Saturday, June 29, 2019

Trump Tower condos fail to sell despite multi-million-dollar discounts

More economies cutting tariffs toward each other - 780 million people. US companies and workers will be disadvantaged in trying to access both markets. Trump's record has been to raise tariffs on these countries. The world is leaving America behind

Several of the most egregious examples of Trump aiding and abetting Putin’s attacks on American democracy are done in public. We just have a stupid cognitive bias as a society that makes us think disqualifying behavior is more nefarious if it’s done secretly.

18 members of some of the wealthiest families in America have a message for 2020 presidential candidates: Tax us more

The GOP ain’t the party of Trump. It’s the party of Putin. Trump’s just the errand boy

So just FYI, POTUS has also ruined the 4th too.

Jimmy Carter says Trump wouldn’t be president without help from Russia

There's Donald Trump's campaign chairman in handcuffs, while his deputy campaign chairman also awaits sentencing and his national security adviser also awaits sentencing and his person lawyer is in federal prison for crimes prosecutors say the president directed him to commit.

Opinion: The bottom line of the Democratic debate — women won

This presser has left me speechless. Trump is gaslighting the US media. He is going to allow US tech companies to sell to Huawei, he denigrated President Carter & defends Erdogan on S400 purchases by blaming Obama for the situation

MBS, Putin and Kim Jong Un -- Trump's 3 favorite autocrats. Who can name three democratic leaders about whom Trump speaks in similar terms?

Jimmy Carter Says Trump Is an Illegitimate President

This is one reason why Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation.

Former President Jimmy Carter suggested that a full probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election would show that Trump didn't win the presidency. "I think [Trump's] worst fear is what Jimmy Carter just said," says Leon Panetta, ex-defense secretary.

Trump blasted for ‘asskissing dictators’ after bizarre Twitter message for Kim Jong-un

This was striking. Why are Jared and Ivanka at a meeting between Trump and Vladimir Putin?

Evil failed. But it took the lives of five of our colleagues — Rob Hiaasen, Wendi Winters, John McNamara, Gerald Fischman and Rebecca Smith. We mourn them again today in simple ceremonies, moments of silence, and fresh rounds of tears.

Asked to clarify what he said about the Khashoggi murder, Pres Trump said he asked the Saudi Crown Prince "what's happening." @POTUS described the Crown Prince as "very angy" about the Khashoggi murder, but Trump declined to discuss the CIA rerport on Crown Prince ivolvment.

Breaking: FL gov Ron DeSantis signs bill requiring people with past felony convictions to pay all restitution, fines & fees before voting. This is modern day poll tax gutting historic ballot initiative approved by 64% voters & could block 1000s from polls

Cost-saving is the main rationale for private prisons. There isn’t much reason to think the approach has the intended effect ⬇️ Three big companies control 96% of private-prison beds

Migrant kids with PTSD, depression confined to maximum security centers in California, new study says

Madeleine Albright: Trump is using the G20 "to insult our allies and make jokes with somebody that is trying to undermine the American system of democracy as well as really militarize information in central and eastern Europe. I find appalling."

The North Koreans cannot imagine what Trump is up to. He is coming in deference to KJU. Our only US security concern is the nuke capability to strike the US and our allies. Trump is focused on personal photo ops. No reward and punishment strategy.

Donald Tusk responding to Putin's bullshit: "I strongly disagree with the main argument that liberalism is obsolete. Whoever claims that liberal democracy is obsolete, also claims that freedoms are obsolete, that the rule of law is obsolete and that human rights are obsolete,”

UPDATE: The Gaetz ethics complaint originated with Rep. Kathleen RICE, a NY Democrat and former prosecutor. A source familiar said Rice confrontedGaetz about his tweet the day he sent it and filed her formal complaint two weeks later.

The Dalai Lama said President Trump lacks "moral principle." He suggested Europe should be kept for Europeans. And should a woman succeed him, he said, she'd have to be "more attractive."

How much have the Trumps and Kushners taken from Saudis you figure? Curious what it costs to betray your country.

Forget Putin’s ‘liberalism’ jibe. This man runs a war machine | Russia

The Mad Prince also murdered a Washington Post columnist and friend of mine, and he presided over the torture of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Not to mention starting a war in Yemen leading to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Other than that, a fine guy.

Trump got something wrong on the killing of Khashoggi in response to my question. He said nobody had pointed the finger at Saudi Crown Prince MBS. But a UN report said that there was “credible evidence” that MBS and others in the Kingdom were responsible.

They murdered his Dad, dismembered his body, orchestrated a cover-up, then forced Khashoggi's son into a photo-op shaking hands with the prince who murdered his Dad. 9 months later, Trump shook the murderer’s hand, said it was an “honour” and refused to even comment on it

Trump again split from other G-20 nations over climate change, with the U.S. rebuffing the need for the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions

Anti-Gay Ex-Congressman Aaron Schock Allegedly Filmed Putting Money in Go-Go Boy's Underwear

BREAKING: We just won our lawsuit blocking Trump from abusing emergency powers to begin construction on a border wall Congress denied him.

House Democrats just opened a probe into Trump lapdog Matt Gaetz that could end his career

You know the republicans have actual Nazis in their party meanwhile democrats want to give people healthcare but two sides, amiright?

I really want to see more reporting on the private companies running Trump’s immigrant concentration camps. Please tell us more about who is collecting tax dollars nearly $800/day per child while failing to provide basic care & hygiene

The CIA concluded that the crown prince personally ordered the murder of US-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Federal judge blocks Trump from using military funds for border wall

'It is immoral': Former first lady Laura Bush criticizes the separation of migrant children from their parents

The president’s large adult son retweeting bot echoed racism towards ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ is completely unsurprising

These kids have done nothing wrong. They do not deserve to be treated like criminals.

WATCH If Trump had his way, all news would look like this propaganda!

Disgusting. My democracy plan would re-enfranchise those who have served their time and left prison—and prevent states like Florida from overriding their rights with Jim Crow-era nonsense.

Memo to the President: No, sir, you can’t ignore the date set by statute for the decennial census. Yes sir, federal laws are binding. No, the president isn’t exempt. Yes, you could get into trouble for breaking the law to sneak in a citizenship question.

The Mueller report’s major findings in less than 30 minutes

Republicans hate democracy

"Genuinely unclear if some of today's panelists could find Palestine on a map."

Europe plays Trump and he believes it.

I think of rapey McRapeface Kavanaugh. And how Flake acted like he might vote against his SCOTUS appointment after two women talked to him on the elevator, defending Dr. Ford. Flake said a few words about how that touched him. And then went right ahead and voted him in! Bastard!

European diplomats: Trump is a 'laughing stock', 'obsessed with Obama'

Trump at G20 explains his invite to meet Kim Jong Un at DMZ: “I just put out a feeler because I don't know where he is right now. He may not be in North Korea.. if Chairman Kim would want to meet, I’ll be at the border. We seem to get along really well.”

Of fucking course there’s no secret list

The GOP Senate needs a war as bad as Trump does. Corruption is the foundation plank of the Republican Party now.

Trump bashes free press with autocrat Putin on grim anniversary

Donald Trump Jr. Shares, Then Deletes, a Tweet Questioning Kamala Harris’s Race

SCOTUS makes state races key to next decade of political power