Wednesday, February 14, 2018

.@ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: At least 15 dead in shooting at Florida high school; suspect in custody, has been identified

Third White House official resigns after being told he wouldn’t qualify for full clearance

Students exit Florida high school carrying Valentine's Day balloons amid deadly school shooting.

Be angry


Chris Murphy on the Florida school shooting: "Let me just note once again for my colleagues, that this happens nowhere else other than the U.S.A.... We are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else."

UPDATE: At least 20 victims in "mass casualty incident" at Parkland, Florida, high school, according to Margate Fire Department

Trump's budget director says the president's military parade will cost between $10 million and $30 million

600+ Russian "contract soldiers" + artillery/tanks attempted to storm US-supported base in Syria, believing they could take it before US would respond. Rumored 100+ Rus forces dead, hundreds of wounded flown back to Russia.

Stormy Daniels is bringing her “Make America Horny Again” strip-club tour to West Palm Beach—just across the street from Trump International Golf Club, Palm Beach Post reports.

Poverty, Pride, and Prejudice

At first glance, the Trump infrastructure plan looks awful. On closer examination, it gets terrifying

JUST IN: Bipartisan Senate group says they have an immigration deal after Trump backs rival plan

I introduced the CLEARANCES Act today with House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Cummings & Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Nadler. We want transparency from the White House on who has interim security clearances and why any of them would have one for over a year.

Investigators determined Department of Veterans Affairs Sec. David Shulkin improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets and airfare for his wife during a European trip last summer that cost taxpayers more than $122,000, according to a VA inspector general report.

House Members Are Pushing a Bill That Will Roll Back the Rights of People With Disabilities

BREAKING: VA investigation finds department's leader improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets during 11-day Europe trip

Neighbors complain about shooting range linked to Trump sons: It's like being in a war zone

Proposed Food Stamp Cuts Would Hit Military Families

Federal food box

Mulvaney orders consumer protection agency to drop lawsuit against lender that charged 950 percent interest rates

FBI says Chinese operatives active at scores of U.S. universities

#BREAKING: Kremlin: Putin, Saudi king ready to expand oil market coordination

JUST IN: Trump backs Grassley immigration bill that spends $25 billion on border wall

These Citizen-Regulators In Arkansas Defied Monsanto. Now They're Under Attack

"This is not going to change or stop," said National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers

You are helping Putin

Breaking: Shooting outside NSA in Washington

NBC publishes database of 200,000 tweets by Russian trolls that were deleted by Twitter

3 Trump properties posted 144 openings for seasonal jobs. Only one went to a US worker.

Rising GOP star quits party: I can no longer remain silent about Trump

#BREAKING --> Gowdy: Oversight panel launched Porter investigation 'last night'

Christopher Steele is a hero – and Americans owe him their thanks

The U.S. and Russia will not confirm U.S. strikes killed Russian "mercenaries"

BREAKING: U.S. Consumer Prices Rose 0.5% in January, Up Higher Than Anticipated, 2.1% On Year - WSJ

The Director of National Intelligence just implied that Jared Kushner, who reportedly STILL has only an interim clearance, should not be receiving the most sensitive intelligence, which would include his daily PDB.

This Facebook exec admitted to enabling illegal election tampering

'We're under attack': Top intelligence official sounds alarm over cyber threats from Russia

The nation's intelligence chiefs say Trump has not directed them to stop Russian election meddling


Full statement from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on his payment to Stormy Daniels

The chief counsel for ICE in Seattle has been charged with stealing the identities of multiple immigrants for financial gain, BuzzFeed reports

"I am certain that the truth will be revealed, and I am certain that at the next elections... I will earn your trust again." Israeli PM Netanyahu vowed he would be vindicated after police recommended he be indicted on charges of corruption and bribery

"A Reuters investigation found that 63 people with Russian addresses or passports have purchased $98.4 million of property in Trump-branded condos in South Florida."

Sanders concedes Wray is right, deflects blame to another part of White House

Ex-CIA analyst: Trump is giving Russia the "green light" to interfere in US elections

Trump White House still struggling to get its act together

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about the inability of the Trump White House to get security clearances properly taken care of and scandals still haunting Trump from all the way back to the campaign.

Trump lawyer says he paid Stormy Daniels from own money: NYT

Rachel Maddow reports breaking news that Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen, responding to an FEC complaint, insists he paid $130,000 to adult performer Stormy Daniels from his own money, not Trump Org or Trump campaign money.

Trump administration giving Russia what it wants on sanctions

Rachel Maddow shows how Russia's chief goal seen throughout the Trump Russia scandal is to roll back Obama era sanctions and prevent any new sanctions, and the Trump administration has so far been obliging.

Echoes of Mike Flynn in White House bungling of Porter scandal

Rachel Maddow looks at the slow response of the Trump White House in dealing with Mike Flynn despite his access to confidential material, to their inaction on Rob Porter who also continued to have classified access