Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a legend in the study of infectious diseases, stood in front of the president and said (without saying it) that something the president said was not correct. This is why we need career experts and not just wackadoo hacks in the government.

So pence is the coronavirus czar, which means he’s going to rely on Jesus which means we’re probably all going to die but don’t panic

BREAKING: Federal Judge decides to keep Jeffrey Epstein files under seal. The Miami Herald and @jkbjournalist (me) had argued that they should be made public, with the exception of identifying any victims. The fight for the truth continues.

CIA Director Gina Haspel was on Capitol Hill this morning briefing the House side of the Gang of 8. Topic unclear.

What @janeosanders told Russia Today in 2016: Bernie wins when Republicans can vote in our primary. “The ones he’s losing are the ones where you have to be a registered Democrat to vote.” - exact quote.

When @JoeBiden touts the Obama Administration’s efforts against the Ebola outbreak, the unsung hero is @RonaldKlain. Ron served as the White House Ebola Response Coordinator in 2014-2015. You don’t know his name because he succeeded His work should be the model for Coronavirus.

Barack Obama demands South Carolina stations pull misleading ad attacking Joe Biden

Don’t panic. Doctors/ virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They expect it will go around the world, but that most people who get it will be a little sick, then recover. The danger is to vulnerable people. Hospitals/ old age homes.

Since the dawn of the Trump era, countless experts have warned that the president's lack of credibility would imperil the country in the event of an emergency. As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, those fears may be coming true...

"I don't think the president knows what he's talking about -- once again” -@SpeakerPelosi on Trump saying #Coronavirus is under control. Me neither!

Trump is killin' the GOP down-ballot.

Opinion: The U.S. coronavirus response shows the costs of having a "chaos president"

Dow falls more than 100 points as market's attempt to rebound from sell-off fails - market loses 2000+ points in 3 sessions..

83 people in Nassau County being monitored for possible coronavirus exposure

The House has voted 410-4 to pass legislation to designate lynching as a federal hate crime

JUST IN: New York DA Cyrus Vance files its brief to the Supreme Court in its case seeking enforcement of a grand jury subpoena for President Trump's financial records as part of a state criminal probe. Oral arguments are scheduled for 3/31. Read it here

This is ratfuckery and not democracy.

“I’m a Republican & Trump supporter... we have an operation chaos going on & all over the state we’re encouraging Republicans to vote for Bernie because we believe Bernie is the best worst candidate in contrasting his socialism against Trump and his capitalism.”

There is a big ballot flaw in LA County ballots. Half the voters in my district won’t see my name or other candidates unless they hit “more” button because only 4 names are shown. Voters could skip to next race without knowing there were more candidates

"I don't think the president knows what he's talking about -- once again," Pelosi on Trump saying Coronavirus is under control.

Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is that people who are tired of the insults and the extremes in our politics will have a candidate they are proud to support. If you too are tired of the noise and the nonsense, join our campaign:

A nonpartisan watchdog group asks Congress to investigate how Devin Nunes is paying for his lawsuits. Every congressman has to disclose this type of info. These types of lawsuits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars—Nunes costs would be in the millions.

A top virologist here in Singapore took me to the lab where the pure coronavirus is stored (secure behind several more airtight security doors). She’s convinced virus came from bats, NOT some bioweapon that broke out. And she’s personally worked at the lab in Wuhan in question.

Just minutes ago in congressional testimony, HHS Secretary Alex Azar defended his work leading the coronavirus task force and said it was an “oddity” for Obama to appoint an Ebola czar.

Report: Saudis, UAE funnelled millions to Trump 2016 campaign

Neither Pete nor OP said it was from now, but that doesn’t make it better; right now, today, @janeosanders follows Russia Today on Twitter, one of only a handful she follows, the disgrace

Yeah that's what is needed here, a potential first lady on Russian state media, arguing for process that would produce a Democratic nominee that the Republicans want. The same Ru state media that attacked America FFS

BREAKING: The White House is weighing whether to appoint a coronavirus czar to coordinate the response to the spreading epidemic, according to two officials familiar with the matter

Are the spouses of any other Democratic nominees getting on to RUSSIAN TV explaining why we should have a process allowing more Independents & Republicans vote to help her husband become the nominee? So they can vote for the candidate most likely to help get Trump elected? WTF

Hosni Mubarak's refusal to liberalize and modernize his country was one of the triggers of the 2011 Arab revolution and a principal cause of the oppression that afflicts Egypt today, writes the Editorial Board

Lewis says that the prosecution has no issue with Assange sitting in the well of the court with security officers on either side, but that they will not agree to him being released from custody.

Bipartisan rejection of illegally pillaging DoD funds for "the wall"

This clip of Jane Sanders on the Russian propaganda network RT, circulating today with thousands of retweets, is from four years ago. (And before the US government forced RT to register as an official mouthpiece of the Kremlin.)

NEW: House Majority Whip Clyburn endorses Joe Biden in 2020 Democratic primary.

Will Donald veto this or admit he was horribly wrong?

"In 2018, the Trump administration fired the government’s entire pandemic response chain of command, including the White House management infrastructure."

The magistrate now asks if Assange is happy to continue, noting that he appears tired. Assange stands and responds, complaining that “the problem is I cannot participate, I cannot privately communicate with my lawyers.”

NEW: The first coronavirus case has been reported in Latin America in Brazil

I know Joe Biden. I know his character, his heart, and his record. Joe Biden has stood for the hard-working people of South Carolina. We know Joe. But more importantly, he knows us. In South Carolina, we choose presidents. I’m calling on you to stand with @JoeBiden.

This is going to be our Chernobyl

More on #COVID19 in #China - Two medical worker from Guangdong, who have been treating patients at the frontline in #Wuhan, published a letter in the @TheLancet today, calling for help from the international community in the fight against #coronavirus. Here are the excerpts -

Chinese medical staff request international medical assistance in fighting against COVID-19 - The Lancet

And our utterly unfit President is hellbent on denying the situation and can't even spell the word Coronavirus. Good lord.

#BREAKING: President @realDonaldTrump to hold 6pm ET news conference on #coronavirus.

Let's be clear: a "former" Kremlin media employee somehow managed to become close to a guy who one of POTUS's favorite "special teams" thugs LEAKED CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE to, and she took the intel and delivered it to Assange. And the guy who leaked the intel is now Acting DNI

Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

ICYMI ...and no, the heat of april will not kill coronavirus

Bernie and his wife spend a lot of time on Russian TV fighting for things that will result in Trump getting reelected.

"As an inmate who was moved from the federal lockup in downtown Manhattan—where I got to know both Paul Manafort and Jeffrey Epstein—to Rikers Island just 3 months ago, I have a pretty fair idea what Harvey Weinstein is in for," writes William Mersey

start of article - check back for paywall to drop 

Kim Dot Com is up and live tweeting Cassandra Fairbanks live periscope on the phone recordings she taped. Seems like coordinated messaging to me. I smell a huge fuqqin rat in this story

NEW: Steve Bannon has been flying around the country on a private jet apparently owned by a wealthy Chinese businessman - including to events to promote GOP candidates. That could violate the law barring foreign money from U.S. elections.

This is offensive to ALL Democrats. Bernie has never been able to build coalitions and now that he's getting vetted he'd rather burn it all down than allow a Democrat to beat Trump if he loses. Don't vote for him

Jesuit order to ditch fossil fuels from $500 million equity portfolio

Israel urges Americans to abandon support of Bernie Sanders over his “horrifying comment”

You came home empty-handed, without the trade agreement you wanted, and 20+ people are dead. This is a successful trip?

Great to join @JimmyKimmelLive, blocks from my Hollywood office. I get asked all the time what people can do to help defend our democracy. The most important thing we can do now is make Trump a one term nightmare by -- Registering every voter, and voting!

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper is likely to face a grilling from lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill for his decision to divert military funding to pay for the US border wall as he testifies before the House Armed Services Committee

Coronavirus briefing this afternoon at White House, Trump says

Steve Bannon’s Use of Private Jet Linked to Chinese Businessman Could Violate Campaign Finance Law

ABC News’ David Wright has reportedly been suspended over mystery Project Veritas footage

“However, the book leaves out a series of messages sent by Zuckerberg...where he calls people "dumb f--ks" for trusting him with their information.”

“Palantir scored another win in Washington, securing a contract worth as much as $823 million to provide software to the Department of Defense...”

Fitzgerald is connecting US Constitutional requirement for due process to ECHR & even Magna Carta as establishing provisions against arbitrary detention - which is what Assange’s detention amounts to, Fitzgerald says, as he’s being held for extradition over “political offences.”

Oh my god Bernie said the DNC rigged the South Carolina #DemDebate.

You flew a bunch of infected Coronavirus patients back to America alongside healthy people, overruling CDC advice. Any pandemic here is on you.

Trump brags about committing war crimes: "We have taken the oil. And the soldiers we have there [in Syria] are the ones guarding the oil."

Good morning. It’s day three of the extradition hearing for Julian Assange at Woolwich Crown Court. We will be getting started shortly and I will again be following the proceeding

"It's not so much a question of if this will happen anymore, but rather more a question of exactly when this will happen and how many people in this country will have severe illness," says a CDC doctor of coronavirus in the US

Neil Gorsuch occupies a stolen Supreme Court seat. Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist and a perjurer.

The FBI Is Investigating Massive Embezzlement of Border Patrol Union Funds

Only mission-essential staff will be on the base where an American soldier infected with coronavirus is being isolated

Arthur Schwartz recently said that Julian Assange did things that "led to horrible suffering & death. I have zero sympathy for him. Doubt you will either when/if it comes out publicly." But in 2016 Arthur shared WikiLeaks' hacked emails on Twitter. Who or what changed his mind?

Stalin doubled literacy in the Soviet Union, even as he murdered tens of millions of people. Apologists for dictatorship - Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia - always say "they do some bad things, and some good things." It's a way of making them seem just like us. It's utterly wrong.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, because Trump is a moron and a bad debater, but he would eat Bernie alive.

Mayor Pete has the moment of the debate when he says Sanders math equals 4 more years of Trump and a Republican House and Senate.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Says Trump Should Recuse Himself from All Decisions Involving the Future of the Country

Dec. 3, 2019 “The 53-count indictment unsealed in federal court in Washington detailed efforts by Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja and George Nader to conceal the true source of the millions of dollars in campaign contributions...”

In September, @RepAnnaEshoo and I warned that our reliance on China for pharmaceutical ingredients is a national security threat. The potential for disruptions caused by Coronavirus demonstrates why. We need to make sure Americans can get the medicines they need.

This morning’s classified coronavirus briefing should have been made fully open to the American people—they would be as appalled & astonished as I am by the inadequacy of preparedness & prevention.

Coronavirus is hitting Russia’s economy, according to today’s Russian papers: oil prices are down, the rouble & share prices falling. Plus, Moscow restaurants have been instructed to bring in “special safety measures.”

Sanders says again the U.S. has more people in jail than China. If you count the millions of Uyghurs and other Muslims in camps (and you should), China has more.

Gun manufacturers — if I’m elected I’m coming for you.

School Vouchers Are Just Code for ‘Segregation Forever’

Like I said, the USA isn't ready for #COVID19 thanks to huge public health and national security cuts made by #Trump in 2018

How's that "small government" working out for you all?

Do the Republicans have a breaking point? Do they let Trump declare a national emergency & cancel the election? Do they let him round up & imprison his political opponents? Do they let him turn over the codes to Russia? Is there anything he can do that would be a bridge too far?

Just a reminder how much the coronavirus must be freaking Trump out👇 He's a germaphobe who hates coughing😂 So I assume they're cancelling all Trump rally's? Or will the super efficient Trump Administration put up a curtain & hold the Trump Rally in a coronavirus quarantine ctr?

Boom! Moderator just blew up Sanders. The reason why Cuba made progress on education is so their ppl could readily absorb their propaganda.

Does anyone think that if there were a consequential national security/economic crisis that this Administration has the intellectual capacity and policy acumen to navigate the nation through it? The answer, frighteningly, is no. Now we have the coronavirus and they have no idea.

Dear @DHS_Wolf: Highly disturbing you don’t know basic facts. The mortality rate for the flu is about 0.1%, and it killed over 60,000 people in the 2018-19 season. Coronavirus is about 20 times deadlier. That’s why people are freaked out. You need to correct your testimony.

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- U.S. military says soldier based in South Korea tested positive for a new virus, the first U.S. service member infected.

Dec. 3, 2019 “The 53-count indictment unsealed in federal court in Washington detailed efforts by Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja and George Nader to conceal the true source of the millions of dollars in campaign contributions...”

We are in the most important election of our lives, and we’re getting questions about legalizing marijuana? Are you fucking kidding me, CBS?

Bloomberg refusing to call Xi a dictator is flat bonkers. Bernie trying to attack him for it is like throwing a pie in his own face. Bernie sanders is now reading Kremlin talking points about history.

"It took years for the Obama administration to create this [disease response] superstructure which has now been eliminated." -Laurie Garrett, health policy analyst and science reporter

In September, @RepAnnaEshoo and I warned that our reliance on China for pharmaceutical ingredients is a national security threat. The potential for disruptions caused by Coronavirus demonstrates why. We need to make sure Americans can get the medicines they need.

KENNEDY: Do we have enough respirators? WOLF: To my knowledge we do K: We just heard testimony that we don't W: Okay K: You're supposed to keep us safe. You don't know the answer, do you? W: You're asking me medical questions K: The people deserve some straight answers

I don’t think Ann *intended* this as an endorsement but it wouldn’t surprise me if Warren HQ decided to blow the tweet up and put it on a poster.

The Globe endorses Elizabeth Warren The Senator is the best choice for Democrats.

Shortly after Trump downplayed the severity of the Coronavirus and said that the spread of the virus was under control, US officials told senators that the virus was highly contagious and that a vaccine was at least 12 months-18 months away, according to three senators present

Just a reminder that Trump’s proposed budget would cut funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by 17%. Cut U.S. funding to the World Health Organization by more than half. And make a nearly 10% cut to Health and Human Services.

I didn’t just criticize Pres. Trump’s pathetic, inadequate funding request I noted his incompetence, how he has no plan to deal with coronavirus He’s dismantled NSC’s global health security team, wants to cut CDC by 16%, hasn’t appointed 1 person to oversee coronavirus response

I wonder if he's exploring ways to nuke the virus?

Assange gets arrested. "Suddenly" Trump doesn't know anything about Julian a/k/a the guy who helped elect him. Then, "suddenly", Arthur is worried about going to jail for taking orders from the president related to Julian's arrest. Sounds... bad.

Bye, Florida

SCOOP — The White House has hired a college senior to be one of the top officials in its powerful Presidential Personnel Office, three administration officials familiar with the matter told me. His name is James Bacon, 23, and is a GW senior.

Bernie does not like getting booed

I want to take coronavirus out of politics right now and talk to the American people because this is serious. I’m not going to give my website right now. I’m going to give the CDC’s website: so that people realize what to do if they feel sick.

A federal judge has to take security precautions to protect jurors from the President: Roger Stone allegation of juror misconduct and demand for new trial to be heard in semi-public hearing Tuesday

Biden:”do we just speak whenever we want to?”

Bernie is not answering the question and is being booed for it.

we are now living in a world without experts

Attention USA: We have a totally incompetent president and we face a pandemic. Trump has defunded federal pandemic preparation programs and underfunded the Center for Disease Control. If the coronavirus gets out of hand in the USA only one person is responsible – Donald Trump!

You have a hole in your soul that no success, not even the Presidency, could ever fill. You are lost, gone, bye-bye. You are a television creation, packaged and sold with the same false promises as fast food or diet soda. You're empty. You have no substance or ideas. A con man.

Analysis: Did Mike Bloomberg almost say he bought members of Congress?

Team, we had a great debate tonight in South Carolina. I could use your help to keep this momentum going as we head toward the primary this Saturday. With just a few days left - chip in what you can, every dollar makes a difference:

He's been in elected office for 40 fucking years

In September, @RepAnnaEshoo and I warned that our reliance on China for pharmaceutical ingredients is a national security threat. The potential for disruptions caused by Coronavirus demonstrates why. We need to make sure Americans can get the medicines they need.

"You're the secretary. I think you oughta know that answer" -- Even @SenJohnKennedy (R) is fed up with Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf's ignorance about coronavirus

Behind our sluggish response to coronavirus, an unnecessary battle over funding

NEW: President Trump is privately furious about the slide of the stock market due to coronavirus. He is expected to meet with aides tomorrow to discuss. WH is struggling to contain the economic panic over the virus' spread

.@RichardEngel did interview last night with Dr said Coronavirus mortality rate is 2-3%. A.k.a. 20 - 30 times as deadly as the flu.

"But China pulled millions of people out of poverty, that's just a fact, end of discussion " Bernie Sanders Feb 2020 China also put millions in their graves, and remain to this day a Communist dictatorship

A must, must read. Former Acting Attorney General—who earlier worked with #BillBarr in the HW Bush administration—raises deep concerns about Barr's actions within the Justice Department. Gerson is a founding member of @chkba

Senator Kennedy likes to play dumb so often that people forget that he is a graduate of Vanderbilt, UVA, and Oxford and was once a Democrat. So he was smart once...

Media: @realDonaldTrump, asked by @Acosta in #NewDelhi if he'll pledge not to take foreign election assistance, attacks @CNN, saying, "Your record on telling the truth is so bad, you ought to be ashamed." Acosta: "Our record on delivering the truth is a lot better than yours."

I have been waiting for a candidate to use the debate platform to show me that they are going to own the gun issue. @JoeBiden just did that for me. As for @BernieSanders, his "bad vote" is part of the reason my daughter is a victim of gun violence. Joe, thank you.