moved to actually declare it

I agree with Hillary Clinton. Trump and many of his supporters were "deplorable." It was not wrong to say that.

Storms add to problems for oil bulls as production continues and storage nears capacity

The next six months are full of hazards for Republicans — largely created by Trump

Chief Meteorologist of WBZ, @ericfisher, has the forecast for Hurricane Irma

Trump: Hurricanes are helping the Coast Guard improve its 'brand'

Putin honors former U.S. envoy under fire for Trump contacts

Kris Kobach and his band of vote suppressors threaten voting rights nationwide, with their dishonesty

Over a dozen conservative governors are trying to cut Medicaid through a scheme known as Medicaid waivers

In Trump’s White House, few tales about power are more instructive than the story of Jeff Sessions’ two former aides

Bannon: McConnell and Ryan are trying to "nullify the 2016 election"

"Trump betrays everyone": The president has a long record as an unpredictable ally

Russia's state TV mocks American intelligence services: MP Vyacheslav Nikonov says U.S. spies slept while Russia elected a U.S. President.

U.N. Security Council to vote Monday on weakened North Korea sanctions: diplomats

Thousands expected to gather at Ground Zero as the U.S. commemorates 9/11

McCain breaks with Trump: We must address our changing climate

Joe Arpaio: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Donald Trump issued his first presidential pardon to the last person who should get one. John Oliver discusses the troubling record of former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.