Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Asked if he was "entrapped by the FBI," Flynn's lawyer says, "No, your honor."

House Democrats are carefully laying the groundwork to obtain President Donald Trump's personal tax returns in the new Congress

New: Flynn's lawyers appear to have badly miscalculated in shifting at least part of the blame for Flynn's lies to the FBI—that is, unless they were playing for a pardon. “Maybe, on some level, this was an appeal to Trump and his base,"

Here with Bill ⁦@BillChristeson⁩

Reminder: The Trump Foundation’s largest gift — $264,631 — was used to renovate a fountain outside Trump’s Plaza Hotel

Analysis: The White House lost its narrative on Michael Flynn. So it made up some stuff about James Comey instead.

All 83 Of The Ethics Complaints Against Justice Brett Kavanaugh Were Dismissed Because He's On The Supreme Court Now

The judge said this!!! He must've seen allot!!!

18 U.S. Code § 1512 - Tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant

Second woman claims billionaire perv Jeffrey Epstein 'directed' her to have sex with

LATEST: Judge admonishes Michael Flynn during sentencing hearing: "Arguably, you sold your country out!"

Judge Sullivan to Flynn: "You were an unregistered agent of a foreign country while serving as the National Security Adviser to the president!" "I'm not hiding my disgust, my disdain, for this criminal offense."

Alt-Santa spoyyed

“The Staff Is Fed Up He’s Acting Like a Nut”: Trump’s West Wing Braces for Christmas Madness, More Departures—And Mueller Christ on a Cracker...on the flip side at least I won’t be wondering which family members is wearing a wire /snort


The #GOP #TaxScam was never intended to help anyone but the wealthiest, corporations & their shareholders.

Our lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and its directors Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump remains ongoing. As we detailed in our suit in June, they repeatedly violated state and federal law.

Sources familiar with Mueller’s probe told The Daily Beast that his team is now zeroing in on Trumpworld figures who may have attempted to shape the administration's foreign policy by offering to ease U.S. sanctions on Russia

Huge day. The mere fact that Judge Sullivan brought up other crimes, including treason, in colloquy is earth-shattering. Federal judges aren't known for making off-the-cuff remarks.

Judge Rips Flynn, Asks About Treason Before Delaying Sentencing For Lying To FBI

The federal judge who basically just called Mike Flynn’s actions treasonous has delayed his sentencing hearing, with Flynn still willing to cooperate with Mueller, meaning it’s far from over.

#BREAKING: We’ve secured a stipulation requiring the Trump Foundation to dissolve under judicial supervision, with our review of recipient charities. The Foundation functioned as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s interests. Our lawsuit remains ongoing.

NEW: Remember that mystery grand jury subpoena case argued last week in the DC Circuit? A decision is out, and it's public, sort of — it's about a company (unnamed) owned by a country (unnamed). Court upheld the denial of a motion to quash the subpoena

Stocks on pace for their worst December since 1931. Homelessness increasing. Nearly 40,000 gun deaths. Average life expectancy declining. Record trade deficit with China. Hate crimes rising. CO2 emissions at highest level ever. Suicides up

Yair Netanyahu, a son of Israel's prime minister, has been suspended from Facebook for posting "hate speech" about Palestinians and Muslims

Former National Equirer editor claims the tabloid has unpublished ‘embarrassing’ and ‘criminal’ stories on Trump family

Remember the days when @realDonaldTrump took credit for the stock market? No more. Not a Tweet or peep

A tiny Pacific Island nation facing an existential threat due to climate change has put the world's biggest carbon energy producers on notice

Mark Penn, who has emerged in the last year as one of the president’s most outspoken "Democratic" defenders, spent years as a political consultant for none other than Donald Trump

Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone admits to InfoWars lies, settles $100M suit

A bill to combat the appallingly high rates of missing and murdered Native women has stalled in the House, despite sailing through the Senate, because a single Republican congressman is mysteriously holding it up. Rep. Bob Goodlatte is blocking the bill

Flynn began by talking about his first trip to Russia in 2013 when he was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn then describes several contacts in 2016 with now-former Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak — post-election convos + condolence calls

This is the New Normal. We have practical no way to make Russia stop this (and China's coming too). So we better get smart and start pushing back while educating the public about 21C realities

#BREAKING: Our coalition of 17 AGs just filed a motion to defend the #ACA as the law of the land and protect Americans with preexisting conditions.

Judge Maryanne Trump Barry conspired with her other siblings to generate a series of scams to transfer her father’s wealth (Fred Trump) without paying the required gift taxes.

U.S. conducts 6 airstrikes against Somalia extremists, 62 dead.

Um. Roger Stone selling rocks to raise money for his defense fund feels like a metaphor.

A Texas educator says she was fired from her job working with speech-impaired elementary school students because she refused to sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel

Billions of dollars in foreign money are about to flood the Saudi stock market. What investors may not know is the extent of the government's efforts to pump up local stocks.

#SaudiArabia : Waterboarding. Electrocution. Rape threats. These are some of the interrogation tactics jailed Saudi rights activists say security officials used

Twitter warns of suspicious traffic coming from China, Saudi Arabia

The father of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl is demanding answers about how she came to die in US custody less than 48 hours after Border Patrol agents detained her in the New Mexico desert

Google, Twitter and Facebook (which also owns Instagram) were described by researchers as having “evaded” and “misrepresented” themselves and the extent of Russian activity on their sites

Senate Intelligence Committee confirms Russia engaged in a vast, illegal operation to help elect @realDonaldTrump & hurt Clinton. Also looks like lame duck Chair @DevinNunes either intentionally whitewashed the House Intel report, or is really stupid and missed all the facts.

Jonathan Gruber, who advised Obama on healthcare, responds to a ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional: "What's crazy about this decision is the notion that [because the individual mandate] is taken away, the whole law has to come down"


Exclusive: Sources: General Flynn ‘Wept’ As He Asked FBI to Spare Mike Flynn Jr


U.S. congratulated Ukraine's new national #Orthodox Church on its independence, while the Russian #Orthodox Church has severed relations in protest.

BREAKING NEWS: Russian social media lies targeting Mueller was miraculously parallel to and intertwined with Trump’s efforts to undermine Mueller’s Russia probe. Looks like the Trump/Putin conspiracy covered obstruction of justice along with the campaign

JUST IN: Dow Jones falls more than 500 points as markets skid to lowest level in more than a year

Russians tried to use Instagram and Pokemon Go to influence the election, Senate report finds

New: Researchers have found a new kind of malware that takes its instructions from commands hidden in memes posted to Twitter.

Must see


Dow falls more than 600 points with less than 15 minutes left in trading

Russian disinformation also targeted Robert Mueller:

Whenever you send out such inane tweets, I take great solace in knowing that you realize how much trouble you are in & how impossible it will be for you to escape American justice. Mostly, I am relieved that you will never have the opportunity to run for public office again.

Russian propaganda used against U.S. even after 2016 election

I think in short @Comey played @genflynn a tape of him speaking to a senior Russian that referred to the below, and @mflynnJR part in it. could be re #pizzagate given Flynn Jr was dismissed from transition around the time of this newly disclosed meeting.


Mueller treatment of Flynn oddly incongruous with alleged actions

Trump's Xmas present to Putin - separating the US from it's Western allies.

A Russian troll farm included pro-Jill Stein messaging on social media, a report finds

Special counsel releases FBI memo detailing Flynn's lies to investigators

Andrew Napolitano lays out what Trump is facing next.

Why Vladimir Putin is a terrible strategist

White House Nightmare: Trump Golfs While His Secret Service Agents Work Without Pay

How Flynn's position on Turkey turned on a dime ...a lot of dimes

Russian disinformation teams targeted Mueller, according to the disinformation reports prepared for the Senate. Russian operatives unloaded on Mueller through fake accounts on Facebook, Twitter and beyond, falsely claiming that Mueller was corrupt

You’re seriously advocating for different tiers of when it’s OK to lie to federal investigators. Ppl have the right to not answer questions, or they can tell the truth. Simple

Trump Can and Should Be Indicted

Ridiculously lenient Acosta/Epstein plea deal demands a federal investigation

She hit every single infowars conspiracy theory talking point— ✔️Hillary Clinton ✔️leaking ✔️FISA abuse

The @UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on Russian aggression