Friday, January 10, 2020

The fact that Eric Trump knew what was coming with Suleimani day’s before it happened and tweeted about it, but Congress was kept out of the loop sure slipped from the news cycles quickly. It’s ‘too sensitive’ info for Adam Schiff but ‘Twizzlers’ gets clearance?

A reminder that Greg Abbott called out the Texas State Guard to monitor a US military exercise because he believed a Russian disinformation/conspiracy experiment. 18 other republican governors have stood against the admin on this issue and *will* accept refugees.

We've gotten to the point where "words have no meaning" is the administration's actual legal argument

Even more, a Senate trial should STRIVE FOR FAIRNESS. Moscow Mitch only cares about protecting Trump. Fairness, witnesses or the Republic be damned.

Speaker Pelosi will send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate next week. Then we find out whether the GOP will hold a fair trial or perpetuate a cover up.

Breaking: Marianne Williamson is dropping out of the presidential race.

so Huber couldn't deliver for RNC, sad. Now Lindsey must be investigated for Dennis Cain/Uranium One scam and criminal conspiracy DOJ winds down Clinton-related inquiry Trump sought

.@MaddowBlog: Team Trump’s latest Clinton investigation ending with a whimper

Roberts’ court pushed by conservative groups to keep ‘dark money’ donors from being exposed

So #moscowitch feels fine holding 400 + house bills hostage WITH NO vote, yet incomprehensibly has the GALL to demand Nancy hand over the bills for impeachment so he can "make them go byebye"?? As I always think I hear Trump saying.. FUCK'EM. Room at gitmo for all! Jig is UP!

Interesting moment at 0:18-0:24 when Trump starts imitating himself in a way that suggests he's aware that his whole attack on Democrats is just a form of shtick he performs for his own voters who are too mean or stupid to know better.

Why no press briefings? This administration isn’t about information, it’s about propaganda.A press briefing will only underline lies and contradictions. Go ahead, Stephanie Grisham, prove me wrong. Bonus: $200,000 to sick children

Press conference bounty grows.

E.U. leaders rally behind tattered Iran deal, ignoring Trump’s call to ditch it

Change rules? Down and down we go....McConnell backs measure to change Senate rules, dismiss impeachment without articles

Democrat Amy McGrath Enters 2020 With $9 Million War Chest in Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell

JUSTICE DEPT: “We tried. We even looked into that URANIUM ONE thing y’all had a 3-year panic attack about. Didn’t find a damn thing.” Sadly this will be a 1-day story, if that.

The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether states can require presidential electors to vote for that state’s popular-vote winner.

Let’s be clear re: this WSJ story: Trump assassinated Soleimani based on no imminent threat to please GOP Senators who were pressuring him & who he needed re: impeachment. Terribly corrupt and, well, impeachable.

WSJ: “Mr. Trump, after the strike, told associates he was under pressure to deal with Gen. Soleimani from GOP senators he views as important supporters in his coming impeachment trial in the Senate, associates said.”

UPDATE from Yauco, Puerto Rico...the stadium here is where many families are sleeping in tents after the earthquake & we have one of our @WCKitchen kitchens going! Community is very well organized!

Preet Bharara to Rep. Doug Collins: "Your casual slur of countless good Americans hits a new bottom. Americans can, in good faith, differ about the legality or efficacy of killing Soleimani ...It is hostility to differences of opinion that is un-American."

Facebook affirms status quo headed into 2020; shares reach new heights.

“There are 9,774 politically-active tax-exempt organizations that may have failed to notify the Internal Revenue Service of their existence or submit the paperwork to operate tax-free...

Just got an alert while here at MacDill for an Active Shooter. We're in lock-down. Be safe.

Matt Gaetz, the "Trumpiest Congressman," cites principles for bucking president on war powers. Kevin McCarthy is "very shocked."

Today in dystopian medical care news: An Army veteran has his prosthetic legs repossessed after the VA refused to pay for them. He earned a Bronze Star in both Vietnam and Iraq

“Americans don’t pay close attention to foreign policy,” but “they do care about gasoline prices,” analyst tells @jendlouhyhc. Mid East tensions underscore reality on gas price and elections. Any sustained price increase above $3 could siphon Trump votes.

After Trump Brags About Lower Cancer Deaths, American Cancer Society Says They 'Dropped Before You Took Office'

‘Chaos Is the Point’: Russian Hackers and Trolls Grow Stealthier in 2020

The religious con man is unmasked - beware of false prophets. Please watch this video!

At a crucial moment, lack of trust in a president can be deadly. It's always a problem when 62% of the public believes the President is not honest or trustworthy

To be clear, the man who leaked sensitive Israeli intelligence to the Russians in the Oval Office, without Israel's permission, is stating the Chair of the House Permenant Select Committee on Intelligence can't be trusted with classified info

The presidents propaganda morning show is very mad at the presidents political adversaries

So Trump referred to “HRC” as crooked, the same day that his own Justice Department announced that its investigation found “nothing” - much like the FBI’s and House’s investigations. It was a political hit job proven to be meritless time and time again.

JUST IN: Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has asked U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to send officials to Iraq to work out a mechanism for the withdrawal of American troops

This says it all, folks.

am in absolute awe of Pelosi’s second act. She went on from being a boogeyman of the right and left to become the Constitution’s only defender in a sea of Trumpian sycophants. She is not intimidated. She will not be bullied. Regardless of politics, be thankful we have her.

It’s amazing to me how #microtargeting is largely being justified on grounds that it's "cost-effective." You know what else is cost-effective? Child labor. Dumping sewage into rivers. Fraud. Just because something is cost-effective does not necessarily make it a good idea.

MAKE SURE WE FIRE AT MOSCOWMITCH for his anti-american trumpistan BS, instead of acting like Dems did something wrong

Despite -- or perhaps because of -- all the fake religion he professed last October in his official speech attacking "militant secularists" at @NDLaw, we know that Attorney General Barr is a crook. This investigation is way overdue

"The effective conclusion of his investigation, with no criminal charges or other known impacts, is likely to roil some in the GOP who had hoped the prosecutor would vindicate their long-held suspicions about a political rival."

The Senate has conducted 15 impeachment trials. It heard witnesses in every one.

We are in a climate emergency — Hillary Clinton

To say that Trump’s reckless assassination decision hasn’t caused innocent civilians to die is to ignore the 176 victims of the mistakenly fired missile and the 56 mourners trampled to death. Acts of war always have unintended consequences. No wonder caution is so essential.

A 13 year old boy saw the paparazzi chase his mother to her death. Don’t tell him to “move past it”. If this is how he believes he can best protect his young family, more power to Harry.

Senator McConnell’s trying to change the rules of the Senate to cover up for President Trump? No one should be surprised.

New York City Bar Association asks Congress to investigate U.S. Attorney General William Barr

But when Hillary said deplorable, the Earth stopped rotating

If Republican Senators move for a quick dismissal of the charges against the President, with no witnesses or documents, it will be because they are afraid of the truth. Dismissal = cover-up — Nancy Pelosi

McConnell backing changing Senate rules to dismiss articles of impeachment without a trial is a sign of WEAKNESS. McConnell insisted that PELOSI had NO LEVERAGE because McConnell was in no rush. But it's clear McConnell, and Trump, want this over. So Pelosi has leverage.

So here it is. Zuck has taken his orders from Trump. Facebook is refusing to ban lies in political ads. It's refusing to ban microtargeting of political ads. Zuckerberg has sanctioned the delivery of toxic lies to voters in darkness...for profit.

Saying “I’m good at names,” Trump said he proposed calling the new Mideast mission “NATOME”

Senate Republicans refuse to explain this: @SenateMajLdr McConnell & Senator Graham demanded witnesses in the Clinton impeachment trial, but want to block them in the Trump impeachment trial. The American people want a fair trial, not a cover up

Americans want a fair trial. Make no mistake: Democrats will force votes on witnesses & documents in a Senate trial. Every single Senator will have to have to take a stand. How do Republican Senators want the American people, their constituents, & history to remember them?

Global carbon emissions are now so high—in 2019, they hit a new record of 43 billion metric tons—that ten more years of the same will be nothing short of cataclysmic

Actually there were no humans in North America until around 1750 or’s the truth...just ask the citizens of Stupidville, where every single one of those rally attendees reside...

Modern day debtors prison? Mississippi makes people work to pay off debt

McCarthy dodges @KlasfeldReports asking what charity his campaign gave the money donated by indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas to.

Prince Andrew's private secretary reportedly reaches settlement with Buckingham Palace

Trump complains about president of Ethiopia getting Nobel "I'm going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize. I'll tell you about that. I made a deal. I saved a country and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country."

It’s clear President Trump was never serious about infrastructure, and now worse he’s using infrastructure to deny the climate crisis

Fact check: Ohio is on track to lose jobs for the first year since the Great Recession (2009) Not only is NOT the best year ever, it was the worst year in 10 years

I will take Trudeau's word, but not that of the White House

Lawmakers says Facebook’s policy to address “deepfake” videos is inadequate

■ 40+ million under flood watch in parts of TX, OK, AR, MO, KY, IL, IN, OH, NY, VT ■ 25+ million under winter weather alert in parts of OK, KS, NE, IA, IL, WI, MI, NY, NH, VT, ME ■ 20+ million under wind advisory in part of TX, LA, AL, MS, FL, KY, IN

Fusion GPS — FBI Records Vault

Americans by more than 2-1 said the killing of Soleimani has made the United States less safe, a USA TODAY/Ipsos Poll finds. A majority of those surveyed, by 52%-34%, called Trump's behavior with Iran "reckless."

So uhhhh what the actual fuck is this guy doing starting a VC fund, the "Hillbilly Elegy' guy? With Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, and Eric Schmidt?

Well, now there's a headline for the time capsule...

Preet Bharara to Georgia congressman: You've hit a shocking new low.

Trump does not have a foreign policy. He has a series of impulses.

President Trump mocked a law that requires Congress be given consent before the U.S. can engage in an armed conflict, alleging Thursday that Democrats would leak sensitive national security information if it were shared with them.

More destruction of relevant evidence in the Epstein homicide & subsequent criminal cover-up effort. Note: Barr oversees the DOJ jail & on Aug 10, 2019, he publicly pledged to pursue a thorough inquiry into the matter. Yes, the video disappeared during Barr’s investigation.

"We've gone from imminent threat, to days, weeks, and 'you know what he was a bad guy and he had it coming'. We can no longer trust this White House even when the consequences are as grave as potential war"

"The Senate has conducted 15 impeachment trials. It heard witnesses in every one. Historical precedent is clear, and it’s not on Trump's side."

The Russian-made air-defense system that might have brought down flight PS752:

If we don't fight billionaire privilege, they're going to own our nation....and us.

And by “imminent” he means...

WATCH: American firefighters greeted with applause in Sydney as they arrive to help fight Australia's wildfires. (Video by Shane Fitzsimmons, commissioner of New South Wales Rural Fire Service)

If disbarred Barr would no longer satisfy the minimum requirements for holding this office.

Pence begins Trump's rally in Toledo by giving up the game about Soleimani strike: "When 1 American life was lost at the hands of Iranian-backed militias just a few short weeks ago, POTUS launched the first airstrikes against them in 10 years." (So long "imminent threat.")

"Victoria police say there is no evidence any of the devastating bushfires in the state were caused by arson". No evidence. None. Nil.

Bureau of Land Management Plots the Absolute Destruction of 5 Wild Horse Herds in Wyoming

BREAKING At a rally this evening, President Trump said he deserves the Nobel Prize and it's unfair he hasn't received one yet. Just a few days ago, Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani.

Quietly? Doesn't work that way! After harassing them for 2 years? He found NOTHING!!! Let's make this news viral folks! The Clintons deserve that. Trump’s DOJ quietly ends two-year fishing expedition on the Clintons — and admits it found nothing

It’s pretty incredible that Matt does the right thing ONE TIME and he’s getting absolutely crucified by Trump supporters. Definitely not a cult though

Congress unimpressed by Trump admin explanation for Iran attack

Another Clinton investigation championed by Trump comes up empty

Bloomberg, Steyer ad spending dwarfs rest of 2020 field -by a lot

Iran plane crash apparently the consequence of stoked hostilities

"Nothing." This appropriate result still doesn't erase the unforgivable sin that AG Sessions committed by opening a criminal investigation to please the president. DOJ is not a tool for presidents to use against people they think are their enemies

I’m telling you, this is coordinated messaging w/FOX & RW media that Democrats are traitors & love terrorists - with absolutely no evidence. When you villanize & dehumanize any group repeatedly, you implicitly threaten their safety. Our safety.

By Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department. After Barr put on a public display of rage about Epstein’s death and vowed to get to the bottom of it. Another abject failure of leadership and execution.

SCOOP: An Army general has denied the request of Maj. Matt Golsteyn to have his Special Forces tab reinstated, following @realDonaldTrump's decision to pardon him in a murder case in which he faced trial

So .... not imminent