Saturday, June 15, 2019

Blockbuster story buried in this NYT report. Pentagon, intelligence officials fear they cannot trust Trump enough to brief him fully on new US cyber operation against Russia for fear he will "countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials" as he did before with Russians.

McConnell blocks legislation that would help secure election integrity @SunlenSerfaty reports

A Researcher Found a Bunch of Voting Machine Passwords Online

Walgreens is cutting health insurance for early retires because they are losing business and H/C costs are rising. Time for Medicare for early retirees

Trump just issued an executive order to slash 1/3 of all advisory committees that provide scientific advice. Union of Concerned Scientists responds: "It's no longer death by a thousand cuts. It's taking a knife to the jugular.”

“Warning from the FBI” poster, World War II

Perspective: Putin’s dangerous campaign to rehabilitate Stalin

When the media gets involved in politics rather than reporting it, they've lost all semblance of impartiality.

President Trump just spent 50 minutes of his 73rd birthday on the phone with “Fox & Friends.” Here’s what you missed:

“Her people said she hadn’t had so much fun in 25 years,” Trump claims of his time with Queen Elizabeth.

Trump tells Fox that he will not fire Kellyanne Conway over her Hatch Act violations.

As much as ten percent of the world's wealth may be hidden in tax havens. Why are we tolerating this?

The facts are clear. @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell is blocking bipartisan bills to secure our elections with President @realDonaldTrump’s support. The American people deserve an explanation: Why?

“The owner of the Japanese tanker attacked on Thursday said US reports have provided ‘false’ information about what happened in the Gulf of Oman.”

Note: Flynn is expected to testify in the case against Trump transition team member Bijan Kian at a trial that starts on July 15, and that 60-day delay would extend things until after that.

U.S. officials rushed to point to Tehran, but somehow the world's leading intelligence services failed to discover who is actually behind the strike

Trump's latest tweet about the legislation that Marsha Blackburn blocked is wrong. Blackburn blocked a bill that would require campaigns to report any offers of foreign assistance to the FBI. It was not about a "do-over on the Mueller report," as he falsely claims.

What is the President hiding in his tax returns? And since when does “shall” mean “unless it displeases Trump”? And, perhaps more importantly: What will be left of DOJ’s independence and reputation for impartial justice after Barr? The answer? Very little.

Keep your eyes open, Patriots. Trump needs a war with Iran to distract America from his boatload of crimes. This is sho nuff stinky. Dogs are bein’ wagged.

You can't say it but i can: @senatemajldr McConnell is traitor along with every other @SenateGOP member. They're a Kremlin front group. And that's how @TheDemocrats should campaign.

Trump promised affordable health care, then tried to rip care away from millions. Said he was for working people, then passed a tax bill benefitting the top 1% & corporations. He’s ripped babies from their parents & called neo-Nazis "fine people." It’s time for a new president.

Dear @POTUS: You recently stated that you'd have no problem accepting dirt on a political opponent from a foreign power. Here's a friendly reminder of what U.S. elected officials can and cannot accept. We've been told you prefer one-page memos with pictures. Hope this is helpful.

The U.S. Treasury saw a 31% drop in corporate tax revenues last year, almost twice the decline official budget forecasters had predicted. Receipts were projected to rebound sharply this year, but so far they’ve only continued to fall.

Jeffrey Epstein’s scandal of secrecy points to a creeping rot in the American justice system

America is stuck with a $400 billion stealth fighter that can’t fight due to several previously unreported "category 1" flaws—military parlance for issues that can prevent a pilot from accomplishing their mission

Trump’s dispute of McGahn’s story of obstruction makes it more important than ever to question McGahn under oath before Congress and the public

JUST IN: Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel has posted an opinion backing Treasury’s decision not to turn over Trump tax returns to Congress.

Mueller warned that ALL Americans should be concerned about foreign interference in our elections. So, who is blocking legislation to shore up our election security? One answer: Mitch McConnell.

"What if you thought there was a 10% chance Trump would cancel elections, say election results were rigged, or otherwise attempt to remain president? Those fears have not been assuaged by him. If anything, he works overtime to engender fears and paranoia."

Trump blatantly politicized intel last year in Helsinki when he threw the IC under the bus and sided with Putin in denying Russian interference in 2016. So why should anyone believe what Trump team is saying now about intel on Iran. Let's hear directly from Intel Community.

New York City will spend $250,000 to help poor women who travel from other states to obtain abortions there

House Dems should zero out appropriations for the Attorney General’s personal office. The DoJ doesn’t work for the public. They are Trump’s personal lawyers. My taxes shouldn’t pay for this.

In stunning news on the tax return front, William Barr's DOJ comes up with a transparently absurd legal opinion that ignores the plain language of federal law in order to -- you'll never guess -- come out exactly however best serves Trump.

Let's shine a little sunlight on this: when now-AG Bill Barr's father, Donald Barr, was headmaster at the Dalton school in NYC, he hired a two-time college dropout to teach physics and calculus to high school students. That teacher's name was Jeffrey Epstein.

BREAKING: Maine Speaker of the House Sara Gideon is planning a run against GOP Senator Susan Collins who infamously casted the deciding vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

McConnell blocks legislation that would help secure election integrity @SunlenSerfaty reports

This is why Trump's explorin' new states for the Russians to focus on, like New Mexico and Oregon.

President Trump loves Poland, but not enough to create a permanent military force that would anger Putin

Shorter: Alex Jones expects imminent arrest for possession of child pornography

EU: Russians interfered in our elections, too

Wonder if there were ‘spies’ in that OSU boys locker room. There weren’t. There were only victims and witnesses to depravity similar to the crimes committed by the Russians and traitors to our Republic against Clinton and the American ppl. You know anything about traitors, Gym?

In @samdagher's book , he exposes Nir Rosen as working closely with Assad's inner circle & then convincing/ helping Obama administration craft a pro-regime ceasefire'policy which is against the announced USG policy toward #syria then sell it to demastura as a ready made solution

Perspective: How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures