Wednesday, October 11, 2017

MUST-READ longform explanation of how Russian information ops have worked in the past - and worked here

Trump reportedly didn't know about the loophole in the 25th Amendment that lets 14 people remove a sitting president from office

FCC Commissioner responds to Trump’s NBC threat: "Not how it works"

Strong words from Rep Swalwell, who tells me Paul Ryan must intervene against Nunes if he wants credible HPSCI probe

Repealing the estate tax benefits estates over $5.49 million. Trump is addressing a group of truckers, who make on avg. $40,260/year.

"An Outrageous Prosecution: Turkey convicts a Journal reporter of promoting terrorism"

Trump: I have 'different attitude' on N. Korea than others in administration

The number of errors on Kushner’s security clearance forms are unprecedented, says the director of the Background Investigations Bureau

House Intel Democrat: Devin Nunes is risking the credibility of the Russia investigation

What’s ironic about Trump’s anti -press rants is this statement his State Dept gave TODAY about a journalist sentenced to prison in Turkey.

Trump businesses reportedly profit from Trump admin rolling back regulations

Obama will return to the campaign trail to support Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the Virginia governor's race

Pres. Trump expected to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary tomorrow.

Trump's threats toward media outlets that are critical of him is an attack on the First Amendment and the behavior of a dictator

Climate change will always hurt poor people the most

Russia Probe Now Investigating Cambridge Analytica, Trump’s ‘Psychographic’ Data Gurus

Why wildfires will only get much, much worse

Pope says there has been a development of doctrine in Church meaning Death Penalty no longer permissible

Rep Devin Nunes has accepted over $641,000 in contributions from lobbyists & oil companies over the past decad

NEW: House Intel Committee to release Russian-financed Facebook ads that ran during the 2016 election


WSJ: Russian govt used Kaspersky software to secretly scan computers around the world for classified U.S. gov't docs

The president, sounding tyrant-adjacent, floats the idea of pulling news outlets off the air for critical stories about him.

Cardin, McCain question Trump administration's delay in implementing Russia sanctions, White House's commitment to sanctions bil


Earlier, we asked for your questions on the crisis in Puerto Rico.

Scarborough: Destruction of GOP will be part of Trump's legacy

VP Mike Pence used private email account as Governor, won't release emails. (Also sealed his congressional papers)

Treasury inspector launches second investigation into Mnuchin travel habits

Back in May Devin Nunes said Russia story was made up before telling local press he knew they interfered all along

"A tweet by President Trump could end the 10-year bull stock market"

CNN conservative Margare tHoover calls out GOP for turning blind eye to Fox News and Trump’s abuse of women

A reminder that war with North Korea will lead to war in Europe. The Precipice - Narativ

Donald Trump has state visit to UK downgraded 'and will not be guest of the Queen'

GOP Rep Devin Nunes paid $148,979 to firm that says they’ve done comm training for candidates & political parties in Russia

Wonder why this guy skulks around like a scurvy rat?

Hawaii says Trump's third travel ban is an outgrowth of his Muslim ban, asks federal judge for permission to challenge.

US congressional panels spar over Steele dossier. GOP deny credibility, giving Trump cover on Russia probe

Nurse sent to Puerto Rico says 'situation is becoming dire'

Oh look it’s the fake defenders of women’s rights Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner with Harvey Weinstein

Feds use right-wing militia’s video to prosecute trump protesters


BREAKING Google shuts YouTube channel implicated in Kremlin political propaganda ops TARGETED US ELECTION

You got an alleged rapist elected to the presidency

Spotted in Brooklyn.

Trump’s Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. soldiers in Niger goes unnoticed

Considering only 46% of Americans own stock, of which 94% of that ownership is from the top 1%. In short, only ur rich friends give a shit!

What our cyberwall knows

Players engage in peaceful dissent; Trump threatens NFL with tax punishment if they don’t stop their protest; NFL caves to tax threat.

THE MEMO: Republicans fear aftershocks from Trump-Corker feud

NYPD was ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein

Puerto Rico is devastated. California is on fire. And the Trump administration is trying to make poisoning the environment even easier.

Equifax Hack Disclosed Driver’s License Data for More Than 10 Million Americans

Scientists Found a Gnarly Pesticide in 75 Percent of Global Honey Samples

How Sinclair Broadcasting puts a partisan tilt on trusted local news

Trump’s Puerto Rico video tells positive story but leaves a lot on cutting-room floor

Fox News Host Dresses Down Trump: ‘You Are Running Out Of Friends’

Vicente Fox trolls Trump with “IQ test”: Are Puerto Ricans American citizens?

Look at the Junk Science About Contraception in the Health Department’s New Manifesto

Trump can destroy records without judicial review, Justice Department tells court

Trumps Estrangement From the GOP One Republican at a Time

'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

NEW: Sources are challenging NBC’s assertion that Farrow had no usable interviews with Weinstein’s alleged victims

Exclusive: U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea - U.S. officials

Trump’s Nafta goals: dilute pact’s force, loosen regional economic bonds

News: Carter Page says he won’t cooperate with Senate Intel Russia probe, intends to plead the fifth


Condi Rice on Trump-North Korea: "Watch your rhetoric... It's time to step back and let the diplomacy work."


A zillionaire’s solution: Tax the rich and save the economy

SEEMS LIKE IMPORTANT CONTEXT ---> Weinstein's longtime lawyer and his law partners have given Cy Vance $182,000

Hes better than this, says Thomas Barrack, Trumps loyal whisperer

Most people suffer the consequences of their actions. So far, Trump has not.

NBC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Trump asked for tenfold increase in US nuclear arsenal

You don't get to pick & choose which sexual harassment claim you find valid based on political party

Watch this!

Ethics chief "deeply concerned" about actions by top federal officials

By “law” Putin should have retired in 2008.

Alabama GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore calls son’s ninth arrest a ‘cheap political trick’

Sean Hannity has HAD IT with people who cover up sexual harassment of powerful people

More evacuations were ordered on Tuesday evening as wildfires raged across California, killing at least 17 people

More than 6 months after joining her father's W.H., Ivanka has yet to make a mark on any major policy decisions

Senate Democrats worry Russia could jeopardize reelection bids

How Trump Uses Religious Liberty to Attack L.G.B.T. Rights

Russian cybercrime suspect in Greek court for second extradition request

Trump Challenges Cabinet Members IQ, Fights Senator He Needs. What Is Going On?

The death toll in Puerto Rico is rising as needed relief has yet to reach parts of the island

One of the world’s most valuable salmon fisheries could become a mine for copper and gold under Trump

New group plans legal challenges to Trump businesses, and its first lawsuit is expected within days

NEW POLL: Trump approval rating falls in every state

Mr. Trump Nails Shut the Coffin on Climate Relief

Would Sessions, Tillerson, Mnuchin have these jobs with another president? No, and Trump knows it.

Turkey convicted a longtime Wall Street Journal reporter in absentia on terrorism charges

Acosta's deal w/Epstein violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act federal case may be RE-OPENED

The Case For Impeaching Donald Trump is Real and Serious. Here’s Why.

California’s out-of-control wildfires claim more victims

Marsha Blackburn’s ‘baby body parts’ ad is worse than ‘inflammatory’

Zinke’s travels: Ski resort and Alaskan steakhouse

Trump is making Rex Tillerson’s job impossible, one petty insult at a time

Ilan Goldenberg & Mara Karlin game out the consequences of de-certifying the Iran nuclear deal

Lying over and over again without consequences

Trump is Now Selling Stickers to Support the VP Walking Out of NFL Game

Eminem unleashes on Trump: "The rest of America stand up..."

The latest Nobel Prize winner in economics takes a jab at Trump

Exclusive: Despite sanctions, Russian organizations acquire Microsoft software

More than 100 Dems want proof from Mattis that Trump consulted with DoD before announcing the transgender troops ban

Why won't Steve Bannon go after Ted Cruz?

It could have something to do with Robert Mercer, the reclusive conspiracy-minded billionaire who spent millions to help both men - and who is closely tied to Donald Trump and the alt-right.

Trump won’t give up this false tax claim

On Washington: For Republicans, ?Failure Is Not an Option on Tax Cuts

Presidential obstruction of justice: The case of Donald J. Trump

Nunes goes rogue with Trump Russia subpoenas

Congressman Eric Swalwell talks with Rachel Maddow about how it an be that Rep. Nunes is issuing subpoenas in the Trump Russia investigation when he is supposed to have stepped aside because of his conflicts.

Nunes lunges back into Russia investigation with subpoenas

Rachel Maddow reports on Rep. Devin Nunes, supposedly removed from the Trump Russia investigation, inserting himself again, this time with subpoenas for Fusion GPS, the firm behind the Trump Russia dossier.

HuffPost: "JonesAct Waiver For Puerto Rico Just Expired... PR will go back to paying double shipping costs"

Interior Secretary Zinkes claim that the U.S. has struggled to produce low-cost, abundant and reliable energy

GOP source says Kelly and Mattis discuss what to do if Trump lunges for the nuclear football.

Congress Cant Get Its Sh*t Together and Its Putting Kids at Risk

Kansas tried a tax plan similar to Trump’s. It failed.

Why do some men, like Trump, get away with predatory behavior?

Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company after accusations of sexual predation surfaced. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States after nearly a dozen women came forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault.

David Frum explains how the GOP dam will break with Trump

Lawrence O'Donnell talks with Ron Klain and David Frum about how Sen. Bob Corker could be a tipping point in Republican opposition to Donald Trump and who could be the next Republican to publicly oppose the president.

Abuse of power a recurrent theme in accusations against Weinstein

Ronan Farrow, contributor to The New Yorker, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the abuse of power depicted in the allegations against Harvey Weinstein makes it a story that resonates beyond Hollywood.

Sexual allegations against Weinstein expose open Hollywood secret

Rachel Maddow looks at how recent stories of powerful men accused of sexual misconduct evolved from backstories of secrets.