Sunday, October 7, 2018

Links to check voter registration for all 50 states plus DC, with deadlines.

A reminder that the Trump Administration STILL has not reunited all the children that they snatched at the border with their parents.

Where is Elaine Chao?

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS: "The one silver lining that I hope will come from this is that more women will press charges now, when they are assaulted," the Maine Republican tells @FaceTheNation

This is extraordinary. Sequence of recent events does make u wonder if leaders of certain foreign nation's worldwide are feeling emboldened in Trump era to take steps that previously would've been considered politically off limits/too risky

The Saudis appear to have murdered a US resident (& a @washingtonpost contributor). The Chinese have arrested the head of INTERPOL. The Russians have used chem weapons on UK soil, etc. The worst impulses of brutal regimes are coming fwd bc/ no one is standing up against them.

“The Republican Party, which controls all three branches of government and yet is addicted to whining about its own victimhood, is now the party of situational ethics and moral relativism in the name of winning at all costs. So, I’m out.”

Trump has reportedly picked a handbag designer to be Ambassador to South Africa. She frequents Mar-a-Lago and even held her daughter's wedding at Trump's club.

Powell and Albright say world is changing in disturbing ways

This statement appears to indicate Interpol has accepted the resignation of its president, who remains in the custody of China’s ruling communist party. It does not say whether there’s any concern on the part of the organization that he resigned under duress.

The wife of the missing president of Interpol says her husband sent her an image of a knife before he disappeared during a trip to their native China.

BREAKING China says Interpol chief being probed on "suspicion of violating the law"

Best thing on TV today: @jdickerson fact-checks McConnell on precedents for blocking Garland. McConnell gets angry but has no answers.

Wait, what?! Buried lede: “This $100k total with the $50k received from you will allow us to fund the Washington Scholarship Fund for the Russian students for the promised $150K.”

"Never before has a Supreme Court nominee been poised to join the court while a fellow judge recommends that misconduct claims against that nominee warrant review."

Day 82 of continuous protest at #KremlinAnnex. Thank you, fellow resisters! We changed the song for you! "Kava-nana, Kava-nana, Hey, hey hey. Brett lies!"

Analysis: So how would impeaching a Supreme Court justice work, exactly? Here's what could happen if Democrats win control of the House.

Maine’s Press Herald: “Susan Collins did more than announce that she would vote to elevate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday. She also tied her reputation to his for as long as he serves on the bench.”

More recklessness in Kavanaugh's financials. He spotted taking his Georgetown crew on AZ trip. He cannot afford this risk. Kav's friendship circle has remained tight for 30+ yrs. And Kavanaugh routinely put currying favor w/them OVER the welfare of his household.

'Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of ‘Cover Up’ for Sitting on Kavanaugh Misconduct Complaints'

What are oaths to a liar?

Let's use this moment of disappointment as a spur to renew our commitment in our Democracy, and making sure that it represents every single one of us.

Voting activists have announced a lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State and GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, alleging he used a racially-biased method to purge roughly 700,000 voters from the rolls ahead of the November election.

The former dean of Yale Law School: Kavanaugh's “very presence will undermine the court’s claim to legitimacy; it will damage the nation’s commitment to the rule of law. It will be an American tragedy.”

Interpol says it has made a formal request to China for information about the agency's missing president.

Big #Republican influencers were there at the beginning, the funders behind the organization called the @FedSoc that selected #Kavanaugh.

Yes, Mr. President, that’s exactly what women are thinking

POTUS tonight: democrats are radical, arsonists, a mob, "too extreme and too dangerous to govern" Just another Saturday night before a seething mob.

Protesting right outside the front doors of the Supreme Court while Kavanaugh is being sworn-in. He can hear us, and I hope our voices today haunt his legacy.

Trump admits that he lies to foreign leaders about how busy he is to avoid taking their phone calls

For the good of the 22nd District and the nation, the choice is clear: Andrew Janz

If Bidwill and Kavanaugh were such close friends and Bidwill owns the Arizona Cardinals why did Kavanaugh have to pay for game tickets? Team owners have ticket allocations.

Kavanaugh Yale classmates ignored by the FBI speak out, reveal new text message about Kavanaugh advising alleged eyewitness before New Yorker story: