Saturday, August 22, 2020

CREW got Hope Hicks’ financial disclosure forms filed when she reentered the White House. In less than 18 months at Fox, she made $1.9 million. When she left the White House in 2018, her only reported asset was less than $15,000 in a bank account.

norms v rules “The location of the first lady’s speech will be just one of the ways that the Republican National Convention will break with political norms. Federal rules prohibit the White House from being the setting for expressly political events”

The new Rose Garden looks like a plot at a cemetery. Very appropriate.

Bunny Mellon, who designed the White House Rose Garden for President Kennedy, on the crabapple trees First Lady Melania Trump removed: "The force of the summer sun that bakes the city of Washington would be broken by the height and width of these trees."

Before and after pics of the White House Rose Garden show that — just like with Donald— everything that Melania touches gets destroyed. What a shame that she cut down those beautiful trees and, of course, added a concrete walkway so she won’t sink her designer stiletto heels.

The White House from Constitution Ave

The president is at his Virginia golf property today. Our @NBCNews crew captured these images from an extreme distance.

They are going to pay for Express Mail because normal mail processing can’t be trusted. This is fine. — Hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops usually cast ballots by mail. This year could be more complicated, Pentagon office says

Trump “was so incensed by [Napolitano’s] broadcasts that he implored Barr to send Rupert a message in person… about ‘muzzling the judge’. He wanted nation's top law enforcement official to convey just how atrocious Napolitano’s legal analysis had been.”

Unbelievable. Barr's meeting with Murdoch last year was to pressure Fox - a company that has been under DOJ investigation multiple times - to muzzle @Judgenap over his Trump criticism. Pure authoritarian thuggishness.

Trump files emergency motion to block release of his tax returns

Just a hunch, but I’ll bet Jared turns states evidence someday and offers up dirt on the whole clan. He keeps files on everyone and is the biggest weasel of the bunch. He despised Trump when I worked with Vanky on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Trump called him ‘the Jew’ @realDonaldTrump

One-third of people with COVID-19 lie about their symptoms, study shows

Court orders Donald Trump to pay legal fees in Stormy Daniels suit

Ivanka Trump Whines: ‘I Gave Up My Life to Move to Washington DC to Help Americans’

Good #saturdaymorning! If you're like me, you have grown way more tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini than you could possibly eat, can, or freeze. There are millions of hungry Americans who would *love* to feed your fresh produce to their kids. Voila!

Martha McSally is trailing @CaptMarkKelly in fundraising. Here’s why. In a recorded appeal to Arizonans, she asks if families could *FAST* & send money to her campaign instead of eating / buying food. During a pandemic & historic unemployment.

Fox News is right: Any idiot can read off a teleprompter

KODAK: One more non-deal by Trump proving that if you can't successfully negotiate anything you can at least manipulate stock prices for profit. Kodak went from $2 a share to $60. Then dropped again when it became apparent that Trump lied.

Several cops surrounded a Black man and fatally shot him 10+ times tonight in Lafayette, LA! He reportedly had a knife and was walking away from police, but didn’t deserve to die — they acted as judge jury and executioner. We demand JUSTICE and ANSWERS.

How are dogs coping during the pandemic?

Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden - Defending Democracy Together

The medical plane carrying @navalny and his wife finally made it to Berlin.

THREAD. Read this piece if you already haven't. And then consider where this, and the Russia bounty scandal, fits in with the bigger picture of Trump's responses -- *especially to activities conducted by the GRU*, Russia's military intelligence service. A refresher:

Why poison is the weapon of choice in Putin’s Russia

Vladimir Putin is not our friend: Former Green Beret charged with spying for Russia

How can you create a sense of national unity in the face of divisive, polarizing propaganda? Here's how it's been done in Belarus

Opinion: Trump’s strange silence on Belarus

Belarus has adopted and actively used some of Hong Kong's protest tactics such as Offline messengers, ”Be water,” decentralization

Hong Kong will offer a free coronavirus test to all 7.5 million residents next month, the city's leader said Friday, but it was unclear how many would take part in the scheme run by companies based in mainland China

Charged with rioting for his role in the Hong Kong protests and appearing in court on August 20, actor Gregory Wong held up the three-finger salue to support Thailand's pro-democracy protesters

“To remain silent is to be complicit.”

#RubioReport: Trump fucking COLLUDED with Russia against the US AF!@marcorubio: There was no collusion. Conclusion: Little Marco thinks his constituents can't read.


Just in: John Brennan’s spokesman says Brennan was interviewed earlier today by John Durham, who told Brennan “that he is not a subject or a target of a criminal investigation and that he is only a witness to events that are under review.” Full statement:

So let me get this straight Build The Wall was all a big Ponzi scheme for racists to make Trump and his friends rich?

You'd think a man facing his own mortality might pause for just a moment.

“The White House did not respond to a request for comment. The State Department has not replied to repeated inquiries on the topic. Trump’s silence is in stark contrast to European leaders who are voicing and providing support to Navalny.”

Trump’s tax returns are inching toward discourse. Trial and appellate court have both denied stays while Trump appeals order requiring production. #SCOTUS is Trump’s last hope. Manhattan DA Vance will soon know what Trump is so desperate to hide.

See you in DC tomorrow.

Each of the three people who led Trump's 2016 campaign has now faced criminal charges

Times in Ohio are tough, Donald Trump is only making it worse.

Classes at some elite U.S. universities will carry a warning label this fall: This course may cover material considered politically sensitive by China

Ron Johnson jumped in after questions from Democrats but not from Republicans. This is an Abbott and Costello routine. Moscow’s man on the Hill is playing a triple role as chairman, witness and witness advocate. What a sham.

In a polarized society, the bureaucrats who operate the machinery of democracy are taking flak from all sides. More than 20 have resigned or retired since March 1, thinning their ranks at a time when they are most needed.

The former Trump campaigner's joke from a June 2019 fundraising event predicted his indictment and involved a yacht.

"The former deputy chief of the Chinese intelligence agency, Ma Jian, was convicted in December 2018 of taking bribes to help Guo. The charges included conspiring to blackmail a Beijing city official who blocked a Guo development project."

David Pecker is OUT as the chief of AMI. Best line of the article: “The nearly 69-year old Pecker,” Is Pecker about to be indicted?

This is the best argument I've heard yet to vote for Democrats.

The @USPS Board of Governors has a responsibility to serve the public interest. That means delivering the mail on time – not acting as accomplices for the Postmaster General’s partisan sabotage. If the Board won’t fire Louis DeJoy and reverse the damage, they should resign too.

NEWS: I got a tip that someone in town for Robert Trump's White House funeral punched a server tonight at D.C.'s Fig & Olive restaurant. I called and an employee there confirmed it: "Somebody blindsided one of my servers. Clocked him right in the nose."

Phenomenal breakdown of Bannon’s downfall by the person that has studied him probably more than anyone, @JoshuaGreen. Spoiler Alert: The best part is when he gets indicted.

“We did lose a machine, and we were told that it was part of the cost-saving measure, it was part of becoming more efficient. The end result, though, was that we’re not able to get all the mail processed," says Kimberly Karol, president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union

Imagine paying Hope Hicks almost 2,000,000 dollars. I mean, wut?

JUST IN: Tennessee governor signs bill that would punish some protesters with loss of voting rights

You shouldn’t skip meals, it’s not a healthy thing to do. And if you do fast and want to donate the savings, consider giving to a food bank. There are many Americans hurting in this pandemic. The above message is what a decent elected official would say. Unlike