Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Schiff and the other House managers proved their case. They did their duty with honor and eloquence. It’s not their fault that in Trump’s America “truth” and “right” matter less than partisan might.

The 48 Senators who found Trump GUILTY represent 18 million MORE people than the 52 who voted not guilty.

The public isn’t rallying to Trump and GOP as they rallied to Clinton after impeachment, because what Trump did was far worse than lying about sex. Clinton’s popularity shot up to 73%. Trump is at 43% and Dems are +7 on a generic congressional ballot.

There will be a minor correction to the last batch of results and we will be pushing an update momentarily.

4 years from now @MittRomney will be younger than @SenSanders & @JoeBiden are today. The Romney family's vacation home in New Hampshire could be a very busy place in 2024.

If you're angry at the Republican senators who voted for a cover-up of the president's corruption, join @IndivisibleTeam—an @OnwardTogether partner—to hold them accountable for enabling Donald Trump.


Trump acquitted on charge of Abuse of Power in impeachment trial: NOT GUILTY:52 GUILTY: 48 (47 Democrats and 1 Republican - Romney)

.@SenSchumer: "Don't lose hope. There is justice in this world and truth and right. I believe that. I wouldn't be in this government if I didn't."

Pence seemed to think at least one Dem senator would vote to acquit: “The President of the United States will be acquitted, we believe he’ll likely be acquitted with a bipartisan vote of the United States Senate.”

Voting whether or not to remove a sitting President has been a truly difficult decision, and after listening to the arguments presented by both sides, I have reached my conclusion reluctantly. My full statement

Manchin: Convict

"What he did was not perfect, no. It was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights, our national security and our fundamental values. Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive & destructive violations”

Heads on pikes..

Trump’s State of the Union viewership plummets 21 percent in one year

"I swore an oath before God...that I would apply impartial justice, and applying impartial justice said what the president did was grievously wrong, and I had to vote—if I was going to live with my own conscious—in a way that was consistent with that oath of office."

WATCH LIVE | Impeachment trial of President Trump concludes in Senate with final vote

Vote slated for 4 est

Mitt Romney has more courage in his little finger than the rest of this cowardly claque of Profiles In Chickenshit.

Now Manchin is the only question after Sinema says she’ll vote to convict on both counts

The GOP’s 2012 nominee for president knows that what Trump did in his campaign is criminal. Guilty as charged. Why Mitt Romney Voted to Convict Trump

Impeachment was more than worth it just to hear @RepAdamSchiff prosecution of @realDonaldTrump & to watch @MittRomney take his place in history. America needs to hear this.

FULL SPEECH: Sen. Romney says he will vote in favor of the article of impeachment on abuse of power against President Trump. "With my vote, I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing that my country expected it of me."

Yes He Did!

Mitt Romney! Well done, sir. History will record this as a moment of true courage

If past is prologue, almost everything President Trump said last night will be contradicted by his budget. In the past, he has cut funding for health care, for medical research, for infrastructure, for education, for college students. Watch what he does—not what he says.

'Majority of Mine Victims Are Children': EU Condemns Trump Rollback of Landmine Restrictions

The Supreme Court will use its Feb. 21 private conference to discuss whether to consider the fate of the Affordable Care Act on a fast-track schedule

Warren talks about drawing support from former supporters of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Julian Castro, etc. (The posters passed out at this Nashua event reads: “Unite the party”

‘Acquittal is not exoneration’: CNN’s John Avlon dismantles GOP arguments for burying Ukraine scheme

My statement on this afternoon's vote - we have no choice but to convict this president:

“He shredded the truth, so I shredded his speech.”

"Previously it was Ukraine that was unpredictable. Now, we have no idea what's going to happen in the United States next week. America used to be a beacon of anti-corruption efforts. Now a lot of Ukrainians feel like, 'yeah, we are by ourselves.'"

Dear Russian Internet Research Agency, associated offshoots, affiliated orgs, and Americans who use them; You want a fight with no rules? You’ll get one. This is not 2016. There is no leash on this dog after your ‘performance‘ today. Tread carefully.

Because the Trump admin has chosen not to act, states & counties are on their own to protect themselves against election interference in 2020. “It’s sending a clear message that the top officials are not taking our election security seriously."

Powerful Clear Concise and with surgical precision @Eleven_Films lays it bare for our Country & the World to see. Perhaps one of the best political ads I’ve watched The thing about Truth & Facts - they can be brutal

GOP senator excuse Trump's wrongdoing as merely "inappropriate." Not shaking Pelosi's hand at the SOTU was inappropriate. Threatening to cancel 400 mill in aid unless Ukraine announced a sham investigation of a political rival is a HIGH CRIME

Trump has no health care plan. Pass it on.

"So now Kushner can move on to his next excellent adventure while dodging responsibility for his reckless actions and leaving others to deal with the wreckage he leaves behind."

Good man -- and the most vulnerable Senator in America

Rights group: 138 Salvadorans deported by the U.S. were killed back home

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler says House Democrats will “likely” subpoena former national security adviser John Bolton,

In Roger Stone news today his lawyers are asking for a delay to Monday for both them & federal prosecutors to file their sentencing memos - they are currently due Friday. DOJ is on board w/ the ask to Judge Jackson and Stone’s lawyers say their request is made in “good faith.”

This Is No Way to Beat Trump I’m a former Republican who’ll vote for any Democrat. But Iowa has me worried.

“Again if you listen to not what I’ve said but what so many others have said on our side of the aisle - ... I think it’s clear where that line is. None of us want to see interference in our election. ... I think the message has been delivered,” Portman said

Pretty rich of the political party that doesn't mind giving internal polling data and psychological profiles of voters straight to Russian intelligence is so worried about the "civil liberties" of Carter Page.

LIVE: U.S. Senate: Debate on Articles of Impeachment & FINAL VOTE

Watch democracy die live.

"How do you qualify something as a good speech if it's fed by lies?


This week, “Trump, Inc.” examines the money that helped two unlikely players shape the Trump administration’s Ukraine campaign — and the unlikely events that allowed their financial machinations to come to light.

James Carville Rages Over State of Democratic Party: ‘I’m Scared to Death!’

Things Donald Trump did not mention at #SOTU: • Election security • The climate crisis • $1 trillion deficits • Impeachment • The travel ban • Obamacare • North Korea • The Equal Rights Amendment • DREAMers • Inequality

A day before Senate Republicans vote to tell Trump he can interfere in the 2020 election, Rand Paul has taken to the Senate floor to advance their campaign of whistleblower retaliation. The message: Wrongdoing by Republican presidents is ok, reporting suspected wrongdoing is not

That was a disgrace. I should not have gone. It was a re-election pep rally from beginning to end, filled with political stunts and verifiable lie after verifiable lie. I get it - presidents use their last SOTU to make the case for re-election. But that crossed a line.

You're not going to like this, Democrats, but that speech was hideous, maudlin, manipulative, and cheap, and IT WILL WORK. Trump knows that a lot of Americans are basically TV addicts, and that stuff sells. You cannot beat him at this, or outbid him. You can only outvote them.

A great use of your next hour: Double-check your voter registration and ask two friends to do the same. — Hillary Clinton

BREAKING: Epstein victim Courtney Wild has come a long way from the depths of trauma, addiction and prison. Tonight, she will be at the State of the Union Address as she continues to fight for victims of sexual assault.

One of the "tells" of Narcissistic personality disorder is that the classic NPD cannot bear to look at or even even to acknowledge the existence of people who have refused to ratify his / or her image of himself.

You don’t get to praise Bernie for his cool response to Iowa kerfuffle when his online advocates are creating and fueling conspiracies and as always he will do nothing to bat them down.

Was it the whistleblower for the GOP's illegal plan to transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, or some other one?

Poor children, widows, grieving parents, a terminally ill national entertainer, a surprise reunion live on television, all of which are designed to create clips for commercials and Fox News. This is what you’re up against, Democrats. The Republicans are not taking chances here.

This team steps up. You come in so strongly during fundraising deadlines and because of you, we're fighting to match Mitch dollar for dollar. Thank you for your continued support. Let's continue this mission.

Donald Trump was impeached for pressuring a foreign government to interfere in our election. That's why I'm not at his #SOTU tonight—I'm with voters in New Hampshire, talking about how we're going to make our government work for them.

It was heart-wrenching because his appeals to truth and decency, and his insistence on the difference between right and wrong, are foreign and unintelligible to a Senate Republican majority that has convicted itself of intellectual and moral sloth.

BREAKING: Fred Guttenberg has been released by the Capitol Police without charges after slamming Trump's pro-gun #SOTU speech

Asked about Sen. Susan Collins saying he’d learned a lesson, Trump told the anchors he did not agree. He had done nothing wrong. “It was a perfect call.”

I sat one seat apart from @fred_guttenberg at #SOTU tonight. When POTUS started lying about gun violence, he leaned over and said “I’m about to get kicked out but I can’t stand this.” And then he stood up for his daughter Jamie and spoke truth to power.#ImWithFred

When you hear Trump talking about the crime rate among immigrants, remember that his national security advisor, campaign manager, deputy campaign manager, longtime political advisor and personal attorney are all criminals.

A 7-year old girl just asked @ewarren if she will "close the camps." Warren: "The camps where children are held?" Little girl: Yes. Warren: Yes.

What’s the name of this sitcom?

To be fair, some groups have done very well during this presidency — oil lobbyists, autocrats, and Trump children. #SOTU — Mike Bloomberg

Serhiy Kvit: Ukraine has never given up and never will

We should also be saving lives and stopping gun violence NOW.— Nancy Pelosi

You embarrassed yourself and the country by ripping up the Constitution, Little Marco.

Nancy Pelosi ripping up Trump’s #classless, lie-filled #StateOfTheUnion

Whatever the channel in #Russia, the message is the same – making the audience believe that current #coronavirus outbreak is a planned attack on #China.

France's Alt-Right - Marine LePen - is in hot water for being directly financed by a Russian bank that also did business with Iran

I'm officially going to give Warren another look, given that she's the only candidate to come out of Iowa not acting like a damn fool.

Serving jury duty today and it’s very hard to take the orientation video seriously after the Senate has made such a sham of jury service.

Factbox: Latest on the coronavirus spreading in China and beyond

Watching a former porn model present a former drug addict with a medal is how we all imagined 2020 would go, right?

Many GOP Senators announcing their reasons for acquittal are relying on alleged process failures or on doubts that Trump did what the House alleges. Sad but not nearly as dangerous as relying on the crazy theory that the offenses charged are just not impeachable. That’s wrong.

The climate simulators used to forecast global warming have suddenly started giving us worse outcomes

I’m still curious about what Trump said to Chief Justice Roberts. It was much more than just a “good to see you”.

REMINDER: House Democrats *already* took action to lower the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs. It's time for the Republican-controlled Senate to follow suit!

Scariest thing I hard last night: "Turnout in the caucuses is on track to meet 2016 levels." If that's how this goes in nine months, that's the ballgame and Trump wins.

Breathe, America. “We shall overcome...” ~a message for us from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rosa Parks taught us that when we stand up to injustice, we create opportunities to change our world for the better — just like she did

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says all travelers entering the city from mainland China will be placed in 14-day quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Last night’s State of the Union speech was the logical conclusion of populism: a series of misleading lies and fear-mongering dressed up as theatrical spectacle that aimed to show one team “winning” rather than the serious business of governing and improving people’s lives.

Tonight we saw a huge political trade take place. Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech while Trump tore up the Constitution.

Guaido's agents have been made by the DoJ NatSecDiv to register under FARA. It's like the White House staff barely works for America...

Trump touts his economy as "the best it has ever been" in State of the Union speech. The data doesn’t show that.

Boy I would love to know what Trump said to Chief Justice Roberts here

Wow! Pelosi tried to shake Trump's hand but he seemed to refuse

Democrats look like they're having fun at #SOTU

More audible groans as Trump conflates people "coming off food stamps" with kicking them off food stamps

"It's been many years that we've been fairly on trade" -- Trump meant to say the opposite

Trump transitions from bashing socialism immediately into bragging about spending $2.2 trillion on the military

Nancy Pelosi throws Trump some visible shade after he says, "we must always remember that our job is to put America first."

Trump pushes an Orwellian lie about how "we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions." (His health care bill would've stripped coverage from 20+ million people.)

TRUMP: "Stand with me to pass legislation to prohibit free health care for illegal aliens." (Huge cheers from Republicans.)

Democratic women got up and tried to chant something about their drug pricing bill but Trump just kept on truckin


"He direderd the December dersalt"


Don't forget: Trump is plotting to massively cut Medicare and Medicaid, coming after the “poor, elderly and disabled.”

This is getting pretty ridiculous, but also very obvious

So this thing where the national archives seem to no longer archive keeps coming up, and it should terrify you. I’ve worked with Iraqis Estonians Ukrainians Georgians who have struggled to preserve/reassemble the documents that show what happened. We must keep the receipts.

This particular congressman is not in any position to lecture anyone about “new lows”

China: When they come to take you. #coroanvirus

This will make you all feel better!

BREAKING: Remember America? We do.#ImpeachmentDay

Hitler awarded Joseph Goebbels the Iron Cross, so it's fitting that Trump would hang a Medal of Freedom on Rush Limbaugh for comparable hateful screeds against minorities, women, LGBTQ, and the disabled

The shooter at my high school was not an illegal immigrant, he was a 19 year old that was able to go out and LEGALLY buy a weapon of mass destruction

This is really well done. Worth the 90 seconds.

Nancy was just mimicking the @GOP Except the document the GOP has been ripping up in front of America has been the Constitution. Nancy only ripped up the lies of the man who led the GOP to desecrate the Constitution.

.@SpeakerPelosi: “I tore it up”

WATCH: James Carville has some thoughts about what is happening in Iowa, and across the country, for Democrats.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on why she ripped up President Trump’s speech: “Because it was the courteous thing to do considering the alternatives.”

And Nancy Pelosi triumphs over Donald Trump with yet another killer #SOTU meme

BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi tears up President Trump's speech as the president ends his State of the Union address.

This is America Hitting Rock Bottom! Rush Limbaugh presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the State of the Union

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's claims in his State of Union address

@SpeakerPelosi tears up of State of the Union speech.

Meacham: Schiff & Pelosi are progressive ‘guardians’

Steph Ruhle fact checks Trump State of the Union on the economy

Johnson: State of the Union was like 'a game show,' 'micro-targeted campaign commercial'

Rush Limbaugh's most infamous act was calling a young grad student a slut for testifying in favor of contraceptive coverage. A terrible diagnosis does not erase a lifetime of racism, homophobia and misogyny. A sick man deserves healthcare; a bigot does not a medal of honor.