Thursday, December 24, 2020

BREAKING: House Republicans blocked Democrats’ attempt to meet President Trump’s demand for $2,000 stimulus payments


When guards are allowed to beat and rape women at a Florida prison, who are the real felons?


Republicans just voted to defund the police


No difficulties for Russia under Joe Biden presidency: Vladimir Putin


GOP Calls Police On Meidas Touch Canvassing In Georgia -- So ⁦@ProjectLincoln⁩ Is Going Down To Help Them Out


Hear retired Colonel Gary Solis’s remarks about the pardons of Blackwater contractors convicted of murder. He served 26 years in the Marine Corps, including as a military judge, and is an adjunct professor of law at West Point.


BIG THREAD: I wanted to understand who was responsible for the Trump admin’s record string of executions. I got 1000s pages of govt records & court docs. They showed officials trampling over legal & practical barriers. Here’s what I learned:


By the way: At the same time Trump is pardoning cronies at a record pace, he is also executing people at a record pace


These pardons shock the conscience. To the investigators and prosecutors who defended the US and pursued justice, securing dozens of convictions, only to have your efforts corruptly erased and investigated: You are patriots. America is fortunate to have you and your service.


Trump pardoned Jesse Benton, a former Rand Paul aide. Benton was convicted of an attempt to buy an endorsement for Ron Paul's 2012 presidential bid. Rand Paul is the uncle of Jesse Benton's wife. Jesse Benton managed Mitch McConnell's 2014 reelection campaign.


So, dangling pardons worked.


'Warms Everybody's Heart': NORAD Santa Tracker Celebrates 65 Years Despite COVID Challenges


Trump administration pushes forward on $500 million weapons deal with Saudi Arabia


For a second night in a row, President Donald Trump issued a round of pardons and commutations. Here's a look at the 29 people granted clemency on Wednesday.


Jimmy Lai questioned what’s the point of getting out on bail with such strict conditions, but eventually agreed to make his staff feel more at ease, and Lai would not jump bail, Ho said.


China begins anti-monopoly investigation into Alibaba as shares tumble in Hong Kong


A new cartoon by Chinese-Australian artist @Badiucao after US Senator Ted Cruz blocked swift passage of law granting special refugee status to Hongkongers.


The 51 residents whose stories are told here, one from every state and the District of Columbia, left behind at least 129 children, 230 grandchildren, 210 great-grandchildren and 41 great-great-grandchildren.


Iran finds a way to buy coronavirus vaccines despite U.S. sanctions, a breakthrough for the country with the worst virus outbreak in the Middle East


Exactly right, from NYT: Trump's call for $2000 checks makes it more likely that the GOP will bear "blame for the continuing delay in providing relief to Americans...could prove particularly potent in Georgia." Reupping my piece and thread on this:


How's that omelet bar, Mr. President? Rachel #Maddow mocks Trump for vacation schedule where he swears he's working


Serious question: has any American who cooperated with Russian (or Soviet) intelligence ever received a presidential pardon before this week? Trump now has 3 notches on his belt (Manafort, Roger Stone & George Papadopoulos)


The Triumph of Kleptocracy With Donald Trump’s pardon of Paul Manafort, kleptocracy has successfully waited out its enemies


I will say it again: If Trump attempts a self-pardon, Biden’s DOJ *must* challenge it (which would require it to charge Trump with a crime). It’s not political; it’s about defining the parameters of the pardon power going forward, regardless of which party has the presidency.


Every one of the Trump pardon-for-silence bribes is a crime. The Mueller Report explains how Trump and his cronies formed a joint defense agreement to coordinate their lies. They were all promised pardons if they held firm.


Never forget that the so-called #LawAndOrder Republicans had the chance to prevent this blatant abuse of power and exercise in corruption back in January during #Impeachment.


Hey @AnnCoulter Merry Christmas! That’s the reason I’m asking for a Food Czar or Secretary of Food! In this video there are republicans and Democrats! Americans! You want to talk about how to solve this issue? Sincerely, A nut foreigner.


Barbara Res worked for Trump for years on construction projects. She knows him as well as anyone.