Monday, February 17, 2020

NEW, from me and @lachlan: Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Has a Side Project: Secretly Hunting for ‘Anonymous’

Deleting Facebook. Step by step instructions.

Donald Trump is the most corrupt President in modern US history. But Trump didn’t cause the rot in Washington – he’s just the biggest, stinkiest example of a system that no longer works for the people. That’s why this #PresidentsDay, I’m fighting for my bill to #EndCorruptionNow.

BRUTAL & Fair "Bill Barr’s America is not a place that anyone, including Trump voters, should want to go—a banana republic, where all are subject to the whims of a dictatorial president." Barr must resign, writes former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer

It’s still hard to believe people may have been misled into investing in a company named Fraud Guarantee.

Bolton to break his silence as White House wrangles over content of his book

Update: over 2000 (!) former DOJ officials have signed. This is an extraordinary bi-partisan show of unity about our concern for the independence of DOJ.

Cambridge Analytica customer John Bolton might say a thing? Oh sorry, let me identify the real truth tellers and patriots.

"Given the circumstances, it's hardly unreasonable to believe we're past the point of 'concerns,' having arrived at the point of emergency conditions without modern precedent."

“‘What Trump is doing is canceling what we all have proven, what the courts have a form of jury nullification at a presidential level//(Trump) is doing it on steroids because of the power of his office. People have to see the danger in that.’”

America, I believe this is all you need to know about why you should

Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history.

Bill Barr must resign but he absolutely won’t.

USPS Could Privatize As Early As Next Year – Fortune

MO senator who voted to acquit Trump may have misused taxpayer funds. See KC Star article

The judge handling the Roger Stone case has ordered both sides to take part in a telephone hearing Tuesday

Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook was complicit in the subversion of Democracy. Or something

Please stop tweeting, Mr. President. It’s making it much more difficult for me to do your bidding!

For all of you new MAGAs in my timeline this weekend, please enjoy this piece on the subject of convicted criminal Roger Stone. Roger Stone Knows Trump’s Secrets. That’s Why He’ll Avoid Prison

I don’t see massive marches. I don’t see people flooding Congress with calls. I don’t see the outrage that is warranted. I see passivity, resignation and acquiescence from an electorate that has come to accept Trump’s aberrant behavior as the norm.

In case you were wondering what it cost to buy some acquittal votes.

Stephen Miller got married?!

Over the weekend, a transcript of an internal Chinese Communist Party speech appeared to reveal that President Xi Jinping knew about and was directing the response to the virus on January 7 -- almost two weeks before he commented on it publicly.

Early voting is underway in Nevada and I couldn’t be happier to return to the Silver State. Join me and @ewarren tomorrow at a Mi Familia Vota town hall in Las Vegas to help get out the caucus.

BREAKING: Roger Stone sentencing update. Judge to hold conference 2 days before sentencing scheduled for this Thursday

Virus deals new blow to Cambodian city bound to China

Hong Kong braces for weak jobs data in latest blow to economy

China's ambassador to the U.S. accused Cotton of trying to create panic.

A Turkish delegation is heading to Russia to seek a way out of an escalating crisis in northwestern Syria

A total of 14 passengers were confirmed to have the novel coronavirus as they were evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan and left the country on a flight chartered by the US government

Photos of the flights evacuating US citizens from the quarantined Diamond Princess. Kalitta Air 747 freighters with palletised seating, divided into compartments. USAF bases (Lackland & Travis) being used as reception airfields.

Several countries have been trying to trace hundreds of passengers who departed the Westerdam cruise ship when it docked in Malaysia and an American traveler tested positive for the novel coronavirus, per the NYT

Festivities to mark the anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s birth—known in North Korea as the Day of the Shining Star—were noticeably more subdued this year on virus fears

China's central bank has implemented a new strategy to contain the coronavirus -- deep cleaning and destroying potentially infected cash.

Trump's budget proposes $1 trillion in cuts to health care programs that benefit middle class and working families, including Medicaid and the ACA. And it does this while extending tax cuts for the top 1% and proposing billions for a pointless border wall. This is beyond absurd.

Sen. Tom Cotton claims he’s not spreading a coronavirus conspiracy theory—that it’s a “hypothesis."

This is what happens when a political party relies solely on the fuel of lies for survival. The members themselves no longer remember how to identify truth.

You don’t own that plane; the taxpayers do.

US watchdog to investigate President Trump’s $28 billion farm bailout program

"Something has to be done": Trump’s quest to rewrite history of the Russia probe

China's economy is 18 percent of global GDP. The more it falters, the more impacts are felt everywhere, and that would be the case even if this plague were confined. But it's not.

John Oliver absolutely goes off on Susan Collins, Fox News over Trump impeachment acquittal

Wow. Just like the Soviet propagandists who tried to convince the world that the CIA invented AIDS

Medicare for All: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Please please read this. Thousands of poor people are being put in jail bc they are late on medical bills. Like a dad, arrested and taken away from his cancer ridden child. That’s why I’m writing legislation to end this horrific abuse.

Sanders in the 80s was a typical useful idiot, going on about the Soviet subways and its lovely chandeliers. There was a lot of that back then. But you can't wish his stupidity away, and Trump will plaster it all over TV 24/7 - because it would be political malpractice not to.

Bernie = Corbyn What could go wrong?

The White House claim that they assassinated Soleimani to stop an imminent threat to US personnel was a lie. @SecPompeo lied. @EsperDoD lied. @realDonaldTrump lied.

Washington Post issues scathing editorial about Trump hiding Secret Service costs at his properties

More than 3,000 travelers on two coronavirus-stricken cruise ships are returning home, fanning out to dozens of countries and fueling fears of further contagion

Yes, Bernie won a seat running to the right of his GOP opponent on guns. Yes, he voted against the Brady Bill. He voted against background checks & waiting periods 3 times. He voted twice to protect gun makers from lawsuits.

I’m disgusted by reports that online lender @Upstart may be violating fair lending laws by charging higher rates to grads of HBCUs & HSIs than students from other colleges. @SenSherrodBrown, @SenatorMenendez, @SenBooker, @SenKamalaHarris & I want answers.

If William Barr Truly Believed in Rule of Law, He Would Resign

Our friends at the @KremlinAnnex have come under attack by the Park Service who are demanding they have permits to amplify noise. Permits are $120 a day. I’ve committed to raising for 15 days at a total of $1,800. Please consider retweeting & chipping in:

The Earth sends warnings. We should listen.

How many of the 177 college wrestlers you allowed to be abused are simply “fake news?” You can’t run from this.

U.K. consumers will face higher prices for goods from the EU whether or not Boris Johnson signs a free trade agreement, a major business group says

Netanyahu says Israeli planes have started overflying Sudan

Barr Just Cost the Justice Department Its Prized Public-Corruption Fighter

>> @AnneApplebaum: "In many countries, the end of democracy often begins with someone who mocks it, who makes fun of the institutions, who doesn't treat his opposition as a legitimate opposition but rather as traitors..."

The number of deaths from the novel coronavirus has risen to 1,770. An additional 100 deaths were reported on Sunday in Hubei, the Chinese province at the center of the outbreak.

Coronavirus fears force China into mass chicken cull

Chuck Todd: “Everybody knows one thing about Bernie. You know where he stands. You know who he is. He doesn't change.” Joe Biden: “And he’s never gotten anything done.”

Voters need and deserve information on candidates’ health

Chinese students have contributed billions of dollars to the US and Australian economies — money that those countries now stand to lose as they impose travel restrictions on Chinese citizens, hoping to limit their exposure to the deadly coronavirus.

While the novel coronavirus death toll is rising, so is the tally of those who have survived. Virus-free former patients have been heavily publicized on Chinese state-run media -- but some still fear social isolation & discrimination after their diagnosis

Former President Barack Obama offered an emotional tribute to NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter who died in a helicopter crash last month, asserting that "nothing is more heartbreaking" as a parent himself.

Home quarantine for travelers buys time as new virus spreads

BernieSanders lavishes praise on Communist Russia, preferring the Soviet Union to the American way of life

Rob Anderson for Louisiana

STOP VOTING WITH TECH! What part of #HandMarkedPaperBallots does the @DNC & @TomPerez not understand? Put your foot down, Democrats. EVERY software designer in the world says this is UNSAFE.

Poultry Workers, Denied Bathroom Breaks, Wear Diapers: Oxfam Report

The group named Tyson Foods Inc., Perdue Farms Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., and Sanderson Farms Inc., quoting workers there using pseudonyms.

We reached out to the White House multiple times about this story but did not get a response.

Mr. Trump’s defenders in Congress amplified the Ukraine election meddling story during the impeachment inquiry. But former Senior Director for Russia on the National Security Council, Dr. Fiona Hill, warned the committee against that “fictional narrative.”

In July, the story Mr. Trump first adopted as a server the FBI was blocked from seeing, then became a server investigated by a Ukrainian company, finally morphed into a server he says was in Ukraine. The first favor Mr. Trump asked of the Ukrainian president was to look into it.

After President Trump’s inauguration, Putin suggested it was not Russia that helped Mr. Trump, but Ukraine that helped Hillary Clinton

Russian President Vladimir Putin found an opportunity to shift the blame for election meddling onto Ukraine, according to former Deputy National Intelligence Officer, Andrea Kendall-Taylor

The Senate Intelligence Committee found that Russia, not Ukraine, was behind a government-run covert operation to interfere in the 2016 election.

“It was illogical; it could not be explained; it was crazy,” says Ambassador Bill Taylor about the Trump administration withholding military aid from Ukraine while pressing for investigations of Democrats.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Trump promised not to touch Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid. Well, he lied. When I’m in the White House, I will keep my word to seniors and to the American people.

Joyce Vance: If William Barr truly believed in rule of law, he would resign. "No Attorney General who respects the rule of law and the men and women who serve in the department would sit idly by and acquiesce while a President abuses it."

Folks, your subscription to your local newspaper and the journalists who work 4 that newspaper will pay for your subscription in spades. Think about that *one city councilman who gave a million dollar contract to his buddy — How did you know about it?

I’m honored to join 1200+ of my fellow DOJ alumni in standing up for the rule of law. I encourage my former colleagues to add their names. ”Each of us condemn AG Barr’s interference in the fair administration of justice.” Demand his resignation.

Trump's campaign manager tweeted a dramatic photo of Air Force One at Daytona, saying ".@realDonaldTrump won the #Daytona500 before the race even started." The shot was of George W. Bush's plane leaving in 2004. Parscale deleted three hours later


"Make no mistake about it: Attorney General William Barr is taking direct control of the cases closest to Donald Trump,"

Your taxpayer dollars, used as a tacky political prop

This awesome clip of Obama sticking it to Trump needs to be retweeted ‘til the end of time!

Report sends 'flashing red lights' that the Census may not be ready for the 2020 count. "This administration's failures" could "jeopardize a complete and accurate count," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, the House Oversight Committee chairwoman.

‘My Big Fat Nazi Grifters Wedding.’

Effete millionaire takes slow ride around closed course in limo driven by somebody who works for a living, as "small government" members of Congress applaud the extravagant waste of taxpayer funds for a nakedly political stunt.

Trump campaign manager deletes dramatic Air Force One photo after people point out it's from 2004

Wow. From a local Florida paper, by an attorney who went to high school with Bill Barr.