Sunday, October 28, 2018

The US National Editor of the Financial Times calls for a boycott on Fox News. Extraordinary

This is the largest threat to America today

Landlords push up US rents to post-crisis highs

"They’re not coming to get anyone. They’re seeking relief from their hell at home. And that’s the truth," Shepard Smith told views about a migrant caravan.

“This country is filled with amazing, beautiful, wonderful people who came here; many of them attracted that this was a land of opportunity no matter your religion, your ethnic origin, your color — that idea is being tested,” Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff says

Trump lies about Sept. 11 to justify holding campaign rally after synagogue shooting.

Cesar Sayoc’s twitter feed was full of “clips from Fox News broadcasts.”

Voter fraud is a pratically nonexistent problem. But restricting voting rights is a huge one.

It can't be said enough: vote. It's more important than it's ever been before. Check your registration, check your voting location, check the times, and vote.

When Trump talks about “globalists,” the far right hears “Jews.” When Trump says there were “fine people” on both sides in Charlottesville, the far right hears official approval.

Update on shooting

.⁦@Pontifex⁩ grieves for Jewish victims in #PittsburghSynagogue shooting

REMINDER: This is the man Trump refused to denounce in 2016: David Duke in 2016 defends Trump, blames Jews for judge criticism

Instagram and Twitter seeing a rise in attacks on Jewish people

Holocaust Museum "reminds all Americans of the dangers of unchecked hatred & antisemitism which must be confronted wherever they appear & calls on all Americans to actively work to promote social solidarity and respect the dignity of all individuals."

Georgia Has Purged 340,134+ Voters For False Reasons

It's fitting that his hand looks like a gun

Some voters have said their straight-ticket ballots have switched to candidates in the opposite party, but the company that makes the machines said they don't do that.

Parkland father 3D prints life-size sculpture of son to protest 3D-printed guns

Read: The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War Then: Why We Are Publishing Haunting Photos of Emaciated Yemeni Children

Will Ferrell goes door-to-door to campaign for Abrams in Georgia, recruit volunteers

A TV Marti program that was introduced with the phrase, “George Soros, a multimillionaire Jew,” was paid for by the American taxpayer, and broadcast to Latin America last summer, in our name. This is taxpayer-funded anti-semitism.

Jamal #Khashoggi and the Trump administration’s shifting stance toward the Saudis

Hundreds attend a candlelight vigil tonight in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh to honor the synagogue attack victims

Historically-conservative Virginia newspaper endorses Tim Kaine over Republican challenger

Saudi Arabia's top diplomat calls global outcry over Khashoggi killing "hysterical"

Earlier today you were bragging about all the traffic Gab was getting because a Gabber murdered 11 people. Now you're crying because your hosting company wants nothing to do with your Nazi-enabling ass?

Rome, the greatest empire in history, fell due to internal corruption, division and immorality. Now ask yourself, why would Putin back a corrupt, divisive and immoral man like Trump? There’s your answer.


Following Trump's money exposes the awful truth: Our president is a 'financial vampire'

Barack Obama: "It shouldn't be Democratic or Republican to say you don't try to punish political opponents. Or threaten the freedom of the press just because you don't like what they say."

The suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue mass shooting wrote on social media that Jews were helping transport members of Latin American migrant caravans

GOP Lies About Pre-Existing Conditions May Have Reached Peak Absurdity

Gab’s Hosting Provider Moves to Shut Down the Alt-Right Social Network

The Trump family has not forgotten about Sen. Jon Tester’s role in bringing down Ronny Jackson

“It’s a horrific crime scene. It’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.” Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich says the synagogue shooting is being considered as a hate crime and will be under federal investigation.

Beijing's efforts to dominate 'new generation technologies' like artificial intelligence are spurring fears that the U.S. will fall behind.

"They didn’t care about [Hillary Clinton’s] emails…because if they did, they’d be up in arms right now as the Chinese are listening to the president’s iPhone that he leaves in his golf cart," Barack Obama said at a campaign event, slamming GOP politicians and conservative media

COMMENTARY: Can Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ultimately inherit the throne? The killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi puts that in question, says columnist

Secretary of Defense Mattis says murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi threatens stability in region

Government backed hackers warning from Google

A man in Owensboro went to a community Halloween event last night dressed as a Nazi and dressed his child as Hitler His costume is disgusting...but dressing his child like this is heartbreaking

Fifty-one percent of women said Trump will be a "major" factor in their vote in the upcoming midterm election, according to a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll.

Yemen crisis: Three stats that reveal the scale of world's worst humanitarian crisis

Ina Garten Says The Only Thing She’d Serve Trump Is A Subpoena

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Deletes Tweet Attacking 3 Wealthy Jews In The Democratic Party

Opinion: Stop helping demagogues change the subject

“Straight out of George Orwell”: China holds about a million Muslims in so-called humane detention camps

"We don't need more mealy-mouthed elected officials who claim they're 'disappointed by this bad behavior' but then don't do anything about it. We need leaders who will actually stand up for what's right, regardless of party."

Republicans: Globalist Jews are paying immigrants to invade America and only you can stop them. Shooter: Globalist Jews are paying immigrants to invade America and only I can stop them. Media: I guess we’ll never know how this happened

Cesar Sayoc, Mail Bombing Suspect, Found an Identity in Political Rage and Resentment

Joe Biden: "We're facing a battle for the soul of this nation. We will either stand against this hate now and wipe it out. Or we will rue the day we allowed it to grow and fester. Our values, our core beliefs, all that has made this nation a beacon to the world is at risk."

You may say, “I’m not Jewish. Why should Trump’s white nationalism concern me?” White Nationalists also have a long standin’ feud with Catholics and Jehovahs Witnesses and Mormons and every other minority.

False (and offensive) equivalence. Noting accurately that Trump’s intemperate rhetoric and celebration of bodyslams has created conditions where violence is more likely—not remotely the same as lunatic false flag conspiracy theories.

Here’s how the inflamed rhetoric around the migrant caravan may of influenced the Pittsburgh shooter