Tuesday, December 15, 2020

#BREAKING: A judge just ruled that the Trump Organization must turn over additional documents related to my office's ongoing investigation. We will continue to follow the facts wherever they may lead us.


As embarrassing as it is for Sens. Perdue & Loeffler not to know that the data they want is already publicly available from the Secretary of State, it’s even worse that they’re not aware their own campaigns already have the data they’re looking for.


DEVELOPING: Trump Organization Must Cough Up Docs on Seven Springs Engineer to New York Attorney General, Manhattan Judge Rules


We don’t just have a hunger crisis in America—we have a Hunger Emergency. Families waiting overnight to receive a gift card to buy groceries...It is unacceptable we are in this situation! Congress can act immediately and unlock existing FEMA funding to feed our neighbors in need!


Bannon and his buddy gonna lose it all


Circular firing squad, engage! Now that McConnell is part of the Deep State, it seems like a good time to remind Republicans that it doesn’t matter how obsequious you are, if you disagree with the Mad King even once, you’re the enemy.


The traitors are easy to spot. So is the pecking order.


NEW: Biden’s team plans to bring the U.S. closer to normalized relations with Cuba, reversing many of Trump's moves


Rudolph the Leaky Lawyer had a very slimy face — Randy Rainbow


Dr. Fauci to ABC on vaccinating Biden and Harris: “For security reasons, I really feel strongly that we should get them vaccinated as soon as we possibly can. You want him fully protected as he enters into the presidency in January, so that would be my strong recommendation."


We will not be silenced or bullied by DeSantis


#Breaking: Mitch McConnell acknowledges Biden's win for the first time. "As of this this morning, our country has officially a President-elect and a Vice President-elect... The Electoral College has spoken. .. Today, I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden."


Terminally ill Washington elector breaks down after casting Biden vote: "I was glad to do my duty"


Plea to the Press: Don’t Make Trump 2021’s Shadow President


MEMO TO GA AG CHRIS CARR: Even if Trump is pardoned as to fed crimes (by himself if he dares to try it), it looks like he may have committed crimes against the State of Georgia by threatening your Governor. This goes beyond party loyalty, AG Carr.


DeSantis says my appeal was filed in good faith but wants to sanction me because I distracted him from doing his job


“Both the Trump and Bush presidencies concluded with America a smoking ruin. Only Trump has ensured that nearly half the country doesn’t see it.”


Joe Biden’s speech to America: "It is time to turn the page."


Opinion | As Americans die by the thousands, Trump cronies cut in line for coronavirus treatments and vaccine


Prince Andrew refuses to deny he stayed in Jeffrey Epstein mansion


“Two super Pacs are planning to spend about $80 million on ads and other efforts backing Perdue and Loeffler. Among the donors are top finance CEOs Stephen Schwarzman, of Blackstone Group, and Kenneth Griffin, of Citadel...”


Some amazing reporting by @bellingcat about Putin's horrendous poisoning of @Navalny. (And yes, FSB = Putin.)


#BREAKING Putin congratulates Biden, says ready for 'collaboration': Kremlin


Time to go on offense. Russia should pay, and they will lose in this battle.


For many with eating disorders, pandemic set off "cascade of problems." Here’s how to get help.


I wrote about the terrible miserable horrible WSJ opinion section in ⁦@thedailybeast⁩


Cracks Appear Among Lukashenko’s Security Forces. As of November 1, the staff of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Minsk has decreased by about 18%. The Central District Department of Internal Affairs, lost 29% of its employees.


15-year-old girlfriend of Hong Kong protester who was shot by police flees to UK, as exodus continues


Int’l Criminal Court rejects Uighur genocide complaint as China not a signatory


Hong Kong's police force received 26 times more "donations" this year than the last. But it won't say where the money came from


A 15-year old girl is believed to have fled Hong Kong to Britain whilst apparently being tailed by security service officials. She's the youngest person so far to seek asylum from the Beijing government’s crackdown on the territory.


Bill Barr will go down as the most disgraceful AG in history and the greatest enabler of Donald Trump’s corrosion of democratic principles and the rule of law. If Barr has reached his breaking point, then the nation should be on high alert for Trump’s next attack on democracy


In America, politicians don’t take power — the people grant it to them. The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know that nothing — not even a pandemic or an abuse of power — can extinguish that flame.


A bevy of Senate Republicans, after refusing for weeks to acknowledge Joe Biden's victory in the presidential race, still wouldn't do so Monday evening even after the Electoral College made the win official


Boston health care workers dancing on the sidewalk to celebrate the arrival of the first covid-19 vaccine.


As Biden concluded his remarks, Peter Doocy of Fox shouted out to the president-elect to ask: “When did you find out your son was being investigated?” Biden turned back and with a dose of sarcasm replied: “Thanks for the congratulations. I appreciate it.”


A small, sad break with tradition. ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩ blocks reporters from attending annual holiday reception with legislators. Plenty of hot chocolate, cookies — and secrecy. Mansion, paid for by taxpayers, looks great — but you have to look from the street.


Analysts said it was hard to know which was worse: that the federal government was blindsided again by Russian intelligence agencies, or that when it became clear what was happening, White House officials said nothing.


I want Alex Jones arrested immediately for threatening the life of the 46th President of the USA Joseph R. Biden Jr


This is the GULAG, folks. Let's not mince words here. Kudos to the Beeb for reporting this: "China is forcing hundreds of thousands of Uighurs and other minorities into hard, manual labour in the vast cotton fields of its western region of Xinjiang"


1 in 6 families is going hungry in America today. If that’s not the definition of emergency, I don’t know what is. Congress has the power—if the WH doesn't have the will—to call upon @FEMA to make sure hunger is not a problem


.@JoeBiden “306 electoral votes is the same number that Trump & Pence received in 2016. Trump called his electoral college tally a ‘landslide’. By his own standards, these numbers represented a clear victory then—I respectfully suggest they do so now.”


Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan has assailed the wide swath of Republicans on Capitol Hill who have refused to accept the outcome of the presidential election, casting their stance as "embarrassing" for the Republican Party


Lindsey Graham says the biggest "threats to conservatism" are election officials making it easier for people to vote and social media companies cracking down on disinformation.


Chairman Nadler on Barr: "In 37 days, President-Elect Biden will be sworn into office. Whomever Joe Biden chooses as the new Attorney General will have a tremendous amount of work to do to repair the integrity of the Department of Justice ... The work must begin without delay."


A Political Obituary for Donald Trump


Hitting the road? Here’s what to know about your rest-stop risks.

 Stay home and wear a mask!

Opinion: The Proud Boys really thought they could terrorize our city. As if.


this is bravery in journalism. @clarissaward has never not been fearless, seen here confronting a Russian assassin.


Republicans acting like everything's normal after their failed coup.


NEW: The longtime aide to “Putin’s Congressman” Dana Rohrabacher died suddenly from a head injury over the weekend. Paul Behrends was found by emergency responders close to his home on Friday night with severe head trauma.