Thursday, July 18, 2019

Mitch McConnell is the only senator more unpopular than Susan Collins

"Trump Readies His Mob for the Race War" I think you'll still find this a bracing corrective after last night's mess.

BREAKING: FBI believed then-candidate Donald Trump was closely involved in a scheme to hide hush-money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels, unsealed court documents from a campaign finance case against Michael Cohen show.

NEW YORK (AP) — Court records show Trump was on calls with aides rushing to squash stories about alleged affairs before election.

Berman: "I find that the government has established danger to others and to the community by clear and convincing evidence," he says, also finding risk of flight by "preponderance of the evidence." "I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community."

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Standing idly by as the moral fiber of our country is shredded by unapologetic racism may seem politically expedient to some, but it is ruinous for our nation.

JUST IN: Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, will remain jailed pending trial on sex trafficking charges

JUST IN: Jeffrey Epstein's bail request was denied by a judge who called the request “irredeemably inadequate,” citing the sex offender's potential danger to the community. Epstein is awaiting trial on new charges of sex crimes involving children.

United States v. Cohen (1:18-cr-00602) District Court, S.D. New York

Folks, it takes awhile to upload large files. Please be patient. The materials say that Cohen exchanged "a series of calls, text messages, and emails" with Daniels' atty Keith Davidson, David Pecker and Dylan Howard of AMI; Trump and Hope Hicks.

Doc: The day after the Access Hollywood video dropped, Cohen received a call from Hope Hicks, the first such call in weeks. Trump joined into it. Hicks and Cohen spoke privately after; immediately after that call, Cohen called Pecker.

NEW: Here's the letter SDNY sent earlier this week confirming it had concluded its probe into who besides Michael Cohen "was involved in and may be criminally liable" for campaign finance violations and whether certain people gave false statements or obstructed justice.

ICYMI, DHS warns #Georgia about foreign interference. Threats include: - Unauthorized entry into polling sites - Emails w/ malicious links that could be used for hacking - Attempts to hack absentee ballots - Power failures, cell or traffic control outages

BREAKING: The unredacted Michael Cohen search warrants describe a series of calls on October 8, 2016 between Trump, Cohen, and Hope Hicks - the purpose of which the FBI says was to keep Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) from going public with her story

BREAKING: Documents released show how Cohen silenced Trump’s accusers

BREAKING : And we're live. #CohenFiles

A second fence now under construction on the North Lawn (in addition to the new @WhiteHouse barricade on Pennsylvania Ave.)

Q: President Trump would never do that. Graham: “No, he took a different tack, he’s fighting back but I don’t remember treating President John McCain the way they’re treating President Trump. I don’t remember John McCain having to go through this crap everyday. All the time”

Devastating guilt 

Eric Trump

As I warned in 2012 in The Atlantic, offshore banking is a threat to civilization. Not just for taxes - for what it can surreptitiously finance.

An Obama and Bush fireside chat on race, tolerance, how to disagree respectfully, American ideals, etc would be a terrific and much needed event right now.

Today, the Committee is examining the #TrumpAdmin’s inhumane policy of separating children from their families at the border and the dangerous conditions in which they are being held.”

I never understood how Nazi Germany could have happened. I get it now.

Epstein claiming he had a fake passport to protect himself from kidnappers is like him saying he had a kilo of cocaine to buy his way out of the faux-kidnapping. Epstein is both a common (fraudulent passport) and an uncommon (child rapist) CRIMINAL.

Trump’s Assassination Dog Whistle Was Even Scarier Than You Think


"Deport them!"

Important @latimes investigation: Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction

The @TorontoStar’s @TheoMoudakis dropping the hammer.

It sure sounds like this material that prosecutors wanted kept secret, that the judge has ordered released tomorrow, pertains to Donald Trump and his involvement in these felonies. Tune in tomorrow!!

William Barr’s donations to Senate Republicans spiked just before they confirmed him as attorney general

All hell breaks loose in the House over whether to condemn Trump’s racist tweets. Full piece:

Trump’s racist screed against Omar was scripted and came off the teleprompter: CNN’s Camerota


During his prior criminal investigation, Jeffrey Epstein went through lawyers like water. That’s one tactic he used to wear down prosecutors, who practically had to start the negotiations from scratch each time a new lawyer entered the picture.

Leaked documents show Jeffrey Epstein kept funds offshore. Can the money even be tracked?

Prosecutions for child sex trafficking plummet under Trump: Maybe it’s a coincidence?

Here is some of the 1992 "A Closer Look" interview with Donald Trump in which he tells the story of abruptly kissing the show's married host on the mouth. The Mar-a-Lago video surfaced by MSNBC earlier today was shot in connection with this interview.

Virginia church hangs 'America: Love it or Leave It' sign after Trump attacks on minority congresswomen

PR Sec. Of Public Safety insists police reacted to protestors attacking police. When I showed him the video I took in which a police officer attempts to pull in a protestor before anything is thrown, he promised to investigate my video. He never asked for a full copy. Video:

BREAKING: Leaked Documents raise the suspicions that Jeffrey Epstein's wealth is spread in offshore accounts around the world.

No other U.S. president has lost so many Cabinet members in his first term to ethics issues


Trumpism is a cult

Contrary to @LindseyGrahamSC, there is no evidence that Trump’s targets are communists or that they hate America or even Israel. But there is ample evidence that the GOP has suffered a complete moral and intellectual collapse.

Two Republican senators emerge as opponents to 9/11 victims bill Everyone is calling out Rand Paul but make sure to include Mike Lee

I challenge every Republican to watch @realDonaldTrump’s rally last night, complete with chants of “Send her back”, and ask if that is the Party of Lincoln and Reagan we signed up for. We are in a fight for the soul of the GOP, and silence is not an option.

For the umpteenth time, the base was *not enough* to win 2016 for him. The key voters were those who disliked Trump AND Clinton and broke for Trump. In Michigan, for example, 20% of voters disliked both candidates; Trump won them by 21 points

On Ivanka Trump’s silence:

This is a strange problem. Ppl earning 6 figures are living in RV’s due to no available housing in NorCal. Supply/demand says that will problem will trickle down to lower income families via unaffordable housing. Why isn’t housing supply increasing to meet (considerable) demand?

Just imagine being the guy holding out his conspiracy-labeled baby like some kind of offering to POTUS and not understanding that in historical footage -- and even now in Europe -- you're the person people look at and wonder, "how do regular people become fascists and not know?"

Last night Trump drove the Republican bus into a Hitler ditch. Trump believes his racist tropes are workin’, so it’s gonna get worse fast. You can take that to the bank.

Tonight’s top searches, in order: racism, socialism, fascism, concentration camp, xenophobia, bigot

Did you know that @AlanDersh (who is credibly accused of child rape. #suemebitch ) worked actively to prevent @jkbjournalist from winning the Pulitzer for her transformative reporting?

If you used the faceapp app made in Russia, it's very possible you likely gave Russia more training data to create accurate deep fakes. Every photo used can be used to that effect. AI deepfake programs need to be trained. Handing Russians petabytes of data just made it easier.

WATCH: The Secret Life of #JeffreyEpstein. A @NarativLive Special. Exclusive details you have not heard before.

When I was working on my series I spent days on end trying to get former prosecutors — even just one— an academic or lawyer — anyone!! — to look this deal over and evaluate it. Only two people — both women — were willing. Thanks to @Marci_Hamilton & @FranceyHakes

Perspective: You downloaded FaceApp. Here’s what you’ve just done to your privacy.

It's Russian

Don’t punish Epstein for being rich, sex offender’s lawyers urge before Thursday bail ruling

The Marine Corps has issued a cease-and-desist letter to indicted Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter for using the official Corps emblem and phrase on campaign mailers that link his likely 2020 opponent and two Democratic congresswomen to terror.

Jake Tapper Appears to Have Taken a Break From Truth-Telling

Here are the bribes @RandPaul takes to give tax cuts to the rich while denying help to 9/11 victims:

Some of the bribes

Good morning from New York. A federal judge issues his ruling on Jeffrey Epstein’s bail application in court at 11:30 a.m. EDT. Michael Cohen’s search warrant materials related to a closed campaign-finance probe to be unsealed at 11 a.m. Covering both live for @CourthouseNews.

Jon Stewart goes on Fox News – speaking directly to Trump supporters – and eviscerates Rand Paul and Mike Lee for blocking 9/11 Victim Funding and shames McConnell for failing to protect 9/11 first responders.

Plenty of money for Trump's golfing.

The seating capacity at Williams Arena is 8,000.

House votes to block Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, setting up a likely veto

BREAKING: Iran's Revolutionary Guard has seized a foreign oil tanker and accused its crew of smuggling oil, state TV reports.

Democracy dies in nuanced language about fascist rhetoric

When this is all over, nobody will admit to ever having supported it

A new report by staff members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommends that the commissioners significantly weaken or reduce safety inspections of the plants.

This seems like a big deal

JP Morgan cargo ship released, minus the $1.3 billion worth of cocaine found onboard. I’m sure they’re “some very fine people” but do we need to build a wall around JP Morgan?

A former Texas judge and longtime Republican announced this week she has left the Republican Party, denouncing President Trump's "ideology" of "racism" on the heels of Trump's racist attacks on four Democratic congresswomen of color.

Congress holds Barr & Ross in criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with subpoenas. While the contempt charge may not be enforced, Congress also authorized the HJC to seek a court order to enforce the subpoenas. The truth will come out

Prosecutors can use tax, education records of accused Capital Gazette shooter

This JUST happened...

No amount of vile racist slurs will change the fact that Donald Trump was sued for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl while in the NY mansion of Jeffrey Epstein. Or that he’s under investigation for tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering & obstructing justice, among others.

Andrea Thompson is not leading the U.S. delegation set to meet with Russia tomorrow to discuss arms control due to concerns "she had failed to disclose her ties to the boyfriend of Russian foreign agent Maria Butina" reports

I’m done listening to lectures about being un-American from the party whose Kentucky senator just blocked a bill to save 9/11 victims.

REMINDER: Kentucky, whose voters have given us both Mitch McConnell & Rand Paul, is the state second-most-dependent upon federal dollars, the majority of which come from blue states such as New York. But please, Rand, tell us more about how we can't afford to help 9/11 victims.

He is going to get worse before Nov. 2020 by going lower and lower. This is a demagogue in action. People thinks he’s a strongman when he is truly weak. He afraid if he loses in2020 he will go to jail. He will. He stokes fear to attract followers who mistakenly think he’s strong!

Loose ends left in Cohen case

You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise. -Maya Angelou

The video of @realDonaldTrump partying with Jeffrey Epstein contains shots of very young girls dancing in skimpy dresses, looking at first blush teenagers way under 21

Send him back... to the high rise building he lives in with no sprinkler system. Impeach @realDonaldtRUmp. No more excuses.

Trump on Rep. Omar before leaving White House: "There's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it."

This is one of those moments that will roll in the museum that documents his atrocities a generation from now. Count on it

Steptoe & Johnson, the law firm that Jeffrey Epstein just engaged today according to court filings, also represented the Chinese Govt in an espionage case that involved the theft of newly invented Dynamic Random Access Memory = Military Applications

A good primer as to what just occurred on the House floor. It seems ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ can now direct the Sergeant at Arms of the House to arrest both Barr and Ross if she so chose.

Hate. It’s simply hate. Okay, maybe fear and hate. But mainly hate.

Are we understanding what Dr Schindler is saying? Coz Fast Eddie was on Chinese territory when all this went down. If China let a Wikileaks rep into their territory, to escort Snowden to Moscow, where does that leave Beijing come 2016?

The Philadelphia Police Department is expected to begin the process of firing police officers whose racist or offensive social media posts were discovered online, according to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer

It sure sounds like this material that prosecutors wanted kept secret, that the judge has ordered released tomorrow, pertains to Donald Trump and his involvement in these felonies. Tune in tomorrow!!

Prospect of jail could move Epstein to offer up other names

Within days, ~2,000 pages of #Epstein court documents will be released that could reveal sexual abuse by “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders.”

Jon Stewart eviscerates Rand Paul for blocking 9/11 victim funding: "It’s an abomination"

I can’t get over the fact that the President’s budget office is projecting a trillion dollar deficit in a good economy and I can’t find Republicans talking about it. Posers.

$70 billion wall? Rand Paul: "Meh" $1.9 trillion tax cut? Rand Paul: "Meh" $3.4 million trips to Mar-a-Lago? Rand Paul: "Meh" $775 per child concentration camps? Rand Paul: " Meh" Helping 9/11 victims and 1st responders? Rand Paul: "THINK ABOUT THE DEFICIT!"

When Non-Jews Wield Anti-Semitism as Political Shield

this is one of the most terrifying things that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. the actual POTUS is spearheading these acrimonious, vile, and disgustingly racist comments about a congresswoman who has sworn an oath to the U.S. how dare they chant “send her back”

There really are similarities between trump and his followers and the early years of Nazi Germany under Hitler.

Donald Trump got dump trucks full of dirt on all the politicians This sad attempt at government

I'm going to be very moralistic on this part, but I think even if it's not part of a kompromat gathering mission, don't rape teens.

Trump cranks up racist demagoguery in latest distraction gambit